4 Ridiculously Simple Gym Hacks For Extra Gains

By Kanyi M

Worried about making gains? Don’t know where to start on your food intake? Stuck with a plateaued routine? Don’t worry, you can easily boost your results at the gym with only these four ridiculously simple hacks!

Learn how to get more out of every workout, reduce fatigue and injury potential, and increase nutrient uptake. The time has come for you to finally take action and show off those new gains!

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1. Drink Protein Before Bedtime

I know it sounds odd but protein before bed is an excellent way for your muscles to recover overnight so you don’t wake up feeling sore or stiff. Whey protein is the perfect supplement to have before bed because it assimilates so well and absorbs quickly, meaning you won’t wake up bloated or farting all night long! A simple shake made of milk or water and a scoop of whey before bed is all that’s needed.

2. HIIT It

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best ways to burn fat, increase speed and endurance, and have an insane amount of fun doing it. Studies have shown that with as little as 15 minutes a week, you too can reap the benefits of high-intensity training. Just make sure you mix up your times of higher and lower intensity levels to hit all muscle groups.

3. Flexibility Isn’t Just stretching All The Time

Lack of flexibility can be a real pain, especially when you’re trying to work out hard and push yourself. To help with this and prevent injury, take a few minutes at the start of your workout and do some simple stretches, such as tightening your abs or gripping a towel in your hands. This will help you work out more effectively as well as improve flexibility.

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4. Willpower Will Last Longer with Some Fruit

Dealing with the stress of everyday life can really put a halt to your gym and nutrition efforts. At times like these, willpower is important to keep you going. Well, there’s a solution to keeping your willpower up without the negative side effects of caffeine or other stimulants. A simple way to keep your willpower up is by snacking on a couple of oranges or apples! The natural sugars and fiber in fruits will help keep you energized longer, making it easier to get through those tough workouts and stay on top of your goals.