5 Easy And Cheap Hacks To Attain Glowing Skin

By Stephen M

We all desire beautiful and glowing skin free from spots. Considering the prices of top-quality skin care products, however, we often stop ourselves due to the cost. Relax; you don’t always need to break the bank to get the best thing. You can achieve flawless and radiant skin with these few hacks.

Take a cold bath

Photo credit: unsplash.com/Roberto Nickson

This can be very difficult depending on the season or where you find yourself, but the result is priceless. Just fill your sink with some ice cubes and cold water. Add slices of cucumber and you are good to go. Soak for as long as you desire to boost your skin’s microcirculation. Doing this continually will tighten and firm up the skin pores and smooth over fine lines for luminous skin. Cold baths also reduce inflammation and redness.

Facial massage

You can cover other parts of the body with clothing, but the face is usually left uncovered. Therefore, having your face glow is important. A facial massage relaxes the jaw, neck, and temples, and enhances blood, mineral, and micro-circulation. Facial massages also break muscle tension, creating relaxed, smooth skin.

Apply body cream/lotion on damp skin

Common practice is to pat the skin dry before applying skin care products. However, for a glowing appearance, apply your cream or lotion on damp skin. Damp skin is permeable; hence, it has higher absorption power. The deeper the skin care product penetrates, the higher its effectiveness.

Clean the skin regularly

During daily activities, dirt and other pollutants can clog the pores. As such, a thorough bath is critical to clean all dirt on the skin. You must clean makeup with the right cleanser and in a circular motion. It is advisable to use mild shower gels and avoid any harsh ingredients.

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Cast of Thousands

Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliating removes all dead skin cells on the outer layer for vibrant and clearer skin. You can use homemade exfoliators or chemical exfoliators for this process. Repeating the exfoliation once or twice a month can work like magic to give you the skin you deserve.