5 Study Hacks That Actually Work

By Martha N

Want to make your study time simpler, efficient, and more productive? We all have a tendency to suffer from lack of productivity and procrastination. But don’t worry, we are here to save the study session! Follow these 5 study hacks below, and you’ll see a complete transformation in your results and overall outlook on studying.

Image courtesy of Vian Taracina/Pintrest

1.   Stop procrastination

This little but strong vice can chew up a lot of your study time if you don’t deal with it quickly and learn how to overcome it. Try separating your work into smaller chunks. This way, you can set time limits for each project instead of trying to tackle one big project and risk getting burnt out.

2.   Get study Apps

Thanks to smart phones and technology, we now have quite a number of study Apps online today such as Study Blue, Oxford Dictionary, Evernote, and many more.  Depending on what topic or subject you’re interested in diving into, you have nothing to lose if you download a study App that will suit your needs.

3.   Research online

Sometimes, the study materials you receive in school just don’t cut it. Dig deeper for more information, explanations, answers, and solutions online because there is endless amounts of information. Researching will widen your knowledge and understanding of the subject you are studying. Researching beforehand will put you ahead of your fellow classmates.

4.   Write your notes by hand

Sounds a bit hectic, but trust me, it’s worth your time. Research highlights that writing study notes by hand helps you acquire more knowledge rather than using a laptop to take notes. Writing by hand gives your brain a chance to process and the information you’re reading. It allows you to better understand the most important points by slowing down the process.

5.  Always get enough sleep

Lack of sleep has a direct effect to mental stability. It may hinder your attention span, concentration, alertness, reasoning, and problem solving abilities which are all needed during a study session. To matters worse, sleep deprivation also affects your health, putting you more at risk for heart attacks and disease.


Follow the above hacks for studying better. And you’ll see great results from your study sessions. Don’t forget to share with us in the comments section below which tips helped you the most in your studying endeavors.