Cheap Security Hacks For The Home That Actually Work

By Shivam B

All the monitoring and equipment that are part and parcel of the professional home security systems can burn a hole in your pocket most of the time. The only other alternative you have in this regard is to try out the cheap and effective DIY security hacks. If you want to secure your home without breaking the bank, we have compiled some tips for you.

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DIY Door And Window Alarms 

Start by securing all the entrances to the home, i.e., the windows and doors. For this, you can buy alarms from the nearest home improvement store and install it all yourself. Each alarm costs nearly $20 and takes not more than ten minutes to install per door/window. Check to see whether the alarms are working after you install them. 

Sliding Bars On The Doors 

Sliding glass doors look nice but do not score highly in terms of security. An alarm for these doors is necessary, though it is not enough. A criminal can simply lift off the door and come in. In order to prevent that, put a dowel in the sliding door tracks. You can buy it from a store near you or simply cut off a broom handle and use it.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Fake CCTV Cameras 

Fake security cameras are excellent deterrents to criminals. Nowadays, the fake ones even come with blinking lights to make them appear active and recording. In case you are thinking that the criminals will spot the counterfeit product – don’t worry; they will not stick around long enough to notice.