10 Art Hacks That Simplify An Artist’s Life

By Goodness M

Life is what you make it. So make it easy for you by utilizing simple things that make a big difference in your art and process. The following is a compilation of art hacks that will make a huge difference in your life.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

1. Recycle plastic bottles into Water Jars

An empty milk or drink bottle can be reused to make a water jar. Make it a habit not to throw away empty containers.

2. Reactivate Dried Watercolor and Gouache paints

If your watercolor and gouache paints dry up, there is no need to worry. Just dip your brush in water to reactivate your paints.

3. Make Desk Organizers from Old Jar

Desk organizers are essential because they keep our pencils, markers, or brushes within our workspace for our convenience. Therefore, instead of throwing away old jars, we can turn them into desk organizers.

4. Remove Tape with Hairdryer

Masking tape can be difficult to peel off from the paper. However, a hairdryer put on low heat can be used to loosen up the tape for gentle peeling.

5. Remove Dry Oil Paint On Brushes

Sometimes we forget to wash off oil paint from our brushes which end up drying. This can be removed by soaking the brushes in apple cider vinegar for 24 hours. The paint can be wiped off using a paper towel or cloth. To completely remove the paint, dip the brush into the apple cider vinegar repeatedly.

7. Create texture in Paintings Using Pens

Photo Credit: class101.co

If your pens run out of ink, don’t throw them away. Use them to create patterns in wet paint.

8. Recycle Your Old Artworks

Unwanted old artworks can be renewed by painting over them.

9. Keep a Brush Washer on Your Desk

A brush washer kept at hand makes it easier to clean up as you work. This ensures that your brushes are always kept clean.

10. Re-use Old Sauce Bottles

Old sauce bottles can be re-filled with paint. These easy-squeeze bottles help a lot during painting.