How To Clean Your Keyboard In 10 Seconds

By Shivam B

We all know that keyboards are a haven for germs, bacteria and dirt. But have you ever considered the impact of not cleaning it? The answer is a lot! A dirty keyboard can lead to more frequent colds, coughs and even flu as your hands touch the surface every time you type. To avoid this problem, we recommend following these four steps!

Image courtesy of Omkar Patyane/Pexels

Step One:

Gather your supplies. You will need a large bowl of water, an old toothbrush, and some dish soap or hand sanitizer. Make sure that the water is room temperature so you don’t shock the electronics inside.

Step two:

Turn off your computer (and any other devices connected to it). If this is your work computer, you might also want to clean the keyboard of any germs when no one is looking.

Step three:

Wipe down all surfaces that come in contact with fingers or hands. This includes everything from mousepads and desktops to spacebar buttons. Make sure to use a different area of the cloth. You’ll need to use the toothbrush for this, but make sure you’re gentle so that dust will stick.

Step Four:

Rinse and repeat! You should clean your keyboard at least once a week or every time someone in your household has an illness. It’s also worth noting that vinegar can be used as an alternative solution if soap and water are not available.

Image courtesy of Rama Krushna Behera/Unsplash