Closet Storage Hacks For More Space and Better Organization

By Iulia P

It’s time to explore unconventional solutions when seeking additional storage within a closet. Discover these ingenious closet storage hacks to optimize your space:

Add-On Clothes Rod

Increase hanging space by suspending a second clothes rod from the upper one using a lightweight chain, screw eyes, S-hooks, or carabiners for easy height adjustment.

Double-Duty Furniture and Storage

Choose multifunctional furniture like storage benches, full-length mirrors with jewelry storage, or bedframes with built-in drawers to maximize space utilization.

Maximize Drawer Space

Fold shirts using techniques like KonMari or military-style folding, allowing you to fit more into each dresser drawer while keeping items visible.

Source: @Towfiqu ahamed barbhuiya/Shutterstock

Turn Your Hangers

After decluttering, turn hanging clothes with hangers facing outward. After wearing an item, return it with the hanger facing the back of the closet. After a year, consider removing unworn items.

Erasable Tape

Create erasable labels for storage boxes by overlaying clear tape on masking tape and using a dry-erase marker. Be cautious not to smudge the ink.

Behind-the-Door Storage

Hang your ironing board on ordinary coat hooks on the closet door to keep it accessible but out of the way.


Closet Nook Shelves

Utilize recessed spaces at closet ends by installing wire shelving for holding blankets, towels, or bedding.

Double-Decker Closet Rod

Add a second closet rod below the existing one using metal brackets for extra hanging space, ideal for shirts and slacks.

DIY Tiered Hangers

Maximize tall closets by staggering hanging clothing with lightweight chains, allowing you to hang multiple items in one space.

Two-Story Closet Shelves

Optimize space above existing shelves by adding a second shelf using end and middle supports, providing extra storage for less-used items.

Belt and Other Hang-Ups

Create a belt holder using a wooden hanger and cup hooks. This can also be used for small handbags.


Shoe Storage Booster Stool

Build a stool for your closet within an hour using plywood, wood glue, and finish nails. It can also serve as a step to reach high shelves.

Use Shoe Shelves, not Cubbies

Instead of narrow cubbies, opt for open-shelf organizers that allow air circulation and better use floor space beneath the hanging section.

These closet storage hacks offer innovative ways to enhance your closet’s organization and maximize every inch of available space. Whether you need additional hanging space, smarter furniture choices, or creative storage solutions, these ideas will help you declutter and streamline your closet.