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45 Proud Green Thumbs Showcasing Their ‘Unbeleafable’ Beloved Plants

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to take care of plants and make them bloom. You can consider yourself lucky if you never had a plant die. Some people can’t even manage to keep plants alive for a couple of days. Taking care of plants can be just as difficult as taking care of children. They need time, effort, and lots of care and attention. During the pandemic, people were cooped up in their homes, and most were lonely, so they started turning to plants. It’s easy to see why plant sales skyrocketed during the pandemic because plants are the perfect companions aside from pets. One of the things people love about them is that they are not only gorgeous, but you will never hear from them no matter how much you nag. If you need more inspiration to get yourself a plant, we have here a collection of some of the most impressive plant photos.

A plant with so much love

We’re starting the list with a bang with this lovely plant. We can completely understand why its owner wanted to show it off because everyone deserves to see and admire it. Look at that beauty! It’s not every day you see something like that.

Image courtesy of lynsea/Reddit

It’s so gorgeous and perfect that sometimes, it’s hard to believe that the plant is real. At first glance, it looks like a plastic ornament or something that came from someone’s imagination and given life in a beautiful painting. 

That’s a huge banana plant

Wow! That’s one colossal banana plant. It needs to be taken out and replanted somewhere more spacious if it’s going to continue to grow. There are plenty of banana tree varieties, and we are not sure if this one bears fruits. 

Image courtesy of Jonyvilly/Reddit

We recommend getting the dwarf variety if you plan on growing banana plants indoors so that you won’t have to run into any problem like this. Some dwarf varieties bear fruit, but you can just cut them as they won’t ripen on the tree.

Crazy beautiful

If we can only describe this orchid in as few words as possible, it would be crazy beautiful. One of the oldest families of flowering plants, the orchid family, is very diverse. Often fragrant and colorful, the smallest orchid is about the size of a dime.

Image courtesy of ArcKade/Reddit

More than 25,000 orchids have been documented throughout the world, more than four times the number of birds and mammals. Man, that is a lot of orchids! Orchids can be a challenge to cultivate because they have the tiniest seeds in the world, so we have to give applause to whoever owns this lovely beauty.

You can never have too many plants

It’s undeniable that a lot of people developed green thumbs during the lockdown. They had nothing to do in their homes, and a lot were so bored that some turned to arts and crafts, exercise, and plants. This woman was bitten by the plant bug.

Image courtesy of catnamedred/Reddit

Her home ended up becoming a greenhouse, and before she knew it, she had more plants than she wanted, but who could refuse housing such diverse greenery? Who could turn them away? The proud mama admits feeling overwhelmed at times.

Thank god for tiny hats

We’re not well-versed when it comes to plants, so we’re going to assume that this is a type of cactus. If we are wrong, feel free to correct us. We had to include this plant on the list because it looks so cute with its tiny hats.

Image courtesy of Misslasagna/Reddit

Now, all it needs are tiny glasses of margaritas, some music, and we’re pretty sure that the plant would start swaying side to side. This festive cactus has got life figured out, and oh, we can see that octopus arm on the side too. It deserves its own tiny hat.

The house has been overrun by plants

Plants have overrun this lady’s house. We’re pretty sure that if she were married to a minimalist man, her husband would have already served her with divorce papers which we think she would happily sign as long as that meant keeping the plants.

Image courtesy of mundanecatlady/Reddit

Call plant mamas crazy, but their plants keep them sane, and they live for their shrubs and greeneries, and nothing can keep them away, not even husbands. So husbands everywhere, beware. Don’t make your wives choose between you and the plants.

Start ‘em young!

It’s never too early to teach children how to take care of plants. We all know plants play a significant role when it comes to the carbon cycle. They absorb carbon dioxide and produce carbon-containing sugars. A process also called photosynthesis.

Image courtesy of danihaynes4/Reddit

Without plants, the world we live in would be very different. Hopefully, this little girl learns just how crucial plants are and why we need to plant and take good care of them, not just because they are great ornaments.

We want a balcony like that

Now, this is a balcony we can get behind with. What you see hanging over the balcony and growing without any care is called the Burro’s tail plant. Extremely fragile, it easily loses leaves when moved. It’s a hanging plant with stems covered in cylindrical leaves overlapping each other.

Image courtesy of mtlgrems/Reddit

The burro’s tail is tolerant of drought and heat, so it is well-suited for green thumbs who live in areas where temperatures are warm to temperate. We got to hand it to whoever planted this Burro’s tail because, despite the fragility, it thrives.

Stay away from the plants

You might think that this plant momma is not a very grateful person, but what other people have to realize is that not all good intentions produce good results. Sometimes, they can result in disaster, and a good example is when people water plants too much.

Image courtesy of Blandann1215/Reddit

You may think that giving plants a lot of water will help them grow faster and healthier, but that’s not always the case. This plant momma has had enough, so she made a sign to deter people from watering the plants. Hopefully, they stopped.

Big leaf or small hand?

We have a feeling that the answer to the question is both, yes that’s quite a big leaf, but that is also a very small hand. You can easily tell that it’s not even a real hand but rather the hand of a doll. For all we know, that’s Barbie right there or Ken checking their plant.

Image courtesy of SouthScar/Reddit

This leaf can still grow bigger, so it must be given enough room to do so. We love just how shiny the Monstera leaf is. It looks very healthy, and we can assume that its plant momma loves it and gives it the attention and care it needs.

We love the plant, but the kitty stole the show

Just when you think your beautiful plant is the star of the show, somebody shows up to steal the thunder, and in this case, it’s no other than the equally lovely kitty, Henk. Don’t you just live Henk? We’d say his presence just elevated the photo.

Image courtesy of agatac/Reddit

Look at him peering behind the Oxalis leaves! We just wish we could scoop him up and shower him with all the love and care in the world. We know that we are supposed to be talking about the plant, here but we just can’t help ourselves.

Mother and daughter plant?

Look at this magnificent mother and daughter duo of a Dioon Edule plant. Aren’t they just pretty? The Dioon Edule is a slow-growing cycad that can grow as tall as 8 feet and as wide as 6 feet. Judging from the way these two look, they still have a long way to go to achieve full height.

Image courtesy of -HonestMistake/Reddit

This tropical plant predates dinosaurs, so they have been around for some time. We never knew we needed this, but we’re heading out to get ourselves our very own Dioon Edule plant after seeing this photo. Our home could use it.

What’s it like living in a plant house?

The first thing that came to mind when we saw this photo was, ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful house,’ and the second thing was, ‘What’s it like living in a plant house?’. The walls are so beautiful, and we’d say the designer did an excellent job.

Image courtesy of Johnny_Creditcard/Reddit

However, we’re just wondering if there are plenty of bugs that crawl up the windows and doors. In addition, how do you water them and keep them healthy? That being said, some plants don’t require much watering. We’re just not sure if the plants we see here are that type.

We love the colors on this one

We can’t deny loving the colors on this plant. How can the same plant have green and cream leaves at the same time? The leaves look so incredible that we somehow think they are not real. We do have one question, though.

Image courtesy of victato/Reddit

Does the cream leaf absorb sunlight like the green ones? Variegated plants such as this one break up the monotony. We could all use some variety in our lives from time to time, and if plants are there to provide us with that, who are we to question it?

Thumbs up for this green thumb

It’s nice to be validated, especially when you have exerted a lot of effort and time and are feeling a bit down. This plant has nothing but good things to say about its plant parent that it’s giving a thumbs up! And who can blame it?

Image courtesy of hatplantdaddy/Reddit

It’s thriving, and it looks healthy! This is literally a green thumb, don’t you think? And it’s the first time we’ve seen one. This is just too cute! We’re not sure about our planting skills and abilities, but we’re we’d like to have a go at this.

And your cup overfloweth

We like how this homeowner staged and decorated the plant. This plant is called the string of pearls, and it’s a succulent vine that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It has green bubbles for leaves that grow on skinny stems.

Image courtesy of mcguirl2/Reddit

It’s recommended that this hanging plant be grown in hanging planters, so it seems that this plant momma is doing a good job. It’s like the jug is overflowing with all the plant’s beauty. The plant can also be grown outdoors in a planter or underneath larger plants.

This makes the room looks like it has plenty of butterflies

We love plants, and if there is one more thing we can love more about flowers, it’s the stories behind them. This lovely Oxalis that look like purple butterflies has an interesting story behind it. This plant parent inherited it from a loving grandfather who passed away.

Image courtesy of HamSandwicz/Reddit

When they first got it, it was in terrible shape that they had no choice but to have all the growth removed. After some time, the plant started to thrive again and couldn’t be in a better state. They have done a great job with it.

When your Huernia Zebrina blooms

If you’re a plant enthusiast, you’d be delighted by this photo because you don’t always see the Huernia zebrine or Lifesaver plant in bloom. This succulent is quite easy to grow and doesn’t require a lot of space. It can even grow in small bonsai containers.

Image courtesy of sleepingsapphire/Reddit

The Lifesaver plant produces 5-pointed amazing flowers that look like a star with zebra stripes and a lifesaver in the middle. It’s a flower that you don’t usually see, and we can understand why people get so ecstatic when their Lifesaver plant finally blooms.

A photo with family members

For some people, family means the people they grow up with, such as brothers, sisters, and friends. To others. It could be the four-legged and furry type such as dogs and cats that slowly work their way into your heart.

Image courtesy of TheThotHokage/Reddit

For this lady, it’s her plants. Look at her looking mighty proud while taking a photo with her variety of plants, such as succulents and many other species. She looks like a regal queen ruling over her green subjects.

Giant plants by the doorway

Well, these are giant plants standing guard over someone’s abode. This is a picture of dumb canes in someone’s home in Nassau, Bahamas. Dumb canes or Dieffenbachia is one of the most popular houseplants today, and we can see why.

Image courtesy of coconut-telegraph/Reddit

They are easy to care for, and they have white and green variegated foliage. There are more than 30 species and more than a hundred cultivars. They got their name from the fact that their leaves contain raphides that can poison you and leave you unable to speak, so beware!

Growing a jungle on the balcony

We’re surprised that no neighbor has reported this homeowner yet because, well, look at that balcony! It looks like whoever is living there is trying to grow an urban jungle, and you can bet there will be plenty of bugs there.

Image courtesy of bamburger/Reddit

How do they even manage to water the plants and keep them healthy because from where we are looking, they look like they are piled one on top of the other? Perhaps they have nosy neighbors, and they want to be shielded from prying eyes.

We love this corner of the house

The first thing we would like to know is where they got that shelf because it is very nice and we’d love to have that in our home, too, but not necessarily for plants though. There are many other things we can think of showcasing there aside from greens.

Image courtesy of UnluckyAcadia/Reddit

But we do want to commend this person because they have done a pretty good job of taking care of the plants and making sure they get all the admiration they deserve. We love the pops of color, and we love the yam on top.

When you look like you need more life

There are times when you are so exhausted and end up looking like life has been drained out of you. This plant looks like it’s going through the same phase. The color and life have been drained from it, and for fear that someone might think it’s dead, the caretaker had no choice but to put up a sign.

Image courtesy of bardpewpew/Reddit

The last thing you want is other people throwing your plants away when they are perfectly healthy. So, if you have to put up a sign to save your plant, then do so. Do everything you need to do to protect your greens, or in this case, browns.

Such a beauty to behold

Sometimes you do things the right way that you can’t help but be proud! This is one of those moments! Even if everything else in your life is falling to pieces. As soon as you see this flowering orchid, you’ll be feeling mighty proud.

Image courtesy of tainoson/Reddit

We love the pink shade, and we love the number of orchids that’s growing pretty sky high. Meanwhile, other people in the world can’t even keep plants alive to save their lives. If only everyone could be like this person, there’d be more flowers in the world.

Gorgeous cactus

We love Christmas cactuses, but we have never seen one with so many blooms. How did they manage to grow this thing so big inside their home? The Christmas cactus is a classic holiday plant that was first collected and documented in the early 1800s in Brazil.

Image courtesy of aylakay851/Reddit

It can easily tolerate cool indoor temperatures, but it does require a temperature of at least 50°F when cared for properly. They can live for decades, and there’s even one family who was able to pass down the same Christmas cactus to other members for almost 150 years.

Proud of these family members

It looks like someone would rather be with plants, trees, and animals instead of living people as family members. Why is that? Because most often, they are easier to deal with, they are not demanding, and they can be left alone for long periods without issues.

Image courtesy of VAgreengene/Reddit

We understand why she is proud of her huge plants and adorable dog. We’d take that dog for a walk any time of the day because it looks adorable. Oh, we want to know what that tree is too because it might be a good addition to our homes. 

Mighty proud guy right there

When people talk about green thumbs, we instantly picture women with their pink gardening gloves on, slowly working their way into the garden. Then, we are quite surprised when we find out that the green thumb is a guy.

Image courtesy of zsp561/Reddit

So, look at this guy who is mighty proud of his Prince of Orange. This philodendron has such a striking orange color and pattern, but it supposedly has fragile and paper-thin leaves, although it’s relatively easy to take care of.

Grandma has a knack for plants

This grandma has a knack for plants because just look at how the orchid is blooming three years after it was gifted to her by her grandchild. The owner bought it from a grocery store, and now it has more than 40 blossoms.

Image courtesy of jacols/Reddit

Other people find it hard to grow orchids, much less make them bloom, so we’ll admit we are jealous of grandma, but we want to applaud her, too. She has been giving the orchid all the love and care it needs to bloom.

Wow, it would be difficult to move with that gigantic plant

The first thing that came to mind when we saw this was we sure are glad we are not them because if they ever need to move, it would be such a hassle with this pair of gigantic plants. We think that they are more than ten feet tall.

Image courtesy of Silversun5/Reddit

The desert candle cactus is native to West and South Africa, and it is tolerant of droughts, but it does love to bask in a lot of sunlight. The plant is hard to kill, and since it doesn’t have any sharp spines, it won’t cause anyone injuries.

We love this guy’s coping mechanism

When people are anxious or faced with difficult or traumatic emotions, they turn to different things to help them cope. Some bite their nails, others turn to food, while there is a new group nowadays who turn to plants.

Image courtesy of thompian/Reddit

What do they do? They buy plants, cultivate, and water them. They grow jungles in their rooms! This guy is proud to showcase his plants, and it doesn’t matter if other people judge him or not. He is happy, and that’s all that counts.

Michelangelo greens

If Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine chapel were to be turned into plants, this is how they would look like. See that one plant reaching out for the other and just barely touching it? There’s a song that’s playing in our heads.

Image courtesy of quichequiche/Reddit

That’s no other than The Beatles, I Wanna Hold Your Hand. We think that they are still getting to know each other better, and they may be dating real soon. We’ll just have to wait and see with this one.

That’s a huge Monstera

If your parents manage to grow this, you’d be feeling proud of them, too. We have seen many people attempt to grow plants only to see the plants wilted away. We love how big the Monstera has grown, and the philodendron is thriving, too.

Image courtesy of ams5657/Reddit

The Monstera is the one on top, and they tend to grow in humid, shady, and tropical rainforests. Native to Central America and Southern Mexico, they are also called the Swiss cheese plant or the fruit salad plant. We don’t have any idea why, though, as they don’t look like food at all.

A tough guy with a soft heart

If we saw this guy’s photo without the plant, we’d think he is a tough guy with all the tattoos on his arms. We definitely wouldn’t think he has a soft spot for beautiful flowers. But hey, even tough guys have soft spots, too.

Image courtesy of abluetree/Reddit

This guy loves his plant and has a soft spot for them that he can’t help but let everyone know how proud he is that it has managed to survive and even started flowering. And, it took him four years to make it bloom. He’s committed!

A sight to wake up to every morning

How do you start your day with positive vibes? You wake up to something you love or something that will inspire you to work better and be more productive. For some, it may be a cup of their favorite coffee.

Image courtesy of baoyonce/Reddit

However, for others, it is a living room full of plants, and when we say full, we mean full. Not only do plants make the space’s overall appearance better, but plants also reduce stress, eliminate pollutants, and boost your mood. What more can you ask for?

Flex your plants

If you have at least a single plant that is blooming after so many have died, it’s only right that you feel good about yourself. Flex them if you must, and we are sure that a lot of people will be very happy for you.

Image courtesy of 84Riceeater/Reddit

This Pilea or Chinese money plant is the star of its own show. The plant was popular during the 60s and the 70s, and it’s now making a huge comeback. Just search for its hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll see plenty.

Woodworking and planting at the same time

Well, this guy is one talented fellow. Not only does he have a green thumb, but he is also into woodworking. When he ran out of space for his beloved plants and couldn’t find a suitable shelf for them, he took it upon himself to build them one.

Image courtesy of InevitableOil7/Reddit

That’s one dedicated plant parent right there, and if no one has told himself that he has done a good job, we’d like to let him know. Keep it up! We can see that your plants are happy, and they will continue to be.

How big is this plant?

What you see in the photo is a Philodendron. No, we haven’t become experts after compiling this list, we still had to google a few of these plants as it’s the first time we’re seeing them, but the Philodendron is quite popular.

Image courtesy of cremedreme420/Reddit

Don’t you think it looks humungous? We can’t quite tell if it’s big or if they just took the photo from a close angle, but we do know that they were lucky to score this for only $95 because this plant can be costly.

Just how large is ‘large’?

One rule of thumb people should remember when buying things online is to be sure about the size. Get a measuring tape if you must, but you have to make sure that what you’re getting is not too small or too big.

Image courtesy of RileyRLeight/Twitter

This person bought a fern online which was described as large, and he was surprised that it was larger than he thought when he finally got it. Perhaps, next time it would make better sense to ask the seller for the measurements or dimensions.

The leaves look like satellite dishes

This is a photo of yet another Pilea or Chinese money plant, but the leaves on this one look like satellite dishes. Look at the photo on the right, and you’ll see what we mean. Is it art imitating life or life imitating art?

Image courtesy of furyxen/Reddit

If you plan on growing your own Pilea, you need to remember that it hates overwatering. It should only be watered when the soil has dried out. It should also be watered from the bottom but make sure that the pot has good drainage.

We love this new home

This person has just moved to her new home, and she wants everyone to know that her plants are doing fine. We can’t agree with her more, and as a matter of fact, we are jealous of her plants because they get to live in such a nice place.

Image courtesy of NearbyCitron/Reddit

We can say that they have better lives than most people. Just look at that 360-degree view. The windows are amazing, and we are curious to know what they have seen from there. Is the homeowner looking for roommates?

Plant papa right here

We don’t often see plant papas, so when we come across them, all we want to do is give them a shout-out. Here is one with his DIY moss pole that has an Epipremnum aureum. He made the moss pole, especially for his plant.

Image courtesy of Leoking51/Reddit

The happiness on the guy’s face is contagious, and we can see why he is delighted. We’d be happy to if our plant looked that healthy, and we would like everyone to see it, too. We know a lot of people who were never able to make these things work.

Half pink and half green

What a surprise this plant is! We know there are variegated plants, but we have never seen such a leaf with half of it in pink and the other half in green. This is not common, so this plant must have cost a lot of money.

Image courtesy of Inconspicuous_worm/Reddit

This must be what they refer to as a chimera leaf. However, it doesn’t have any yellow shade. From what we know, chimera is the irregular patches of yellow tissue on the leaves. Chimera is a genetic disorder that is caused by a mutation.

Everyone, meet Gladys!

When this guy heard that they will be taking family portraits, he got dressed up in his best clothes and shoes. After all, who wants to look shabby in a family portrait? Except that there are no other people in the picture; only him and his plants.

Image courtesy of goose1223/Reddit

That is Gladys right there, the plant in the pot he is holding. Gladys is still little now, but we’re sure she’ll grow big and healthy. We can’t help it, but the guy looks dapper, and he must love Gladys so much that he got dressed up for her.

Grow big and grow tall

Sometimes, the people in your family and your group of friends are not into the same things that you are into, and that is perfectly fine. To each his own, the saying goes. However, sometimes this can make you feel lonely.

Image courtesy of pherre/rReddit

The good thing is it’s very likely that there are always people on the Internet who have the same likes. This guy’s friends and family are not into plants, but he sure found a group on the Internet who are, so he proudly shared his one-year achievement with them.

This guy’s dolphin strings

Dolphin strings or strings of dolphins are cute succulents that won’t fail to give you beach vibes all day long. Why? Because if you look at them closely, they resemble a pod of jumping dolphins. It belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Image courtesy of Someblackdude/Reddit

This guy’s string of dolphins looks nice and even has a few blooms. He bought it off Etsy, and you can see from the smile on his face that he is happy. Who wouldn’t be if they got their hands on that plant?