Crack Open Some Creativity With 35 Eggshell Hacks

By Harpreet K

Eggshells are often considered waste, but with a little bit of creativity, you can make some amazing things out of them. Next time you crack an egg for a yummy breakfast omelet, don’t throw the shell in the trash. Save them up to try crafting ideas to keep yourself busy and create something useful. From planters to mosaic photo frame decorations, the possibilities are endless. And it’s not just decor. You can use these shells for house chores, such as growing plants and laundry hacks. So if you’re looking for a fun and eco-friendly craft project, or are just looking for a way to put some of your “waste” to use, be sure to check out these amazing eggshell craft ideas!

Eggshells as mini canvas 

They’re a perfect size for a one-of-a-kind, miniature masterpiece. And since they’re already discarded, you don’t have to worry about staining or ruining them. Just crack open an egg, clean it and let it dry. Paint to your heart’s content, and admire your handiwork.


You can then use any type of paint to decorate the shells, though acrylic will probably get you the best results. Paint solid colors and broad strokes, or get a smaller brush for a more detailed design. Once the paint is dry, glue magnets to the back of them to hang on your refrigerator.

Quirky tea light candle holders

This is a fun (and surprisingly easy) project that can be completed with items you probably already have lying around your house. All you need are some empty eggshells and tea-light candles. These little candle holders are so pretty, and they add a touch of elegance to any room.

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They would also make a great farewell or housewarming gift. Collect a few broken eggshell halves. You’ll need to clean them and remove any egg white or yolk bits that remain attached. Dry the eggshells thoroughly. Place the tea light candles in the eggshells, and enjoy your new candle holders.

Brew with coffee

You can brew eggshells with coffee grounds to remove your coffee’s bitterness and to make it more tasty. You’ll need to separate the eggshells from the yolks and whites and then grind them up into a fine powder. Or, you can also break the shells into small pieces.

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Once you’ve done that, add the eggshell powder to your coffee grounds. Use one egg for four coffee cups. Stir well and let it steep for at least five minutes before enjoying your cup of coffee. In addtion to the bitterness, the eggshells will also remove the acidity of the coffee. 

Prevent rotten tomato plants

Adding eggshells to tomato plants is a great way to prevent black spots and rotten tomatoes. Eggshells are a source of calcium, which helps strengthen the tomatoes’ cell walls and prevents them from rotting before you get a chance to pluck a ripe fruit.

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They also contain other nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, which can improve the health of tomato plants. Moreover, adding them to the soil helps make the soil more fertile and structurally stable. Additionally, adding eggshells to your compost heap will help break down the organic matter in the compost more quickly.

Bake Easter egg cake 

What could be more fun (and festive) than baking mini cakes inside real eggshells on Easter? It’s a great way to use any spare eggs that didn’t make it into the cake, and your kids are sure to have fun with it.

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Then, simply follow your favorite cake recipe to make the mixture. Use a piping bag to add the mix to the eggs from the top opening; be careful while doing this. Lastly, bake the cake and enjoy watching everyone’s surprised reactions upon cracking the eggs.  

Natural laundry whitener

For those of us looking for more natural ways to clean and whiten our laundry, eggshells are a great option! Before you add them to the load, break the shells into smaller pieces. Use a closed mesh bag to put the eggshells in.

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The eggshells will help to scrub out pesky stains and brighten whites. For an extra boost of natural cleaning power, add a tablespoon or two of vinegar. Most importantly, this method will help brighten your clothes without using harsh chemical cleaners.

Eggshell photo frame

Eggshells are a great material for mosaics because they are thin and brittle, so they are easy to break into small pieces. And since they are translucent, they allow light to pass through them, creating a beautiful effect if you want to play with LED lights.

Image courtesy: CraftyFingers / YouTube

To make the mosaic picture frame, start by cleaning the eggshells and removing any egg white or yolk traces. Paint them or leave them in their natural colors. Next, glue the shell pieces onto a cardboard piece, using Mod Podge as a top coat to seal it up.

Plant nutrient water

You can give your plants an extra boost of nutrients by boiling eggshells and using that water to nourish them. Eggshells are high in minerals, especially the nutrients that all plants need to grow healthy and strong. So next time you’re boiling eggs, save the shells and add them to your garden’s watering can.

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After adding the shells to a glass jar, pour boiling water on top. Give the water a few hours to cool down. Mix it with more water to add to your plants for better growth. Your plants will thank you for it!

Start your saplings

Using eggshells to grow seed saplings is a great way to upcycle your eggshells and get a head start on your gardening. All you need to do is halve the eggshells lengthwise and remove the membrane inside. Next, rinse the shells in water for a few minutes to disinfect them.

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After that, simply fill the shells with potting soil, plant your seeds, and water them regularly. The eggshells will provide nutrients for your plants as they grow and eventually decompose into the soil. Now you don’t need to worry about removing the planter when it’s time to repot!

Macrame hanging indoor garden

Macrame is a great way to add some personality to your décor, and it’s really simple to do. You can use any type of plant for this, but we think succulents would be a great choice because they don’t need a lot of water.

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First, you’ll need to gather some supplies: cord or twine, scissors, and a ruler for the macrame part. For the eggshells, you’ll need paint, eggs, and plants. Start by painting the eggs using bright colors or patterns to make them pop. Add plants and use the macrame to hang them. 

Shadow lamp

Eggshells are delicate and fragile, but they can be transformed into beautiful objects with a little creativity. We’ve seen a few already, but have you considered shadow lamps? Shadow lamps are created by painting the eggshells in vibrant colors and then placing them over a light source.

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The shells will create shadows that dance on the wall, creating a mesmerizing effect. To make your shadow lamp, you may use any color of paint you like, but try to use bright colors for the best results. This project is surprisingly easy and inexpensive to make. 

Colored sidewalk chalk

Who knew that those eggshells you were throwing away could be used for something so useful and fun? Well, now you can make your own sidewalk chalk, and you don’t need any complicated ingredients. All you need is some eggshell powder, flour, and food coloring.

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Add boiling water to the flour to make a thick paste. Mix it with two-three spoons of eggshell powder, then add a few drops of food coloring to get your desired color. Then mold it into a chalk shape and let it dry. 

Adorable Easter decoration

Looking for a fun and unique way to decorate your Easter eggs this year? Why not use broken eggshells? It’s a great way to upcycle what would otherwise just be thrown away. As an extra cute touch, add cute little chicks inside them.

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To make these ornaments, simply use eggshells by creating a window in the middle. You can then glue to perfect any edges or falling-out pieces. Now, add a little toy chick inside each one. Finally, hang them up with some ribbon or string.

Eggshells for sharp blender blades

Blenders are amongst the most commonly used kitchen appliances. Over time, their blades can become dull due to excessive use and need to be replaced or sharpened. Running eggshells through the blender can help sharpen the blades and prolong their life.

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After this, dispose of the egg pieces in composting. This job can be done on a weekly basis to keep your blender blades in tip-top shape. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it’s also an environmentally friendly way to use one of nature’s compostable products.

Indoor succulent garden 

Eggshells make great pots for growing succulents! They are the perfect size for small plants, and they drain well, so your plants won’t get overwatered. Plus, they look really cute when they’re all lined up on a windowsill. To get started, you’ll need some eggshells and some potting soil.

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Fors starers, crack the eggs and clear out any whites and yolks. Try to keep it mostly intact. Once you have your supplies, simply fill each eggshell with potting soil and plant your succulent. Be sure to keep the eggshells in a sunny spot so your plants will thrive.

Memorable Christmas ornaments

Why not use eggshells to make beautiful and unique ornaments for your Christmas tree this year? Handmade ornaments are always a favorite, but you don’t need to stick with the traditional DIY kits. Make your own using eggshells and some paint.

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All you need to do is gather some eggshells, wash them off, and then let your imagination run wild. You may use a variety of materials to decorate them, including paint, glitter, decoupage glue, and more. Be sure to let them dry completely before hanging them on your tree.

Skin-soothing liquid 

If you’re looking for a natural way to treat skin irritations, you may want to try using eggshells. Eggshells are packed with nutrients that can help soothe the skin, and they’re also relatively inexpensive. For this homemade remedy, add eggshells to apple cider vinegar.

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Leave the mixture alone for a couple of days, then apply it to your skin. This remedy is said to be particularly effective for psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Just make sure that you don’t have any egg allergies, or it could be more of an irritant than a relief.

DIY toothpaste for bright teeth

There is growing evidence that the minerals in eggshells can help the minerals of your teeth, making them stronger. Eggshells are a good source of calcium, and they also contain phosphorus and magnesium – all of which are essential for dental hygiene.

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For a full DIY toothpaste, use coconut oil and castile soap. The acids in coconut oil have been shown to kill bacteria, while baking soda helps to scrub away plaque and dirt. And castile soap is a great natural cleaner. So by combining these ingredients, you can make a toothpaste that’s both healthy and effective!

Cute easter egg gifts 

If you’re looking to add a little extra something to your Easter gifts this year, why not try making seed bombs? They’re easy to make, eco-friendly, and your loved ones can use them to easily start their gardens. Start by collecting eggshells.

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Give them a quick rinse once you have a nice collection and let them air dry. When the eggshells are dry, it’s time to fill them with seeds. Wildflower seeds work well for this project, but you can use any type you want.

Water with mineral boost

Eggshells are a rich source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous, all which are vital for the human body to function. And since they’re so porous, they make an excellent filter for purifying water. Collect a few eggshells from a hard-boiled egg from free-range chickens.

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Make sure they’re clean and free of any residue or feathers. Grind the eggshells into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle or food processor. Pour boiling water into a pot and place the crushed eggshells in it. Also, add vinegar to the mix. Sip this mineral water in small amounts. 

Soil-friendly pest control

If you’re looking for a way to make your plants pest-free, you may have heard that using eggshell powder and baking soda can do the trick. But does it work? According to gardening experts, eggshell powder and baking soda can indeed help deter pests from your plants.

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The theory is that eggshells and baking soda prevent mildew build-up and also keep the pest away. To use this method, simply mix together eggshell powder and baking soda in a ratio of 1:1. Once you’ve made your mixture, sprinkle it around the base of your plants. Reapply every few weeks or after heavy rainfall.

Add to compost

Eggshells are a fantastic source of compost for your garden. If you rely on a community compost, and can’t go every day, have a small bag in the freezer to keep the shells. Just add the shells after you make your scrambled eggs or bake a yummy cake.

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Mix the eggshells in with your other compost materials, and voilà — you’ve got nutrient-rich compost for your garden! Eggshells are an excellent source of calcium, which is essential for plant growth. Using them in your compost will help give your plants natural nutrition. 

Add to bone broth 

Bone broth has a great deal of collagen, glucosamine, and healthy minerals. Making your bone broth at home will save you money. Obviously, the broth is perfect for soups and stews, but you can also drink it as a beverage.

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Add eggshells with bones in your bone broth to pack it with more nutrition. To make it tastier, you can also add some miso and sea soup to the broth. The recommended serving is one cup per day for maximum benefits. 

Calcium supplements for bones

You may use eggshells to make your calcium supplements. However, it’s important to ensure that you trust the source of your eggs prior to doing this, as arsenic and other toxins can be stored in eggshells. Taking the time to check your eggs’ source will prevent the intake of these toxins.

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To make your calcium supplements from eggshells, start by collecting the shells from a dozen or so eggs. Rinse them off and then dry them in the oven at low heat (225 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 20 minutes. Once they’re dried, use a coffee or spice grinder to make their powder. 

Glowing healthy skin

You can get healthy skin by making a facemask using eggshell powder. It’ll also lightly exfoliate your skin, leaving behind a smooth texture. Just ensure to leave the egg’s inner membrane before grinding the shell for added nutrition and moisture.

Image courtesy: 5-Minute Magic / YouTube

Aside from adding glow, the mask will help remove dead cells and promote the growth of new cells. Eggshells are also rich in calcium, which can help improve the health of your skin. So go ahead and give this facemask a try — your skin will thank you. 

Clean burnt pans

Burn marks can be frustrating to clean, but they come right off with a little eggshell powder. Grind down your eggshells to a fine powder and sprinkle on the burn marks. Use a mild scrub along with the eggshell powder to remove the burnt grime from the pan.

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The eggshells will easily lift the dirt and grime away from the surface of your pan. Rinse well, and your pan will be good as new. You won’t need to scrub the pan too hard and save time while doing dishes. 

Moody eggshell decor

You can make your decor and plants look more fun with this one. Just grab some empty eggshells, small plants, and markers to get started on this DIY. You can also pick up some googly eyes from the craft store.

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Take clean eggshells and start drawing emoji faces on them with a marker. Use different emojis to depict various moods. Place the eggs together with the plants on egg trays. You may also add herbs to the eggshells and keep these over the kitchen counter. 

Make fairy light 

You can use eggshells to cover fairy lights! First, clean and dry the eggshells. Next, cut a small hole in the bottom of each eggshell. This will be where you insert the fairy light bulb. Now, gently place the eggshells over the bulbs, being careful not to break them.

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Once all the bulbs are covered, plug in your lights and enjoy. Eggshells are thin and fragile, so take care not to drop or mishandle them. And be sure to unplug your lights before adding or removing any shells. Now, enjoy their gentle glow.

Colorful smoke bombs

You can make fun colorful smoke bombs using eggshells. Your kids will love playing with these on the pavement. Besides, you can also use these as a fun activity for kid’s parties. First, empty the egg and use hollow eggs to make the smoke bombs.

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Be careful while cracking the eggs, as you just need to remove the top portion. Add powder paint and baby powder in your favorite colors to the eggs. Use glue and tissue paper to cover the open side of the egg. Now your egg smoke bombs are ready to play. 

Beautiful crystal geodes

Have you ever seen those gorgeous crystal geodes that look like they came straight out of a fairytale? Well, it turns out you can grow your own at home using nothing but eggshells. The first step is to clean and dry the eggshells.

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You can do this by boiling them for a few minutes, then allowing them to air dry completely. Once they’re clean and dry, carefully place alum, powder, glue, and food coloring. Wait for a few days for the alum to crystalize into a geode. 

DIY candles 

This may sound crazy; however, it is worth a try, just like using eggshells as tealight candle holders. In this case, you’ll pour the wax into the cracked eggshells and place a wick over it. Let the wax solidify completely before lighting it.

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Make sure eggs do not have any cracks and are clean before using. Besides, use soy wax to ensure burning it is good for your indoor environment. Using eggshells for candles is upbeat and does not create any waste for recycling later. 

Spring flower vases

Eggshells make great flower vases! They are perfect for small spring flowers. In fact, this can be a really cute Easter decoration. All you need to do is hard-boil some eggs and then carefully peel off the shells from the top.

Leave the rest intact to work as a vase. Once you have your eggshells, simply fill them with water and place small flowers inside. You can even get creative and decorate the eggshells with paint or markers before adding the flowers.

Creative paint bombs

If your kids are bored with normal crayons and pencil colors, you can make fun paint bombs for them using eggshells. Not only will they have fun using these, but they will be able to create an artistic painting that you may frame later for their rooms.

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Take clean and dry eggshells and fill them with different colors such as red, blue, yellow, and white. These primary colors will also mix together to form new colors. Use them on canvas or sheets and see their vibrant magic. Let the paintings dry and hang them up.

DIY bandage for your burn wound

An egg’s shell is made up of mostly protein and fibers, which is known for its healing properties. According to the National Library for Medicine, materials containing fibers from chicken egg processing are economical and effective in burn wound treatment.

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So, using thin layers present inside eggshells as Band-aids could be beneficial in helping with treating small scrapes and burn wounds. The downside is that it may not be very comfortable! And, an additional disclaimer: this isn’t proven or has a medical confirmation yet. 

Repel insects from the garden

Eggshells and coffee grounds both make great natural insecticides. Eggshells are especially effective at deterring slugs and snails, while coffee grounds work well against ants. Simply crush up some eggshells or coffee grounds and sprinkle them around the plants you want to protect in your garden.

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The insects will avoid these areas, and your plants will be safe from harm. Another way is to bury the eggshells and coffee grounds near your plants. Finally, you can also brew a strong coffee concentrate along with eggs and use it to spray on your plants.