Don’t Throw Them Away: 5 Practical Uses For Old Silica Gel Packets

By Francis Tunwase

Whether you’ve recently purchased a pair of shoes, torn open a package of beef candy, or taken a specific medication, chances are you’ve removed a tiny packet of silica gel. 

Source: callemanz/Reddit

These silica gel packets may be commonplace, but they aren’t useless — and instead of throwing them away, you may lend them a third, fourth, or even fifth life. The question is why these little bags are found in many products. Can they be reused or recycled?

The good news is that there are different manners to give a new purpose to these packets. The following are ways you can use your silica gel packets if you don’t wish to trash them.

For safeguarding or reviving electronics

Silica gel packets stored with films, cameras, laptops, or other water-sensitive gadgets can help them stay dry till they’re needed again. Should the device be water-damaged, try utilizing a few silica gel packets to absorb the water and revive it.

To get rid of corrosion and oxidation worries

When exposed to dampness, metal objects like razors and knives can quickly lose their glow to rust. Reduce exposure by adding some silica gel packs to your toolkit.

Source: @americangreentravel/Unsplash

You can also add them to your jewelry box to prevent your metal pieces from tarnishing or corroding.

Clean and dry your luggage

Bringing a wet swimsuit indoors is the most unpleasant part of going for a swim. The suit will be lighter and quite easier to move if silica gel packets are used for storage. Everything you pack, from your tent to your sleeping bag to your suitcase, will be safer when they are not drenched in water.