Travel Hacks For Backpackers That Will Make Everyday Feel Like A Walk In The Park

By Navkiran K

Traveling is an amusing thing to do, but there are so many things that you have to think about. We know that packing for a vacation is already stressful enough, but we also know that you want to pack light and not have to worry about your bag being overweight. Luckily, there are some hacks out there for backpackers and travelers that make everything easier. And, if you are projecting on doing some traveling in the near future, then you might want to check out these 45 backpack travel hacks that will make your trip a lot less stressful. You’ll find tips on everything from saving space in your luggage by folding clothes into cube shapes to organizing razors with binder clips. It’s time to take control of the situation and make it relaxing so you can enjoy your vacation. 

Charge Your Electronic Devices Through A TV

Ever lost your wall plug for the charger? No worries. One of the most ingenious ways to charge electronic devices on the go is through a Television. This is extremely helpful if you’ve forgotten your own personal charging station at home.

Image courtesy of Around The House/YouTube

You can use the USB port on the TV to charge electronics. If you have a modern television, it probably has one. Simply plug in any electronic device and watch those little battery icons fill up quickly with power. 

Get Inexpensive Airline Flights With Private Browsing

You may be surprised to know that airlines and travel sites can track and record your visits by installing cookies on the browser. This will cause the costs for those flights to increase simply because you’ve searched their sites for flights before.

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Avoid being tricked into buying your flights sooner by switching to private browsing when you book. To use it, just clear the web cache and disable history so that no local data can be downloaded later. That’s what these cheeky beggars are after. 

Get A Portable Power Bank

In a world where our mobiles are always with us, it is vital to make sure your device doesn’t die on the go. When this happens, there’s no way of making any reservations or contacting anyone to tell them about your arrival. 

Image courtesy of metpharaoh/Reddit

A power bank is a blessing for those who are looking to save time and money. It can charge any external device like your phone, tablet, or laptop simply by connecting it via USB cable and can be carried around anywhere.

Never Pay For Airport Water Again

Now you can avoid paying a ridiculous price for water bottles at airports. Bring your own empty bottle and fill it up as needed through the public fountain at the airport. You’ll save money and help protect the environment from plastic pollution.

Image courtesy of losingthemamakilos/Instagram

No need to carry heavy water bottles anymore. Instead, just stop by any one of the nearby refilling stations or fountains for a quick refill. The best part is that you can do this on-demand and save yourself some cash in return. 

Book Your Accommodation Through Hostelworld

Hostelworld is the best place to find accommodation. If you’re on a budget or looking for trendy destinations, Hostelworld has it all. And with their new mobile app, you can book your next stay in just minutes anywhere around the world. No need for paper reservations anymore. 

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It’s the one-stop shop for all your accommodation needs. Flexible booking options allow you to choose when and where to save money on hotels, while an inbuilt map makes finding what suits best easy as pie. The best part? It’s free too. 

Mail A Photocopy Of Your Passport To Yourself

When you’re traveling overseas, proof of who you are is very crucial. It’s imperative if you’ve been robbed. You should take screenshots on your phone and email them to yourself, then print out an extra copy for safekeeping too.

Image courtesy of pdxmcqueen01/Reddit

This means you can view your screenshot of the passport at any time without the internet. It may be one of the most notable travel hacks for travelers and hikers or everyone else because you never know when something might go wrong.

Roll Your Clothes Up For Added Space

Packing for a trip is never simple, but it’s so worth the hassle when you find this little gem of advice. Rather than folding your clothes and jamming them into one backpack, roll up all your clothes to create more room. 

Image courtesy of Connie Ma/Flickr

In addition, this hack will save you a lot of space and help you avoid creases in your clothes. It’s a win-win. Plus, your clothes are more likely to stay wrinkle-free, which means less time spent ironing them, which sounds like the perfect plan to us. 

Mark Your Luggage As Fragile

Show your baggage some love and mark it as fragile. Even if you don’t think that anything in the bag is valuable, the chances of airport workers tossing it around while their handling are much narrower if it’s tagged “fragile.”

Image courtesy of kaajukatli/Reddit

It is a great way to ensure your luggage gets treated with care. This means that your bag will be handled better and will also be placed on top of all the luggage piles. The result? You’ll receive your luggage first, Jackpot!

Safeguard Your Razors With A Binder Clip

One of the most painful types of cuts is from a razor. While traveling with an exposed razor, it runs the risk of you getting caught during the security check and can damage whatever is nearby, like a piece of clothing.

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If you’re nervous about your razor slicing everything in your bag, then this is the perfect solution. You can easily cover most razors by using a binder clip or banker’s clip. These handy little devices will keep you out of danger.

Just Unpack What You Really Need

If you are traveling around for an extended period of time and only staying in each location for a few days, don’t unpack everything. To save yourself some time packing and unpacking things, only take out what’s necessary for each location. 

Image courtesy of Elephantsr4girls/Reddit

So try this traveling hack when you find yourself just seconds from missing that bus. It will leave time for a quick escape while allowing you to check out at the last minute with ease and without anyone knowing what’s going down.

Create Your Own Airplane Tv

If you want to avoid the airline’s TV selection, it’s probably more comfortable for you to rely on your own movies, shows, and games for your entertainment needs. Download your favorite shows and create your own TV. You’ll need some storage space and a plastic bag.

Image courtesy of claireadelie/Reddit

Now, you only need to insert your device in a clear plastic bag. You can place it on the back of your tray table and watch your favorite series without wifi. And don’t forget to use earphones to respect others’ privacy. 

Make Real Travel Friends With Your Phone

When you’re out on tour, it can be nerve-wracking to meet new people. Luckily, some apps will help. Explore some of them and make some wonderful friends while visiting unfamiliar territory to get more out of your experience.

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You don’t have to panic about how you are going to start a conversation with groups of people anymore. We guarantee travel buddies and backpackers alike are searching, too. You can even match your personality by exploring their public profiles, too.

Use ATMs To Get Local Money

It’s important to use the ATM machines in airports, not local currency exchange offices or kiosks near luggage carousels. The rates are much cheaper, and it is more convenient for travelers who may have just touched down on their trip. 

Image courtesy of arxaiofilakas/Facebook

It’s a common misconception that money converters offer better rates than your bank. In actuality, most of them have high fees and exchange rates, which will be far worse than what you could find at the bank. So, make use of these machines.

Place A Dryer Sheet Into Your Bag

Tired of yucky socks that forever smell like a sweaty gym? Here’s a good trick for removing the stench. Simply rub dryer sheets onto your clothes, or place a pack into your bag. Now, they’ll be fresh throughout your trip. 

Image courtesy of The Krazy Koupon Lady

In fact, there are many natural alternatives if you’re not a fan of dryer sheets. You can make your own with a few cotton balls and essential oils like orange, peppermint, lemon, or lavender for an extra fresh, clean clothes smell.

Prevent Jet Lag With A Bit Of Exercise

Everyone dislikes jet lag, but only some people realize that it can be thrown off quickly with some exercise. Be sure to do yoga and stretch or go for a jog to get your blood flowing to help relieve the stress from traveling.

Image courtesy of Tom Wang/Shutterstock

There is no sign as to which type of exercise one should do. However, most experts agree that light-to-moderate exercises like jogging or yoga can help with jet lag and fatigue from traveling for an extended period of time. 

Get Your Own Private Tour Guide

Tour guides are expensive, and you probably don’t want to be surrounded by the masses while exploring the day. Luckily, there’s an app that can resolve all of your problems. Install Google Goggles on your phone before embarking on any adventure.

Image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/Reddit

With this ingenious app, you can take photos as you travel, and every time your phone snaps a famous monument, it will fire back exciting information for you to read. You’ll become a specialist in local culture, history, and customs in no time.

Book Your Flights On The Go

The Skyscanner app will come to the rescue for those who are looking to get their travel on. It provides the user with every last-minute flight deal and compares every airline to find you a great deal. However, don’t book those cheap tickets right away.

Image courtesy of shadybaby22/Reddit

The best method to save money on your next flight is by booking directly with the airline, not through a third-party site like Expedia or Travelocity. They charge higher prices because they get paid when their customers book reservations in advance.

Get Your Own Private Arrival And Departure Board

Ever get tired of straining your neck or even having to leave the airport bar and find yourself in a yoga position just to see what time flights are departing on the departure board? We all know how much we despise those things.

Image courtesy of CrappyDesign/Reddit

You can now experience what it’s like to be a VIP with just one tap on your phone. Download FlightBoard and see the departure and arrival times for every airline in an easy-to-use format. You will never miss your flight again.

Keep Your Rechargeable Batteries In The Fridge

You can keep your batteries fresh and full of juice for longer if you place them in the fridge. Putting them in a cold place will help regulate temperature and extend their lifespan, so it’s worth doing if you are about to travel. 

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This is one of the more amazing travel hacks on our list, though most rechargeable batteries retain 90% of their entire charge when stored in cold temperatures, and we bet you didn’t know that. That means you don’t need to charge them all that often. 

Create A Lantern From A Water Bottle

It’s time to get all Bear Grylls or Ray Mears stuff. This helpful backpack travel hack will make your room brighter than ever. To create a lantern out of any clean water bottle or milk jug, simply fill it up with some drinking water first. 

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Grasp your head torch, strap it to the side of an old water bottle, and thanks to refraction, you can now enjoy glowing light in all its fullness. The apocalypse will promptly be a breeze for you with this ingenious technique. 

Give Up Your Seat For Free Perks And Upgrades

Giving up your seat on an overbooked flight may not seem like the most generous thing to do, but there are some benefits. Airline companies often get stuck with too many passengers and then offer volunteer customers perks for giving up seats.

Image courtesy of Typoishere/Reddit

Volunteering to be bounced from an oversold flight is a great way to get some significant perks. You’ll find yourself reaping all the privileges of drinks, meals, and accommodation nearby. Plus, business class treatment when you finally make it on board. 

Try Beeswax To Waterproof All Your Things

Beeswax is an excellent way to waterproof many of your things. You can coat the outside of your rucksack or even other items that you want to protect from water damage, such as light jackets and even converse shoes. 

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Beeswax may not be your average adhesive, but it can help you waterproof any material in no time. Simply purchase some beeswax and rub it on the material until there is a light gray cast on both sides of what will now become water-resistant fabric. 

Carry A Box Of Crayons Instead Of Candles

Crayons are the perfect replacement for bulky candles when you’re on an adventure. You can easily carry them, and they won’t take up much space in your backpack, making them ideal during emergencies such as power outages.

Image courtesy of mildlyinteresting/Reddit

One crayon will last for 30 minutes. Put the crayon in a small holder with the point end up, burn paper around a crayon using a lighter. Consider this lifesaving hack the next time you face a light emergency while traveling. 

Make Your Very Own Mobile Phone Speaker

For those who enjoy the sound of their music but don’t want to deal with wires and batteries, this is an eco-friendly way to make your own phone speaker. All you’ll need is a paper towel roll and empty plastic cups. 

Image courtesy of Alina Bradford/

Just cut a rip on the side of your used roll and then insert your phone for some incredible new speaker capabilities. Place it into an empty cup. This will transform your regular iPhone speaker into an impressive boombox.

Bring An Extension Cable Or Power Strip 

Who hasn’t had the nightmare of fighting over who gets to use a plug next? Well, stop with this fantastic hack. If you plan to stay in a hostel, then plugins might be minimal; just bring an extension cable or power strip. 

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And because you have some spare space for everyone on that extension or power strip, they all will appreciate you and buy you a nice cold beer. You will quickly become everyone’s pal after helping them with their electricity needs. 

Use Straws And Tic-Tac Containers To Carry Spices

It’s time to get spice crazy! Don’t settle for eating your food plain; that is simply a sin in our book. To make sure your taste buds are satisfied and to make the most out of your travels, stock up on spices and herbs.

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Put your spices in a tic-tac container or a straw. If you plan on using a straw, heat one end with a lighter to close it, then fill it with herbs. Repeat on the other end to seal them in. If you are using Tic-Tacs containers, you should obviously wash out the mint taste first.

Line Your Backpack With A Plastic Bag

There are easy tricks and tips you can utilize to extend the life of your gear. One is lining it with a plastic bag. It will keep any spillage or leakage at bay that could otherwise cause unpleasant odors or stains, ruining the contents on the inside.

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Waterproofing your gear is essential in all conditions, but it’s even more critical when you are out on a hike. A rucksack with a trash bag liner will keep everything dry and clean no matter how long or short your trip turns out to be. 

LifeStraw To Drink Safe Water

When traveling, you should always be careful about what liquids you’re consuming. Drinking tap water in many countries can result in stomach issues. On the other hand, bottled waters are good alternatives, but they can be expensive and weighty. 

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For those who are staying or hiking in an area where they doubt the water quality, be sure to pack a LifeStraw bottle. It removes bacteria and protozoa from streams, lakes, or contaminated water so you can drink water safely anywhere. 

Use Google Maps offline

When you find yourself without a data connection and need to get somewhere quickly, this little travel hack will be your best friend. It’s perfect for saving battery life and helpful if you lose your internet connection for any reason.

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Just download Google Maps to your phone. Find your destination and click on the three dots on the screen. Then, select Download offline map; you can see it later without using WiFi. You can also get directions and other information via this app.

Hack The Best WiFi Available

Don’t let the lack of free WiFi stop you from exploring. There are plenty of ways to get online in airports. First-class lounges usually offer high-speed connections. You can be the Robin Hood of internet service with a little ingenuity. 

Image courtesy of Wannabeballer321/Reddit

Don’t forget to take a seat and connect to the high-speed internet for free if you’re out on the street, head over to a cafe or restaurant while signing in. If the networks are protected, never fear. Many people share their WiFi passwords online.

Guard Your Cables With Pen Springs

If you’re tired of having your cable connections break when traveling, try protecting them with the springs of a ballpoint pen to keep them together. It is a quick and easy tip that will solve all your travel cable troubles. 

Image courtesy of omglikewtf/Reddit

Remove the spring from the pen. Place it on the cable at one end where it meets with a plug. Gently wrap it around that cable, making sure no part moves up or down. If you don’t need it anymore, simply loosen it and take it right off.

Predict The Sunset Like A Pro

Out on a hike? A little lost and need some help figuring out how much sunlight you’ve got left before the wolves come out sniffing for dinner? Well, this neat little trick works well when hiking anywhere in the world.  

Image courtesy of pics/Reddit

The time can be determined by counting up or down. If you put your fingers between the sun and the horizon and measure in increments of 15 minutes for each finger, it will be easy for you to know when sunset will actually happen. 

Learn Annoying Pop Songs

Who doesn’t love to sway people with their guitar skills? Learning how to play a few irritating pop songs is the best way for people who want to earn some extra pocket change and attention. Most of these catchy tunes only have three chords.

Image courtesy of CTV News

Additionally, this means that with those simple notes, you can make your own melody. You might be surprised at all the freebies or drinks that come from performing on stage with just an instrument in hand. Everybody loves getting those compliments, right?

Protect your perfume

Why let a broken bottle of expensive perfume or aftershave ruin your day? Use a small plastic spray bottle instead. Not only will it save you space, but this is also safer since the chances are thin that they’ll break when traveling.

Image courtesy of Alichang/Reddit

The antiseptic spray or throat bottle might be the perfect size for your perfume. If you go with one of these options, make sure to clean out any residue from previous contents first so that the original contents don’t hamper your aroma.

Bulldog and Binder Clips Can Protect Your Headphones

Bulldog clips can be used as tools to help you. First, use the bulldog clip to wrap razor blades so they will not cut your fingers when searching around in your bag. Second, if one earphone breaks, the bulldog clip can be used to hold it in place.

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It might be tolerable, but the sound continues to come through intermittently. Fortunately for you, this hack is easy enough to actually work. Simply wrap the bulldog clip around the headphones and clip it onto your bag strap. Safe and easy access at any time. 

Avoid Carrying Bulky Clothes

This hack is one of the best travel hacks on this list. Unless you’re planning to climb Everest or trek through Antarctica, there’s no reason that you need to purchase that crazy puffer jacket and those three thick lamb’s wool sweaters. 

Image courtesy of steve_ziss0u/Reddit

Instead, try layering up. Use lighter fabrics like flannel that are better for retaining heat. You can also layer with a light cardigan that will help you be snuggly and warm, especially if you wear it with a waterproof jacket.

Ensure You Have Viber, Skype, And Whatsapp 

Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype are lifesaving apps that you should surely download while traveling. These wonderful applications allow users to video call, text, and phone their friends or family at absolutely no cost in only a few minutes if you have service or wifi. 

Image courtesy of Willieyy/Reddit

Each app comes with its own advantages. Viber allows you to make free calls over the internet, while WhatsApp offers immediate messaging. Skype provides video chat and audio calls between various devices for those who are looking to stay connected.

Learn To Prepare Traditional Dish From Each Country

This is a great way to make friends while traveling, but be sure you do it before your trip. When you get to the hostel, buy some local, fresh ingredients and then try to make your own version of the regional classic.

Image courtesy of vegetarian/Reddit

Just make sure you make enough meals for everyone so that they will believe you’re a backpacker expert and want to be your friend. You’ll soon get to eat well with good company while having some laughs together over beers.

Fill A Small Bottle Of Hand Washing Detergent

One of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining cleanliness is laundry. While you are traveling, there are times when handwashing becomes necessary for your hygiene and freshness. Pack a small bottle of detergent in case of an emergency.

Image courtesy of GreenFIREtoasT/Reddit

It’s always best to be prepared for those situations and pack your own bottle of handwashing detergent. As an added bonus, it can help freshen up those dirty items, so they don’t linger in stench mode all day long.

Give Your Spare Change To The Homeless

This last act before leaving the country should be an extra-credit good deed. For paying homage, show gratitude by giving change to the homeless and making their day better than it was before. You will set a precedent for future travelers.

Image courtesy of timur-weber/

They might be inspired. So give your spare money to the needy because there’s no price too high when you’re doing something selfless. The best moment has yet to come; make sure this joyous tradition continues into future adventures.