Understanding Your Cat: Tips To Help You And Your Furry Friend Have The Best Relationship Possible

By Ridwan s

Are you a cat owner, wannabe cat owner, or just love to scroll through adorable cat photos? Well, this article is for you. Before acquiring your first cat, you might think there’s nothing to it. Cats are known to be independent and free-spirited. A little water, some snacks, and pets throughout the day should be enough. However, anyone with a tiny furball at home knows that it comes with some challenges. Compared to dogs, cats require less time and energy, but they still need to be constantly engaged to stay content and out of trouble. To entertain your cat, you need to give it attention and will even have to spend time training it to enjoy a healthy relationship together. Efficient training will ensure that your cat learns the basics like where to and not to drop the litter. Lately, some cat owners have taken it to the next level by introducing their cats to a soundboard of buttons to communicate with their owners. The controls might include food, litter, pets, or even the name of their favorite toy that they can’t find. The time you invest in training a cat never goes to waste. This article sheds more light on tips and tricks that take your relationship with your cat to best fur-ends for life level!

Invest In A Scratching Post

One problem cat owners might encounter is when their cats dig their claws into their furniture and demolish their new couch! Cats need an outlet to get their scratchies out. If you don’t want this to happen on your furniture, you will need to provide them with something they are allowed to tear apart with their claws.

Image courtesy: Mickeyandmort/Instagram

Cats dig into furniture to shorten their long nails, but they can learn to use the scratching post instead if trained. When you are getting a scratching post, consider getting one in a shape that you like since it will now become a part of your decor.

After Playing With A Laser, Give Your Cat A Treat

Games are more fun for everyone when there is a reward at the end to keep up motivation. Cats are natural hunters, so they might get irritated and agitated when there is no opportunity to “chase” their prey. A laser pointer is a toy that helps you interact and spend time with your cat.

Image courtesy: sir_nemo_dude

Just before you pack your laser pointer, you can reward your cat with their favorite treat. Also, if your cat is attacking you, try to redirect their attention to the laser instead. Reward the cat for its positive play to make it happier and more active.

Put A Box On Your Desk

Cats are adorable but may also become a distraction to you, especially if you are working remotely. They always want to be around you, so they may sit on your desk, keyboard, and any spot almost large enough to fit them. A way to prevent this is by giving them a designated area on your desk.

Image courtesy: Kingstondekater/Instagram

Cats enjoy sitting in open boxes, so the probability that your cats will prefer them to your keyboard is high. A large working desk allows you to get a large box that will keep your cats cozy and nearby. Now, you have the chance to finish your task without distractions.

Put Food On The Table For Cats That Eat Too Quickly

Some cats eat faster than others; those who eat very fast might get sick. If your cat vomits after eating, then this hack will be helpful. Change how you serve your cat’s food. If you use a shallow, it will slow down your cat and spend more time eating.

Image courtesy: Miacaradesign/Instagram

It takes more time to finish food served on a shallow plate than meals served on deep plates. Flat plates do not only increase the time your cats spend eating, but they also reduce whisker stress. Whisker stress happens when the cat’s whiskers rub up against the sides of the bowl.

Feed Your Cats Away From Their Water

Water is crucial for humans, so water should be available to a person before, during, and after meals. However, the case is different for cats. Don’t keep water around your cats when they are eating. Cats are used to getting their water from a separate source than their food. They don’t enjoy smelling their food while they drink water.

Image courtesy: Samantha Hansen/Pinterest

Cats do not like it when their water and food are beside each other. They might believe that putting the water and food close to each other contaminates the water. You need to have different spots for food and water in the house or serve water long after they finish eating.

Feed Your Cat More Wet Foods

Cats need to stay hydrated and wet foods can provide this hydration for them. Dry foods make your cats more liable to issues like diabetes and dehydration. They might also have more carbohydrate content than is recommended for cats to stay healthy when eating dry food.

Image courtesy: Anipetanimalsupplies/Instagram

When planning your cat’s meal, you should include a variety of wet and dry foods. However, make sure there are more wet foods in the meal plan. Choose dry foods that have a lesser carbohydrate content and avoid grains. Pay close attention to the nutritional content of your cat’s meals.

Use Vinegar And Baking Soda To Clean Up Accidents

Cats are prone to causing various accidents around the house because they are high-spirited. They have a solid desire to spill and knock over most things within their reach. Just like labels say, “Store away from children,” we think that owners should keep things away from their cats. 

Image courtesy: brendid.com

Even though you will make an effort to store items away from the cat’s reach, you will no doubt occasionally run into trouble. For your cleanings, go for homemade and affordable products. A blend of white vinegar and water kills bacteria, while baking soda helps eliminate foul smells. Use the baking soda 30-60 minutes before vacuuming.

Place Aluminium Foil Or Masking Tape On A Surface To Keep Your Cat Away

Cats like to wander around, but some are more active than others. Your cat might enjoy playing more in your baby’s cot, bed, or on your kitchen table. It may be all cute until you need to continuously clean up dirt and hair on surfaces you have just cleaned.

Image courtesy: Yghffdd2wqs/reddit

If you are tired of re-cleaning, we have a hack for you. Get aluminum foil to cover the surfaces your cats like to play on. The sound of the foil will stop them from visiting these places. Another way is by masking tape with the sticky side up. Nobody wants to get caught in that.

Play With Your Cat Right Before Bedtime

Playful cats might disturb your peaceful night’s rest with their antics. To avoid sleepless nights, create time to play different games with your cat before bedtime. This tip serves two functions, it makes your cat happy and helps decrease your stress level after a long day.

Image courtesy: russianblueforyou

The purpose of these games is to use up any excess energy your cat has left in them before bedtime. Ensure the games you choose are capable of making your cat pant from exhaustion. These games should also help you strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Prevent Shedding With Frequent Brushing

Shedding is a natural thing for cats, but the frequency and rate of shedding differ in most cats. Every time your cat sheds their hair, you will likely find loads of hair in locations they often go. You will notice the hair mostly on clothes, beds, and furniture.

Image courtesy: Baily_the_diabetic_cat/Instagram

To take care of this problem, you need to clean regularly and find a way to minimize the shedding. Brush your cat’s fur as often as they shed. Make brushing a daily activity to reduce the amount of hair you find on clothes beds and carpets.

Have A Litter Box Per Cat, Plus One

A personal litter box for each cat is as important as the food and water bowl. Get a separate litter box for each of your cats, plus an extra one to avoid confusion. Put each litter box in a place that the cats are familiar with and train them to use it.

Image courtesy: Andrey_Kuzmin/Shutterstock

You might wonder why we would ask you to get an extra litter box. It will serve you whenever the original litter box gets full, or your cat can’t reach it. The additional litter box will reduce accidents and ensure that the house remains clean.

Get Clumping Litter

Whether you are a first-time cat owner or an experienced owner, cleaning the litter box can be less than ideal. Make sure to empty the litter box daily to prevent odor. You will need equipment to ensure your house remains odor-free for effective cleaning.

Image courtesy: Crazycatvideos/Instagram

Litter that clumps together will make your cleaning effortless and less demanding. It points you to the parts that need extra cleaning and ensures you don’t leave out any spots. When litter clumps together, it is easy to know when all the nooks and crannies are clean.

Use A Pheromone Diffuser

Cats also experience stress, and when stressed, they release pheromones. Things that can subject your cats to stress include getting a new cat or a change of environment. Owners must find ways to reduce their cats’ stress levels to keep them healthy.

Image courtesy: Axevalleyvets/Instagram

One way to help your cat reduce its stress is using a pheromone diffuser. If you want a healthy and happy cat, you need to help them maintain a reduced stress level. The diffuser produces vapors similar to the feline facial pheromones responsible for keeping cats relaxed.

Two Is Better Than One

Although cats look like they can get by on their own, they are loving and social animals. They act better when they have other pets that keep them company. Lonely cats are prone to stress, so get your cat a friend they can play with in your absence. 

Image courtesy: Furryfrintz/Instagram

A busy cat is not likely to be destructive. Therefore, getting company for your cat will also prevent them from destroying your items. Consider getting a kitten when adopting a new friend for your matured cat. This way, the adult cat will train the kitten.

Teach Your Cat To Give Their Paw

Dogs are perceived to be faster at learning to give their paws once trained. However, if you train your cats, you will be surprised at how easy and fast they will learn too. The time you spend training your cat also helps you bond more with your pet.

Image courtesy: Hummel_kruemel_und_co/Instagram

No one says no to yummy treats, even your cats. Use yummy treats to entice your cats during their training. Hold yummy treats with a familiar aroma in between your palm. Entice your cat with this treat to train them to give their paws. 

Keep Baby Wipes On Hand When Cleaning Up Cat Vomit

Just as humans puke when they are not feeling well, cats also vomit when in bad shape. Different things can make a cat vomit, like a diet change. Vomiting only becomes worrisome when it is persistent. Only then should you see a vet doctor.

Image courtesy: Kleenfant/Instagram

For proper cleaning of the mess cats create from vomiting, you will need baby wipes. The wipes are for removing all dirt from hands and surfaces. Give your cat food in moderation and use shallow plates so your cats can eat their food slowly; this will prevent vomiting.

Make DIY T-Shirt Cat Toys

Toys are a perfect way to keep your cat engaged and stimulated. Get creative with your cat’s toys, use different home items to build various toys. It will save you from spending money on expensive toys. For your DIYs, you can make use of old T-shirts.

Image courtesy: Muslinandmerlot/Pinterest

Use different color T-Shirts for their toys to entice your cat; bright colors are more appealing. Shred the t-shirts into pieces and tie them together to create a handy toy for your cat. If you don’t have worn-out T-shirts to use for the toy, you can ask your friends or hed to a second-hand shop.

DIY Hanging Window Basket Cat Perch

The saying, “as curious as a cat,” might explain why cats are always looking out to know what is happening. Get a window perch that your cat can sit in during the day to have a better view of the events going on around them. This will make sure that your cats are not bored.

Image Courtesy: Hymnsandverses/ Pinterest

Be creative with your DIY basket perch. Create one that suits the size of your cat and the colors of your home. Ensure the basket is comfortable for your cat by putting blankets in the basket to make it warm. Put the basket beside the window to give your cat a good view of the outside world.

Build a Catio for Your Cats

Catios are built for cats to enjoy the beautiful sights and smells of the outdoors. They are creative spaces made for your cats to relax and enjoy nature’s scenery. Cats who love staying indoors would also enjoy staying in a catio because it is a built-in from the security of their home.

Image courtesy: ourfairfieldhomeandgarden/Pinterest

Make sure the windows of your catio are transparent so that your cats will stay entertained. Put up the catio close to your house so you can keep an eye on your pets. Ensure you furnish the space to make sure your pet is comfortable and has fun in it.

Give Your Cat A Two-Syllable Name

It takes deliberate effort and creativity to derive fancy names for your children and pets. Go for short syllabic words instead of long phrases. We know you like calling your kitten Fluffy-Buffy-Bella-Baby, and maybe your cat responds even responds sometimes. However, we suggest you think of a shorter one.

Image courtesy: Cats_dailys1/Instagram

You will notice that your cat will respond better to a shorter name; choose one or two syllabic names. Give priority to words ending with the “ee” sound. For example, instead of calling her Fluffy-Buffy-Bella-Baby, call her just Fluffy or Buffy – it will be easier for both of you. 

Reduce Litter Box Odour Using Green Tea Or Baking Soda

Toilet training for cats is essential. You must ensure they don’t excrete waste in unwanted places like in corners of your home or on your clothes. After training, it is your responsibility to ensure that their litter box is always empty for them. Make sure you empty them as soon as they get filled. 

Image courtesy: Alain wacquier/Fotolia.com

You should know that litter can make your house smell awful if not adequately cleared out. To reduce the smell, you can drop baking soda or pieces of green tea leaves in the litter box. It will rectify the disturbing odor in the house.

Give Your Cat Some Climbing Space

Your cat might prefer climbing heights rather than staying on flat surfaces. To give room for your terrestrial furry friend, create spaces in your house for the cat to climb. Get items your cats can climb without spilling over or spoiling anything in your home.

Image courtesy: Maatenstorm/Instagram

Items like cat towers and shelves make sure that your domestic cats have something to keep them busy at all times. The climbing space allows your cats to use their excess energy to do something fun without distracting you. It will keep their brain stimulated and make them happy.

The Best Toys Are Simple Household Items

Highly active cats might use everything they see around like a toy to stay lively. Thankfully, they prefer simple items instead of fancy and expensive ones. So, your cat might appreciate playing with some of your household items more than the expensive toys.

Image courtesy: zeldakoz/ Instagram

Consider giving your cats items that you can easily find in your homes as toys. You will be surprised at how happy items like cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, and socks will make your cat’s day. Allow them to spend their excess energy tossing around these items.

Touch Their Paws

Although cats are affectionate animals sometimes, they can withdraw too. You might have noticed this while trying to trim or cover their claws. It might take a while because they keep retracting their paws. So, ensure you spend time with your cats to make them feel comfortable around you.

Image courtesy: Companions.petcare/Instagram

Once they are more comfortable around you, you should try to touch their paws in non-threatening circumstances. It will enable you to hold and play with their claws quickly whenever you need to. When your cat starts giving you its paws easily, it will trust you more and allow you to trim its claws without a fight.

Trim Your Cats Claws Or Get Them Caps

Cat’s claws are usually long because naturally, they are hunters. When cats have long nails, they can destroy your furniture and possibly injure your skin. Trimming your cat’s claws reduce its chances of damaging your furniture and any possible injuries to your skin.

Image courtesy: Pucca1018/Instagram

Ensure you learn how to cut cat claws properly or get the help of a professional to do it. Another safer option to look into to reduce the risk of damage to your cat’s nails is claw covers. Getting different colored claw caps will make your cat feel like it gets to take a weekly trip to the spa. 

Give Your Cat Running Water

Every creature needs water and can’t survive without an adequate water supply. Take your cat’s water needs as seriously as you take your own. Ensure you supply enough drinking water for your cats. Your cat will prefer a running water supply to a stagnant one because they can see the water source.

Image courtesy: Miaustore/Reddit

Therefore, instead of giving them water in a bowl, let them drink from a running source. Aside from ensuring that your cat drinks enough water, the running water would entice and distract it. Get a pet water fountain so the water will be running continuously without supervision.

Try To Vary Feeding Times

Habits are easy to develop once you abide by the routine strictly. Your cat already knows when and when not to expect food because they are used to the feeding schedule you’ve created. They know to only expect their meals in the morning and evening and has learnt to wait till then.

Image courtesy: Minipuzzi/Instagram

Specific eating patterns ensure your cats don’t harass you for food when it is not time. It also helps them get used to a healthy eating habit, specifically suitable for pets that overeat. However, you must never forget to give them their food when it is time.

Store Dry Food In A Cereal Container Or Plastic Jug

The way you store your cat’s meal is crucial. Protect the dry food from possible exposure to contaminations by storing them in tightly closed containers. You can use old cereal containers to store dry foods. Food contamination may cause health issues and digestion problems for your cat later.

Image courtesy: gettingitdoneorganizing

Storing your cat’s food in a container also makes serving it to them more manageable. When you use old containers to store dry food, you prevent it from becoming stale and keep it safe. It also helps you recycle and reuse old containers, which is a habit we all should cultivate.

Grow Your Own Catnip

Call it a cat best friend. Catnip is a must-have for all cat owners; it keeps cats content at all times. If you have catnip in your home, you can guarantee that your cats will stay happy even in your absence. Although most cats love catnip, some cats don’t.

Image courtesy: Sandyamandy/Reddit

Catnip is a minty plant with both stimulating and sedative effects. Cats get stimulated when they smell it and sedated when they eat it. They typically get hyperactive and roll around once they know they’re about to have some catnip. However, overconsumption of catnip can cause side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Remove Cat Hair With Duct Tape

You can call duct tape the ultimate essential for everything; they have numerous uses in offices and homes. Actors mostly use it to tie down their captives in movies but, it has several other advantages. One of which is to remove remnant hair traces on surfaces.

Image courtesy: no_self_control22

Cats shed mostly on your pillows, sheets and couch. A great way to remove this hair is by using duct tape. Place the sticky side of the duct tape on the surface that has the hair and remove it. Do this regularly to reduce the amount of hair usually found on these surfaces.

Train Your Cat With Treats

Most people believe that you cannot train cats like dogs, but this isn’t true. Training your cats requires specific techniques like reinforcement, which help teach good behaviors and discourage the bad ones. Include rewards and treats in your training that entices and encourages your cat to do better.

Image courtesy: antonella werder/Instagram

Start the training by teaching your cat how to do a high five – trust us, this will entertain you! Reward the cat every time its paw touches your hand; this will encourage them to try harder. After proper practice, your cat will learn to high five you anytime.

Buy An Air Filter

Cats are good company, but they can also make your house uncomfortable if they bring you “presents” from the outdoors. You will need to keep your home safe from these invasions because they could be damaging. Get an air filter that purifies the air and ensure your home remains fresh.

Image courtesy: Hfi_performence/ instagram

The air filter will clean up the environment by preventing dust and insects from surviving in the house. It will make the air in your home safe for breathing and prevent diseases. Ensure that the air filter is always on so that your house is not left vulnerable at any point.

Leave Your Cat Carrier Out

It might take several hours of training before your cats get used to the idea of going into their carrier. They might initially find it strange and uncomfortable, such that they throw tantrums when you put them in it. And, this will make it hard to use this means of transportation.

Image courtesy: Dobby2013_daily/Instagram

To erase the phobia cats has for carriers, you need to take measures to ensure they feel homely in it. Strategically leave the carrier in a place in the house so that your cats can easily access it. It will enable the cat to sniff and even sit in it regularly, creating less anxiety when it needs to be used to go somewhere.

Take Your Time Introducing Other Pets

Generally, pets are territorial, so you have to introduce your cat to new pets you bring into the house. You have to do this properly so that the pets won’t end up fighting like “cats and dogs.” A proper introduction will lessen the tension between them.

Image courtesy: Mikushka2017/Instagram

Introducing your cat to new pets requires strategic planning. Start by putting the new animal in a smaller room. Let them stay in this room for a few days, then introduce them during mealtime. Let them eat at a shoulder distance from each other.

Buy Pet Insurance

As humans, we buy insurance to protect our health and properties from unforeseen incidences that can leave us helpless. Likewise, you should consider getting insurance for your pets to reduce the stress you undergo whenever they fall sick. Health insurance also covers clinic bills and, this helps you save costs.

Image courtesy: lyrabiteybengal/Instagram

Look for the best insurance company that can adequately handle your cat’s insurance. Choose one with the best offers for your cat to enjoy optimum treatments. There are monthly subscriptions attached to such bundles. You can also check if your company’s employee benefit includes pet insurance. 

Old Hairbrush? Zip Tie It To The Leg Of A Chair

Shedding of hair might look like a never-ending phase for your cat, and this may frustrate you. It is necessary to continuously find ways to reduce shedding in your cat and furry friends. Old hairbrushes help reduce the hair on your cat’s body.

Image courtesy: Ramblingroze/Reddit

Tie an old brush to the leg of your chair and teach your cats how to use it. Cats can rub their body against it and get some of their hair off. This is a creative way to reduce shedding in your cat. Also, it takes little to no significant effort.

Make A Cat Toy From An Empty Toilet Roll

When your toilet paper finishes, don’t be in a hurry to throw out the empty toilet roll. You can make something that will entice your cat with it; think of a rewarding puzzle game. Hide treats in the empty roll and let your cats have fun finding and enjoying the snacks.

Image courtesy: Emmascatsitting/Instagram

Close both ends of the toilet roll before giving it to your pet. They will have to find a way to open the roll to get the snacks out. It is a fun game that will stimulate and engage your cats mentally.

Use Rubber Gloves As A Pet Hair Remover

Furry pets leave traces of hair that might be difficult to clean on your furniture and surfaces. As a furry pet owner, you will need to clean surfaces that your pet regularly uses to remove the hair. A regular cleaning pattern will make your house completely hair-free.

Image courtesy: Joe Lingerman/Pinterest

Rubber gloves are effective in removing hair from furniture and other surfaces. Once you wear the gloves, get ready to clean your house using your hands quickly. You can also use gloves when dampened. Some gloves come with built-in scrubbers and scouring pads!

Make A DIY Cat Ladder Fort

Cats enjoy climbing surfaces, which is why they climb up your desk or kitchen table. Having a cat ladder around will give them the chance to climb tirelessly. However, rather than buying a ladder from the store, you can create a DIY ladder for them.

Image courtesy: Buzzfeed/Pinterest

Awaken your creative spirit and get into action to create a ladder for your cat. With some nails, a wooden step ladder, area mat, sisal rope, non-toxic wood glue, your cat’s bed, and a ‘wand’ toy. Then watch an explanatory video on creating a durable ladder for your cat.

Grow Cat Grass Without Dirt

Cats are naturally attracted to grass, whether they live indoors or outdoors. So aside from the balanced diet, you feed them, they might need cat grass to stay healthy. You might need to grow cat grass in your home for your cat’s consumption. 

Image courtesy: healthstartsinthekitchen/Pinterest

Thankfully, your cat grass can now thrive indoors on minimal light, rye, barley, wheat and oat seeds without any dirt. Get a low-wide glass jar, organic wheatgrass seeds, unbleached paper towels and water to plant your cat grass. Let it sit for 7-10 days. Afterwards, your cat will enjoy it!