Amazing Uses For Baking Soda For All Your Household Needs

By Goodness M

Besides baking, baking soda is used for cleaning and freshening fruits, among other things. In this article, we will reveal the amazing uses of baking soda and how you can use it every day.

Fruits and Vegetable Freshening

Image courtesy of batjaket/Shutterstock

Pesticides found on fruits and vegetables are effectively removed using baking soda. Add a teaspoon of soda in a big water container and dip your fruit and veg for a couple of minutes. Take them out of the water and brush off the pesticide. After scrubbing, wash the fruits and veg thoroughly using running water and dry them. The result is clean and fresh farm produce ready for consumption.

Unblock The Drain

Image courtesy of batjaket/Shutterstock

Baking soda works efficiently in unblocking your drains. Pour boiling water into the drain and follow up with a cup full of baking soda. This is then complimented with a water and vinegar solution, which is also poured into the drain. After a few minutes, pour hot water, and you will clear the blockage.

A Whiter Toilet Bowl

Brighten up your toilet bowl by applying a cupful of baking soda right around your toilet bowl. In addition, spray vinegar where baking soda has been sprinkled and allow it to settle for 30 minutes. After that, scrub the toilet bowl and flush. As a result, you get a white and fresh toilet.

Brighten White Clothes

At some point, our white clothes tend to look dull. Therefore, use baking soda to brighten your clothes. This can be achieved by adding half a cup of baking soda together with washing powder to your laundry. As a result, all your clothes, whether white or colored, will have a bright look.

Clean The Walls

Marks on the wall are often irritating, and it is difficult to wash them off. However, consider your problem gone for good when you use baking soda. Therefore, mix water with baking soda and wipe away the stains on the wall. After drying the wall with a clean cloth, the marks disappear entirely.