Disney-Inspired Life Hacks To Help Us Whistle While We Work

By Ragini A

Disney animated movies have a certain magic about them, and the characters that are portrayed within stick with us in the strangest of ways and remain deep in our memories and hearts forever. As kids, we learned about love, kindness, candor, and friendship, but those aren’t the only things we can learn from these films. There are clever little life lessons and hacks strategically placed throughout the movies that can help us in our adult lives.

If you’ve always dreamed about living in a Disney movie, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible… and how to do it! So put on your Disney Spotify playlist and join us as we break down some valuable life lessons from our favorite animated films.

101 Dalmatians

Anita from the classic 101 Dalmations movie found her true love because of her dog in a park, but what you’re missing and might be the stumbling block to finding love in your own life is staring at you right in front of your nose! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/browsin4fun

What you need to do to find your one true love is to adopt a dog and a leash for yourself, and of course, the motivation to go out of the house and for a walk. You won’t find your significant other sitting on the couch, that’s for sure! 


If you didn’t know, you could use jam as a makeshift oil to fix your jammed appliances hehe. No, but in all honesty, just like oil is used as a lubricant in machines, thin jam consistencies can work too if you don’t have oil on hand! 

Image courtesy Reddit/ChaseBank33

All you need is a vast amount of jam that you are a hundred percent certain you don’t need to eat with your peanut butter sandwich the next morning. And, if you’ve already seen Alice in Wonderland and noticed this, move on forward!


We are going to take a leap here and assume you’re friends with at least a dozen forest animals, including a couple of deer, multiple choir birds, and several bunnies that love you. If not, go out and befriend them now! 

Image courtesy of Debbie Woodward/Pinterest

The next time you go shopping for new shoes but refuse to buy a good pair because you’re scared of how much they will hurt, you can enlist your bunny friends to hop around wearing the shoes as pants! This will soften them right up. 


One of the most valid reasons people refuse to give birth to children — apart from the looming climate crisis, of course — is that raising children is a rather expensive affair. What if we told you that Disney gave us a solution to this a long time ago?

Image courtesy of Reddit/FrostyRocket6

What you need to do to ensure that your kids are safe and in good paws and that the babysitter doesn’t overcharge you for a night of sleep is to get yourself a loving and fluffy dog they can always play with! Dogs are amazing additions to families regardless of their childcare skills.


No, we are here to remind you that you do not actually need a cushion or two pillows to sleep comfortably if you have someone else in the room with you. You just need to position yourself the right way. You have all the tools you need.

Image courtesy of Reddit/kilYey

If you align yourself with your friend or partner’s tush and place your head gently on it, chances are they will never figure it out, and you will have the best sleep of your life, all while managing without feather-puffed pillows.


No one around us says that they hate cake, which results from the fact that cake is absolutely irresistible and that we don’t become friends with people who don’t like cake. It is a test, of course, if you’re willing to have a good time.

Image courtesy of Reddit/hikubrown34_

Anyway, we hope you love cake as much as we do, and if that is a yes, you probably love tall cakes that take too much effort to balance with all the heavy frosting on them. Yup, next time, just grab your broom and use it to make sure your beauty doesn’t splatter on the floor. 


If you absolutely love the water, underwater species, and skincare, this next tip is most definitely destined to find you! It might be a little difficult to grasp what we are asking you to, but if you find starfish and seaweed, grab them! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/cidergluewewewew

Seaweed and the bottom side of the starfish are both very moisturizing for the skin and convenient cover-ups for mistakes you want to avoid! Plus, the aquatic aesthetic has and always will be a trend, so jump on it! 


Newly fired from a job and worried about how to meet rent and electricity bills? You want to get in on this little secret from Aurora as soon as possible; reduce your electricity bill for a nifty light orb!

Image courtesy of Reddit/howdidiudjethere

Yup, all you need is a couple of magic godmothers who can smash your light bulbs in order to have green and purple orbs of light floating around you whenever you need some guidance. You won’t get another bill for the rest of your life! 


This is a fairly common trick in the classic Disney animation book, so we won’t be surprised if you’ve already thought of this before. If you have a really important guest over or anyone you really want to impress, try this next hack out. 

Image courtesy of characterdesignreferences.com

Yup, enchanted cutlery! Take inspiration from Beauty and the Beast and more from Walt Disney to ensure that your guests can never ever forget the meal you served, that is, of course, if they were able to take any of it in. 


If you dislike cooking like some of us or are new to the whole experience of making yourself and your loved ones a hearty meal, might we introduce you to our next and very doable hack! All you need is a smooth surface and a tray. 

Image courtesy of insider.com

Have too many shortcakes and croissants that need to be dusted with sugar? Too many plates of hot food that need to be sprinkled with a dash of salt to make them the best they can be? Spin your tray full of plates gently and sprinkle away!  


When you’re at a party, wedding, or in any chaotic setting that also serves drinks and food, finding yourself a glass that is clean and unscathed is practically impossible. But, if you have a ukelele or a guitar nearby, you’re already equipped! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/wuwythle

Use this Disney trick to never go thirsty again, and hand out the top part of the instrument to pour the liquid through the hole. Drink and sip merrily while you celebrate the occasion with those you love and cherish.  You will stand out from the crowd.


Ditch the old school clock and throw away your phones and use this neat and rather rare trick to wake up for that painful early morning visit to the gym or that office meeting you can’t be late to. 

Reddit u/juliabakwa

Yup, our next tip is to get yourself a prince or princess charming like Snow White and Aurora did to wake you up from your slumber and ensure a beautiful and love-filled day. If only love was this easy to come around for all of us! 


Hair can be a messy detail to take care of, regardless of whether your mane is straight, glossy, thin, thick, curly, wavy, damaged, dry, or greasy. If you haven’t been able to find the perfect brush or comb, don’t fret. 

Image courtesy of disneyscreencaps.com

Go to your kitchen, grab a fork, and learn how to do it the right way from our very own Little Mermaid, Ariel! Use it wisely and gently, and watch all your knots vanish with ease before your eyes, one fork at a time. 


As convenient as google maps and the general GPS system in our phones is, we might not always get service and network if we’re lost. When going to a party or event deep in the forest, use this handy trick!

Image courtesy of Reddit/scotscore

Draw out a map and route you need to follow to get to your destination on your shirt vest or bow tie and enjoy the journey without getting lost or fearing for your safety! You will thank Disney and us one day! 


Keep yourself hydrated while you sleep, especially if you sleep for long hours after an exhausting day at work. It turns out these dwarves are friendlier to us than we assumed. They also have some tricks up their sleeve! Get a pitcher and fall asleep!

Image courtesy of Reddit u/ploughrowWhy

Actually, no, there are more nuances to this entire do-it-yourself craft idea. Angle it carefully so that a drop falls into your gaping snoring mouth periodically, not enough to wake you up or choke you. Happy sleeping! You’ll never wake up with a dry mouth again!


What good will panels of flimsy wood do in place of a fence for your protection compared to years worth of thorns and bushes that were grown and nurtured by you! Learn from the sleeping beauty Aurora and Rapunzel! 

Reddit u/dquilzeth

Spend your days growing thick rose bushes around your land and property, and in a few years, they will be dense and high enough to keep out intruders as well as unwelcomed guests! Neat, right? Probably never thought of that one.


For this little trick, you will need a working screen of either a television, a computer, or a phone, and a whole lot of love in your heart. Cinema and motion movies can have an insane impact on your day and an even longer impact on your memory.

Image courtesy of Reddit/cineratatatoouille 

Which is why, whenever you are feeling low because of how nasty this world can be, you need to remember to put on your favorite movie and watch it until you feel lighter and happier, maybe even more hopeful about this world. 


This can work for you regardless of whether you choose to live on land or underwater; treat yourself to some perfectly shaped and buffed nails by using plants and sustainable materials! Get your hands on a beneficial cattail plant. 

Image courtesy of Reddit u/ericediterin

Because of the texture of this plant’s top, it is, according to Disney, amazing for the health of your nail bed, cuticles, and the overall health of your nails! Keep them shining, people! And be gentle! Self-care should always be a part of your routine.


Look, we are not the kind of people to tell you what to do with your hair, but in case you’re in a stitch, keep this trick in the back of your mind; here it goes! Use your hair to protect yourself. Huh? 

Image courtesy of Twitter/simpeugeeeenfitzherbert

Yup! Just like Rapunzel tied up Eugene when she thought he posed a danger to her, use your hair to tie up your threat of violence. Of course, we’re totally assuming you don’t have rope and have several meters worth of hair on your head. 


No one living a life of honesty and truth likes scissors, and it is high time for you to stop convincing yourself that you do. Sure, they’re useful sometimes, but can they possibly be more useful than a friendly beaver? 

Image courtesy of Reddit/tifaanycriedatbobo

That’s right! With razor-sharp front teeth ready to cut through anything and everything for you regardless of the material at hand, please remember, a beaver is a true friend and cuts the crap for you with ease. We wouldn’t pass on this one!


Somedays, you might feel so lazy and not want to clean even you see a large dust bunny forming near the corner of your room. And, maybe one day you wake up to see the behind of a deer, your friend, or both, jutting out of your wall. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/animationscreencapsdotcom

Either you live with the misery of the view, or you improvise like most of the greatest minds in the world do! Use colors and interior decorations as your way of expressing yourself and make your home a reflection of who you are! 


One of the easiest ways in which to occupy your dog while you cut his nails or finish a quick errand or chore has finally taken the internet by storm, but we have to put it out there; Disney came up with it first! Let us refresh your memory.

Image courtesy of Reddit/animationscreencapsdotcom

Use peanut butter wither on a cling wrap across your forehead or on the table to ensure that the cutie is distracted. Once that is done, cut their nails with ease without them even realizing it, and finish up your own meal before they come for it. 


If you live in a large house, especially one as large as a forest, chances are you need a map or a GPS to get around it, or not lose your phone at least. In case you have a social life with guests over frequently, you need to put up some signs! 

Image courtesy of timburton.fandom.com

Take your doors, for example. Yup, a sign for the toilet should go onto the door that leads there firstly, as well as the corridor you need to take to get there. For a quick glass of water, your guests should know where the kitchen is! Put yourself in their shoes!


Have you ever moved houses and packed up all of your belongings in the same brown cardboard container, only to realize that you no longer know where half your stuff is? Yup, it would be best to organize your stuff and your mind if you had keywords and images. 

Image courtesy of Tumblr/chamberofryansecrestsvida 

Learn from the best and the evilest of the Disney character universe, and turn your life around. Things are going to get so easy for you once you know where your things are, perfectly sorted out in boxes, only if you mark it out clearly enough. Phew! 


Whether it is the summer or winter where you are, chances are, you have an itch somewhere, and it is frustrating the life out of you. Are we right? Well, what are you waiting for? Take a tip from Mowgli! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/trznmwgl

Find yourself the bark of a large tree or a large enough boulder, and rest the part of your body that demands to be itched. Then, gently scrub away, up and down! Hopefully, your itch will go away, and you’ll also be exfoliated! 


Everyone knows that shadows are one of the key elements of what makes us human. They help us identify danger as well as study the effects of light. One would assume you keep your shadow close to you at all times.

Image courtesy of Reddit/lightandboneweird

But, if you’re anything like Peter Pan, who keeps losing his shadow, this trick might work for you. Grab a needle and a thread as dark as your shadow usually is, and carefully stitch it back onto you so that it never leaves again. 


Always keep the notes and books on which you doodled on throughout that high school science class! You may not remember what magnets do or what gravity is, but you will always have your own scrapbook of inspiration and lovely memorabilia. 

Image courtesy of ranker.com

This can come into use when you build your dream house with your significant other, make a dress for your wedding, or anything close to your heart and home. Always listen to your inner child. They usually know what’s right. 


If you are a fan of Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, or this Disney movie, in particular, you might have already thought of this life hack. But now is the time to really invest in this idea and get to cleaning! 

Image courtesy of disneyscreencaps.com

Yup, the idea here is to grow your beard or hair so long that you can comfortably hold it in your hand and dust the surfaces around your house that need to be cleaned. Get that summer cleaning in before your guests come over! Just make sure to wash your hair.


If you’re starting a new job or struggle to have coworkers who actually remember your name even though you’ve been working with them for years, here is a great trick you should always keep in mind! And not, it’s not tattooing your name on your forehead!

Reddit u/tweedlytweety6579

Embroider onto your clothes your name or initials that you want to be referred to as. This helps people remember your name and also call you what you want while conveniently avoiding awkward questions that no one wants to hear! 


Do you live in a sweltering climate where you’re sweating all the time? Are you not sure whether the heat is going to melt you or your house into a liquid state or not? We got you covered, or at least, Elsa from Frozen does! Yup, get an ice house.

Reddit u/boneappletea

It might take you a while to build if you don’t possess Elsa’s magical powers, but once completed, an ice house with slabs of ice as walls will keep you and your family cool and content and also will cut down on the electricity you use to keep warm. 

Marie Kondo

Only keep the things that spark joy and inspire you around, and Wall-e might have been telling us this since the beginning, way before Marie Kondo! We need you to listen to this Disney movie for sure, though. You won’t regret it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/engrish

Cleansing your surroundings of the things you don’t need anymore or the things that make you unhappy because of aesthetics or memories can have a huge and positive impact on your mental health and productivity.  It’s quite a cathartic experience.


Turn your sad day upside down with a bowl of noodles, rice, or oats with a slice of smiley bacon laid out on it with a sunny-side-up fried egg to go with it! We don’t know about you, but we are for sure drooling over this breakfast! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/clawyRick

This should even be fairly easy to cook, as long as you know how to make eggs and basic rice or porridge, right? If not for yourself, maybe you can make this for a friend or loved one who is feeling low.  If you have kids, they will be delighted to see this plate of food in front of them.


The ideal life for almost every productive person of society has way less stress because of work and a perfect retirement plan that helps them relax and not worry about the future. They just want to do the things they love and reconnect with their hobbies. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/ericediterin

What is better than the plan Rapunzel’s mother laid out for her? Lock yourself up in a house far away for a decade or two, and really do anything and everything you’ve always wanted to try, maybe even skydiving from the top of your own tower! 


Invest in cooking classes with the best rat in Paris, our very own Remy! As long as you have the hair on your head, this should work just fine, and don’t worry about hygiene! Remy is super clean and very adorable at that. 

Image courtesy of Tumblr/evollang

Give your rat the space to sit on your bed of hair and really let your body go to ensure they have full control and watch the delicious and mouth-watering recipes your perfect master come up with in a matter of days. 


Learn a thing or two from our practical and energetic Mike from Monsters University. This tip will take you a long way ahead in life. All you have to do is be honest and write down your tasks on a sheet of paper.

Image courtesy of Reddit/dahaadhdthings

Easy? Yeah! Things you need to get from the store can be mixed in with your plans for your wedding and your retirement plan, of course, if you have some imagination! Just keep the list safe and on you, and you’ll get there in no time. 


If there is one thing to learn from Cinderella, that is never to give up and really fight for the things you want in life. But, the second most important thing we’ve learned from her is this trick, and you’d find it useful as well! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/dquilzeth

When coming back from the store or shifting things to another room, balance and carry the things on top of your head to improve your posture and to also multitask! You don’t want to keep walking back and forth, do you?


The newest trend, and one of the few that we here are actually thankful for, is that of upcycling your clothes and wardrobe depending on your current style. This saves money, the environment, and so much more! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, remember? 

Image courtesy Reddit/pintrustgonerung

Next time you want to add a dash of zing to your wardrobe, just rip off those curtains you haven’t liked since you were born, cut out the adequate amount of cloth you need, and get to stitching!  You’ll have a stylish outfit in no time!


The only way to live your dreams is to fly high and never look down, but when flying is expensive, and you’re lonely, the best adventure might be with the man from Up! And of course, the young boy and his dog! 

Reddit @dreamtawaybeforeiDie

Grab as many helium balloons and tanks as you can, map your route to the dream location, and start floating to your very own paradise! Who knows what will be waiting for you there! Plus, this will be cheaper than air tickets. 


Look, water is expensive, and we really cannot afford to waste it with the current horrible climate crisis! You know a neat trick to make sure your dishes are sparkling once you’re done eating off them? If not, keep reading on.

Image courtesy of Reddit/animationscreencapsdotcom

Lick them! Yup, either lick them yourself or get yourself a couple of Snow White’s and Cinderella’s animal friends to hire them to lick your plates and cutlery clean. Of course, you have to be sure you’re good with that, first. 


This is by far the hardest and most genius life hack and tip that Disney could have given us, and that is to make sure your switch is on, and your bulb is tight in case it doesn’t glow and give you the light you deserve! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/animationscreencapsdotcom

Sounds easy, right? You would be surprised to know how many of us have made the mistake of thinking our bulbs are faulty when it is actuality it’s our fault because the filament is lost or the switch is off.