Beyond The Basics: Creative Uses For Sponges You Never Thought Of

By Francis Tunwase

Sure, you might use a sponge to clean your pots and pans or your kitchen counters once in a while, but beyond that, you probably don’t give it much thought. So, what’s new? Once you discover the countless other uses for sponges than cleaning, you’ll never view it the same way again.

Source: @pillepriske/Unsplash

Sponges can do it all, whether you’re using them to make ice packs, preserve food, or do a little DIY with your kids. Here are some alternatives to using a sponge to clean up stubborn messes.

Plant a Seedling

Using a sponge to create a greenhouse effect around your young plants is a great way to get your first garden off the ground. You need only a plate, a soggy sponge at the center, some seeds, and a glass bowl to make a seed starter. Then wait with awe as, gradually, little buds emerge.

Get some ice packs ready

Accidents happen (especially with smaller children at home), so it’s smart to keep a few drip-free ice packs on hand. Use a wet sponge to create an ice pack by freezing it in a sealed bag overnight. 

Source: @lunarts/Unsplash

Affix a seal to letters

You may avoid having to taste the disgusting adhesive on envelopes while writing surprise thank you notes or mailing greeting cards to your beloved family by trying a moist sponge on the seal.

Do something creative

Keeping youngsters occupied is a challenge in today’s world, but sponges may be a real lifesaver. Help your kids get creative with all the crafts they can imagine by cutting up a bunch of sponges into different forms and dipping them in paint.