40 Lady Life Hacks That We Can Definitely Live Without

By Navkiran K

There are so many life hacks that people may discover online, and they really help make your day-to-day activities easier. Whether it’s using a new material to clean surfaces, finding ways to keep fruits or vegetables stay fresh for longer, or making the most out of small spaces in storage containers–life hacks have helped many people! Some may even become a part of your everyday life at this point, from cooking to getting ready or even fixing broken handbags. These hacks are downright genius and deserve all the accolades. However, some viral hacks for women may look incredible, but in the end, they set you up for failure no matter how many times you try them. Such hacks are messy and may even make your situation worse. Therefore, you must not believe everything that you read or see online. We are here to save you from such hacks that may end up making your life that much harder. 

Draw your eyeliner with a credit card

A feline and chic eyeliner is key to completing any makeup look. Everyone struggles to get that perfect wing while getting ready. It may take hours to apply and fix the eyeliner to look the same on both sides. It takes a lot of practice to get this right.

Image courtesy of Brittany Fowler/Revelist

There is a trending beauty hack on the internet that uses a credit card as a guide to drawing a feline flick eyeliner. However, it does not work to create a chic line, and it takes the same amount of time as it would free-hand. You may even end up with messy eyeliner that’s too thick. 

A glass for plumping the lips

It has become a goal for many women to achieve luscious lips in the most recent years without going to a plastic surgeon to receive fillers. It first started with cosmetic companies creating lip glosses that use formulas that include pepper. 

Image courtesy of sofuggit/Youtube

This causes their lips to become irritated enough to stimulate blood flow and make them appear fuller. However, the latest trend is vacuuming using shot glasses to plump up one’s mouth area, but this leads to swollen or bruised-looking mouths—something no one can cover-up.

Preventing onions from making you cry

This may not be as weird as it may seem. However, who has the time to look for ski goggles before chopping an onion, putting them on, and wearing them the whole time. It’s much easier to be an adult in this situation. 

Image courtesy of midlyinteresting/Reddit

You can just chop the onions in under a minute. It may not even make you cry as much as other adult responsibilities do if you know what we mean. This hack may make sense to a few, but we suggest you put on your brave pants. Or try not to chop off the roots of the onions before you are done, as this helps keep their “spiciness” in check.

Applying red lipstick to conceal dark circles

Less sleep and hours on your laptops may make the dark circle situation under the eyes worse. Even the heaviest of concealers may not work to hide them. Moreover, they leave a grey cast and even a patchy skin look if you skip on color correcting. 

Image courtesy of fq.co.nz

This is just another hack to forget about as using red lipstick does not color correct the dark circles. It may even accentuate them more after blending with the concealer, making your make-up routine even longer. You may choose a light salmon-colored concealer instead. 

Conditioner for silky smooth legs

Shaving is very time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Moreover, it irritates the skin and leads to itching the next day if you don’t use the right products. There are so many shaving cream substitutes to try, such as oils and body washes. 

Image courtesy of lifehacks/Reddit

One such substitute that some people recommend is using a hair conditioner to soften the hair before shaving. This may leave your legs feeling silky; however, it will not make the razor glide smoothly on the skin. On top of it, you may experience burning and itching later. 

Concealer in lotion for a fake a tan

Maintaining a tan during winter is next to impossible. This may be why so many people get spray tans to achieve that perfect sun-kissed look before a party or an event. Besides, there are so many special lotions that build a tan in just a few hours. 

Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

You may also try a dark concealer mixed with lotion to fake a tan on your legs and arms, as some users on the internet suggest. But, we suggest you be careful with this one. It may only work if the concealer won’t transfer to your clothes. And good luck with that.

Fork for nose contouring

Women often look for makeup hacks that make getting ready easier and more efficient in the morning. Many makeup artists try these tricks to ensure they work. A fork may be used to contour the nose to make it look smaller. 

Image courtesy of fm104.ie

However, we all have different shapes and sizes when it comes to noses. Some people do not have a symmetrical nose to draw straight lines with a fork. Therefore, a fork may make your nose look bigger and crooked with this hack. We suggest skipping this one.

An empty plastic bottle as a hair curler

There are many social media trends, such as using straws, socks, and empty bottles to curl your hair to make it look effortless. For this bottle hack, cut the top of the bottle and a small rectangular window to fit your hairdryer nozzle. 

Image courtesy of 9.oasis.md

Now, place your hair inside the bottle and twist along with the hairdryer to create a curl. This method will result in tangling your hair instead of curling them. You may even end up burning your fingers and melting the bottle at the same time. Pick your battles, ladies. 

Sewing bra straps together to fix the broken clips

We all know how delicate bras are and how quickly they deteriorate due to constant machine washing and drying. The bra clips in the back are the first ones to go because they are delicate. As a result, you cannot put on your bra the same way.

Image courtesy of brandcorsetsupplies.com

Some suggest sewing the straps together to eliminate the use of clips altogether. This hack may fix what’s broken. However, if you do it, there is no possible way you can put a bra on that does not open from the back, which may cause even more frustration and discomfort.

Baking your face with flour

Baking is a makeup technique that makes the foundation last longer. It involves using loose face powder and letting it sit on the face for ten minutes to set your make-up. After this, the powder is brushed away using a powder brush.

Image courtesy of Akilah Obviously/Youtube

You may think that flour or starch may work the same way for baking your concealer and foundation as true baking powder works. But, the powder will leave uneven marks on your face and may even cause inflammation. Also, your clothes will be covered in flour.

Using a maxi pad for bigger shoes

Ill-fitting shoes can be redeemed by inserting a maxi pad inside, internet users suggest. This is one of the insider hacks from celebrities. The pad will cover the extra space, and the shoe will fit more snugly so you will be comfortable.

Image courtesy of mom Eplanner/Pinterest

Besides, it may also prevent your feet from developing blisters. The pad is helpful in absorbing sweat and odor. But, it will not make your shoes a size smaller if that’s what you are looking for. It may just help your feet not slide around as much.

Lemon juice for whiter nails

Our nails change color due to the harsh chemicals in nail polish. Lemon juice is a part of several DIY hacks for hair, skin, and cleaning. It works well for some hacks; however, it isn’t very effective when it comes to whitening nails.

Image courtesy of Timeless Health and Beauty/Youtube

Even if you scrub your nails with a lemon wedge or soak your nails in lemon juice and then wrap them in foil, they will remain yellow. Moreover, the nails may weaken and break due to the acidic nature of lemon. We suggest keeping this one for cleaning hard surfaces and not your delicate nails.

Toothpaste as an anti-pimple treatment

Pimples are stubborn and can arrive on your face right before some of the biggest events of your life. Toothpaste works like a charm to polish your silver jewelry or to get rid of dead skin from your dry feet. Some people, however, believe in its power over the skin.

Image courtesy of WikiHow

You may have come across people using it for drying out a pimple or reducing the swelling. Applying toothpaste to your pimple can make it worse by giving you a chemical burn while also causing redness along with itching to the area.

Bobby pins to alter the fit of clothes

The bobby pin hack for your clothes may allow you to wear your favorite clothes that are a size bigger than you want. After putting on a piece of clothing, just fold it at the length or fit of your preference. Now, place a bobby pin to hold it in place.

Image courtesy of bellatory.com

This may work on mannequins; however, it will not work since you are an active human that’s moving around all day. The bobby pins will displace and even come out when you move, so you cannot keep on fixing it all day without being super annoyed, at least. 

Replacing your beauty blender with a dishwashing sponge

Using a sponge to apply foundation has been a go-to method for most ladies. Recently, it got an upgrade with a beauty blender that creates a flawless and smooth base. It also prevents the skin from looking cakey and fake.

Image courtesy of bustle.com

Usually, beauty blenders sell for a higher price. So, many may try to use a generic dish sponge to apply their makeup. It turns out that the sponge does not give a smooth finish to the skin or absorb the extra foundation effectively as a beauty blender does.

Remove stretch marks with coconut oil and aloe vera

Stretch marks occur on the skin due to weight gain, loss, or puberty. These are caused when the collagen breaks inside the skin and stretches to create permanent lines lighter in the shade than your natural skin tone. 

Image courtesy of adoramichaels.blog.com

Some people often feel self-conscious due to these uneven lines. Applying a mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera is supposed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Now, this may nourish your skin; however, it cannot fade the stretch marks away for good. 

Adding lens solution to old and dry mascara. 

Mascara is one makeup product that needs to be replaced often as it dries too quickly. Several hacks, such as adding the tube in hot water or adding lens solution to the mascara to liquefy the ingredients are trending in the make-up hack world. 

Image courtesy of beautyandtheboutique.tv

This hack will add some hydration to the dried mascara. But, it will also change the composition and make the mascara smudge even more. Apart from this, your eyes may experience irritation due to the change in formula and increased bacteria.

Beetroot as a lip stain or blush

We all like to substitute chemical makeup products with natural ones now and then. One such integral part of natural and vegan makeup is using beetroot, as it has a strong red tint. It’s also added hair products to make natural hair dyes. 

Image courtesy of bebeautiful.in

The issue with the use of beetroot as a blush and lip stain is the lack of control in application. Besides, it is hard to blend and remove. It also leaves patchy red stains that may not give the desired natural look.

Break in your new heels with wool socks

New shoes can be painful to walk in and may need some breaking in before the big event. Sometimes the thick material of the shoes may cause blisters and cuts in your feet. Some people recommend wooly socks for this issue. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

One such silly hack that circulates the internet these days is to wear thick wool socks to break in your heels. It will be uncomfortable to wear and make your feet sweaty. Moreover, your heels may lose their shape, making you even more uncomfortable in the end. 

Skip ironing your clothes, hang them in the hot shower

This hack comes in handy for those who are in a hurry or live in a dorm. The idea behind this hack may be similar to using a steam iron to remove wrinkles from the clothes. But, it does not work enough to make your clothes wearable. 

Image courtesy of CaptainDave/Twitter

To remove wrinkles and straighten up the creases, you require more heat than the shower steam. This hack will make your clothes soggy and smelly without even removing the wrinkles. So, it is better to skip this one and grab an iron or even a hairdryer. 

Bright colored pencils as an eyeliner

The makeup community has so many hacks to brighten up makeup. You may try to use colored pencils as an eyeliner or eye shadow by softening the tip in water before application. This can be smudged right after application. 

Image courtesy of Summer France/Pinterest

The color may stay on for a while; however, it will scrub away from your lids once it dries. Besides, you may even get an infection in the eyes as pencil colors are not meant to be used as makeup. Why? There is lead inside. No one wants that seeping into their eyes.

Using candy, gum, and Vaseline to make your own chapstick

You can make your own chapstick using several ingredients and even customize the shades using crayons and eyeshadows. Vaseline is versatile and can be mixed with anything, but it does not always work. Besides, Vaseline in itself is dehydrating for the lips. 

Image courtesy of BritMorin/Pinterest

Mix Vaseline with some mint gum, fruit candy and add food coloring. Microwave this for a few seconds and blend it as much as possible. You will see how sticky your lips will get after applying this mixture. 

Hair ties to secure your chapstick to your gear shift

We know how ridiculous it sounds when you read it out loud. This hack makes no sense at all, and it is strange that it even exists and is trending. You may use a hair tie to secure your chapstick to the car’s gear shift so that you do not lose it.  But how safe can this be?

Image courtesy of lifehacks/Reddit

However, you could just simply put it in your gloves compartment or a cup holder for chapstick emergencies. We do not see a point in attaching it to the gear shift and creating a potentially dangerous situation.  Just keep it at arms’ reach.

Scrubbing your face with shaving cream

Shaving cream may have a lot of applications, and some may try to use it to clean stains or even try a facial with it. The thick shaving cream may lead to dry skin and breakouts because there is nothing beneficial for acne in its ingredient list.

Imagecourtesy of berlyskitchen.com

Moreover, the shaving cream can clog your pores and lead to blackheads in the skin. Therefore, it’s never a good idea to scrub or wash your face with shaving foam unless you want huge pimples and deep blackheads. 

Keep a wooden spoon on top of a boiling pot of water

This hack is older than the internet, and some people may consider it to work while making pasta or just boiling soup. The idea is that the wooden spoon will prevent the water from overboiling and coming out of the pot. 

Image courtesy of Amanda Kennedy/Pinterest

This hack may work in some cases when simmering a pot. The issue is that the high water temperature will heat up the spoon and make it almost impossible to grab it when needed. So, there will be more fuss in the kitchen and a lot more hazards. 

Use a bottomless bag to use the toilet

This may be one of those viral hacks for women that do not work, but people may feel tempted to try. The hack may come from a desperate bride who may have really needed to use the toilet on her big day but didn’t want to take off her dress. 

Image courtesy of todaysflyfisher.com

Imagine a bride wearing a huge bottomless bag to go to the bathroom in order to protect her dress. Not only is it silly, but it also may make you fall while walking. It may end up tearing your dress or on the floor. This will actually ruin your wedding night. 

Ironing board as a makeup vanity table

You may use many products while getting ready and need to put them on a nearby surface for easy access. Arrange your stuff on an ironing board so that you can get ready without any hassle and not have to buy a new table like the internet suggests. 

Image courtesy of thesprucecrafts.com

Now, there’s no issue with this hack, just that you could keep your stuff on an actual table instead of using an ironing board. You do not need to make a simple thing complicated before an event or a night out. Plus, it will just look so out of place.

Opening a bottle of wine with a nail and a hammer

Some people may find it hard to open a bottle of wine. They may need to practice a lot in order to master using the wine opener. This may be another excuse to drink more, honestly, for people to try this very dangerous hack. 

Image courtesy of cafemom.com

Using a nail and a hammer to uncork the bottle sounds like more work than using an actual wine opener that is relatively safer to use. Besides, the nail will not stay inside the cork, and it may slip out without removing it. 

Use glue for painting your nails mess-free

Applying nail polish may get messy for some people. Besides, the nail paint comes off in chunks while you’re just trying to get ready in a hurry. This hack is about applying a layer of glue before applying your nail paint to avoid this from happening.

Image courtesy of Lynsday Mackintosh/Pinterest

The glue will protect the cuticles and fingers from staining. Once you are done with your nail paint, you may need to spend a lot of time removing the glue, which will definitely make you late for the party.  Needless to say, this hack is just not worth it in the end.

Thread for a perfect eyeliner

There are so many eyeliner hacks for those who struggle a lot with makeup. This is one of those viral hacks for women that don’t work but look so promising from the pictures and videos. You may use a thread and color it with your eyeliner. 

Image courtesy of swatchery.com

Now place the thread on the outer corner of your eyes and stamp the liquid on the lid. This hack may have been great if it worked, but it just creates non-identical lines, which are even harder to correct. Honestly, this just sounds like a mess, and we don’t know who thought of it.

Handy tape to draw and fill in your brows

This may be a DIY for the stencils that you may find or see on the internet to help draw on eyebrows. The idea is to cut pieces of tape to frame your brows in a desirable and natural shape and then simply fill them in with a brow pencil. 

Image courtesy of Matrimony Manes/Pinterest

First, putting tape on your face and then removing it may be painful for some people with sensitive skin. Besides, the glue in the tape may irritate your skin as it is not dermatologically safe. Your eyebrows will also look patchy and uneven if you don’t make the shape just right.

Plastic gloves for your feet

Some people may not like socks enough to try this crazy hack. This is one of those viral hacks for women that do not work and probably just stay at home. It is pointless and does not look presentable enough to go out in public. 

Image courtesy Latex Alien/Pinterest

Wearing plastic gloves on your feet along with thong slippers may be one of the most stupid ideas we’ve ever heard. It’s beyond understandable to skip plastic gloves and wear toe socks for comfortability. It may not look chic, but trust us. They will look way better on your toes than plastic gloves ever will.

Dry your pants using a heating vent

How is drying your pants with a heating or cooling vent better than using a dryer, or even a hairdryer at that? The dryer will remove the moisture from your pants more effectively in comparison to a vent. Some hacks are there just for people to go viral. 

Image courtesy of etsy.com

This hack does not work as it may shrink your pants due to temperature variations. Apart from this, it will take a very long time for your pants to be dry for you to wear considerably. Who has the time to wait this long?

Insert your old sneaker insoles into fancy shoes

The insoles of your old sneakers are probably worn out and smelly. So, we do not understand the point of inserting them into your fancier shoes. They will just make the shoes dirty and full of odor. Talk about missing out on that new show smell.

Image courtesy: Mabel Amber/Pixabay

Moreover, your new shoes may get out of shape as there will not be enough space to put your feet in the end. This will wear out the shoes faster than normal. This hack is just inconvenient to try and uncomfortable for your feet.

Dry your bra with a heat vent

Here we go again with the vents. Bras have an intricate design, and you cannot simply dry them in a dryer. It may affect the fabric and the clips in the back. The best way to dry a bra is to hang it without any stretching. Just let it dry naturally. 

Image courtesy of Skyler Overlease/Pinterest

You may try to keep your bras in front of a vent to dry them. The hack does not work as the vent air is not enough, and it may only dry on one side in the end. Instead, you may use a washing bag to wash and dry your bras more quickly.

How not to cut your fingers along with cherry tomatoes

Some kitchen hacks are amazing for making a difficult job easier and quicker. But, not all the hacks work and are sometimes a little risky to attempt. We are talking about cutting cherry tomatoes by keeping them inside two plastic lids. 

Image courtesy of theslowroasteditalian.com

These tomatoes are tiny and delicate so that they will move around even inside the plastic lids. You may end up cutting your fingers in an attempt to cut the tomatoes when you’re just trying to make it easier and faster. Take out advice and use some extra time to cut these tomatoes one by one. 

DIY closed-toed shoes

We don’t know who came up with this idea and why. If you are looking for closed-toe shoes, it is better to get a new pair instead of turning a thong-style slipper into closed-toe shoes that look super weird and awkward.

Image courtesy of leavootravels.wordpress.com

Not only will they look awful, but they also won’t fit your whole feet if we talk about the practicality of the design. Moreover, you will ruin a perfect pair of slippers while making these ridiculous shoes that don’t even look nice. Do you really want people staring at your feet all day?

Make grilled cheese in a toaster

Grilled cheese is simple and quick to make if you have the right equipment. It’s a filling and delicious snack, and you don’t even need to add too many ingredients. This hack is about adding the grilled cheese on its side in the toaster. 

Image courtesy of grilledcheesesocial.com

The hack will fail as the cheese will bubble up and melt. It will also stick to the grill, which will be a nightmare to clean later on. Also, it could turn into a fire hazard pretty quickly. Save yourself a mess and skip this hack – you won’t even enjoy your grilled cheese in the end.

Use cups as speakers to amplify the sound

Slicing a few cups to amplify the sound of the music may improve the acoustics. If your speakers are small in size and do not have surround sound, this hack may look promising enough. You will need some cups, scissors, and tape to create the setup. 

Image courtesy of collegetime.com

This DIY hack does not work at all. Moreover, you will destroy some usable cups for no benefit in terms of sound if this is what you’re trying to achieve. It is ideal to buy a pair of Bluetooth speakers with good surround sound to enjoy the music.  it will also last a lot longer, trust us.

Ketchup bottle to make the perfectly round pancakes

Pancakes are a fantastic comfort breakfast or breakfast for dinner, for that matter. Pouring the batter in the pan may get tricky. So, the thought for this hack is to mix the batter in an old ketchup bottle. This can also be used to pour the batter into the pan. 

Image courtesy of the kitchn.com

The first issue with this hack is the ketchup bottle and how one can clean it thoroughly enough without leaving a lingering ketchup smell. Even after cleaning, there may be some ketchup smell left that will affect the taste of the pancakes, making them taste like tomatoes, ruining all of the batter.