3 Helpful Techniques For Removing Chewing Gum From Your Hair

By Divya G

Chewing gum is obviously extremely sticky – it’s made from resin and synthetic rubbers, after all. Nevertheless, most commercial chewing gums are hydrophobic. Thus, they can easily stick to oily surfaces.

These typical properties of chewing gum make it quite difficult to remove the sum from shoes, hair, clothes, etc. But you probably already know this.

Source: @bertellifotografia / Pexels

If chewing gum sticks to your hair any day, it’s certain that you will start panicking. We all know a couple of folks who had to cut their hair just to get the gum off.

However, you can try out some easy home hacks instead of using scissors. We’re sure these hacks will actually do you a great favor. Here are three of the easiest home hacks for removing gum from one’s hair.

Cooking Oils

Cooking oils are hydrophobic, so when you combine the oil with water, they don’t mix and deliberately separate from each other. There are certain substances within the cooking oil that help in breaking down the stickiness of the gum.

Source: @pixabay / Pexels

This means cooking oils can easily separate your hair from the chewing gum without inflicting any significant damage to your hair.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is thick and contains an oily substance along with several other hydrophobic properties. So applying peanut butter to the gum can efficiently reduce the sticky nature of the gum. Thus, it becomes easier to remove chewing gum from your hair.

Since both gum and peanut butter are hydrophobic, they easily stick to each other rather than dry hair.

Ice Cubes

Another remarkable technique is using ice cubes to remove chewing gum from your hair. The ice can freeze the gum, thereby reducing its stickiness and easily removing it from your hair. You must apply an ice pack for at least 5-15 minutes so that the gum hardens itself.