5 Hacks To Overcome Procrastination (And Become More Productive)

By Martha N

Let me guess:

You’re here because you are struggling with something that’s been eating up most of your time – Procrastination?

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Procrastination can make you fall behind with your work and make hitting deadlines impossible. It makes you sluggish, feel lazy and unproductive. It’s like when you come up with a million excuses not to do the things you actually need to do, such as that end of month report you have to submit in a week or that work project that’s been seated on your desk for months now. But don’t worry. Steven Kotler explains that one of the reasons we procrastinate is because the task before us is too hard, so you end up putting it off or the challenge is too boring.

Want to be super productive and beat procrastination? Here are 5 simple hacks to help you.

Be aware that you have a problem

First things first, admit that you suffer from this bad habit. And then find ways and tools to overcome it. Start now by applying the hacks below.

Make a to do list

You’ll feel a sense of urgency to get started. It will keep you focused. And push you to clear that list by the end of the day/week/month – depending on your set deadline.

Break down big tasks into smaller chunks of work.

Split up the bigger projects into smaller projects. This will help you not see it as a big and challenging task, but a mini-task that is less intimidating, which you can actually do with less effort.

Set yourself a deadline

Give a time frame to each tiny task you created in #3. This will help keep you accountable and in the end help you accomplish more work on time.

Track your time

Write down the task you have to do with a start time, and track the time it takes to complete each single task. Record the progress overtime.

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Procrastination is possible to overcome if you are willing to be disciplined. Simply following the steps above and having the courage to put them into action will make a huge difference in your life. Start now and watch yourself snap out of that draining procrastination mode.