Make Life Much Easier With These 5 Hacks

By Goodness M

Every day we encounter complicated situations that we find hard to solve. However, this article will outline five hacks that help to solve all these simple challenges.

1. Prevent Boiling Water Spillover

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Placing a wooden spoon on the pot bursts the bubbles. This ensures that they don’t overlap the level set by the wooden spoon. As a result, the liquid is prevented from spilling over.

2. Expose Germs With Cellphone Light

In winter, many people are infected with the flu. This is mainly caused by germs which thrive more in unhygienic and cold conditions. People find it challenging to get rid of these flu-causing germs because they are not visible to the naked eye. You require a microscope to spot them. However, your cellphone light is effective in exposing these microorganisms.

3. Laundry Folding Board

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There are times when your wardrobe looks like a storm has hit it. Arranging the mess is often tiresome and time-consuming. However, this challenge is set to end, thanks to the folding board. Besides keeping your closet neat, it also saves a lot of space.

4. Professional Pepper Cutting

You can remove the pepper core by cutting off the top and bottom of the pepper first. One side of the pepper can be cut vertically. The core will then be removed when you cut along the other pepper side.

5. Spice Up Your Shoes

Our shoes may not interest us as they used to when they were new. However, you can creatively design your shoelaces into a style that brings glamor to your boring shoe. Just by pulling and twisting your shoelaces, you come up with a good-looking design for your shoe.