40 Underrated Products That Make Life Simpler

By Harpreet K

Many people aren’t aware of new products designed to enhance everyday comfort and make daily chores easy for everyone. To be fair, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest products each company has to offer. These products come with features such as easy cleaning and maintenance. In addition, they are easy on the pocket while offering immense help. Moreover, these are available online or offline. You may choose from clever cleaning solutions to storage solutions. With these life hacks by your side, you won’t worry about the upkeep of your home using time-consuming, wasteful old-school methods. It’s time to upgrade your home and your life with these specially designed products. Here are 40 fantastic life hack products that’ll turn your life around and keep you stress-free all time.

1. Hangable t-shirt organizer

If you have a lot of t-shirts, it can be tough to keep them organized. They tend to get wrinkled and can be challenging to find in your closet. But with a bit of labor, you can keep your t-shirts well-organized with a hangable t-shirt organizer.

Image courtesy: JD FRESH/amazon.in

A hangable t-shirt organizer is a great way to keep your t-shirts organized. You may hang it in your closet or on a door. It has pockets or compartments for each t-shirt. You may also label each compartment so you know where each t-shirt goes.

2. Quick stain repellent 

If you live with kids and pets, you’ll know the fear of staining your new carpets or cushion covers. It’s the same story for clumsy people who drop food on their clothes or furniture. This makes cleaning hard as these things may leave permanent stains if not treated right away.

Image courtesy: RootedOilCommunity / etsy.com

When you’re in a hurry and need to quickly clean up a spill, reach for a bottle of quick-dry stain repellent spray. This spray works great on all kinds of surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, and clothing. Just spray it on, and the stain will be gone in no time. 

3. Stove counter gap covers

Gaps between the counter and stove can be a dirt trap, and covers can help to eliminate this danger. When you’re on the lookout for an easy way to keep your stovetop clean, consider using stove counter gap covers. They are available in materials like silicon that are easy to maintain and clean.

Image courtesy: KindGa/amazon.com

These covers fit over the gaps between your counter and stove and help to prevent food, dust, and debris from getting inside. They help to keep your stovetop clean and also prevent accidental messes. You may also take these out for a quick wipe and put them back. 

5. Bracelet fastening tool

If you live alone, you probably don’t have someone around to help you with things like putting on a bracelet. The Bracelet Fastening Tool is a simple device that helps you put on bracelets without someone else’s help. It’s basically a tiny clamp pen.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

You may hold it in your hand and use it to secure the bracelet in place while you put it on. To use it, simply open the clamp and place it around the bracelet. Then, use your other hand to put the bracelet on your wrist. Once the bracelet is in place, close the clamp.

5. All-purpose cleaning drill

Here is a solution for a quick and easy way to clean your home. Get an all-purpose cleaning kit with brushes that can attach to your drill. These kits are available with all the tools you may need to quickly clean your floors, walls, and ceilings, and they’re relatively inexpensive.  

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Plus, they’re much faster and easier to use than traditional cleaning methods. You can get rid of nasty dirt from the tiles, corners of the walls, and floor with the fast-moving brush on the drill. Moreover, your hands won’t get tired at all.

6. Bathtub drain hair catcher 

If you’re tired of dealing with hair in your drain, a plastic hair catcher can be a lifesaver. This handy product goes right into your drain, where the plug goes, and catches all loose strands before they can go down the drain.

Image courtesy: Betsey Goldwasser / www.reviewed.com

They’re easy to use and install and can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. With these inside the drain, you will not be needed to pour chemical cleaners down the drain if it clogs. Hair and debris get stuck in the pipes, so it’s better to prevent them from going in. 

7. Drip catcher 

If you don’t want to constantly worry about water dripping from your taps, then you need to get yourself a drip catcher fabric! This easily washable fabric will absorb all the water, so you can just sit back and relax.

Image courtesy: HustleSewShop / etsy.com

These drip catchers will prevent any puddles from forming around the taps. Once you begin using them, you’ll realize how easy it is to clean the area. The water will not percolate into the sink and you won’t have to worry so much about water damage to the surrounding fixtures.

8. Bath licking pad for pets

As a pet owner, you know that baths can be a bit of a struggle. Your furry friend may not be a fan of the water, and you might have a hard time getting them to stay still. Here’s an end to stressful baths for both you and your pet.

Image courtesy: walmart.ca

You may want to try using a licking pad. Simply put some peanut butter on the pad and let your pet lick it while you bathe them. The licking pad will help keep them distracted and busy, and they’ll be much more likely to tolerate the bath. Plus, they’ll probably enjoy the tasty treat!

9. For cold coffee lovers

Do you love iced coffee but hate the long wait for it to cool down? Well, now there’s a nifty little device that can turn hot coffee into iced coffee in 60 seconds! This fantastic gadget is a must-have for any coffee lover who wants to enjoy a cold drink without waiting.

Image courtesy: hyperchiller.us

It will instantly turn your hot coffee into iced coffee in no time. It ensures to keep your coffee at the perfect cold temperature. You may use it for other drinks as well to make them insensitive to drink with a simple sixty-second swirling motion.

10. Easily clean the windows

Cleaning blinds is a tricky task as dust and dirt easily get accumulated between them and no device or brush can reach these areas quickly. Even if you manage to reach these areas, you’ll have to clean the blinds individually, taking up so much time.

Image courtesy: Extension Duster/amazon.com

Instead, a three-pronged duster is the way to go. You can easily reach between the slats to remove dust and dirt without taking the blinds down. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your blinds looking clean and dust-free when you’re in a hurry. 

11. Hanging garbage bag holder

There may be a few reasons you may wish to use a hanging garbage bag holder instead of a regular trash bin. For one, if you keep your waste under the sink, you won’t need to open and close it each time you want to throw something away.

Image courtesy: Lunies/amazon.sg

And having a sturdy frame to keep the bag open, you don’t need to worry about the bag slipping down and your food spilling everywhere. No one likes garbage, and we hate it even more when we need to clean the bin itself.

12. Eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning

Are you in search of a sustainable way to clean your toilet bowl? Many toilet cleaners come with strong chemicals that go down the pipes and may pollute the wastewater. Hydrogen-peroxide-infused tablets are a great option to use to clean the bowl. It can remove stains and marks effectively.

Image courtesy: Consusoaps / etsy.com

These tablets are made with nature-friendly ingredients and are gentle on the environment. Plus, they’re effective at killing germs. Drop these tablets in the bowl, and their fizzy action will clean all the stains. Use a brush wherever needed to remove marks and repeat if necessary. 

13. Wing eyeliner stamp

A wing eyeliner stamp can make your makeup routine a lot simpler. For starters, it will help you achieve a perfect winged eyeliner look with ease. All you need to do is line up the stamp with the outer corner of your eye and press down.

Image courtesy: www.cosmopolitan.com

Voilà! You’ve got a perfect winged eyeliner look in seconds. Another great benefit of using a wing eyeliner stamp is that it can help you save time. If you’re someone who’s always on the go, then you know how important it is to save time when it comes to your makeup routine.

14. A snack bowl with a phone stand 

If you’re like most, you love to have a snack while you’re browsing the web on your phone. But holding both a telephone and a bowl can be a bit of a balancing act. That’s why you’ll be thrilled to find this snack bowl with a phone stand compartment.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Now you can have snacks and use your phone hands-free at the same time. The phone stand is great for watching videos and keeping your lap mess-free! This bowl is a total game-changer for us and has made snacking much more enjoyable.

15. Sheet detanglers 

If you’ve ever had your bedding become a tangled mess in your washer or dryer, you know how frustrating it can be. But there’s a simple solution — use a set of sheet detanglers. Sheet detanglers are designed to keep your sheets from getting bunched up in the wash.

Image courtesy: Wad-Free/amazon.com

They’re easy to use — just place them in the corners of your bedsheet. This will ensure uniform cleaning and draining of the water without tangling other clothes inside the bedsheets. Plus, the detanglers are reusable, so you can have perfectly clean sheets for years to come.

16. Egg whites separator 

If you’re having a hard time separating egg whites and yolks, then this chick-shaped egg separator is for you! This nifty and cute gadget is perfect for those who want to ensure they get perfect separation every time. Simply place the egg separator over the yolk, and watch as the egg white is divided!

Image courtesy: www.carousell.sg

Some egg white separators come with a nozzle to release the egg whites and strain back the yolk in their container. Using these, you can easily make a perfect egg white omelet or other dishes. It’s cute enough to stay on the countertop, even when you’re not cooking eggs!

17. Silicone dishwashing gloves

Do you use rough scrubbers to wash the dishes? If your hands are suffering from harsh sponges, give silicone dishwashing gloves a try. They’re an essential tool for convenient cleaning. They are durable and effortless to clean, making them perfect for busy households.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Silicone gloves are also heat resistant, so you can use them to safely handle hot dishes. You may buy a few pairs and change them once the bristles wear off. These are durable and will ensure doing dishes feels less of a chore for you and your family. 

18. Dry shampoo foam

Dry shampoo foam is a great way to revive your hair between washes. It absorbs dirt and oil, leaving your hair looking and feeling clean and refreshed. Plus, it’s easy to use — just spray it on, massage it in, and brush it out. This will keep your hair feeling and smelling fresh.

Image courtesy: As/Is / YouTube

Besides, you won’t need to wash your hair frequently and will still be able to maintain volume. Washing your hair more than required could be one reason for hair falling out, as wet hair is more prone to breaking. So, save your hair with dry shampoo.

19. Shower cleaning spray 

If you’re like most people, you dread cleaning the shower. It’s tedious and time-consuming, and no one likes scrubbing away at grime and soap scum. But there’s an easy way to make shower cleaning a breeze: use a shower cleaning spray.

Image courtesy: TheCleanContainer / etsy.com

Shower cleaning sprays are great because they do all the heavy lifting. Just spray, let the cleaning solution sit for a few minutes, and use a cloth to clean it up. No scrubbing is required! They’re usually very affordable and can be found at most stores.

20. Cloth refreshing spray

Do you love the fragrance of fresh laundry? Then you need an excellent cloth refreshing spray! Not only will it remove any lingering odors from your clothes, but it will also remove wrinkles and make them look new. This will ensure they last one more time before you put them in the wash.

Image courtesy: Johouseofwaxuk / etsy.com

We all know that ironing clothes can be a pain, but with a suitable cloth refreshing spray, you can skip that step and still have great-looking clothes. Simply spray your clothes with the refreshing mist and hang them up to dry. In no time, they will be wrinkle-free and look great!

21. Cleansing body wipes 

Cleansing body wipes are a great way to freshen up after a workout at the gym. But before you go out to buy cleansing wipes, it’s essential to remember a few things. First off, be sure to choose wipes for your skin type.

Image courtesy: www.thespruce.com

If your skin is in the sensitive zone, look for a wipe that is hypoallergenic and free of fragrances. Second, don’t ignore the instructions. Some wipes must be rinsed off after use, while others can be left on the skin. Finally, don’t forget to moisturize after using cleansing body wipes.

22. Dish drying rack

Roll-up dish drying racks are a convenient space-saving solution. These racks are made of silicone or steel and can be easily rolled up for storage when not in use. They are available online in various sizes, so you can find one that’s the perfect fit.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Plus, they’re straightforward to use. Just place them on your countertop or sink and line them with dish towels. Then place your dishes on the rack to dry. And when you’re done, just roll them up and store them away until next time!

23. Organic linen spray

Linen spray is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you had it. Once you begin using the spray, you’ll wonder how you went without it! Organic linen spray is perfect for freshening up your bedding. Just a few spritzes will make your sheets smell amazing and help you to relax.

Image courtesy: WaxOnFire / etsy.com

Chose an all-natural variant and you’ll feel better about using it. Besides, there are a lot of different recipes out there for homemade linen sprays. Some come with calming lavender oil or rosemary oil. Another ingredient to look for is witch hazel to have a cleansing effect. 

24. Compact pan and pot lid organizer 

A compact pan and pot lid organizer is the best way to organize your pots and pans in the kitchen. It creates more space on your countertop and makes it easy to find a specific pot or pan without having to look through a toppling stack.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

The compact design also makes it easy to store in a small cabinet or under the kitchen sink. And, since it’s made from durable metal, it’s easy to keep clean. Your pots and pans will be neatly organized and easy to access. Moreover, these organizers are convenient because of their built-in handle.

25. Easy butter spreader

When you’re looking for an easy way to spread butter on your pan, try using a butter spreader stick. This handy gadget tool makes it quick and easy to get an even layer of butter on your pan, so you can get cooking right away.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Plus, it’s much less messy than using your hands or a regular butter knife. You’ll also have more control over the amount of butter you spread on the pan or on the toast. Moreover, kids will find it easier to spread butter with this handy tool. 

26. Handy grout pen

The grout pen is a sliver of hope in the otherwise pitted and grimy world of tile grout. The unbelievable pen is what you need to make your grout line look brand new again. Simply apply the pen to your grout line and watch the dirt and grime disappear before your eyes!

Image courtesy: persianstart.com

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to spruce up their tile without spending a fortune on a professional cleaner. It’s also great for small areas that are hard to reach with a traditional cleaning brush. Plus, grout is available in various colors, so you can match it to your specific tile color.

27. Mountable jar opener

Mountable jar openers make it easy to open sealed lids because they provide a stable base that prevents the lid from slipping out of your hands. This is especially useful if you have arthritis or another condition that makes opening jars difficult.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

In addition, mountable jar openers also allow you to apply more force to the lid, making it easier to open than if you were using only your hands. And since they’re adjustable, you can use them on any size jar, from small condiment jars to large pickle jars.

28. Spoon and pot lid stand

Do you struggle to find places for your spoons and lids while cooking? Try a spoon and pot lid stand. It’ll help keep your pots and pans from getting scratched. In addition, it may help prevent accidental spills that may occur due to too many things in sight.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Besides, using a spoon and pot lid stand can make cooking more fun and convenient. So go ahead and try it — you might be surprised at how much easier and more enjoyable your cooking experience becomes! You’ll be free from finding plates to keep spoons or placing them on unsanitary shelves.

29. Automatic toothpaste dispenser

There are a few reasons why you may want to use an automatic toothpaste dispenser. First, it’s very convenient. Simply put your toothbrush in the dispenser, and it will dispense the right amount of toothpaste onto your brush. This will save you time in the morning when in a hurry.

Image courtesy: AngelCoDecor / etsy.com

Another reason to use an automatic toothpaste dispenser is that it can help you conserve toothpaste. If you’re someone who tends to squeeze too much toothpaste out of the tube, an automatic dispenser can help. The dispenser stops once its motion sensor detects that the bristles have been thoroughly coated.

30. Washable oven liners

Would you rather spend hours scrubbing your oven or toss your washable oven liner in the washing machine? Why not save yourself some time by lining your oven with a washable oven liner? These liners will catch the food or sauces that may overflow from the baking tray while cooking.

Image courtesy: Omobambooshop / etsy.com

Washable oven liners are made of FDA-approved PTFE, a material that is safe to use in the oven. They create a non-stick surface, so food doesn’t cake onto the bottom of the oven. This makes cleanup much more manageable. Simply remove the liner and wash it in the sink or the washing machine.

31. Reusable dryer balls 

Dryer balls can help reduce drying time. By moving around in the dryer and separating clothes, they help hot air circulate more efficiently, so clothes dry faster. They also help to fluff up your laundry and reduce wrinkles. Moreover, they also make your laundry smell fresher and last longer.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Plus, they’re environmentally friendly since you’re not using disposable dryer sheets. But the best reason to use reusable dryer balls is they’ll save you money. Disposable dryer sheets can be quite expensive, while reusable dryer balls are a one-time investment that will last you years. 

32. No-touch door opener 

The no-touch door opener is a great way to prevent germ transfer because it doesn’t require any contact with the door. Plus, it’s effortless to use — just hold the opener up to the edge of the door and pull it from the opposite side to open it.

Image courtesy: FaJozie / etsy.com

The no-touch door opener is perfect for people who are worried about germs and want to stay healthy. It’s also an amazing choice for those with allergies or sensitivities to certain bacteria or viruses. This may be especially crucial in high-traffic areas like hospitals and schools, where germs can quickly spread.

33. Walk wearing microfiber slippers

Who doesn’t love a clean house? But who also doesn’t love the thought of having to clean it? If you’re struggling to find a way to clean your home effortlessly, look no further than your own feet! Buy a pair of fluffy microfiber slippers to clean up any dirt, dust, or debris that may have accumulated.

Image courtesy: www.walmart.com

As you walk, the microfibers will pick up anything in their path and leave your floors sparkling clean. This product makes cleaning easy, and is environmentally friendly. There’s no need for any harsh chemicals or cleaners — just your own two feet! Don your fluffy slippers and take a walk around. 

34. Clip for your tea bags 

Do you love tea? Do you hate when your tea bag falls into your cup and gets all wet? Well, there’s a solution to that! Use a cute snail shape clip for your tea bags to prevent them from falling into cups. These little cup clips are super easy to use.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Put your tea bag in the cup and then clip the snail shape clip onto the rim of the cup. The clip will keep your tea bag from slipping entirely into your drink. There are other sorts of shape clips to choose from. So find one that you like to make tea time better.

35. Handbag organizer

A handbag organizer will put your belongings into designated compartments, and you’ll be able to quickly and easily access everything you need. Many organizers come with several sections, making it easy to store everything from your phone and keys to your cosmetics and sunglasses.

Image courtesy: daffysdream / etsy.com

Plus, most are designed to fit a variety of bag sizes, so they’re perfect for whether you carry a large or small purse. Such organizers may help to protect your belongings from being jostled around or crushed. You can choose different shades of organizers to match your purse. 

36. Automatic cleaning pack for toilet

An automatic cleaning pack for your toilet is a great way to keep it clean and fresh. These packs help to remove any build-up of grime and dirt, leaving your toilet bowl sparkling clean. Simply drop one of these packs into your toilet bowl and let it do its job.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

You can find gel-type cleaners that cling to the pot and clean up with each flush. They also release a beautiful scent to ensure your bathroom smells fresh. This is an excellent product if you have many family members using the same toilet. 

37. Ice cube tray with a lid

Do you always find water spilling out of your ice cube tray when you open it? Well, there’s a simple way to keep your freezer clear and free of random ice chips and frozen packages. Get a lid-covered ice cube tray. That way, when you fill the tray, the water won’t spill out.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

This is an effective option to keep your ice cube tray clean and prevent any water from getting on your counter or floor. Moreover, the lid helps keep the ice cubes from drying out and keeps them fresh for a long time in the freezer.

38. Quirky dishwasher magnet

Use this quirky way to signal if your dishes are done or not. Often times family members may not have a clue if the stuff in the dishwasher is clean or it’s time to run the dishwasher to get fresh dishes. Well, look no further than this dishwasher magnet!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

This magnet features a sign that lets you know when your dishes are done. Simply place it in your dishwasher with the proper signal on the top side. This will let you or other family members know when the cycle is complete. 

39. Cable clips for organization

If your desk is a tangled mess, it’s likely constantly cluttered with cords and cables. It can be frustrating trying to keep everything organized and in its place. That’s where cable clips come in handy. These little clips are great for taming cords and keeping them from getting tangled.

Image courtesy: PRINTERIORdsgn / etsy.com

You may use them to keep your power cord tidy on your desk or your USB cables organized for easy access. Cable clips are also great for keeping those pesky headphone cables from getting tangled in your bag. You’ll be happily surprised at how much difference they can make.

40. Silicone pot strainer

When looking for an easy way to strain your hot pot, a silicone pot strainer is a way to go! This nifty little gadget attaches to the side of your pot and does all the work for you. Plus, it’s easy to clean and store.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

These can be used to easily strain out small items like macaroni, chicken, vegetables, or noodles. Moreover, they’re reusable, so you can use them again and again. You may find them in different colors online to suit your kitchen aesthetic while being functional.