How To Use Different Kinds Of Knots

By Francis Tunwase

A well-tied knot is a lifesaver in many situations, including when you need to rescue someone, administer first aid, or work from a height or on the sea. Check out these different kinds of knots and their best use cases.

Square knot

Whether you need to tie a knot or join two lines together, the square knot is a tried-and-true choice.

Source: PopSci

The square knot is a great choice for joining two strands together to create a longer loop or for securing a pile of wood. You’ve certainly tied a granny knot before when you’ve tied your shoes, but this variation is far more solid and secure.

The sheet bend

If you need to combine two ropes of different diameters or tie together two materials of different sorts, this is the ideal bend.

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Clove hitch

Here’s a reliable knot for swiftly securing a rope to a post or tree, but it can come undone if used without a second, complementary knot.

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The bowline

The bowline is a knot tied at the tip of a string to make a loop that remains the same size no matter what happens.

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Many people learn this knot by reading the poem about a rabbit that hops out of its burrow, to the front of some tree, behind, and then hops back into its original hole.

The figure eight

Whenever you need some stopper anywhere along your rope, just tie a figure eight knot.

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The methods involved in doing so are also used in tying a few other knots.