Get Your Vibe Back In 5 minutes With These Hacks

By Kanyi M

Feeling sad? Not sure how to get your vibe back in 5 minutes with these hacks! Most people know that they should exercise and eat well, but they can sometimes forget obvious things. Luckily, you don’t need to have a degree or be a health expert to get your spirits up. These quick fixes will help give you your happy mood back in no time (and probably outlast the bad feeling).

1. Start with the hardest task

If you start with a small, hard task instead of on your “to-do” list, you’ll be able to see that you can indeed do all those tasks ahead of you. Your motivation and attitude will be replenished. 

2. Take 10 deep breaths

Take in some air and count to 10 while you inhale. Doing this will also help you relax. 

Image Credit: Shutterstock

3. Curb stress with your favourite music

Listen to some relaxing music such as classical or nature sounds while taking a hot bath or snuggling into bed. This will help reduce your levels of stress and make you into a more relaxed person. Bonus points if you can dance.

4. Think of those who support you when you’re down

Who’s always there for you, even when you’re having a bad day? If you think of the people that care for you while counting to 5, it will help you realize how blessed you are. This will give you a boost and make you feel better, even if it’s not completely true.

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5. Be kind

Try to be kind to others. Treating others the way you want to be treated goes a long way. A little kindness can your stress melt away and make you feel connected.