Happy Days Are Here Again: Top Habits That Will Make You Feel Happier

By Victor O

Sometimes, life gets to us, and we just want to wish away bad thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. However, you don’t have to wallow in such draining thoughts. Luckily, some habits have been proven effective and help improve your mood. Here are some of these habits.

Image credit: @raduflorin / Unsplash

1. Get your most challenging task out of the way

Engaging in your most challenging task of the day stimulates dopamine in your body. Tackling most of your complex tasks will make you feel proud of yourself, and feeling proud makes you excited and relieved that you have accomplished something for the day, thereby giving you the feeling of happiness.

2. Take deep breaths

We get so worried and stressed that we forget to breathe properly. Taking deep breaths is a simple exercise of awareness known as a mood booster. Concentrate on deep breathing until you’re feeling better. You can try other breathing exercises that work for you.

3. Listening to your favorite song/a happy song

Who doesn’t have a favorite song or sound? Luckily, we can easily access our favorite songs. Moving our body to the songs we like produces natural endorphins, which are feel-good hormones.

4. Be a giver

Image credit: @rodnae-prod / Pexels

Expressing kindness can make you feel really good. Helping someone do simple things and extending kind words to friends and people around you. These things bring joy into your own life.

5. Focus on people that love you

Humans have the love hormone known as oxytocin. Thinking about people who love and support you stimulates this hormone, and even extending your thoughts to them significantly boosts happiness.