4 Hacks To Help Your Baby Sleep Longer At Night

By Stephen M

A mother’s daily struggle in taking care and making her baby feel comfortable is almost unending. One of the most difficult tasks of all helping the baby sleep longer and more peacefully at night. Hunger, wet diapers, ill health, and other uncomfortable situations, though, can make a baby cry or stay awake until the rooster crows.

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Putting your little one back to sleep after attending to his/her needs at night can be very stressful and tiring. The exhaustion and sleep deprivation you undergo is draining. So, why don’t you limit the frequency of waking up by making your baby sleep longer at night? Here are four tips to keep your baby sleeping like a prince or princess at night.

Be consistent with bedtimes

For your baby to have a comfortable sleep, be consistent with bedtime. Kids adapt easily and are able to recognize patterns of activities leading to their sleep time. If the pattern is to put the child to bed after a warm bath and cuddles, be consistent with it. You should also set a particular time for your evening routine.

Regulate nap times

Babies sleep several times a day, which can affect their night sleep. But as a mother, you can hardly wake them up when they’re snoring away. You aren’t helping the baby or yourself at all. Allowing your little one to enjoy many long day naps reduces the chances of their sleeping through the night.

Keep them comfortable

Wet diapers and hunger contribute greatly to babies’ waking up frequently at night. Solve this by changing their diapers at night when you wake to feed them. Alternatively, use quality diapers to prevent frequent changing and unnecessary waking up. Also, ensure that their crib is as comfortable as possible.

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Cut the noise

The slightest sound can distract a baby’s sleep since much of their sleep is REM (rapid eye movement). This period constitutes much of their sleep time, yet is not deep, and the slightest sound can wake them up. Therefore, keep the environment free from noise and other distractions.