40 Helpful Coffee Filter Hacks That Go Way Beyond The Daily Cup Of Coffee

By Harpreet K

Are you only using coffee filters to make freshly brewed coffee in the mornings? If yes, we don’t blame you. We mean, that is exactly what they were made for. However, what if we told you there is a whole world of coffee filter hacks that go far beyond your daily cup of coffee? Did we catch your attention yet? We thought so. Whether you’re a coffee lover or don’t drink coffee at all, we know you will find something in this list that will make you want to keep coffee filters at an arm’s reach all the time! They can bail you out when you run into sticky situations at home or even on the go. So, let’s dive into 40 of the most useful coffee filter hacks that have nothing to do with coffee!

Relieve the fever 

Having a fever can mess up your entire routine. The first thing that might come to mind when you catch a fever is ice packs. Just in case you don’t have one at home, you can use coffee filters as a solid alternative. 

Image credits: cosmopolitan.com

Take a coffee filter and put it in the water. Then, stick it in the freezer so that it gets cold fast. Once it is cold enough to your liking, put it on your forehead. Although it is a slow method, it is extremely beneficial if you don’t have an ice pack. 

Makeup wipes 

This particular hack is for all the makeup lovers out there who are probably tired of buying loads of makeup remover wipes every month. We know the quality makeup wipes can add up. Moreover, they are not even reusable.

Image credits: shareably.co

Why not invest in only one item that will get two things done at once? Yes! We are talking about using those trusty coffee filters as makeup wipes. Grab a few of them and dip them in coconut oil. Trust us. Your skin will be smooth and clean after.  

Control the grease

When you need to grease a pan, the natural impulse is to rub the butter straight on the surface. However, if you want to learn a much cleaner and healthy way to do this, your hands should quickly gravitate to those coffee filters.

Image credits: Valerie’s Cookbook

Simply take some filters and dip them in some cooking oil. Now, spread it evenly throughout the pan. The best part is that using the filters will not leave any residue or fibers behind whatsoever because they are lint-free. 

Scratch-free glasses 

We know that for the people who are obliged to wear glasses, it can be annoying having to keep up with the cleaning cloth that comes with them. You can not clean them with just any cloth either because it could destroy those lenses. 

Image credits: experthometips.com

We have come up with a substitute that is better and more convenient than those cleaning cloths. You guessed right; coffee filters. Just take one and clean those smudgy lenses. They are so delicate that they will not leave behind any scratches. 

Use coffee filters as facial tissue 

Coffee filters are necessary for that cup of freshly brewed coffee, but did you can also use them as facial tissue? If you didn’t, you have to try this hack as soon as possible, especially if you are someone with super sensitive and oily skin. 

Image credits: Brit + Co

Throw out all your handkerchiefs and facial wipes and get your hands on those cheap coffee filters. They are delicate and can be used on sensitive skin since they don’t contain chemicals. After one swipe, you’ll be free of the oiliness!

Clean those appliances 

Cleaning the screens of appliances like the TV, laptop, and mobile phones is an absolute necessity. The reason why is because you touch them all the time, and there can be harmful germs that accumulate on them over time.

Image credits: The Family Handyman

However, if you are fed up with those cleaning cloths damaging and scratching the screens, use coffee filters instead. They are softer as they are made of paper, and you know what else? They will leave you with a better result than the cleaning towels.

Keep your microwave clean

We know that cleaning the tough stains of food in your microwave is not at all an easy job. But, in case you have been thinking that it is inevitable, well, you have got that absolutely wrong. You can easily avoid food splatters. 

Image courtesy: Ester Cuppycakes / Pinterest

And that requires nothing but a coffee filter. Cover food with a filter to keep the microwave clean. It’s less messy than using plastic wrap and prevents splatters. If some splatters still occur, you can wipe them away with the filter afterward.

Trust filters to clean up spills

Can’t stop making a mess and spilling your drink everywhere? Coffee filters can help you clean up the mess better than you might think. No one will ever know that there was a mess in the first place! It’s just between you and the coffee filter. 

Image courtesy: atom327 / Reddit

These super absorbent filters are a great substitute to quickly wipe away spilled liquid of any kind. Just placing the filter on the spilled liquid will do wonders. Depending on how big the spill is, you may need to use two or three.

Treat your eye right 

We all are a bit harsh on our eyes now and then, and we don’t even know it. Crying, rubbing, or gluing our eyes to our phone screen for hours can wreak havoc on them. Because of this, we may often deal with itchy or puffy eyes that we want to get rid of immediately!

Image credits: One Good Thing by Jillee

You can treat your eyes at home! With a soaked coffee filter (soak them in water or tea), chill it in the fridge. After it becomes cold enough, fold the cold coffee filter and place it over your closed eyes. To improve the results, we recommend green tea.

Bye-bye greasy food

Want to make your cheat day even better by cutting out the excess grease that you don’t need? Don’t worry because a thin coffee filter can save your day. You don’t have to be upset on your cheat day or any other day when you decide to dig into some oily fast food. 

Image credits: lovelovething.com

Coffee filters can help you cut down on the greasiness if you’re looking to avoid extra calories. Bacon and fries are meant to be greasy, but you don’t need the excess. All you need to do is dab that extra grease away with the filter!

Rusty skillet

We can’t let our favorite skillet become unusable because of neglect. All those mind-blowing steak and garlic butter potato meals are all because of this trusty tool! An aged skillet offers an undeniable flavor and they are hard to replace!

Image credits: marthastewart.com

So, when you see it starting to rust, place a coffee filter inside when you’re not using it. It will help soak up all the moisture, which generally causes rust. This is how you save your skillet with little to no money.

Merry Christmas 

Christmas is undoubtedly almost everyone’s favorite time of the year! The best part about Christmas is decorating the tree. Now, you cannot always buy new and improved ornaments every year because that will be a sheer waste of time as well as money.

Image credits: Home Hacks

Also, what is the fun in that? There is a way you can easily protect your special ornaments Wrap them with a coffee filter before packing them back together to keep them from shattering, and they will remain brand new. This will add a mild cushioning layer without adding bulk. 

Manicure hack

We women love to get our nails done. But sometimes, harsh chemicals from the nail polish and polish remover can take a toll on the health of our nails and cuticles. Are you searching for a smooth and harmless manicure without spending all your savings on it? 

Image credits: instructables.com

Coffee filters are there to help a sister out! Since they are softer than a cotton pad, we use them to remove the nail polish. These filters are handy when you need something that’s not harsh. Dip these filters in some nail polish remover and swipe it over the nail polish! You will see that you don’t need to rub as much as you would with a cotton pad!

Shiny steel 

Polished stainless steel is a game-changer. It can make your house go from zero to one hundred real quick. Whether it’s glasses or stainless steel, no one wants to see fingerprints or smudges. They are supposed to be shiny! 

Image credits: instructables.com

The streaks are one swipe away with the help of, yes, you got that right, coffee filters! There is no need to waste any more money on polishing wax or creams, or microfiber cloths. Simply use filters to clean and polish your stainless steel appliances.

Filter lates! 

We know how hard you work, especially when it comes to planning and setting up for a family get-together! We have a hack for you to deal with all the mess that follows afterward. Having to wash a lot of dishes afterward is too time-consuming. 

Image credits: Naomi Imatome-Yun/Food Hacks

You can avoid this by using a coffee filter! Yes, these little perfectly sized coffee filters can act as little bowls or snack separators for your party. It will definitely cut down at least half of the clean-up time if you had to wash every dish!

Package protection

If you are searching for an efficient way to pack fragile belonging without spending a ton of money on packaging, look no further. You can use coffee filters to protect fragile items like cups or plates! Remember the Christmas ornaments? Well, this is the same idea.

Image credits: instructables.com

If the boxes are not packed well, your items will break easily, especially if the boxes have a tough transit to endure. Wrap the items in some coffee filters and place them neatly in a box. Any kind of impact will be absorbed by the filters, keeping your items safe.

Level up your morning tea

This hack is solely for tea enthusiasts. If you love to mix your own tea blends but hate buying empty tea bags all the time, then this hack is for you. This is a creative and efficient way to keep all of your herbal blends intact!

Image courtesy: sophiabriones1/Instagram

Place your ingredients in the center of the filter and then make a rectangle by folding over the sides. Fold each side inside to form a rectangle again. Then fold down the ends to make a square. Tie the teabag you’ve just made to make sure it stays closed.

Protect your dishes

If dishes had feelings, they might be hurt by how much you bang them around. Moreover, fancy dinnerware that sits in our cupboards and is only pulled out on special occasions needs protection too. Here’s a trick to help keep your dishes safe all the time.  

Image courtesy: food-hacks.wonderhowto.com

Placing coffee filters between the plates or bowls can prevent any kind of scratches due to friction when they are stacked one on top of the other. These soft filters will also help silence the rattling noises, making it easier to put the dishes away.

Handy wipes

In this fast-paced life, we often forget to buy things that we use sparingly, like wet wipes. We know it’s a drag to have to run to the store for one item, so why not use something that is probably already sitting in your pantry?

Image courtesy: firstforwomen.com

Do we even need to say it at this point? We know you’ve never thought of this before, but coffee filters will do the job even better than a wet wipe. They have a soft, microfiber-like texture. Just spray the cleaning liquid on it and you’re good to go. Wipe away!

Forget stains

All those fancy glasses you’ve been keeping aside for fancy dinners might go downhill if you don’t dry them after washing them. No one likes drinking out of smudgy glasses. After a round through the dishwasher, they might still be wet.

Image credits: tipsandcrafts.com

Consider drying them off with a coffee filter. The fine fibers will lead wipe off any smudges leaving you with a perfect, sparkly glass. You won’t need to check twice or worry about your friends complaining about a dirty glass!

Coffee filters for potty training

These days, parents have little time and energy to clean the mess of their little ones who are going through potty training. For parents who are looking to save extra time or are trying to be more efficient with this important step in their child’s growth, keep reading.

Image credits: goodhousekeeping.com

Coffee filters! You got that right! They’re light with a thin texture but are durable enough to make the cleaning process way less of a hassle. Line the inside of the potty with a coffee filter as you see in the photo for a trouble-free cleaning experience.

Cleaning boots

All of us know that first impressions are so important, and a nice pair of shoes can be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, many people who meet you for the first time tend to look at your shoes. So, what if you have a nice pair of shoes, but don’t know how to polish them? 

Image credit: thisoldhouse.com

Coffee filters will come in handy right away! Polishing your shoes with a normal cloth may make them look shiny, but it could leave scratch marks. These fine fibers in the coffee filters will shine the shoes and make your fancy shoes look stunning!

Dull the flash for good

When you are in need of a bright photo, you automatically turn on the flash whether you are using a smartphone or a professional camera. But what if the flash is too bright? There is a way to minimize its effect without scratching the lens!

Image credits: Home Hacks

So, if you feel the intensity of the flash needs to be taken down a notch, you don’t need to go through leaps and bounds to do it. Just dim it down with a coffee filter. Its texture is porous enough to let light pass through but will also help diminish the flash intensity.

Enjoy your ice cream!

It’s evident that eating ice cream in the summer oftentimes leads to a mess. Whether it’s a popsicle, cone, or an ice cream sandwich, you can bet it will melt in no time, leading to a sticky mess that’s annoying when you are out and about.

Grab a coffee filter and place it under your cold treat to enjoy every second of it. The bowl-like structure of the filter will prevent it from dripping all over the place. With this hack, you won’t need to keep a stack of napkins nearby to be safe.

Crisp vegetables 

Do you prefer soggy vegetables or crisp ones? You don’t need to answer that because we already know that you were thinking crisp. But, we understand that no matter how much you spent on a quality refrigerator with a special place for vegetables, they will always wilt. It’s just a matter of time.

Image credits: One Good Thing by Jillee

Worry no more and enjoy fresh and crisp vegetables with the help of coffee filters! Rather than storing the vegetables by themselves, try wrapping them with the filters first and then place them in a sealed bag or jar in the fridge. 

Weigh your ingredients

Managing a diet or meal prepping may seem like a task once you start. For example, you need to measure all your ingredients for macros and micros. For this, you’ll have to weigh the ingredients on a scale, but we have an easy way to assist you in the process. 

Image credits: inspiringsavings.com

Weighing so many ingredients at once will result in you washing multiple dishes. But not if you use coffee filters instead. By placing the different ingredients in the coffee filter on the scale, you’ll be able to measure them easily without making a mess. 

Non-stick pan protection

Everyone knows non-stick pans are convenient and easy to use. They cook food faster and are easy to clean. However, you need to maintain their coating from sharp utensils and objects for them to work this way for a long time. 

Image credits: Home Hacks

You may prevent the Teflon cookware from scratching and getting ruined by using a coffee filter. Just use it to line the Teflon coating to avoid surface scratches. Make sure to store them individually instead of storing them on top of each other.

Fresh sandwiches

Sandwiches have a tendency to get soggy after some time when packed in a lunch box, and this most certainly impacts the taste. You may not even want to eat it once they reach this stage, and it’s a shame to throw it away.

Image credits: Home Hacks

By using a coffee filter as a wrapper for your sandwich, you can easily prevent this from happening and enjoy it without worrying about soggy bread. The coffee filter will remove the moisture and also keep the ingredients fresh and crunchy. 

Make your own dryer sheet

Run out of dryer sheets and don’t want to make a trip to the store? You shouldn’t have to as the solution is right in front of your eyes. Coffee filters! We have an easy and natural way to make your own that smells just as amazing as regular ones!

Image credits: Tina Yelle/food-hacks.wonderhowto.com

You can make your own dryer sheet by dropping a few drops of your favoured essential oil onto a coffee filter. It Is highly absorbent and will freshen up your fabrics successfully. Another plus is you can easily change the scent when you feel like it!

Healthy sprouts

A sprout salad is one of the healthiest and most delicious meals you can eat. Besides, you may like to add sprouts to soups and sandwiches for some added protein and nutrients. Sprouting beans indoors can be a bit challenging if the temperature isn’t right.

Image credits: Garden Betty

For this, you can use a damp coffee filter inside a ziplock bag and place the spouts inside it. Leave it somewhere warm for the seeds to start sprouting. They will be ready to eat in a few days. 

Cook spicy soup

You can intensify the flavor of soup by using potent ingredients. And you don’t need to add them directly as you will eventually need to remove them. You may add ingredients such as cinnamon sticks and bay leaves to a coffee filter and tie it to make this easier. 

Image credits: One Good Thing by Jillee

Add this DIY spice bag to your soup or curry to intensify the flavors. Before serving, remove this bag and enjoy the decadent taste. You’ll see there is a subtle flavor without worrying about compromising the main taste of the dish. 

Secure your pots

We love offering hacks to our fellow plant enthusiasts out there. If you are looking for a cheap way to keep all your house plants healthy while avoiding the mess from all the water and soil, we have a valuable tip for you!

Image credits: Simply DIY 2

To prevent messes from plant soil, run to the kitchen and grab yourself some coffee filters. By placing them at the bottom of your planters, the water drainage will not be compromised, and the soil will stay in place.

Fresh shoes every time

Do you have a pair of shoes that you wear all the time and are starting to smell bad? You do not need to worry about them making your feet stink. With this coffee filter hack, you can easily freshen up your shoes in no time. 

Image credits: instructables.com

Just take a few spoons of baking soda and place it in the middle of the coffee filter and secure it with a rubber band. Now, place this inside the shoes for a few hours. They will smell fresh and ready to wear. 

DIY Waxing Strips

Have you ever run out of waxing strips right when you need them the most? Here’s a creative way to use coffee filters instead of the conventional waxing strips. You’ll be surprised to know how effective they are.

Also, they are smaller in size; therefore, you do not need to cut them to reach into hard to get places. This will save your time and money as you’ll no longer need to purchase the overpriced waxing strips. 

Cover cuts

Next time you have a cut on your skin after shaving, do not use a large bandage to cover it up or apply a piece of toilet paper that will crumble in a few minutes. Instead, use a coffee filter to protect the cut!

Image credits: Ian Dikhtiar/Shutterstock

It will prevent the cut from getting attracting any dust, debris, or infection. A coffee filter works better due to its soft fabric and will not leave any residue behind. You may also apply a tiny amount of antiseptic to the piece of the coffee filter before putting it on your cut. 

Make sun tea

Sun tea might be the most refreshing drink during the summers. You have to infuse some berries, mint leaves, lemon slices, and green tea together. Use a coffee filter for the infusion process to help you remove the ingredients.

Image credits: foodrepublic.com

Wrap the ingredients in a coffee filter and let it infuse inside a jug of water. When your tea has reached the desired flavor, remove the bag and enjoy your sun tea with some ice and honey. You won’t be disappointed!

DIY funnel for pouring

Funnels are convenient and can be used for multiple things around the house. You may use it to refill containers in the kitchen or replace your car’s oil. At times, you may need a makeshift funnel in an emergency.

Image credits: Dope Roasters

Here is how you can do it using a coffee filter and scissors. Just roll the coffee filter in the form of a cone to create a funnel. Cut the bottom bit of the funnel for an outlet. Now, you can use it for anything. 

Beautiful looking china

Coffee filters are made of strong fibres that are soft to the touch. You may use this to your advantage to polish your china and retain its delicate pattern and surface. This will also prevent any scratches and keep the china delicate and protected. 

Image credits: Milwaukee Interior Design Coach

After washing your china, use a coffee filter to dry and wipe it before storing it for the next use. Moreover, there won’t be any streaks on the surface or annoying watermarks. Your precious china will be ready whenever you need it. 

Embroidery and coffee filters

Some of us need soothing activities to ease our minds, and one of them is embroidering. However, it’s a hobby that can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. There is no point in being annoying when you are trying to stay relaxed!

Image credits: artfullysew.wordpress.com

That’s the last thing we want to happen. So, we’ve come up with a coffee filter hack to keep focused. Placing these filters on the back of your embroidery. They will make it easy to sew through yet strong enough to act as a stabilizer.

Treat Your Wounds

Coffee filters can come in handy if you or your kids get hurt, resulting in bruises or cuts. Cold compresses may help in minimizing the pain, but if you don’t have an ice pack ready when you need it, this could intensify the stress.

Image credits: pamsdailydish.com

Just take a coffee filter and place a cube of ice inside it. Use it to gently press against the wound for a few seconds. Do this a couple of times to reduce the swelling and redness. This may work for fever and headaches, too.