How To Grow Thicker And Fuller Hair According To 3 Hair Stylists

By Kanyi M

Scalp serums

Shelly Aguirre, a Chicago-based stylist working at Maxine Salon, recommends scalp serums that hydrate and nourish the hair follicles, making them healthier and thicker. These serums typically come in the form of a rollerball, mist, or fluid. To get thicker hair in general, a serum rich in amino acids is the best option. These are proteins can supply your hair with essential nutrients. Added benefits include better styling, healthier hair, and shinier strands.

Other serums for thicker hair would be one that’s full of vitamins B, C, E, and Zinc, which is great for moisture. To her, the best thing you can do to get thicker hair, in general, is to use a serum that penetrates the hair shaft, which will help increase length and density.

Image courtesy of Beauty Agent Studio/Shutterstock

Good nutrition and sleep

Joseph Maine, who co-founded Trademark Beauty Salon in New York City, has a different tip. He claims that it will require a well-balanced diet and plenty of rest to get thicker hair, as it heals the scalp from within.

In his opinion, you should not eat too many sugars as they hinder your body’s metabolism and your hair. Eat foods rich in vitamins C, E as well as B for healthier hair. But make sure to drink enough water as well.

This is one of those things that sound obvious but have surprising implications – sleep does have a particular effect on our health and well-being – including our hair.

Massaging the scalp

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Kim Kimble, who has worked with Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, plus several other celebrities, recommends massaging the scalp to get thicker hair. She believes that very few people do this, even though it’s an essential thing to do. And it should be done daily.

She says massaging the scalp through your hair helps stimulate blood flow around the roots of your hair, which brings in more nutrients to our hair follicles. She adds that you should not do it vigorously because you’ll just wind up damaging your scalp. Instead, just gently massage for about 3 minutes at a time while you’re watching TV or doing something else that doesn’t require too much concentration.