3 Hacks For Storing Things In A Small Bedroom

By Kanyi M

A lot of people are living in an apartment or townhouse these days, and fitting a lot into that tiny space is difficult. The good news is that there are things you can do to make your bedroom more efficient. Here are three hacks to store stuff in a small bedroom without taking up too much space!

Get multipurpose clothes rack

Image by luk3544/Pixabay

You can use a clothes rack for all of your stuff, from shoes to gym gear, scarves to headphones, and more. It can be a suitable display shelf as well. Try to keep it as empty as much as possible so you can fill it. If you need something out of a bag or a dresser drawer, just put the item on top of the clothes rack, and it’s easy enough to find!

Use a box to keep eyeglasses in

We all know the annoying hassle of constantly searching for eyeglasses when we’re looking for them. One way to save time is with a box. Take one that is big enough to hold your contact lens solution bottles and put your glasses inside, or you can put your wallet inside, too. It’s also great for storing paper documents (like homework).

Place the computer stand sideways

Image by Pexels/Pixabay

For small rooms, you have to find clever ways to fit everything in the bedroom. One creative idea is to use a regular computer stand, load it up with items, and put it sideways. The extra space on each side keeps the computer itself from being cramped. The downside? You’ll also have less open space under the desk (there’s no room for files or anything).