Lunch-To-Go: 3 Useful Hacks To Make Delicious Sandwiches

By Victor O

Opening your lunchbox to see the same sandwich every day must be tiring. It is understandable that, as adults, we get so caught up in work we don’t have time to make proper meals. However, sandwiches don’t have to be boring.

There is an infinite variety you can explore. We have tips from the best sandwich vendors in the country.

Image credit: @amina-filkins / Pexels

1. Spice up your sandwich

Nothing makes a sandwich more boring than sticking to mayonnaise and other basic spreads. Your mayo can serve as a base for many flavors, from cheese to veggies. Sandwich experts recommend crushing some fresh garlic on your mayo. You can also get creative with black pepper, olives, and berries.

Another expert recommends mustard, as it holds the sauces together and it’s a savory balance to the sweet condiments in the sandwich.

You won’t believe the science that goes into making a sandwich. Apparently, the mustard should go on the top bread and the mayo on the bottom. This is due to the favor receptors in the mouth’s roof, which receive spicy and hot flavors.

2. Use the right bread

Make an effort to pick up fresh bread on your way from work at most every two days. The right bread matters. Crustier bread works for a gourmet sandwich, while regular white bread suits basic sandwiches. Some experts say that typical white bread works best when the focus is on the sandwich’s innards.

Image credit: @mhassouna931 / Unsplash

3. Mix various temperatures, textures, and favors

The best sandwiches are roller coasters of spicy, crunchy, sweet, hot, sour, and cold. This makes the sandwiches appealing. While building your sandwich, you can pick ingredients from across these categories. A straightforward way of achieving the crunchy sensation is by including crushed potato chips. Mixing mayo, garlic, sweet jalapeno, and cheese creates a sweet, sour, and salty experience.

In short, don’t hesitate at all to experiment with your sandwiches. After reading this article, eating boring sandwiches should be a crime!