Learn How To Vase-Wipe Your Lotion On Almost Everything: 50+ Uses For Vaseline

By Aileen D

Who knew that Vaseline can be essential? Not only is it great for removing and applying make-up, but it can keep you from getting infections and windburn. That’s right! That single bottle of petroleum jelly is basically a lifesaver. The great thing about this product is that you can stash it away in your medicine cabinet or your bag. For women, it means a couple of bottles less to cram inside their travel kit. And it could also spell the difference between a cold night in the woods or a bonfire in the wild. This purified form of petroleum jelly does not contain any harmful ingredients. So go ahead and get yourself a little tub of the stuff, and get ready to learn just how much you’ve been missing out.

Look At Yourself In Your Shoes

One of the ways to differentiate someone who’s dependable from someone who isn’t, is to look at their shoes. A person with mirror-shine shoes reflects to those around them someone who is detail-oriented and organized. In the modern world, that’s considered a big plus to have.

Image Courtesy of Kirby Allison

Your usual go-tos would be Saphir Mirror Gloss, Boot Black Japan, or Angellus. But if you find these tin cans empty, you could always use a couple drops of Vaseline. Use a cotton chamois to keep fiber from coming loose and getting trapped in your shoes. Smudge a pea-sized drop of Vaseline on the cloth and then rub it over the length of your shoe. Buff like you would. To add an extra sheen, you can use a blow-dryer to help melt the oil.

Sticky Situation

No one has survived middle-high without having gum stuck to their hair. You might have forgotten that you were chewing on one when you passed out, or you might have been the pitiful victim of a prank. But one thing is for sure — it’s a sticky situation!

Image Courtesy of Kids Activities Blog

Squeeze a generous amount of Vaseline on your palm and then run your palm over the section of hair where that gum is wedged in. Try to feel the edges of the gum. Slowly peel (but don’t yank) downwards. Another option would be to place ice (or a cold soda can) over the gum.

Loving Those Pumpkin Heads

Let’s face it — Halloween is one of the best events in a year. You can dress up, make-believe and scare your next-door neighbors just for fun. Plus you get treats in exchange for petty tricks. Don’t get us started on decorations. Carving pumpkin heads is the absolute best!

Image Courtesy of viewhdpicture

The only sad thing about Halloween is that it’s a couple of days long. That means your pumpkin heads are only as good as All Hallow’s Mass. You would want to carve them just in time for the celebration — not too early and not too late. But not to worry: if you apply a thin layer of Vaseline over the pumpkin head, it might live until a couple of weeks later.

Throwback To When We Used CDs

We’re the sentimental type. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have a stack of CDs and DVDs on our bedroom shelves. These memorabilia bring us back to the early 2000s when bejeweled track pants were a thing. But we have to take cautions when handled our CDs, lest they get scratched.

Image Courtesy of Nanoresort

CDs are meant to be handled by the outer edge or the center hole. But you might have experienced scratching its underside. It might have fallen out of your hands and unto the floor. Gently blow off any dirt from the underside, and then gently wipe a thin layer of Vaseline on the back of the disc. Wipe with a clean cloth.

Want S’Mores

No camping trip is complete without melted Hershey’s chocolate bars, gooey marshmallows, and graham crackers. But first, you would have to set up a campfire. If you’re like us, you would have someone take over. We can’t count the number of matchboxes we have blazed through trying to get a fire started. One hack we’ve learned is to pack some Vaseline.

Image Courtesy of Mona Giza

Scoop some of that jelly with the use of a cotton ball. Make sure that it’s fully slathered. Place the cotton ball on the end of a wooden stick, and light the cotton end. Once lit, you have roughly four minutes to set fire to dried leaves, and wood. Enjoy those S’mores!

Hydrate The Skin

Dry skin patches — just the thought of them makes us shudder. There are a lot of reasons why you might suffer from one. You might find yourself getting one of these due to the low moisture in the air in the wintertime. Luckily, there’s Vaseline to lock in moisture.

Image Courtesy of Value Your Body

First, try to assess the area of damage. Dry skin patches may look like fish scales, and these can be found in bony areas, elbows or lower legs. Dab some of that jelly unto your skin and rub it in clockwise. You can wear socks over feet, or gloves over your hands to aid moisture retention.

Looking Classy

We like our furniture kind of how we like wine — aged. However, buying antique furniture in the market can be expensive. You also have the issue of dust mites, bed bugs and fleas. So how do you distress your furniture by yourself? Prep the area by giving yourself some room to move around in. Place newspaper at the bottom of the furniture and remove metal hardware or knobs.

Image Courtesy of trendedecor.com

Put your back into it, sand the surface of the furniture. Concentrate on areas which may appear too “coarse” or “hard” for you. Then wipe away the dust. Apply a base coat; let dry completely and then wipe a handful of petroleum jelly over the furniture. Lastly, apply wax and a top layer of paint. Place that masterpiece in the bedroom or the living room!

Get It Off!

You might have had trouble removing your ring before washing the dishes. There are a lot of hacks to get it off…temporarily. You could run your ring finger through water and then rub soap or oil over it. Another great alternative is to use Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Image Courtesy of askix.com

Hopefully that Vaseline alone will do the trick, but just in case, put some ice on top of it for a few minutes to help the jelly congeal. Tug slowly until the ring comes off. But don’t force it off. It’s harder to move a ring through an inflamed finger.

Make Your Own Body Bath

Treat yourself to a bath and body session with this DIY hack, which is also not going to make a dent in your wallet. Mix 2 tablespoons of Vaseline to 1 tablespoon of sea salt. Mix well and then rub it over your skin. Leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Image Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

You could prep this mix as a gift for someone, or for storage on your toilet sink. Just use the same 2:1 ratio. Then place in a clean glass jar. You could tie a ribbon on it, and place a small note for your loved one. It should last them a month or more.

Gimme A Smooch!

When doing your skincare regimen, make sure that you don’t overlook your lips. They’re one of your best assets. Channel the Angelina Jolie within by moisturizing your lips and drinking adequate glasses of water each day. That should help lock in moisture and give you an added oomph when giving someone a smooch.

Image Courtesy of Ashley Brooke Nicholas

Open the lid, and dab a small amount of Vaseline lip therapy cream on those puckers. We suggest that you use your pinky fingers; it’s probably bound to be the cleanest finger of the bunch. Apply as often as needed, especially before bedtime.

Vamp Your Look

Take it from make-up artists — your face is a blank easel and your make-up is paint. You can create a totally different persona, or convey a message with a few dabs and contours. Just like paintings, you can preserve the artwork by using Vaseline.

Image Courtesy of Style Caster

Its sheen can help transform powdered make-up into a metallic product or cream. Alternatively, and particularly if you’re prone to dry skin, you can use Vaseline as a primer. It will help create a smooth surface over which you can apply your foundation on.

Give Them Some Paw-tection

Like us, our fur buddies need a little pedicure from time to time. Now, we’re not just talking about having their nails filed, groomed and painted. They need paw treatment and therapy too. Those paws are prone to cracking due to the icy weather and the rock salt found on the ground.

Image Courtesy of Pet Guide

If you spot any blisters on them, wash his paws with a germicidal soap then cover it with a bandage. If there aren’t any open wounds, we suggest that you cleanse his paws and rub Vaseline jelly over them like you would on your hand. You wouldn’t want him licking them off, now don’t you?

Eau De Cologne To Parfum

You are only as good as you smell. So choosing the right eau de cologne can spell the difference between a single date or a partner of a lifetime. Personally, we have nothing against cheaper perfumes. All it really boils down is how long these give off our unique scent.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/Jeremy Perfume

If you don’t want to reapply perfume, go for one which has the strongest base version. Sure, there are exceptions. One of them is where you spritz the cologne and whether or not you apply it directly to your skin. If you would like to spray some of that eau de cologne there, it will last longer given the oil base.

No Pain Liniments, No Problem

This is an absolute conversation starter. Women were huddled around the corner complaining of dysmenorrhea. One had been guarding her stomach all morning and one frequently drank medicine for it. The other said, I can’t even tell what hurts anymore. It’s like everything hurts, including my back!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/hands_of_apollo_massage

Of course, she could have applied a warm compress to her abdomen. There are a lot of pain liniments on the market she could have used on her back. But in case, you want the same effect without the nauseating smell, place two spoonfuls of Vaseline on a plate, microwave it for two minutes and apply it on sore points.

Line Your Room With Mirrors

Tools of Titans author Tim Ferriss narrated that when he visited Kanye West’s home, he saw a great picture of Kanye West hanging in the living room wall. Tim asked the rapper, why do you have your face on the wall? Kanye replied, I gotta cheer for myself before anyone does. So if you’re planning to affirm yourself daily, line the room with mirrors!

Image Courtesy of Wood Floor Popular/Blogspot

It’s way cheaper than having a portrait hung of you on the wall. Plus it makes the room look bigger than it really is. Don’t stop there, buff that floor so well that you can see your reflection in it. Use Vaseline. With its essential oils, it’s not only guaranteed to shine well but to smell amazing.

Shed Those Extra Pounds

As in life, you can put in effort but you have to work smart to achieve maximal results. That means designing a workout routine that works for you and doesn’t feel like a chore. So experiment with cardio, weight-training, or interval training. And make sure to do this next step.

Image Courtesy of Argos

Generously apply Vaseline over your skin. Pay extra attention to areas you would want to sculpt. Then with a meter’s length of saran wrap, enclose the area and secure the ends. Remember, you should still be able to move and breathe.

Keep Soap Off Your Eyes

It’s bath time. You hold your kid’s towel in one hand and a ruler in the other. Just kidding. You have got a shampoo bottle in the other hand. Your kid peeks at you from under the covers. She doesn’t want to bathe. She still wants to read books under the makeshift tent she made. Promise I’ll tell you a story in the tub. She obligingly trudges to the bath.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/Heidi

She might be the type to play in her bath. So while pouring water over her head, she might complain of getting soap in her eyes. Mums, apply a thin layer of Vaseline over her eyes and eyebrows. That should keep the suds off those baby blue eyes and bath time easier for you both.

Get Uninterrupted Sleep

The worst thing to wake up from are noisy hinges, especially in the dead of the night. Think about it. You’re sleeping lightly and then you hear an unfamiliar creak in the room. Your mind races, and before you know it you’re sitting dazedly in bed. Just what was that?

Image Courtesy of howtobuildit.org

We can’t fault anyone for needing to go to the bathroom midnight. So either we repair those hinges or apply some oil on them. You don’t have to head to the hardware. You cold always just smear petroleum jelly on those hinges, or use a spoonful of Vaseline. Apply more until you’re satisfied that you can go to sleep uninterrupted.

Sporting The Mr. Darcy Look

If you have observed, fads go in and out of style depending on the decade. In the ’80s, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in the street with a styled moustache. But just as they do with every generation, today’s facial hair fads have shifted drastically.

Image Courtesy of The Men’s Attitude

So they will sit atop the barber’s chair and look expectantly at the stylist. Who do you want to be, says the latter. Make me look like Mr. Darcy. And he spread the black sheet over you, impressed with your style of choice. You could always just fashion your mustache the same way with a dollop of Vaseline.

Take Care Of Your Piercings

Why do so many people stan piercings? If you place a stud, a hole or a ring in the right place, it will help frame your face — the same way artists do with makeup. Show off those assets! But having piercings come with risks. You would need to clean the jewelry and the hole frequently.

Image Courtesy of Very Well Health

If you had just gotten a new piercing, then we suggest that you leave the earring on for a couple of days. Clean the jewelry after the first week and then reinsert. If you have trouble doing so, apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the jewelry and then try again. Watch out for warm, tender and itchy skin. That means you should give the skin a much-needed break.

Smooth, Clear Skin

Ever ran your finger through the bridge of your nose? How does it feel – is it coarse and bumpy, or is it smooth? For those who can read braille with their blackheads, not to worry. We have got a nifty hack to remove them, without breaking the bank!

Image Courtesy of uol.com.br

Cleanse your face with water and soap. Then pat dry with a soft towel. That should help get rid of any debris or clogged pores. Second, coat specific areas of your face with Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Afterwards, cover your skin with a plastic wrap. Leave it overnight and wash your face upon getting out of bed.

Keep Ants From Beating Your Dog To Treats

With the loyalty and companionship our dog provides us, it’s only right that we reward him with treats. We will pull their dog bowl towards us, fill it to the brim and call our doggos. They sure love those treats; unfortunately, so do ants. Sometimes, those critters even beat them to it.

Image Courtesy of Mom 4 Real

If there’s one thing you should know about ants, it’s that they locate food through smell. Their bodies are basically ridden with smell receptors. To mask the scent of those dog treats, you can place the bowl in a larger dish containing water, or coat the outer parts of the bowl with Vaseline. That should throw them off.

No Nicks, No Cuts

If there’s anything that’s unsightly about men, it’s seeing their face ridden with nicks from shaving. How are women supposed to kiss their faces when it’s red, splotchy, and tender to touch? We know men have a reputation for not being the best listeners, but will they listen to their wives’ advice on this matter?

Image Courtesy of YouTube/Gillette

Before shaving, apply a thin coat of Vaseline over bearded areas, then shave accordingly. Should you nick yourself, clean the area with water and apply a small amount of Vaseline over the wound. That should help to stop the bleeding.

Prolong Your Car’s Battery Life

There are a few hacks our mechanic has taught us. One of them is this – apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly on your car battery. Say what? The waxy texture helps keep it dry. Without liquid pouring into it, it’s less prone to corrode over time.

Image Courtesy of Your Mechanic

First things first: be sure your car is turned off and its battery is cool enough to handle. Don’t get burned as you disconnect the terminals. Squeeze a small amount of Vaseline on a smooth surface, dab a wire brush on it, and them coat the car battery engine with petroleum jelly.

Don’t Be A Walking Target

If you’re like us, you probably hate going through the garden. A foot in and you would find yourself scratching at your skin, or slapping your neck. If you’re so much as a second late, bugs and mosquitoes will have had their bloody fill of you.

Image Courtesy of The Guardian

You could wear long-sleeves if you’re frequenting the garden. In case you hadn’t been dressed for the walk or a hike, we suggest that you slather on Vaseline lotion over your skin. That should help mask your scent from these bloodsuckers. When you apply the lotion on your skin, it will have a cooling effect.

Unscrew Those Lightbulbs Quickly

Once we had come across a dimly lighted room. We drew our sleeves and set to replacing the bulb. Our partner must have screwed it on too tightly. We could have sworn it was like opening a jar of pickles.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/The Natural Lighting Company

We had to wait for our partner to change the bulb. It turns out that the bulb thread had gotten too rusty. We decided to coat it with a thin layer of Vaseline before screwing it in place. Since then, changing bulbs has been a non-issue, with or without our partner’s help.

Looking Beach Ready

Nothing states well-traveled like a glowing suntan. Almost everyone assumes that you had gone to the Thousand Islands or the Bahamas. Besides, the tan glow makes your features pop. But all things in moderation — otherwise you might end up getting fried.

Image Courtesy of Society 19

From time to time, remember to switch sides. You might want to wear the skimpiest bikini you have. That way, you will have an even tan color. Rub Vaseline lotion over hard-to-reach areas such as your knees, hands and ankles. That should keep you from getting patchy streaks.

Bottle-Opening Trick

Don’t you hate straining to open the pickle jar? The worst part about it is that we have to grovel for help from our roommates or partners. And it’s usually after we have an argument about something. That forces us to apologize first. In case, you want to strongarm that bottle, we suggest you do this.

Image Courtesy of Momentum

The next time you are closing that jar after enjoying some pickles, first apply a thin layer of Vaseline all around the edge of that jar. Remember, just a thin coat. You don’t want to end up tasting Vaseline all over your pickles. Alternatively, you could coat it with olive or vegetable oil.


When preparing for work, one thing we have learned is to wear our blouse before putting on make-up. Do the reverse and you might end up with a smeared blouse. We can always reapply lipstick. But removing the stain is pretty troublesome.

Image Courtesy of Pop Sugar

In case you commit the same mistake, you will need a bottle of Vaseline and your regular detergent. Generously apply Vaseline over the lip taint. Just dab it all over the spot, but don’t rub it. Then launder it as you usually would. It should look spotless clean after the cycle.

Get Out of the Shower With Ease

Despite being the room to frequent when cleaning yourself up, the bathroom may be one of the dirtiest places in the house. Mold tends to build up between the tiles and walls. A favorite place where rust can accumulate would definitely be on your shower’s curtain rods, making it an ordeal to get in and out.

Image Courtesy of Pop Sugar

To keep that from happening, apply petroleum jelly over the length of the curtain rod. That should keep it water repellant and you should be able to slide that curtain with ease. You will want to cleanse that rod frequently. So reapply Vaseline as necessary.

Prevent Fungal Infections

Fungi love to grow in dark, damp places. We can count the number of nooks in your body where they can most likely thrive. One of them is your feet. Stay clear of athlete’s foot by using your own slippers and keeping your feet dry. Change socks frequently.

Image Courtesy of tashiara.com

We also suggest that you apply petroleum jelly on your feet. Make sure that the creases of your toes are cared for. Vaseline helps keep your skin dry and free from fungi. In between game matches, wear slippers so that your feet can breathe.

Cleaning Wax Stains

Date night isn’t complete without some wine and scented candles. It makes for creating precisely the ambience you’re looking for. You can look at your partner’s eyes and not worry about the glare. The only thing we have against using candles is having to clean up wax stains.

Image Courtesy of This Old House

Scraping off wax on a smooth surface can ruin your tabletop, especially if it’s wood. So we often apply petroleum jelly on its edges, letting it sit for a couple of minutes. With a warm towel, wipe the jelly and the wax off the surface. It may take a bit of scratching, but that wax stain should come off with ease.

Facial Moisturizer

Contrary to popular belief, moisturizers don’t really hydrate your skin. They actually lock in moisture on your skin by partially sealing the pores. That is why Vaseline is applied second-to-last during your skincare regimen. The only skincare product you would have to reapply frequently is your sunblock.

Image Courtesy of Stylist

So just in case you run out of supply of your facial moisturizer, you can always settle for Vaseline. It works similarly like other facial creams. We have found that it is perfect for travel — less bottles, less facial products, less stress!

A Good Night’s Sleep

Don’t you hate having to wake up in the middle of the night because you have to change your baby’s nappies? Well, he certainly doesn’t mind asking you for the favor — let alone receiving the attention he craves. Keep this on me any longer and my butt will chafe!

Image Courtesy of Attitude Living

As you remove the straps, you can see the splotchy skin and the diaper marks. We don’t know how long you’ll last under these conditions. Make it easier for you and your baby by preventing diaper rashes. You could pat your baby’s bum dry and then apply powder or Vaseline. We like the latter better — what with its moisture repellant properties.

Helps With The Flu

When suffering from the seasonal flu, you might find yourself complaining of a fever. Your head throbs and your back hurts. You pat blindly at the bedside table hoping to feel the fever patch. Bet it is taking you every ounce of energy to do so.

Image Courtesy of Univision

The only downside to using fever patches is that they are localized. You can’t reuse the patch and stick it elsewhere. But you could do the same with cold compresses. Just keep some petroleum jelly in the freezer, bring it out when you’re feeling under the weather and then let it rest atop your forehead, or insert it at the base of your neck.

Going Au Naturale

From time to time, you will want to sport the au naturale look. It is okay to give yourself a break from your high-maintenance lifestyle. First thing’s first, cleanse your face with soap and water. Pat dry and then inspect your face. Next, get the Vaseline bottle and your cotton balls.

Image Courtesy of Practical Primitive

Squeeze a small amount of Vaseline on the cotton balls and remove lip tints, eyeshadows, and that catliner. Try to be as gentle as possible, wiping upwards and outwards. After, you could massage that lotion unto your face. Don’t forget to sculpt that neck. You wouldn’t want a double-chin, now would you?

Remove Limescale

Ever wondered why your glassware keeps on fogging up? There’s really no reason to when it’s warm indoors. You take a closer look. You run your finger against the nooks of the cup, and find a chalky substance. Darn it, that’s limescale!

Image Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Although limescale isn’t poisonous, ingesting amounts of it can affect skin quality and hair growth. So it’s pretty important to run your water through a water treatment system. Afterwards, rub a thin coat of petroleum jelly on all your glassware. Let sit for a couple of days and then cleanse with soap and water. That should help you get rid of limescale.

Flakes On Your Shoulder

You can get away with this during winter. But we’re certain your fingers are crossed come summer or fall. When taking group pictures, you’ll inch away from your co-workers, or hope that they won’t see you rubbing off dandruff flakes off your shoulders. Does this situation ring a bell?

Image Courtesy of Redken

With mild dandruff, we suggest that you rub a few drops of Vaseline over your scalp. Leave for a couple of minutes then head on to the shower. Cleanse your scalp daily with a gentle shampoo. Then use an anti-dandruff shampoo every two days.

Two Coats of It Please

Not only is it important to protect your skin when shaving, but it’s also important that you maintain the integrity of your razors. You could save a great deal of money, and your face a number of nicks, if they are free from rust. So how do you keep them off?

Image Courtesy of Kayla Suazo/Buzzfeed

Rust thrives in moisture. Eliminate that and you’re assured of a well-kept razor. Store these in dry places and make sure to rub a thin coat of Vaseline on the blades after every use. Rub in the direction of the blades so you won’t get a cut.

Wing It Like Michael Phelps

You’re ambitious and you’re quick in the water. You’re aspiring to become the next Michael Phelps. While training in the pool, make sure to have clear visibility by wiping some petroleum jelly over the goggle’s rubber rims. That creates an extra seal between your skin and your goggles.

Image Courtesy of Your Swim Log

This will make it less likely for water to come in. There would be no reason for your lenses to fog, or for you to come in second place. So how about it? Try this one out and swim as quickly as you can. With enough muscle memory, you won’t have to rely on goggles while in the pool, and you can score gold like Phelps did with zero vision underwater.

Learning First Aid

You hear your kid give out a sharp yelp. He comes to the kitchen with a scrape on his knee. How far along did you make it this time? He says he had gotten as far as the block. You cleanse the wound with warm water and soap and pat the area dry.

Image Courtesy of Elastoplast

He tells you he doesn’t want to wear a band-aid. It restricts his movement…says he wants to learn how to skate while he’s in the flow. So you squeeze a dollop of Vaseline on a cotton bud and then wipe it on the wound. That should help function as a patch. You look at him and say, you’re all set buddy.

No-Mess Painting

You can only be as productive as your work environment. So now that you’re working from home, you might want to spruce the place up. Draw back the curtains, rearrange the furniture, or repaint the room. It sounds like a great deal of effort, but you could think of it as a long-term investment. It will benefit your work life anyway.

Image Courtesy of Ace Hardware

If you decide to repaint the room, we suggest that you choose a solid hue. That should make it easier for you, especially if you’re a newbie. Ensure no-spill painting by moving the furniture to another room, or covering them with plastic and newspaper. To keep paint off the glass, coat it with petroleum jelly. When you’re satisfied with the paint job, simply wipe the paint splatters off with soap and a wet cloth.

Defend Your Garden From Slugs

Not that they mean to be pests, but slugs can undo all the effort you have put into your vegetable garden. To make matters worse, they seem to multiply during the rainy season. They just keep coming out of muddy holes. How would you feel if you snipped off a bundle of garden lettuce only to find out slugs crawling out of them?

Image Courtesy of Green Green Yard

To protect potted plants, generously coat the pot rims with equal parts of Vaseline and salt. Trust us, they will find it difficult to climb unto those plants. For garden beds, simply spread a thin layer of coffee grounds. You could also spray these critters with a caffeine solution.

Make Running A Breeze

If you want to be taken seriously as an athlete then you would have to put in the effort, day in and day out. Lace up your shoes, click shuffle, and then hit the marks. Once you get into momentum, things will get easier. Unfortunately, that may not be so with your thighs and pits chafing from friction.

Image Courtesy of WYPR

This is pretty common amongst runners. For one, they wear pretty tight clothing. Second, the constant and brisk motion of skin rubbing against each other makes it prone to irritation. You wouldn’t want to miss a day of working out. So why don’t you apply Vaseline on areas where you’re most likely to chafe? Do it just before the run!

Sitting Pretty

Our couches are one of our best assets. With the right placement and shade, they can make our single-bed apartment look like an apartment suite. We can’t imagine entertaining guests without it either. So we invest much effort in maintaining it. After all, how can we ever host parties or hold date nights without a well-maintained couch?

Image Courtesy of Chris Hearts Julia

To keep the leather upholstery from fading or cracking, apply a leather conditioner on it every once in a while. Because leather conditioners can be expensive, try using a bottle of Vaseline as a cheaper alternative. Simply rub it on the couch with a clean cloth, leave it on for a couple of minutes, and then buff with another cloth.

Foot Support

Whenever you hear or read the word “foot support”, the image of comfy socks, memory foam shoes and ankle bandages probably come to mind. But what good is foot support if you can’t maintain the skin’s integrity? Think about it: how comfortably can you run with blisters on your feet?

Image Courtesy of Lamp Time

Not much, we dare say. So to keep your feet from chafing or those blisters from multiplying, how about you invest some money on cushioned heels. You don’t need to force your foot in a shoe a size smaller. In case you do have blisters, clean the area and apply Vaseline on it. That bubble will disappear on its own.

Exclusively For Birds

This woman had been very excited about the guests that would fly into her garden. To make them stay longer, she had put up bird feeders. Unfortunately, that had gotten the attention of other uninvited critters. Now, her birds are flocking elsewhere, with scant food on the plate.

Image Courtesy of Love Garden Birds UK

She didn’t want to have to hunt the squirrels down. She just wanted them to go away. They would scurry from the edge of the fence and climb up the feeder pole. So this woman thought of coating the pole with Vaseline. That should make the climb impossible, if not difficult. Within a week, her winged friends revisited.

Graceful Aging

Much as we hate to admit it, everyone will grow old. But the good news is that you could still look rocking hot after 50. With proper diet, exercise and a fine collection of red wine, you can age gracefully. Investing in the right skincare products wouldn’t hurt either.

Image Courtesy of khmerload.com

All you need are essentials — mild facial soap, face mist, toner, moisturizer, and sunblock. After hydrating the skin, it’s important to lock in moisture. Use petroleum jelly around the eyes and on the forehead since these are areas most prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

Have Fun By The Pool

One of the worst childhood memories anyone can have was wading by the pool and then coming out with an ear infection from it. Bet you wanted to jump on back, if only it weren’t for your parents (initially), and then the pain. As the days pass, the earache gets even more unbearable, and all you want is for it to stop.

Image Courtesy of acquaMD

Swimmer’s ear often happens when pool water gets inside the ear canal. Normally, water should flow right on out. But with scant ear wax, you would have little protection against germs sliding down your ear canal. Try to dab some petroleum jelly around your outer ears. That will serve as an artificial protectant.

Rock Those Tats

After getting a tattoo, you probably couldn’t wait to show it off. But the first few days after the session are crucial. It’s important that you keep the area clean to prevent the risk of infections. That’s why your tattoo designer had it patched up like a wound. Technically, you had paid him to give you one.

Image Courtesy of Finance Yahoo

For the first three days, it’s best to apply a tattoo ointment as advised. Show off that work of art, but try to keep the area as dry as possible. That limits the risk of infection. After a week or two, you could switch to a petroleum-based ointment like Vaseline. This is best for when the skin area is dry.

Barf That Hairball

Barfing up hairball is as icky as it looks. So how about giving your pet a hand while doing so? If you find your pet belching out air, we suggest that you mix unflavored Vaseline or petroleum jelly in his food. That eases the travel of food through his stomach and digestive tract.

Image Courtesy of kittentoob.com

If your pet doesn’t want to eat the food, you could coat each of his or her paw’s with Vaseline petroleum jelly. Naturally, your cat will groom each day. So as your kitty licks off the petroleum jelly, he/she will be ingesting some part of it to help lubricate the digestive tract.

Buff Those Shades

We have a reliable pair of sunglasses at home. We have brought it with us to almost every camping trip we can recall. Not to mention, it has made us look a great deal more attractive on camera. But owing to the misadventures we have gone through, our glasses have a great deal of scratches on them. That’s why we buff them to a polish every now and then.

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You would want to make sure that your eyeglasses are clean. Blow off any dirt you can see on its surface. Afterwards, rub a dollop of Vaseline petroleum jelly on each lens. Buff to a shine. Remove any excess oils afterwards. Not only will that reduce the scratches on your specs, but that should help make your vision clearer. Now, where are we off to next?

Sunburn Relief

This hack would be most useful for people who love the outdoors. They’re most prone to getting a sunburn, after all. When surfing the beach, or trekking mountain paths, it is easy to forget the need to reapply sunblock. They are only reminded of the need to seek shade when they feel that their skin is sore to the touch.

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By then it will have been too late. Not to worry, Vaseline can serve as a sunburn relief. It’s best to place the bottle in the cooler first, and then apply the cream on your skin. Afterwards, how about stocking up on fluids? That should help your skin heal faster.

Go To Great Lengths?

You can travel great distances with a road map and a bike. Something about cycling brings out the dreamer in us. With lush trees lining the bike path, stones to nudge us, and fresh air to fill our lungs, cycling is a great way to pass the time.

Image Courtesy of John Recycled Bicycle/Blogspot

Of course, you can only go so far as your bike can take you. That is why it is important to take care of its chrome surface. Keep it free from rust by wiping its steel structure with Vaseline petroleum jelly. That should help enclose it from moist and rust patches.

Catching A Curveball

Every once in their lives, dads have to learn how to be a baseball coach. They must look after the team and build good sportsmanship. In between innings, they have to advise their kids to take care of the equipment. You are only as good as the apparel you wear and the baseball mitts that you keep.

Image Courtesy of Kids Health

Buying your kids good baseball mitts can feel like a pinch in the wallet. But if you condition them well, they can last a lifetime. Teach them how to break in those gloves and let them air dry after every use. You can apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on the leather once each week to once each month, depending on the humidity where you live. Now, go out there and play your life on a field.

Zip Up In A Jiffy

You can find these almost everywhere — bags, shoes, and even luggage. They are pretty low-maintenance accessories but leave them unattended and they can wear away easily. Just what are these things? Zippers! We’re certain you have had leather jackets whose zipper tracks you had to heave over to zip up.

Image Courtesy of Rugged Thread

The worst thing to happen is if the slider comes off the track of the teeth. Before that even happens, we suggest that you coat the track with Vaseline petroleum jelly. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and then gently pull the slider up and down the track. Last resort? Have the zipper replaced.

Take Care Of Your Beard

Ever wondered why Santa’s beard remained bushy and healthy in the iciest temperatures? That’s because he knew how to condition that bushel of hair. He advises men to stay hydrated and run a dollop of conditioner through the scalp and the beard. Rinse afterwards and let air dry.

Image Courtesy of The Trend Spotter

Afterward, Santa confesses to running Vaseline petroleum jelly through his beard. He combs his fingers through it and then follows through with a brush. Style and reapply as necessary. Rudolph’s bound to go totally red with jealousy, and not just his nose!

Counting Bundles Of Money

During any holiday season, your wallet is a major key player. It houses all the 100-dollar bills to buy the dollhouses and guitar sets you need. So it’s important to maintain it well, just before you take it out before the counter. First, take out all the receipts, credit cards, and paper bills stuck in your wallet. Next, wipe it with a dry, clean cloth.

Image Courtesy of Marcus Leather

With a lint-free cloth, smear Vaseline petroleum jelly on each side of the wallet. Then buff to finish. This should keep the leather texture from cracking. However, there is one type of leather that you should not use this on, and that’s rawhide — instead, you’re just going to have to buy yourself a new wallet.

A Woman’s Touch

As you come home, your wife slinks towards you. She puts a hand to your chest and helps remove your coat. How was your day? It hadn’t gone as well as you had hoped so you choose to remain silent. You avert your gaze. She repeats the question. Her hand feels the beating of your heart. Slowly, you meet her gaze.

Image Courtesy of Womans World

We would say, it’s her perfectly-made manicure that’s the cause of your undoing. It’s pretty much ours. If we so much as find a chip on our nails or a dull coat, our day is ruined. We have learned, however, to wipe Vaseline on our manis right after taking a bath. That brings back the original shine!

Keep Him Right Where You Want Him

There’s nothing like an animal escaping from its lair. It scares the crap out of you. You’re worried if he had gone unfed or if the dog had made him a snack. In seconds, the room is in a disarray as you frantically search.

Image Courtesy of Ali Express

To keep this from happening, coat the inside of the glass tank with a thin layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly. It may make it harder for you to see your scaled pet. But at least it’s not scaling the walls of the tank to conduct a prison break. Save the alarms for someone else.

Soothe Rashes From Poison Ivy

Someone was unlucky to have his skin brush against a poison ivy plant. Within half a day, he had blisters all over his arms. It was so bad we could have sworn you would have circumnavigated the globe with it. To make matters worse, he would have to endure the itch for three to four weeks!

Image Courtesy of WisContext

Fortunately, the rash remained within his arms. It hadn’t spread elsewhere. What’s one lesson he had taken from this? First of all, learn to identify the poison ivy plant. Second, wear protective clothing while camping out. And second, slather some petroleum jelly over your skin to maintain a barrier. It will help protect your skin from grime or in this case, the poison ivy oily resin.

Let Me In!

Winter is only appealing in pictures. The reality is that you would have to layer yourself in clothing, stock up on food and shovel snow off your driveway almost every day. Once, we had nearly frozen out in the cold. Nothing horrible happened; just that we had been locked out of our car. What had been the culprit? Unforgiving ice!

Image Courtesy of North Shore Locksmiths

Imagine: you’re carrying paper bags in both hands, you’re shuffling the keys between your gloved fingers, and then you’re patting blindly at the car door, hoping that you can shoot the key inside the lock hole. Meanwhile, you’re shivering in the cold. We had to breathe into the lock cylinder. Nowadays, we make sure that we coat the key and lock with Vaseline. That saves us a great deal of trouble!

Shine Those Knobs

You don’t have to spend much money to impress guests. You can’t be faulted for maintaining a vintage-themed house. But make sure to pay attention to detail. Wipe the dust off tabletops and make sure to polish those knobs. That includes the faucet handles in the bathroom.

Image Courtesy of Home Depot

With frequent exposure to moisture and steam, these fixtures are prone to rust. We all know how expensive it is to have these replaced, much less, to have someone replace them for us. So it’s best to apply Vaseline jelly for protection. Besides, who wouldn’t be impressed with the effort you put into maintaining the house?

It’s A Dog Day

It’s important to take your dog out on a run every now and then. But make sure that both you and your dog are comfortable for the run. If you decide to put him on a leash, check to see if the metal parts are without specks. Any rust may chafe the skin around his neck.

Image Courtesy of Giga Ranking

So if he looks at you every now and then, or if he refuses to go out on a run, check to see if the equipment you have put him on primes him for an exercise. Rub Vaseline over the metal parts to protect it from moisture and rust. If you can’t scrape it off, best have this doggo’s collar replaced.

Preserve Body Heat

Ever wondered how swimmers maintain their body heat while in the water? It doesn’t matter if they’re doing butterfly strokes in the pool or in the icy ocean. They can finish those laps with ease. We have learned that they do this simple trick before jumping in the water.

Image Courtesy of My Swim Pro

They lather a great deal of Vaseline petroleum jelly over their bodies. It acts as a seal, preventing much loss of body heat in the water. It also helps to do a couple reps of stretches. That should aid your circulation. Lastly, know your limits. You can teach your body to handle the icy temperatures in time.

Flaunt Your Assets

Every fashionista should know how to maximize the tubes of lipstick and the palettes of eyeshadow that they have. There is no better-fitting shade than Beauty Bakerie’s Matte Lip Whip for your OOTD; not to mention, using that tube to its last drop would save you a great deal of money!

Image Courtesy of One Best Friend/Sports Yahoo

So if you can’t purchase a tube of your favorite lipstick, then place a dollop of petroleum jelly in it. Briskly insert and remove the handle to mix the contents, and then apply as you would on your smooch-worthy lips! You can always add to cart later. Right now, you have got a cab to catch.

Bring The Luster To Your Jewelry

You don’t have to spend much money on accessories. But you do have to invest in a couple of items to accentuate your face. Bring back the shine to your jewelry by letting it sit in a mixture of warm, soapy water for a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you could use two parts baking soda to one part water. If you see any grime, gently brush with a toothbrush.

Image Courtesy of Peak Px

Rinse with lukewarm water and then towel dry. Afterwards, place a couple pea-sized drops of Vaseline petroleum jelly on the chain or ring. With a soft cloth, buff well. Wipe the excess oil with another cloth and then inspect the item. It should be gleaming to your satisfaction.

Remove Gunk Off Your Carpet

When walking around the neighborhood, you might have stepped on a gum patch stuck on the pathway. One of the worst things to happen is that you might rub it off on the carpet. When that happens, try applying some ice on the gum patch for a couple of minutes. That should cause it to harden and make it easier for you to remove.

Image Courtesy of Brilliance Learning

Alternatively, you could wipe some Vaseline over the spot. Gently scrape until every sinew of gum is removed from the carpet fibers. It may take time but this is best for people who are thorough. Next time, it might be best if you remove your shoes before walking around the house.

Guide To Waxing

Whether you’re new to waxing or here to brush up on old skills, it’s always better to be reminded of the dos and don’ts to looking flawless. Dermatologists suggest the following tips. It’s best to wax when hair length is about one-fourth to three-fourths of an inch long.

Image Courtesy of Danies Beauty Salon

Second take analgesics a few minutes before the home-waxing session. There’s no need to suffer. Soothe your skin by applying cold packs and moisturizers. You can have both if you place your bottle of Vaseline in the freezer and apply it on your skin right after you finish waxing.

Be The Much-Envied Lady

Let’s face it, women are only as attractive as they are envied. That’s how you can gauge their social status. Think Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, or Zendaya; you will almost always want to be like them! What is one fashion accessory they can’t get rid of? Leather purses.

Image Courtesy of purses.wndrs.com

So get to dusting off your collection and then inspecting them. Your leather purses should be spotless clean. In case they aren’t, clean any stains with warm, soapy water and a clean cloth. Then pat dry. To protect the coarse material, apply Vaseline petroleum jelly over the leather.

Paint Like A Pro

Paint like a professional by learning pro tricks. It’s best to paint during dry weather. That way you can finish painting in lesser amount of time. Open the windows and let the air circulate inside the room. Second, scrape or sand areas which are peeling, cracking or flaking. Greasy spots need to be soaped, except for door hinges, knobs and metal fixtures you don’t want to be painted.

Image Courtesy of Young House Love

Apply grease or petroleum jelly over areas such as doorknobs; remove light switches and outlet covers. That should help keep paint off, and cleaning easier. If you have got a tight space, move furniture away from the section of the room you’re painting on. You could also drape them with plastic or newspaper. Now, you’re all set!

Stubborn Tats?

We’re the type to sport temporary tats. It’s perfect for festivals, gig night or birthday parties with kids. You could pair it with a rocking shade of nail polish. Simply place the glossy paper anywhere you like. The great thing about them is that these won’t last for more than a week. You won’t have to worry about your boss giving you a one-over for the ink.

Image Courtesy of Faire

In case you find it difficult to remove those temporary tats, rinse the area with soapy water. Gently scrub the patch of skin and then run it under clean water. Pat dry. Apply petroleum jelly over the ink and let it rest for a couple of minutes. With a soft cloth or a tissue, rub the temporary tattoo off.

Take Care of Leather Belts

Belts are a one-time investment thing. You can splurge as much as a hundred dollars over one, but have it last over a decades. Over time, leather belts may lose their natural gloss. So to maintain that hue, do it a favor and rub Vaseline all over it, including those belt buckles.

Image Courtesy of Indigo Shrimp/Wordpress

After all the work they put in every day (keeping you together), this is the least you can do. We know how people can grow sentimental over leather belts. They wouldn’t want to buy a new one unless their belts have given way.

Wing It Like Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne catapulted into fame for her quirky behavior, intense stare, and bushy eyebrows. How does she maintain those tresses? She says she trims and waxes them herself. Keep them as wild as possible but fill them with color according to the brow shape.

Image Courtesy of Experienceasines Rosales

With rocking eyebrows, you can accentuate your eyes with minimal make-up. Both your brows and your lashes can be made to look extra glossy thanks to a slim layer of Vaseline. Women have reported having longer lashes because of repeated use.

Clean Mani

One of the ways we pass the time is to apply a mani and pedi while conversing to someone on the phone. Diss out on the latest gossip or plan the week ahead with your significant other. By this rate, applying nail color has become second nature.

Image Courtesy of Stubborn Beauty for All/Wordpress

Wash both hands and then pat dry with a towel. Then tuck the end of the phone by your shoulder. With your free hand, coat the nail groove (the skin surrounding the nail) with petroleum jelly. Then apply two regular coats of your favorite shade. Let dry. After you’re satisfied with your design, wipe Vaseline off each finger.

Body Gloss

When going out with friends, we like to put on body glitter or gloss. You can dab a bit on tats and place shimmers over your eyelids. Feel everyone’s stare as the disco light hits you at the right angle. Lately, we had learned you can create a face highlighter with Vaseline. Why hadn’t we thought of this before?

Image Courtesy of Views In News

Simply dab a thin coat over the contour of your cheeks, your brows, and your neck. Some may want to brush on glitter over these spots, or place additional shimmer. It’s so easy to doll up when you have got this failsafe beauty product on your dresser. Care to try this trick?

Remove Those Fake Eyelashes

If there’s one basic thing you should learn when applying make-up, it’s this: start and end with a clean face. That means having to exfoliate the skin, applying toner, and then starting off with your make-up base. At the end of the day, remember to take it all off, including those false eyelashes.

Image Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia

Cleansing the face with soap and water may not be enough. You may need to rid yourself of the cakey material with petroleum jelly. This is most helpful when you have applied shimmer, eyelash glue, and long-wear lipstick on your face.

Runny Nose

One of the worst things you can experience with a runny nose is chafing skin right where you rub the tissue. The area above your upper lip feels tender to touch, and this may discourage you from blowing your nose any further. To keep that from happening, apply some Vaseline over the sore spot.

Image Courtesy of Medical News Today

That will lubricate the area so chafing will be less likely. Not to mention, it seals the pores from germs that you’re blowing off from your nose. Simply reapply as necessary. The great thing about this hack is that Vaseline actually smells good; no menthol, no camphor.

Stain-Proof Hacks

This family sat around the dinner table and prayed thanks. Dish bowls were passed around and each one took a heaping of macaroni, steak and greens. Wanting a little flavor in his dish, this kid slapped the butt of the mustard bottle. The lid came undone. And a spurt of yellow goo landed on his blouse. Oh no, he looks at his mom who starts to retrieve the Vaseline bottle from the counter.

Image Courtesy of Thai Visa

His mum outlines the stain with Vaseline jelly. Afterwards, she hands him a clean shirt to change into. The Vaseline that she has applied to the mess will help prevent the stain from spreading any further. Then she tosses the blouse in the washing machine for a regular cycle.

Protect Yourself From Windburns

Windburns. Is that really a thing? Apparently, so! This is characterized by the burning or tingling sensation you feel on your face when you’re exposed to icy air. It takes a day or two to heal; but anyone who has felt the pain would say that that’s too long.

Image Courtesy of cn.bing.com

To keep yourself from getting a wind-chapped face, apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your face. We suggest that you try the blue Nivea creme or Vaseline petroleum jelly. Afterward, apply sunblock over your face. Cover as much area as you can with sunglasses and cloth. And make sure to seek shelter as frequently as you can.