45 Impressive Closets That Are Inspiring Us To Declutter And Organize Our Own

By Jhoana C

Closets can either make you feel good about yourself or give you a heart attack. Organized and heavenly closets don’t happen by accident. It takes time, effort, and a little elbow grease to make them that way. You need to be decisive, creative, and innovative if you want your closet to look nice. It is a challenge, but if you don’t tackle clutter now, it will only grow and become more overwhelming down the road. There’s no better time than now to get off your butt and start working on your closet. Need some inspiration to get you going? Here are some photos that will inspire you to stand up, open your closet door, and start sorting things out. Don’t delay any further.

#1 Show and store your shoes at the same time

Shoes are the most difficult things to organize in a closet, especially if you have limited floor space. We are quite sure that women can relate to this as, usually, it tends to be women who a gazillion pairs.

Image courtesy of Organizing Habits

A cubby system is of great help if you want to make sure you see all your shoes and find their mates. If you can’t find the perfect cubby system for your needs, you can ask your local carpenter to make one for you!

#2 Categorize your clothes

We know that organizing your clothes is something easier said than done, but if you’re tired of your closet looking as if a hurricane just passed through it, you have to make the time, and you have to exert the effort.

Image courtesy of Heart and Home Blog

An excellent way to organize is to categorize your clothes. You can do so according to color, type, or season. If you know where exactly to find your clothes, you won’t forget about them, and you’ll get maximum wear out of each piece too.

#3 Roll your shirts and other pieces of clothing

Ah, t-shirts, the bane of every person who is trying to arrange their clothes. There has been so much debate over t-shirts and tops. Should they be folded, or should they be rolled? Well, it appears rolling them gives you more space.

Image courtesy of Caulderwood Kennels

You need not worry about wrinkles either. There is a way to ensure that each item is wrinkle-free. Rolling your clothes in a drawer helps eliminate clutter, gives you space to store more, and organizes your drawers too. No more digging for the right T!

#4 Donate stuff you no longer need

Being a hoarder isn’t good because it not only clutters your home, it also clutters your mind, and when your mind is cluttered, you can’t think clearly. There are better things worth your time and sanity aside from old clothes and accessories.

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

We are not telling you to throw away what you don’t need, especially if they are still in great condition. You can donate them to people in need. Sort out your clothes and have a donation box ready. Trust us; it will feel good to clear your home and help others in the process.

#5 Put hooks to good use

Who knew hooks belonged in closets and who knew they had an important role to play in organization? We certainly didn’t. Some accessories which women everywhere have plenty of are handbags and purses. It can be tricky to store them and ensure that they don’t lose shape in the process.

Image courtesy of Ebuzz Ultra

You can display your beloved purses and organize them simultaneously with the use of hooks and rods. Searching for inspiration, just look at the photo. Doesn’t that make you want to go to the bathroom closet and repurpose your old shower curtain hooks?

#6 Hang your shoes

Speaking of hooks, they can also be used when organizing shoes. They are lifesavers, so make sure you have plenty in your home because you never know when you need one. Shoes can be tricky to store, especially for those with limited space and who can’t use the cubes we suggested earlier.

Image courtesy of Elle

Fortunately, you can use hooks to hang shoes in unlikely spaces. Get your pile of shoes off the floor and hang them on hooks along baseboards to keep them organized. We all know the sight of scattered shoes on the bottom doesn’t please the eyes.

#7 Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers can make a world of difference in your closet. If you don’t have them yet, it’s about time you get some. No, we’re not saying that you should splurge on them. Even if you don’t have the money to spend, you can DIY drawer dividers.

Image courtesy of Bayvpice

Sometimes there isn’t always a store-bought solution, but don’t fret. There are plenty of tutorials online which teach you how to fashion drawer dividers from cardboard, pegboards, and other materials. We’re sure you’ll find a solution that fits you.

#8 A place for all your hangers

Hangers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. They help you organize your clothes, but the sight of empty hangers can stress you out, especially when they are not organized. The wires can easily get tangled with each other and cause mayhem!

Image courtesy of Amazon

Say goodbye to frustration by getting yourself a hanger storage unit. It doesn’t what type of hanger you have; it can easily slide onto the storage unit. You’ll be happy to see all empty hangers in one place and ready for use when you need them.

#9 Check your closet every time you buy new clothes

Some people have plenty of unused clothes in their closets because they like to keep up with fads that are forgotten quickly. Some sound advice that helps you avoid this is to invest in classic pieces that will last forever – pieces that won’t go out of style.

Image courtesy of Leticia Ribeiro/Pexels

Another good practice is to check your closet every time you buy something new. The rule of thumb is for every piece of clothing you buy; you need to get rid of another one in your closet that you have not worn in more than a year.

#10 Be choosy when it comes to hangers

When we say choosy, we don’t mean that you buy the most expensive kind out there. We suggest that you should choose hangers according to your needs and your clothes. Hangers come in a variety of types, and each one serves a different purpose.

Image courtesy of Amazon

There’s a big chance that there are far better hangers out there that will do an excellent job of helping you to organize your closet, so be open-minded. Do a simple search on the internet, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

#11 Your closet is not the only place you can store clothes

Learn to think out of the box and be aware that there are places other than your closet where you can store clothes out of season, and we don’t mean the kitchen. Look under your bed – do you have ample space there?

Image courtesy of Walmart

Out-of-season clothes can be easily stored in space-saving bags and stored under the bed or above the closet. Just make sure that you rotate your clothes, so those not in season don’t end up eating all the space in your closet.

#12 Use your accessories for decoration

Accessories are essential if you want to be fashionable. We know many women who have plenty of accessories, from jewelry and hats to scarves and sunglasses, and so on. It’s nice having them around but it’s even nicer if you can organize them well.

Image courtesy of Indulgy

You don’t always have to hide them in drawers because they make excellent decorative pieces too. You just have to know how to organize and display them. You’ll know what we mean if you look at the above photo. They look like displays in a boutique.

#13 These boots are made for walking

Boots are the type of footwear you need during autumn and winter. They keep your feet warm, and they can also complement your outfit beautifully. But just like your regular shoes, they can be a challenge to store and organize.

Image courtesy of Wanelo

You don’t want them to lose their shape, and you certainly don’t want to damage the material. A good idea is to get a rack that helps keep them protected and upright. If they cost a lot of money, you have even more reason to want to keep them in good condition.

#14 Make the vacuum work for you

The vacuum doesn’t only help keep the house spic and span; it can also help you organize your closet, especially with bulky and seasonal items such as comforters, coats, and jackets. The last thing you want in your closet is your heavy winter blankets, unfolding and folding over.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Go out and find those vacuum clothes storage bags and store seasonal items in there. Vacuum storage will help cut down bulky items to size and make them easier to store. Shrinking them gives you more space to store other things.

#15 Baskets

By baskets, we mean storage baskets that can easily fit in your closet. Not only will they make organization a lot easier, but they will also create much-needed storage in small spaces. Sometimes we have smaller items that don’t fit anywhere else, and baskets are perfect for them.

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

If you want them to look uniform, you can purchase baskets of the same material and color. There are plenty of choices available, whether online or in physical stores, and they don’t cost a lot of money, so make sure you take advantage of them.

#16 Use dividers

Have you ever had the problem of storing bags or other things in your closet, but they just don’t seem to hold up? They fall over, and they don’t stack up nicely. You’re not alone because this is a problem many people face.

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

What’s the best solution? Dividers! They can be placed in different places along your closet’s existing shelves so that stacked clothes remain stacked and don’t fall over. These dividers don’t cost a lot of money, and they are a good investment.

#17 Use every inch of space

One common mistake people make with their closets is not using every inch of space in it. Take a long, hard look at your closet. Chances are you still have plenty of room there which you can use, especially areas on top.

Image courtesy of Roberto Nickson/unsplash

Extend upward and make space work for you by adding more shelves where you can put out-of-season clothes such as sweaters and jackets during the long hot summer. Other things you can add to your closet are tension rods and racks.

#18 Get yourself a clothing rack

Do you find it hard to picture what you’re going to wear for the week? Do you end up spending more than an hour rummaging through your closet thinking which shirt goes with what? Don’t worry; we all have these moments.

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

You can make your life easier and avoid being late for work, school, or any appointment in the process by ensuring that you know exactly what you’re going to wear for the whole week and you can do that by getting yourself a clothing rack.

#19 Curtains to conceal clutter

Curtains not only belong on windows; they are effective means of covering clutter and diving spaces. They don’t cost a lot and can be easily tailor-made to fit your needs. Install a tension rod on the area where you want to hang the curtain.

Image courtesy of Block Chain News

It won’t cost you a lot to reorganize and make your closet a better place to keep your things, a place that you will love and embrace. You can transform how it looks and feels just with the use of curtains.

#20 Get some clutch control

Most women have multiple clutches in their closets. Clutches are handy when storing small things, and they are also helpful when you need a not-so-big bag to take somewhere, but due to their lack of straps, it can be a challenge to store them.

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

A letter organizer would do you good in this situation. It will hold your clutches and even wallets in place, and it will also enable you to display them beautifully. You’re also helping them retain their shape while storing them conveniently.

#21 Drawers are delightful

There’s a reason a chest of drawers is found in every household and almost every closet. They are convenient when it comes to organization. You can categorize and group your clothing accordingly with the use of a chest of drawers.

Image courtesy of Home Decorators

Putting clothes in drawers also helps conceal them so you won’t see the clutter. If you have a closet with an odd shape, don’t worry, you can easily have a carpenter custom-make the drawers for you, and it shouldn’t cost you too much.

#22 Fold and stack your clothes

Some pieces of clothing, especially bulky and heavy ones, can take up so much valuable closet space, shouldn’t be hung up. The best thing to do with them is to fold and stack them. We are referring to thick coats, jackets, and denim.

Image courtesy of Home Design Box

Folding helps eliminate clutter and leaves you with more space to store and hang clothes with lighter fabrics. Fold and stack similar materials or clothes together. For example, you can have a stack of denim jeans, a stack of jackets, and so on.

#23 Door designs

When it comes to closet doors, there are a lot of options on the market. Usually, closet doors can either slide or pivot. When it comes to design, they can be French doors, barn doors, or anything that tickles your fancy.

Image courtesy of Alibaba

The only limit with door design is your imagination. The thing about doors is that they help protect your clothes and prevents dust from settling in the closet. However, you don’t always have to opt for doors. As we said above, you can also use curtains.

#24 Use your closet door wisely 

Speaking of closet doors, you need to use them wisely. If your closet is full, you can still use your door to store a few things. They can be useful when it comes to decluttering and making sure everything is organized.

Image courtesy of Roomaniac

You can easily hang accessories on the door with the help of shelving units. You can purchase racks from stores according to your needs. There are endless possibilities; you just need to let your imagination run wild while considering your space.

#25 Consider your habits

When planning and organizing your closet, you need to consider your habits. Taking your habits into account goes a long way in making sure that your closet is not cluttered. What clothes do you most often wear to the office?

Image courtesy of Erominence

What do you usually reach for? Do you need to wear office jackets? Do you need scarves? Make sure that clothing and accessories that are not worn frequently are put in the back. Clothes that are worn frequently should be placed in front.

#26 Look up for more storage

For those who have tall, narrow closets, you need to look up for more storage. It’s the only way to make maximum use of the space you have because we know that you surely don’t want to waste an inch of space.

Image courtesy of Viral Leaks

Vertical shelving works well for this kind of closet, so get multi-level options for your boxes and racks. Again, for those with odd-shaped closets that are long and narrow, you can easily ask a carpenter for custom-made storage that fits your needs.

#27 Get rid of clothes you no longer wear

It can be challenging to let go of clothing and even accessories, even if we no longer use them. Why? Because they have memories. Think of the outfit you wore to your first date or the dress you wore to prom.

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

As much as they have sentimental value, you need to get rid of them if they no longer fit you or are no longer your style. An excellent way to check your wardrobe habits is to turn the hanger on the opposite side. By doing this, it will be easier to tell which clothes deserve to be let go.

#28 Shoe storage solution

We’ve already shown you a few shoe storage solutions on this list, but if you still haven’t had enough, we have one more! This will especially please shoe collectors. You can easily double the amount of space you have for shoe storage by using shoe stacks.

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

These shoe slots are excellent investments because they don’t cost a lot, and they will make your shoes look nice when arranged. Usually made of plastic, you can easily buy them online or at one of your local hobby stores.

#29 Make sure you can reach everything

Since we have also discussed using vertical spaces for long and narrow spaces, we need to emphasize that you must be able to reach everything you use regularly. What’s the point of storing your favorite things at the very top of your closet?

Image courtesy of Mouselink

Invest in a sturdy step stool so you won’t have to wait for someone tall in the household to come home and reach the jacket for you. When you can reach every inch of space, you’ll be more inclined to use it.

#30 Display your accessories

If you’re lucky enough to have a huge closet, you’re able to display your accessories. This eliminates problems with tangled necklaces, lost earrings, and bracelets that are all tangled up. They also make a beautiful display piece when arranged nicely.

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

You can easily install hooks on the closet wall. It costs next to nothing, and it’s effortless to do. You can also hook corks on the wall and arrange your earrings there. Another alternative is to get a pegboard and hang necklaces on pegs.

#31 Use separators

Don’t fancy seeing clothes hanging from your closet? Want everything to be concealed? There’s an easy solution for that. Aside from curtains, you can also use bypass doors to separate the interiors in your closet. They are practical, and they look nice too!

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

They can easily be customized to suit your preferences and space. Just place them around the access to your closet and slide them. Very easy, right? It’s something that can be done regardless of the size of your wardrobe. Try it!

#32 Use the closet floor wisely

Take a long, hard look at your closet and be honest with yourself. Are you utilizing every inch of space available? Are you making wise decisions when it comes to organization? Because it’s vital that you do, especially if your closet is small.

Image courtesy of Sugar and Charm

Inspect the closet floor closely because this is an area that most people don’t pay much attention to. Make good use of it by getting drawers and boxes. Look for inspiration on the internet, as there are plenty of ideas.

#33 Revamp the whole closet

When was the last time you paid close attention to your closet? We know that you open and close it daily but have you really paid attention to it and how things are arranged inside? If it has been more than a year, then it’s an excellent time to revamp it.

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

Look from the ceiling to the floor, what do you see? Look from one side to another. Are you pleased with what is in front of you? If you’re short on space and you have a tall closet, consider adding another layer where you can hang your clothes.

#34 Dare to be more than conventional

When it comes to closet space, you have to be more than conventional. You can’t always follow the usual ways of organizing your clothes because some of those ways might not even work for you. You must dare to think out of the box.

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

Don’t be afraid to use non-conventional materials. For example, you can’t always rely on your usual tension rods when it comes to hanging space. You can upcycle thick and sturdy tree branches into rods too. You’ll be helping Mother Nature at the same time.

#35 A place for accessories

Scarves, belts, gloves are just some accessories that we have in our closets. Because of their odd size, they can be a bit tricky to store. They don’t belong on big hangers because organizing them that way can quickly eat up your closet space.

Image courtesy of Heart and Home Blog

Instead, you can look for some unused space in your closet and dedicate it to all your beautiful accessories. Use hooks to hang your belts easily, and use rods for your scarves. They are of immense value in storage and organization.

#36 Closets can make you happy

Closets don’t always have to give you headaches. They don’t have to be cluttered spaces that always cause anxiety. They can be happy places too, but you have to put in the effort and time to organize them in the right way.

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

Aside from organization, you have to do what Marie Kondo says: look at each piece of clothing and see if they still spark joy in you. Do they make you feel happy and confident when wearing them? If they don’t, there’s no sense in keeping them.

#37 Think vertically

The world would be a much happier place if every person got the closet of their dreams. However, that doesn’t always happen, and most of the time, we have to do with what we have in terms of closet space.

Image courtesy of runwaydonemywaydiy/tumblr

One of the most common complaints when it comes to closets is that they are always too small. But instead of giving up, you should look up and think vertically. Chances are, there are still plenty of spaces that you haven’t used yet on top of your tiny closet (if you have an external closet).

#38 Install extra rods

If you don’t have enough space to hang your clothes, there is always a remedy. You can easily modify your closet and add more spaces where you can hang your clothes by installing extra rods. It’s easy to do, and they don’t cost a lot.

Image courtesy of Polishy of Truth

You can get yourself a traditional rod or a tension rod, both serve the same purpose and easily add storage space where you crucially need it. Aside from hanging clothes, there are other things for which the rods would be perfect.

#39 Upgrade your hangers

Sometimes, a few changes can make a huge impact on your closet. Have you been through your closet and reorganized it several times but still find it not to your liking? We’ve had that happen too. What could it be?

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

Something as insignificant as the type of hanger used could throw off the entire aesthetics of the closet. If you have been using hangers of different materials, sizes, and colors, you might want to consider making them uniform. See what that does for you.

#40 Consider getting a vanity

If your room is big enough, consider getting a vanity. Not only is it a place where you can sit and do your makeup properly, but it can also help you organize your makeup and accessories. You don’t have to splurge on one.

Image courtesy of Clever Classic

Vanities come in all sizes and shapes and there’s always one that will fit your needs. Who knows, an elegant vanity might just inspire you in your pursuit of making sure that your closet is always in top shape and condition.

#41 Try color-coding

One of the easiest ways and proven ways to organize the clothes in your closet according to color. It will make things easier to find so that you don’t waste an hour of your day looking for a top or a dress.

Image courtesy of Forerunner Ventures

It’s a wonderful makeover that’s easy to do and won’t require you to spend money. Sort clothes by type first and then sort them according to color. You’ll end up with a rainbow in your closet too, which is such a nice sight.

#42 Make use of odd-shaped corners

We all wish for huge closets but most of our wishes are not granted. What we can do instead is change our perspective. Instead of asking for huge closets, we should make good use of the space we already have and that includes corners.

Image courtesy of The Secret Consul

Corners may be odd-shaped but they can be converted into nice storage spaces. You can easily buy corner units or if you don’t find one suitable for you in the market, you can easily have them made for you to fit your needs.

#43 A place for everything

Closets don’t only contain clothes, of course. They are places where you can put everything, from bags to scarves to shoes to books and everything in between and there’s a great challenge in that. Making sure that everything has its proper place is challenging.

Image courtesy of McFaddens Providence

You want to be able to store things without making it look like everything was just thrown in there without any thought. That’s where modular storage units come in. They can easily fit on the shelves and you can customize them accordingly.

#44 Check your closet regularly

Now that you have spent countless hours, a lot of effort, and some money organizing your closet and decluttering it, you need to ensure that you keep it that way and not let clutter take over it all over again.

Image courtesy of Vogue

It’s quite easy to be tempted to purchase more clothes once you see that your closet is well-arranged but you mustn’t give in. You must stick to your resolve to keep your closet clean and a pleasant place to be.

#45 Showcase your scarves

Scarves: don’t you just love them? They can complete your outfit and keep you warm and cozy during colder months. They come in all sizes, textures, shapes, colors, and designs. They can make interesting displays too so why hide them?

Image courtesy of Working with Sandra

You can showcase your scarves aesthetically by knotting or tying them on tension rods. This will not only elevate your closet; it will also elevate the appearance of your closet. Try it, you will be pleased every time you open your closet.