Hacks That Make Home Video Shooting Fun

By Goodness M

Lack of advanced equipment should not deter you from shooting a perfect video or photo. We have compiled household items that you can use in your next video or photo shoot.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Paperclip Stand For Camera

Paperclips help create a phone stand. This can be done by holding the paperclip sideways and bending the larger loop. Proceed to bend a curved portion of the smaller loop gently. The paperclip should portray a bookend when placed down. The phone must be put between the large bent loop and the smaller curved loop—exercise caution to prevent the paperclip’s sharp edges from touching your phone screen. There you go, your phone stand is created.

Aluminum Foil Background

To create a makeshift video or photoshoot background, you will require aluminum foil. Make an uneven surface by scrunching up aluminum foil and hang it on the wall. While ensuring that your model is within focus, the aluminum foil background should be out of focus to create a great effect.

Product Staging Hack

To stage product shots, use a tea towel and a cereal bowl. By simply turning the bowl upside down and covering it with a towel, a stage for your product is created.

Overhead Video Shooting

A bird’s eye view can be shot by extending the tripod’s legs to their tallest setting. Proceed to aim the camera down. Alternatively, lean two of the three legs of the tripod against the table you are shooting on for maximum stability. Piles of books can be placed under the third leg for stability.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Better Selfie Lighting 

Lighting is vital to make a selfie appear glamorous. You can achieve this by placing a white bag next to your face. Then take a selfie using the flashlight, and you will see a perfect picture.