Innocent Lies That Parents Tell Their Kids To Get Them To Behave

By Divya G

Most of us tend to judge parents for all the things they do while steering their kids in the right direction. But only a parent can understand what’s actually right or wrong.

Source: @victoria-akvarel-392079/Pexels

While we all want our kids to understand that lying is not a good thing, most parents resort to white lies from time to time. But they do so by remaining cautious to some extent. Parents usually do so to convince their children to do certain things.

But when kids grow old and learn the truth, that automatically leads to a laughing riot. If you’re struggling to keep your kids in check or to get them to do their chores, you can totally try to tell them one of these innocent lies.

For instance, some kids believe that a car engine won’t start until and unless the car hears the click of the seatbelts. A few kids think that the Tooth Fairy is allergic to dust. So they believe that she won’t come unless their rooms are clean and tidy.

Other kids believe that the Tooth Fairy has the power to perform quality control. So the better they take care of their teeth, the more dollars she leaves for them! Certain kids play with non-functional toys because they believe that the requisite kinds of batteries are no longer manufactured.

A kid believes that she can’t commence her ballet class until she is potty trained. Also, she won’t be able to wear a diaper under her ballet dress, so that’s a great way to get them potty trained. Some toddlers think that it’s important to line their tummy with healthy food first. If you tell this particular lie, you may get your children to eat less junk food.

Source: @brett-sayles/Pexels

See how these white lies are not harmful at all? You should definitely give them a try the next time you need to get your kid to do something.