5 Easy Cleaning Hacks Using Ingredients You Probably Already Have

By Francis Tunwase

Just thinking about housework can cause headaches. Then comes the work of cleaning the house. Picking the right products can also be tricky, so we’ve prepared some hacks that can make cleaning easier and even more fun.

Image courtesy of focal point/Shutterstock

The baking soda + laundry hack

This miracle ingredient might even appear more than once on this list, and this is because baking soda is such a versatile agent. If you are doing laundry, add a half cup of baking soda to the load, and then add your detergent. The results would make you smile.

Vinegar and clean microwave

This hack is quite simple to do. Simply mix vinegar and water in a measuring cup in an exact 1:1 ratio. Your microwave should be set to high for two minutes to cook the mixture. After that, quickly remove any remaining grime with a rag or paper towel. You would be surprised by how easily it wipes away.

Beyond lemonade, lemons are cleaning agents too

Image courtesy of toriavey.com

Lemons have high acidity, and it makes them quite the polishing agent. They are also natural degreasers. When life gives you lemons, you can decide not to go the usual route and just clean with the lemons.  

Use your dishwasher for more

Dishwashers, as the name implies, make washing dishes easier, but they could be used more. Here are some other things you can use your dishwasher for: canvas sneakers, makeup brushes, rubber kids’ toys, baseball caps, and non-electrical plastic. 

Coffee filters for your electronics

When you think of coffee filters, cleaning electronics is the last thing that comes to mind. However, these unlikely item is quite handy for cleaning. They can be used as effective wipers for surfaces of screens such as monitors and televisions.