Glow Up Don’ts: 40+ Shameful Beauty Practices We Should All Quit Doing

By Jhoana C

This article was originally published on withmyladies

We know everyone expects women to be dainty, elegant, and of course, clean creatures. And while most try hard to maintain some of these expectations, not all women have commendable hygiene practices. In fact, some of them have questionable habits, while others can be downright filthy. They pop their zits, use their fingers to apply makeup, and don’t wash their hair as frequently as they should.

Today we have gathered filthy feminine practices every woman, including ourselves, has been guilty of at least once in their life. After going through the list, we expect you to say goodbye to these filthy habits and start anew. We guarantee that you will have better skin, bouncier hair, and even look and feel happier when you eliminate these bad habits.

#1 Picking dried mascara

One of the grossest habits many women are guilty of is picking dried mascara off their lashes. What’s worse is that some even flick it off afterward. Why would you do that? Are you just bored, or is it a force of habit?

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Not only will this make people stay as far away from you as possible, but it’s also not a habit that will result in long, thick, and healthy eyelashes. So, if you want naturally stunning lashes, avoid pulling or picking at them.

#2 Popping pimples

As tempting as it can be, popping your pimples is a major no-no. Haven’t we already told you that you should keep your hands away from your face? Leave your pimples and just let them be. If you need them flattened urgently, see a dermatologist who can inject something in them.

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Popping your pimples can lead to infection and a bad case of scarring, which is something you don’t want because we are certain no one wants to look like they have craters on their faces. So, unless you want to look like that, keep your hands away from your face.

#3 Relying too much on dry shampoo

While it’s true that dry shampoo is a lifesaver, it shouldn’t be abused. It may be able to absorb dirt, grease, and oil on your scalp, but you can’t rely on only that for a year. Certain situations require more than dry shampoo.

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Dermatologists recommend washing your hair at least once or twice per week. However, if you’ve had chemical treatments, you might want to wash your hair less than once weekly to avoid making it brittle. Also, remember to lay off on styling treatments as much as possible.

#4 Not having proper oral hygiene

No matter how attractive a person is, their attractiveness automatically falls to zero if they don’t have proper oral hygiene. There’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with someone who has stinky breath. Good luck with having a good time after that!

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No one would want to be close to or intimate with someone who has rotting teeth or gums. So, if you want people to come near you instead of driving them away, you better brush and floss your teeth and visit your dentist regularly. Sounds easy enough, but it requires discipline.

#5 Scraping your teeth

We all want pearly whites since nothing can be more unattractive than yellowish and stained teeth. Those will quickly drive your admirers away! However, DIY scraping is something that you must avoid at all costs. Scraping helps remove plaque and dirt from your teeth, but it should only be done by a professional.

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At-home plaque scrapers are widely available, but when not used properly, they can lead to gum recession, infection, tooth sensitivity, and other mouth injuries. To avoid this, brush and floss regularly and only allow your dentist to do the scraping.

#6 Reeking of BO

Appalling body odor is one thing you don’t want to greet you during your early morning commute because it will absolutely ruin your day. Similarly, you don’t want to be the person ruining someone else’s day because of body odor.

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Use deodorant generously, especially if you notice yourself smelling not quite right after a few hours of activity. Various types of deodorants are available nowadays, so make sure you select one that doesn’t have a lot of chemicals and suits your needs.

#7 Forgetting to scrape your tongue

Tongue scraping during brushing has a lot of benefits to offer, including removing excess debris, preventing bad breath, removing bacteria, promoting a better sense of taste, and boosting overall health. Clearly, it is an essential part of oral hygiene that can’t be skipped.

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Tongue scrapers are cheap and readily available. Additionally, the process doesn’t take long, so there is no reason not to do it. Experts recommend scraping your tongue at least once a day after brushing, either in the morning or evening.

#8 Sharing mascara with friends

Makeup should not be shared with others, no matter how close you are to them. Trust us when we say that it’s not worth the risk. Dealing with an eye infection isn’t fun, especially when you have an important presentation at work.

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Mascara isn’t that expensive, so make sure you have one for yourself and don’t share it with others. Granted, makeup can cost a lot of money, especially popular brands, but some of them are an investment. A trip to the doctor because of an infection is not worth scrimping cash on makeup.

#9 Using cotton pads more than once

If you need to scrimp on something in your hygiene products, be it anything at all, please don’t do so on cotton pads or Q-tips. These things are meant to be used once and then thrown away, and you have no business reusing them because of GERMS!

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Need we say more? Apparently, we do because there are some people out there who think that it’s a good idea to reuse them. Good for you if you don’t belong to this group, but if you do, consider this the sign you need to change your ways.

#10 Scrutinizing nose and pore strips

If you haven’t bought or used one of the many nose or pore strips available now, you are certainly in the minority because everyone we know has used them. Some brands have products that do an excellent job of ridding your nose of blackheads and whiteheads.

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However, some people go beyond cleaning the grime on the skin of their noses. They like looking at the strips and even inspecting them with their hands! We’d rather just throw them straight into the bin because what’s the point? Perhaps we’ll take a brief glance, but that’s it!

#11 Picking your nose and flicking your boogers

Do we even have to explain this? Not only does this disgusting habit have something to do with hygiene, but it also says a lot about your manners. We doubt anyone would want to be on the receiving end of a flying booger!

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If you must clean your nose, please do it in private, preferably in your own bathroom. We understand that there are times when it can be very tempting to pick your nose, even in public, but please find a private place to do that. Or simply don’t pick your nose!

#12 Sharing hair brushes

Aside from not sharing toothbrushes, makeup, and makeup brushes, you should also never share hairbrushes. You might think that’s over the top, but hairbrushes can be home to microbes and contaminants that can be transmitted from one person to another.

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Experts say that hair brushes shouldn’t even be shared among family members, let alone friends and strangers. And oh, don’t forget to clean your hair brushes too. They deserve some love and care, too, and fortunately, cleaning doesn’t take up too much time.

#13 Not washing your hands before touching your face

If you can’t help but use your hands when applying makeup on your face, like wearing foundation, you better wash your digits first. There’s a reason why you’re advised to keep your hands away from your face, and that’s primarily because they are often filthy.

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The last thing you want to do is spread germs on your face with your unwashed hands. The best thing to do is to buy yourself quality makeup brushes and use them whenever you need to get glammed up. Just make sure you clean them regularly.

#14 Biting your nails

If you can keep your hands away from your face, you can also keep your mouth away from your nails. Some people have this unsanitary habit of biting their nails either out of nervous energy or stress, which leads to damaged and ugly nails.

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If you want your digits to look as fabulous as they possibly can, lay off the nail-biting. Keep them short and trimmed because when you have shorter nails, there is less temptation to bite them. As a last resort, you can apply bitter-tasting nail polish.

#15 Drying your skin by rubbing it with a towel

Skin is most sensitive on the face because of how exposed it is and the multiple products used on it. Drying your skin is something that comes naturally to many people, and you can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of people dry their skin, even their face, by rubbing it with a towel.

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Although not as gross as some of the other habits on the list, it’s still something that’s not recommended because it soaks up moisture and can leave your skin irritated. What you should do instead is pat your skin dry.

#16 Sleeping with makeup on

This is one of the major beauty sins that a lot of women are guilty of. Never, ever sleep with your makeup on. Your skin needs to breathe and rest at night, and it won’t be able to do that if your face is covered in layers of makeup.

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When you sleep with makeup on, it mixes with dirt and oil that’s built up on your face throughout the day. This later leads to clogged pores, and we all know that clogged pores mean breakouts. Yikes! We know it’s the last thing you want to do after a fun night but see it through!

#17 Not organizing your makeup

Yes, this is not as gross as the other things on the list, but hey, if you don’t organize your makeup, you still deserve to be called out. Making sure all your products are in their rightful place will help you save time each morning.

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Plus, they also look a lot better when arranged as opposed to just being left all over the place. If you need some inspiration, just go on Pinterest, and you will find tons of great ideas there for storing and organizing makeup products.

#18 Scrubbing yourself too much

While it’s true that you need to shower and scrub yourself to get rid of dirt and ensure that you are clean, there is such a thing as scrubbing too much. This is a bad thing because it gets rid of the body’s natural oils.

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Instead of scrubbing so hard, what you need to do instead is use a washcloth. You can’t and shouldn’t avoid showering altogether, but you can choose to be gentle and easy when scrubbing yourself clean. Don’t get too carried away.

#19 Relying on makeup wipes to thoroughly clean your face

Makeup wipes are a lifesaver when you need to get rid of makeup fast and quickly, but they shouldn’t be substituted for washing your face. Your entire cleansing routine should not consist of only makeup wipes because they aren’t sufficient to clean your face after a day out.

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Makeup wipes only get rid of dirt on the surface, and that is not enough when it comes to having clean skin. Opt for a gentle cleanser that has as few chemicals as possible and use it to clean your face. Or use plain water instead.

#20 Using expired makeup

Makeup, just like canned goods, has a specific time frame for when it can be used. That date is there for a purpose, so be guided accordingly. The expiry dates on these goods are not just put there on a whim by makeup companies.

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They are for you to know until what date you can use the makeup and when you should throw it away. Putting expired makeup products on your face can result in a lot of avoidable disasters. The last thing you want is to have an allergic reaction because your makeup is past the use-by date.

#21 Exfoliating too much

People are divided over exfoliation; one group says that it is beneficial since it helps in removing dirt build-up and allows the skin to retain a healthy glow, while the other says it is not necessary and will only irritate the skin.

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Exfoliating is beneficial only when done properly and when using the right products. Those microbeads may give you a tingly and uber-clean sensation, but they are not good for your skin and the environment. So, be careful and ensure not to use them too frequently.

#22 Using too much heat on your hair

Using too much heat when styling your hair and using it too frequently is going to damage your hair eventually. Exposure to high heat will change the shape of your mane’s keratin strands, which leads to brittle and weaker hair.

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Use heat sparingly, and don’t go overboard when you use it. Heat protection spray is available for a little protection, but if you can, skip the heat and let your hair dry naturally, especially if you’re just going to be at home in your pajamas.

#23 Using your fingers to put makeup on your face

Before makeup brushes, people pretty much dipped their fingers into products and used them to apply makeup on their faces. That might sound easier and quicker, but it is not very hygienic. If you don’t want dirt on your face, don’t use your fingers to apply makeup.

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A lot of women are still guilty of doing this, especially if they need to do a quick touchup job, but what’s the purpose of your expensive makeup brushes? Plus, you don’t want to be spreading germs from your fingers to your products and back to your face. It’s like a filthy cycle.

#24 Picking chipped nail polish

Getting a manicure is one of the ultimate treats for any girl out there. It always gives our hearts joy when we look at freshly cleaned and painted nails. However, nail polish starts chipping in a week or two, so what do you do when this happens?

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Do you pick your nails, or do you scrub them with nail polish remover? The most sensible thing to do is the latter, but some people prefer to do the former either out of habit or because they are bored. What group do you fall under?

#25 Using excessive hair products

Your hair is your crowning glory, and that’s why you must treat it with love and care. As strong as you may think your hair is, it still has a breaking point, pun intended. And this usually happens when you use too much or too many products.

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Aside from styling products, excessive use of hair dryers and curlers can also lead to brittle and dry hair. All in all, when it comes to hair, moderation is key. Find out the kind of products your hair responds to and just use them when necessary.

#26 Not cleaning your bathroom

Though we go into the bathroom to scrub ourselves clean, it isn’t always the cleanest part of the house. Just because water runs in the bath, people often think it’s enough to keep the place clean. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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You need to scrub the tiles because dirt and grime can build up easily. What if you have guests over, and they happen to need the bathroom or toilet? What are they gonna think and say about you? Avoid any kind of embarrassment by heeding our advice.

#27 Using makeup testers

Makeup testers allow women everywhere to check if the makeup they want looks good on them or if the product is the right shade. However, they are also breeding grounds for bacteria. After all, countless people use them to check different products.

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How many hands have gone through the product before yours? If you really think about it, it sounds quite icky, right? You’re not even sure if they washed their hands or where their hands were before touching the makeup. Be safe out there, guys!

#28 Using saliva to ‘clean’

Our mothers have done this before, and there’s a big probability that you also do it sometimes. A little spit goes a long way in ‘cleaning’ smudges, crusts, and stains. Well, at least that’s what generations of women before thought.

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But we’re here to tell you that it isn’t okay to use spit for cleaning. Use makeup wipes or cotton with water. Even if someone tells you that saliva has healing properties, please don’t use it to clean makeup smudges off your face.

#29 Not removing eyeliner before going to sleep

The perfect cat eyeliner doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes hours of practice and patience, and the moment you line your eyes perfectly, it can feel like winning the jackpot! Congratulations on your achievement! But no matter how great it looks, you still have to remove it.

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Yes, you have to remove your eyeliner before going to sleep, just like makeup. If you dread doing that, then you can look into getting one of those eyeliner tattoos but make sure you go to someone highly recommended and reliable.

#30 Failing to wash your pillowcase for a long time

We have no issues with people using their pillowcases for a long time as long as they wash said pillowcases regularly. But it’s another story if they leave the pillowcase on the pillow for several months before they get to washing them.

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Your pillowcase accumulates a lot of dirt, sweat, and oils, so it’s not the cleanest of surfaces in the home. That being said, we are guilty of only washing our pillowcases after several weeks have passed, so we’re going to put this as one of our new year’s resolutions.

#31 Threading your chin hairs

Hair has become something that’s hated in modern times, especially by women. Most advertisements will have you believe that women are supposed to be hairless and that those who have hair on their faces, legs, armpits, and the nether regions should be ashamed of themselves.

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While it’s completely fine to want to be hair-free, we don’t recommend threading your chin hairs, or you will end up like this lady. Ask your dermatologist for the most suitable ways of getting rid of hair permanently if it becomes too bothersome.

#32 Going with the clumpy eyelash look

While some people avoid clumpy eyelashes like it’s the plague, a few prefer that kind of look, and for the love of all that is holy, we don’t understand why at all. Why would you want to leave home with your lashes looking like spider legs?

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We’re not sure if something’s wrong with us because we just can’t get behind this look even after supermodel Adriana Lima said she likes it so much. When we look at this, the only thing we want to do is clean it all off.

#33 Not cleaning your ear and earrings

We’re not talking about cleaning the inside of your ears. We are referring to cleaning the holes in your ears where earrings go, as well as the earrings. Why? Because when earrings are left in the ears for a long time, they begin to smell.

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Aside from the smell, they also begin to accumulate dirt, so make it a point to clean them regularly. To clean earrings, whether they are made of silver, gold, or other materials, just get some saline solution, soak them, and brush them, and you’ll be good.

#34 Not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly

You’re probably aware that makeup brushes don’t clean themselves; they actually need you to clean them! Gasp! But why are you not doing it still? It doesn’t take a lot of time. You just need a good makeup brush cleaner and less than 30 minutes to ensure they are spick and span.

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Makeup brushes accumulate dirt, grime, and bacteria, and you don’t want to spread that on your clean face daily. If you love your skin, clean your makeup brushes at least weekly or every two weeks if you can’t manage to do it often.

#35 Using your razors for too long

Because today’s society dictates that women should be as hairless as humanly possible, it’s not unusual to find razors in a woman’s bathroom cabinet. In their busyness and because of the demands of life’s demands, some women forget to even check, much less change their razors.

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Using razors frequently without changing them can lead to them being clogged and dirty. Ideally, razor blades must be changed after 5 to 10 shaves, but ask any woman, and they will tell you they are well beyond that number and still using the same razor.

#36 Trying out all the skincare fads

The internet gives people so much information at the tip of their fingers, and it is quite useful for research. However, you shouldn’t take everything on it as the gospel truth because most of the time, what you see there is not tried and tested.

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Such is the case when it comes to skincare products. Not everything advertised on the Internet works, and not everything you see will work on your skin. After all, your skin differs from someone else’s, and what works for them might not work for you. Better go straight to a dermatologist if you need help.

#37 Prevent crusty lips

Winter can be brutal on your skin, hair, and lips. Lips, especially, tend to get dry the colder it gets. So, it’s important to always have some Chapstick with you and hand cream to prevent dryness on your hands and chapped lips.

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Please don’t chew on your crusty lips because not only is it unsightly, but it’s also damaging to them. It can be weirdly satisfying, but what are the people in front of you going to think or say? Do you want to be forever described as the woman with crusty lips? We know we don’t!

#38 Putting off cleaning your brushes

Some people may not think it’s important to clean hair brushes, but it is just as essential as cleaning your makeup brushes. Have you ever seen someone using a dirty hairbrush? Disgusting, right? So, don’t be the kind of person who puts off doing this simple task.

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Remove the hair from the bristles and use a gentle shampoo and warm water to clean dirt and residue from the hair brushes. Your hair will thank you later because it doesn’t have to suffer through having dirt transferred to it every time you comb or brush.

#39 Not letting your beauty blender dry thoroughly

Invented in 2002 by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, the beauty blender is an egg-shaped tool used to blend makeup. Most women on the planet have heard of it, as it has become an indispensable part of a sensible makeup kit.

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If you want your beauty blender to last, you need to make sure it’s thoroughly dried before you put it back into your makeup bag. Not only will this help it retain its shape, but it will also minimize moisture transfer to your other makeup.

#40 Sharing toothbrushes

If you’re guilty of this, then we’re to tell you that you’ve reached the zenith of grossness. How do you even think that the idea of using a brush that someone else has put in their mouth is ok? It’s often said that sharing is caring, but not when it comes to toothbrushes.

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When traveling or spending the night in someone else’s home, make sure you pack a toothbrush. You don’t want to wake up and smell like something died in your mouth. If you forget to pack one, you can chew on a cinnamon stick as a quick remedy.

Filing Nails In The Wrong Direction

When it comes to nails, different people prefer different lengths. As such, those who keep their longer prefer to leave a large portion of nail care to their manicurists. However, since not everyone can do that, there’s also a significant number of people who do their nails at home.

Image courtesy of Natallia Mikulich/Shutterstock

If you fall in this group, you probably own a nail file. But how exactly do you file your nails? Doing it back and forth, which most of us are guilty of, causes micro tears. You’re therefore advised to file in one direction in single strokes, then do the middle part as the final step.