Easy Tips That Can Make Every Day A Good Hair Day

By Abigail T

The style you wear your hair in says a lot about who you are. This crown of yours has a huge affect on an important first impression – no pressure. If you’re struggling with hair care, whether it’s getting your curls to collaborate or you’re trying to add a little oomph to your hairdo for a first date, you’re not alone! We have so many style gurus and social media personalities that have done the hard work of researching for us. So many people share the same predicaments, and it’s time to learn a thing or two about how to solve them. Here are just some tips that will help you step up your hair care game and come out with healthier, more gorgeous-looking hair!

DIY leave-in conditioner

Have you run out of leave-in conditioner? Or have you never considered applying any leave-in conditioner to your hair? Then you should try this first hair care hack out. It makes your mane sleeky smooth and is achievable with just three ingredients.

Photo courtesy of hip2save.com

Mix in your regular conditioner with some water in a spray bottle. Shake it up to make sure the products are evenly mixed, and there you have it! Your leave-in conditioner. Spray into damp hair and distribute evenly with your fingers, then style however you want!

Flyaway fix

People with a lot of flyaways and baby hair will understand the pains of trying to keep it tame. Did you know that your regular toothbrush can provide the solution? Yup, this baby can do so much more than just clean teeth.

Photo courtesy of birchbox.com

Apply some conditioner onto your toothbrush, then smooth down your flyaways by brushing them down. This trick is especially handy when you’re trying to wear your hair in a ponytail or a tight bun. Try it for yourself at home!

Silk pillowcases

This next hair care tip works well for those with textured hair. Sleeping on a regular pillowcase might be damaging your hair, causing the fragile curls to break and tangle. Switching to silk may be the fix you’ve been looking for.

Photo courtesy of prose.com

The silk and satin materials allow your hair to slide around in your sleep instead of sticking against a coarser fabric. If you have tangles and split ends, try making the switch to silk pillowcases and check out the difference.

Beachy waves trick

There are a number of ways to achieve subtle beach waves, but this is by far the most effective method with the best hold. First, braid your hair in to small sections. The smaller the chunks, the beachier the curls.

Photo courtesy of musely.com

Then, go over the braids with a straightening iron. Make sure you apply heat protectant before you do this so you don’t damage your hair! Once your hair is heated enough, untangle the braid to reveal gorgeous beach waves.

Don’t wash every day

It may go against your instinct not to wash your hair during every shower, but your routine hair wash is actually damaging your hair. Believe it or not, constant exposure to water actually makes your scalp oilier and “wears out” your hair, so to speak.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Ess Hair / Facebook

Meaning it makes textured hair fragile. If you want to try and dial back on the washes, try skipping one wash a week, and then two. The less you wash, the happier your hair will be and the more room you’re giving it to grow.


Curly girls, this next tip is for you. Plopping is a way to speed up the drying process and define your curls even more. And no, it doesn’t involve a towel. You can use an old t-shirt you have lying around instead.

Photo courtesy of Donata White / YouTube

Lay a cotton t-shirt on your bed and flip all your hair to the front. Wrap the hair in the t-shirt and wait for about 30 minutes before you dry your hair with a diffuser. This allows the hair to sit in the products you used while being scrunched up in a curl pattern.

Teasing for volume

Some people wash their hair because it’s gone flat, and they’re looking for more volume. But if you read the previous hair tip and are considering cutting back on the washes, there are other ways you can still achieve volume.

Photo courtesy of freckled-fox.com

Even if you’re on your second or third-day hair, teasing your hair can help you get some serious size going. Teasing just means dividing your hair into sections and brushing the hair back towards the roots. Set with hairspray for some hold.

Natural beach

It can be fun to dye your hair and change up your look, but you can’t deny that it can be damaging for your hair without proper upkeep. If you’re only looking to get a lighter color and not a crazy one, try this next hair hack.

Photo courtesy of riawna / Instagram and InfamousJRP / YouTube

The acidity in lemon juice can lighten your hair naturally by removing some of the pigment in your locks and turn dark hair into a lighter shade. This is a great natural option as it functions as bleach without damage.

Comb when dry

Did you know that your hair is most fragile when wet? It’s not recommended to comb out your hair during your shower or even after. Instead, you should do all your detangling before stepping into the shower when it’s still dry.

Photo courtesy of gpointstudio / Shutterstock

If you must detangle your hair when it’s wet for whatever reason, make sure you only use your fingers and that you have some conditioner in. This way, it’s not rough on the hair, and the conditioner lets you run through more smoothly.

Short hair test

We totally get it. You want a significant change, and you’ve decided giving your hair a big chop is a way to do that. But you’re not sure whether drastically shorter hair will suit you. Well, did you know you can test the hairstyle out first?

Photo courtesy of gymbuddynow.com

Gather your hair at the back of your neck and start braiding a section of it, the length of which you would want to chop off. Then, fold the hair in to hide the braid, and then you see whether or not your desired length would look good on you.

Overnight curls

There are many ways you can achieve overnight curls. Sleeping in braids is a surefire way to wake up with some bangin’ tresses. But if you’re lacking time or energy to braid before bed, you can throw your hair up in a bun.

Photo courtesy of Cookie Studio / Shutterstock

Sleep in the bun and take your hair out when you wake up in the morning. Shake it around for that messy look, and set it with a bit of hairspray. And you’re good to go! Same level of fabulous for half the effort.

Cold rinses

If you’re like us and you prefer steaming hot showers, we’ve got some bad news for you. Hot water isn’t great for the hair. It can rid your strands of its natural oils and leave you with dry, sometimes brittle hair.

Photo courtesy of Rido / Shutterstock

We understand that quitting hot showers cold turkey is basically impossible. The compromise here is to switch to cold water when rinsing out your shampoo and conditioner. This opens up the hair cuticles and allows them to absorb all the products better.

Zero-commitment color

Sometimes you just want to color your hair on a whim. But we understand if the risk of damage and the color not suiting you is too much to take. Well, there’s a way to skirt that and add some pop with zero commitment.

Photo courtesy of soapqueen.com

Hair chalk is a thing! It’s a temporary hair color that washes away in the shower. If you’re looking to color your hair without having to deal with the upkeep, then using this cool product is a great way to do that.

Bobby pin hack

If you’ve got sleek hair that makes it difficult to keep hair products in place, then you should try this hack. This is specifically to get bobby pins to stay in your hair, especially during long events like weddings or dates.

Photo courtesy of more.com

Spray your bobby pins down with some hairspray before sticking them in to create your style. The hairspray gives the pins a little bit more grip, so they don’t slide off your head or disappear in your tresses when you put them on.

Ponytail volume

Do you struggle a bit with flat hair? It’s nothing a simple hair clip can’t fix! If you’re looking to make your ponytail look fuller and more voluminous, try following this simple hack to give your updo a bit of oomph.

Photo courtesy of kenh14.vn

Tie your hair up in a ponytail like you would typically do. Then, divide the ponytail and secure a small hair clip into the middle of the section. This lifts the second half of the ponytail for a fuller look.

Coconut oil benefits

Natural oils are the holy grails of hair health. You can find oil in all types of hair products, from shampoos to stylers. From argan oil to coconut oil and even almond oil, there’s no denying that these natural ingredients bring benefits.

Photo courtesy of New Africa / Shutterstock

Apply virgin coconut oil to your scalp if you’re having trouble with dandruff or hair loss. It’s best to apply in the evening before bed and leave it in overnight. Then wash out the oil with clarifying shampoo in the morning.

Dry shampoo it

Dry shampoo is another great way to minimize the number of washes you put your hair through every week. If you’re skipping a wash, try applying dry shampoo that day. It gives your hair more volume and soaks up the oil on your scalp.

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Wirsing / Elle.com

To apply, simply lift your roots and spray the dry shampoo onto your scalp. Just be sure to wash out the dry shampoo the next day, and don’t use this product for days in a row. You still need to wash it for real once in a while, ladies!

Conceal graying hair

If you’re insecure about your graying hair, there are still options for tricks you can do without having to dye it. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars at a salon to color your hair, plenty of cheaper products do the trick.

Photo courtesy of retailbeauty.com.au

If you’re just looking to conceal your graying roots, you can use dark eyeshadow or touch-up pens. Apply to your roots as close to the scalp as possible for more natural color. These will cost you significantly less than a trip to the hairdresser.

Quick curl

Everyone knows that flawless curls take an insane amount of time to achieve. But what if you don’t have an hour to spare in the morning before you leave for work? Well, we have got the hair care tip for you!

Photo courtesy of alldaychic.com

Save precious time by gathering all your hair at the top of your hair and tying it in a ponytail. Take sections of the ponytail and curl them each, then take your hair out, and you’re good to go! Gorgeous curls in minutes.

Hair tie choice

Did you know that the hair tie you choose to use also affects hair health? Small rubber ones tend to snag at your hair when you take it off. Certain cloth-covered ones can be safer. But the real MVP, for straight hair anyway, is the phone cord-looking one.

Photo courtesy of amazon.ca

These plastic coil hair ties don’t pull at any strands when you take them out. It also doesn’t leave your hair with weird creases once you let it down. For curly hair, stick to silk or satin scrunchies that are smoother on the hair.

The hair care diet

It’s not just about the products you use and the styling methods you follow that keep your hair healthy. The most important part of haircare is your diet. The types of food you consume reflect significantly on your hair health.

Photo courtesy of stockcreations / Shutterstock

Water is the number one deciding factor. If you stay hydrated, then so will your hair. Also, make sure you consume food that is rich in vitamins, like fruits and vegetables. These give your hair that natural shine without the aid of added products.

Lengthen the ponytail

Sometimes you just want a longer-looking ponytail despite having just cut your hair short. It is possible to achieve this look without putting in extensions. This next trick not only lengthens your ponytail, but it also volumizes it. You’re welcome.

Photo courtesy of twistmepretty.com

Take the top section of your hair and tie it up. Then, take the rest of your hair below it and tie that up, too, making sure the top of the lower ponytail is as close as possible to the base of the higher ponytail.

Zero-commitment color, part 2

We introduced you to hair chalk earlier in this list, but there is still another way to color your hair without having to go in with bleach and hair dye. It involves an item of makeup you wouldn’t think of using. Can you guess?

Photo courtesy of news.xopom.com

Yep, it’s eyeshadow! Go out and purchase the brightest, most vibrant eyeshadow you can find. Then simply apply to your hair straight from the palette or with a makeup brush. You can create color combos and even ombre colors all you like!

Zero-commitment bangs

Coloring your hair isn’t the only thing that takes commitment. Getting bangs can also be really risky. It might not suit your face, and even if it does, styling bangs requires extra effort. But say hello to the no-commitment version.

Photo courtesy of milkandblush.com

Get some clip-in bangs from Amazon. You can get them in a variety of different styles and colors. Then, just put them on, and you can cut and style them however you want! If you don’t love how it looks, simply take it off.

Use a gentler brush

The bristles on your brush can be a defining factor when it comes to the state of your hair. There are multiple different bristles to choose, from plastic to wood. But the wrong kind may end up damaging your hair in the process.

Photo courtesy of amazon.com

It’s recommended to get yourself a boar bristle brush, which is gentler on the hair. You should also brush your hair from the ends, working your way up instead of brushing from the top and pulling it down. You’ll lose fewer strands that way.

Purple shampoo

You’re probably familiar with purple shampoo, especially if you have experience in dyeing your hair. But purple shampoo can also work on natural blondes, although you would not need to use it as often as those who had their hair bleached.

Photo courtesy of beachwaver.com

Your hair color can get a bit brassy over time, and if you want to regain some of that paler shade, purple shampoo is the perfect product. Bleached blondes need it often for maintenance, but those with naturally lighter hair can also use it once in a while.

Deep conditioning

It takes a lot of maintenance to make sure your hair stays healthy and moisturized. Aside from maintaining a balanced diet, there are also products you can use that enhance the appearance of your locks. One of them is deep conditioner.

Photo courtesy of thefullspectrum.us

Most hair care brands will carry deep conditioners with a variety of health benefits. Whether you’re looking for repair, moisture, shine, or even hair growth, there is a deep conditioner out there for you. Don’t be scared to try out several products to find what works for you!

Regular trimming

If you’re trying to grow your hair out, getting it trimmed regularly may seem counterintuitive. But trims are necessary to keep the hair healthy and get rid of split ends. It is recommended that you go in for a trim once every three or four months, depending on your hairstyle.

Photo courtesy of ESB Professional / Shutterstock

Getting a trim doesn’t have to mean drastically changing your hair length. It is possible to maintain length while trimming the ends and even changing up the style of your hair. Speak to your hairstylist at length to figure out what’s best for you.

Overnight curls part 2

In addition to sleeping in a bun, you can also achieve overnight curls by sleeping in a braid. The kind of braid you plait your hair in will decide what kind of curls you wake up with, though, so choose wisely.

Photo courtesy of Fluff Media / Shutterstock

For full, beachy waves, braid your entire head of hair into a fishtail braid before bed. Then go to sleep, and shake it out in the morning. The results will shock you! Set the look with hairspray to make sure it lasts through the day.

Read the product label

All beauty products come with information labels detailing what goes into the things you are putting in your hair. A way to make sure you are not putting damaging chemicals into your scalp is to read the label before purchase.

Photo courtesy of momoftwo_testet / Instagram

Making yourself knowledgeable on harmful chemicals can help you avoid hurting your scalp and hair further. It’s always important to read the fine print on every product before putting it in your hair or on your face, or in your body

Baking soda in your hair

It’s totally normal to put items you’d typically find in your kitchen in your hair. Eggs, lemon, coconut oil, aloe vera, and honey are just some things you can use. But out of all the food items beneficial for haircare, baking soda would be the one you’d least expect.

Photo courtesy of iva / Shutterstock

A little known fact is that baking soda is a natural conditioner. It leaves your hair silky and shiny after you rinse it out. This may be an option to replace the chemical-dense conditioner you’re normally using. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Alternative curl methods

As you can tell from previous hair curling tips we’ve mentioned, you do not need a curling iron to be able to curl your hair. A straightening iron can work just fine. And sometimes, even aluminum foil does the trick.

Photo courtesy of Anna De Souza

To curl your hair with this method, take sections of your hair and pin them into curls against your head. Then wrap each pin curl in aluminum foil and clamp them with a straightening iron. Take the pin curls out, and bam!

Ditch the towel wrap

Are you one of those people who wraps their hair in a turban to dry it off? If you are, you may need to rethink your decision. As previously mentioned, terry towels are coarse and can damage your hair. So it’s time to ditch the towel wrap.

Photo courtesy of wikihow.com

Substitute your towel for a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel. These materials are gentler on your hair. Additionally, instead of wrapping your hair in a turban, gently pat down your hair. This prevents damage to your fragile wet hair.

Lift your roots

Wondering how to emerge from the shower with a voluminous blow-dry? The trick is to lift your roots and use a round brush with a larger diameter. These two things will make your hair gloriously voluptuousness and sleek. And it’s easy!

Photo courtesy of creativeheadmag.com

Take your round brush, and instead of pulling it down along with the hot air, pull your hair up. This method lifts your roots and gives you extra volume, which will help your hair health in the long run. Set with hairspray.

Don’t detangle when wet

A lot of people make the mistake of brushing out their hair when it’s wet. This is a big no-no in hair health because hair is most fragile when wet. We’ll repeat it for you a million times if we have to.

Photo courtesy of headcurve.com

Instead of detangling when wet, try doing so before you step into the shower. To speed up the drying process, pat your hair down gently with a microfiber towel. If you have to go in to fix some tangles, do so gingerly with your fingers.

Makeshift curling products

It is time to get creative. Can you name everyday household items that you can use to curl your hair? No, you can’t mention aluminum foil because we’ve just told you that. How many different objects can you list for us?

Photo courtesy of instantlymodern.com

Here are a few we can name: pens, forks, plastic straws. Leave the items in your hair for an extended amount of time. Make sure you’re curling your hair nice and tight around them. Experiment with different household items and see which gives you the best results.

Fight static shock

Colder temperature means more static electricity to deal with. This impacts everything, including the results of you simply brushing through your hair. But here’s a way to fight that static to ensure you’re not left with a frizzy unmanageable coiff.

Photo courtesy of iramzey / YouTube

Take a strip of a dryer sheet and attach it to your hairbrush. Make sure all the bristles are poking through. Then brush through your hair as you usually would, and watch the dryer sheet tame down the pieces of hair that are sticking out.

Bun assistance

Struggling to get the perfect round bun? This DIY bun shaper is a great way to assist you in creating a neater-looking bun. All you need is some old socks and a pair of scissors. Here’s how to make the bun assistance.

Photo courtesy of pequeocio.com

Cut off the foot part of the sock only, and roll it up until it looks like a doughnut, as you can see in the photo. Then, throw it all in a ponytail and pull the hair through the doughnut hole. Roll the hair around it, and use bobby pins to secure your bun.

Put on a shower cap

If you don’t wash your hair every shower, then you probably put your hair up in a bun in the shower on the days when you’re not washing your hair. This gets hair away from your face but doesn’t protect it from catching splashes of water.

Photo courtesy of Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

Water getting on parts of your hair can cause frizz and ruin your perfectly good hair. A shower cap is the answer! Purchase one from your nearest drug store, and never worry about your hair frizzing up after a shower again.

Condition the tips only

Applying conditioner all throughout your hair may be the reason why you struggle with flat hair. Conditioner is meant to be applied to the tips only, as your roots benefit from the natural oils from your scalp. and don’t need the extra help.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Goh / kenh14.vn

Focus your conditioner on your tips to ensure that they get a good amount of moisture and protection. This should help you gain a little bit of volume and reduce the greasy look off the top of your head.