Microwave Magic: 40+ Microwave Uses For The Modern Home

By Ishita P

Microwaves’ quick and convenient functioning allows you to cook, defrost, or roast food efficiently and fast. We can rely on this device to cut down cooking time, too. Even though they’ve only been around for 50 years, we can’t imagine living without them. In short, these appliances form an integral part of any kitchen. However, did you know that they can do so much more than help you prep your meal?

You might have heard of DIY heating packs for cramps, but even that simple hack betrays how handy microwaves are. Now, we know this sounds like big talk, so we came prepared with a list of microwave hacks to prove that that little box can be used for virtually every corner of your home.

Add Some Crunch to Your Chips

Crisps are one of the best things in life. Munching on some crunchy chips brings a certain sense of happiness. However, imagine that you sit down with a bowl of crisps to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series and suddenly realize that it’s all moist and soft. Annoying, isn’t it?


Soggy chips can be a natural mood killer and ooze out all the fun. No need to fret because your microwave has got a solution! Place the crisps on a paper towel and warm them for a couple of seconds. Bingo! The crunchiness and crispiness are restored!

Make a DIY Heating Pack

Heating pads can be one of your best companions when your body aches or the weather is cold. In such a scenario, if you’ve run out of electric heating pads or don’t have enough time to buy a new one, you can easily create a sack on your own.


Just take a clean sock and pour a good amount of rice into it. Then, stitch the top part of the sock to secure it. Once it’s done, heat it for a few minutes, and you will have your homemade heating pad ready!

Peel Off Garlic with Ease

Garlic can enrich the flavor of any dish you add them to. It renders a tasty, full-bodied essence to the food, making it more delectable. Although garlic is a fantastic spice, peeling its skin off isn’t as fantastic! Not to mention it makes your fingers smell awful.

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Many people even resist using it due to the difficulty in uncovering its cloves. So, to make the process easier, you can microwave the head of garlic on medium heat for at least 15 seconds, which will loosen its skin, letting you peel it off at ease.

Clean Up Candle Wax

Candles are known to have calming properties. Their soothing and fragrant aroma can immediately make you feel refreshed and be at peace from within. However, they create a massive mess in the candle holder and its surroundings once they start melting.


Removing this wax can be a real pain as it is too difficult to loosen up. But do not worry anymore, as we have brought forth an effective solution. You just need to heat the dirty candle holder for a few seconds in the microwave, and then the liquified wax will be easy to remove.

Prepare Some Homemade Pickles

Pickled vegetables can add great magic and an intense flavor to your meals instantly. Being prepared with various ingredients gives them a diverse yet unique taste. So, if you want to make it yourself, here’s a simple homemade recipe.

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Add some cucumber slices, sugar, turmeric, mustard seeds, celery seeds, onion, and a pinch of salt to a microwaveable bowl. Then, mix them all and microwave for 7-8 minutes. Keep stirring it in between, and your pickle will be ready in no time.

Make Your Old Brown Sugar Soft Again

There are many ways to use brown sugar. For instance, you can use it for edible purposes in recipes, or you can use it for your skincare by turning it into a body scrub. However, they tend to clump up as they get old.


To avoid these tiny brown crystals from wadding up, you must pour the sugar into a microwave-safe bowl. Then, cover the container’s top part with a damp towel and heat it for about 30 seconds. After some time, the sugar lumps will automatically disintegrate into their powdered form.

Cut Onions Without Shedding Tears

If there’s anything that can make you cry without breaking your heart, it’s the onion. At times, cutting them can be intolerable as they tend to produce a burning sensation in the eyes, making it hard for you to avoid shedding a tear.


So, here’s a hack to do away with this occurrence. First, cut the root of the onion and remove it. After that, microwave the onion on full heat for at least 30 seconds, and then cut the onion. You will undoubtedly witness a huge difference.

Warm Dishes = Warm Food

Preparing various unique dishes is pretty fun, especially when guests are around. But it cannot be denied that all the fun and flavor of the platters get reduced once their warmth is lost. Moreover, they tend to cool faster when cooking dishes in large quantities.


So, if you think reheating the food is the only way to keep them warm, here’s a handy trick. Take the empty dishes and heat them in the microwave for roughly one minute before serving the meal. It will keep the food hot for longer.

DIY Yarn Dye

Yarns come into great use for knitting some warm and fluffy sweaters, scarves, and socks. While many shades of wool are available in the market, add a personal touch to it by creating your DIY yarn using some dyeing powders.


Pick the dye color you want your woolen clothes to have and mix it well in water. Then, add the yarn to this mixture and ensure it is coated completely. Finally, microwave it for a few minutes, and your colorful yarn is all-prepared!

Enhance Your Fish Delicacies

Microwaving a fish may sound weird, but wait till you hear this good plan. First, take an oven-safe plastic wrap and cloak the marinated fish in it. Then, microwave it for a few minutes in mild heat until perfectly cooked.


Once the fish is ready, you can nicely lay it out on the plate. Then, sprinkle some herbs, layer it with lemon slices, and you’re done. You will be impressed by how delicious the fish looks and tastes. It is sure to be the winner of your dinner.

Peel Off Tomatoes and Peaches Easily

Peeling their covers is always recommended when eating fruits or vegetables to ensure that you consume them healthily. However, when it comes to peeling tomatoes or peaches, it can be a messy and hassling situation. So, to ease your trouble here’s a hack!


Use your microwave to remove the skin of peaches and tomatoes easily. First, heat them on medium heat for at least 30 seconds, then allow them to cook for 2 minutes and start peeling them off slowly. Pretty easy, isn’t it? You can also use this trick for other juicy fruits and vegetables.

Soak Your Lentils and Beans Quickly

To soak lentils and beans adequately, you need to keep them submerged in water overnight. But you may neither always have ample time nor the mood to follow this lengthy process. So, if you don’t want to wait, speed up the lentil-soaking process with this simple trick.


Take a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with water. Add the beans or lentils to the water and scatter baking soda on top. Heat this mixture for at least 10 minutes in the oven and let it cool for the next 30-40 minutes. Viola! The beans have got all soaked up and ready to cook!

Prevent Microwave Explosions

Explosions in the microwave are one of the worst things to face. Not only is it risky, but its after-effects can also be a huge hassle. They leave a whole load of mess, and you might have to spend the entire day cleaning it.


Fortunately, preventing this occurrence is pretty simple. Before heating food items, such as tomatoes, squash, or potatoes, pierce a few holes in them using a knife or fork. It will let the steam escape while they get heated. Sounds good, right?

Squeeze the Juice Easily from Citrus Fruits

We all love a fresh glass of juice that can rejuvenate and refresh us instantly. The best thing about citrus fruit juices is that you can also make them at home in a healthier manner. So, to make the most out of it here’s what you can do.


Take the fruit and heat it for around 10-20 seconds in medium heat in the oven. Once it has warmed up, you can squeeze more juice out of it. But please note that you shouldn’t microwave the fruits for a very long time, as it breaks up all the essential nutrients, rendering you no health benefits.

Create a Homemade Compress

Are you yearning for some relaxing time after a tired and hectic day? A warm compress can give you instant relief by soothing your sore muscles and reducing fatigue. So, as soon as you return home, just turn on your microwave and create a DIY medical compress quickly.

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Take a small wet towel, fold it neatly, and place it in a reclosable polybag. Next, microwave the same for at least 2 minutes by keeping the ziplock open. After that, take another towel, wrap it around the bag, and the compress is ready!

Bake a Wholesome Cake

Baking an entire cake in your microwave may sound absurd, but anything is possible with the right skills and tricks. You can easily use your oven to make a whole cake, and the result will surely leave you impressed.


So, take all the essential ingredients to bake a cake, such as flour, salt, milk, oil, etc. Then, whip them all together to form a smooth texture. You can also add cocoa powder or vanilla essence to enhance the flavor. After that, just microwave the mix for a couple of minutes, and your delicious dessert is ready to eat!

Dry Out Herbs Quickly

Herbs are one of the best ingredients to enrich any dish. But if you mistakenly buy them in excess, sustaining their freshness becomes difficult. This is when you can use the microwave oven to dry them up and increase their shelf life.


While it’s true that it may take a while for the herbs to dry, you can speed it up by laying them on a paper towel and heating them for at least 30 seconds. Flip them around and heat for another 20 seconds. Then, repeat the process for the next 5 minutes until they are dehydrated.

Get My Nuts!

Nuts are known to be a nutritious snack, and they are one of the few healthy food items that taste good too. Their taste is enhanced even more when they are toasted. But roasting them can be a hectic, time-consuming procedure.


So, to fasten the process and indulge yourself in these toasted treats, you must pour some vegetable oil on the microwave plate and add a cup of nuts. Then, microwave it for a minute and stir it well. After 3-8 minutes, they will be ready to savor!

Runny Hunny

One of the best ways to add some sweetness to your dishes with a healthy touch is to use honey. And by honey, we refer to the liquid form because the solid one is too hard to use and can cause a real mess.


But as the weather becomes cold or the liquid honey gets old with time, it may become crystallized. So, to soften it up, you can warm it up for a few seconds in the oven and get a pot flowing of melted honey.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ice cream is most delicious when it is soft and light. But unfortunately, it loses its fun and heart-melting essence if it is completely frozen and hard. In fact, frozen solid ice cream may even discourage you from having it.


Thankfully, there’s an easy way to soften your ice cream. Heat the entire tub of ice cream for a few seconds in the microwave or heat a bowl of water and dip your spoon in it for a minute. Tada! You can enjoy your smooth ice cream once again!

Liquify Your Coconut Oil Easily

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile ingredients you can use for cooking, hair care, skincare, body care, and other purposes. However, it’s a pain when the oil solidifies as it becomes too difficult and annoying to use.

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Thus, an effective and quick way to liquefy solid coconut oil is to put it in the microwave for a few seconds on high heat. The warmth will cause the grease to melt, letting you use the liquid substance with ease.

Sterilize Your Potting Soil

Trying new and unique recipes using your appliance is commonly heard of, but using it for gardening sounds pretty surprising, isn’t it? Well, the microwave oven can indeed be used to offer better ways for you to care for your garden.


You can take a resealable bag and add some soil and water. Then, open the top part of the bag, place it in the center of your microwave oven, and heat it for about 3 minutes. After its sufficiently heated, let it cool and seal the bag. Now, you can pot this sterilized soil and grow your plants effectively.

Clean the Kitchen Sponge

Kitchen sponges come in handy for washing utensils and other items. Although they are used for cleaning purposes, these scrubbers are one of the things that we always forget to clean. And this makes them grow germs and accumulate bacteria owing to their moist nature.


To eliminate your kitchen sponge from becoming a home to microbes, soak it in lukewarm water for a few minutes. Following this, heat it in the microwave mildly for at least 2 minutes. It will kill the germs and keep the sponge tidy and hygienic for effective cleaning.

Wakey Wake, It’s Time For Bac-Ey

If there’s any smell that can make your mouth water even when you’re full, it’s that of the bacon. Something about the flavorful aroma of this pork dish reminds one of the fun and happy times. They also go well with anything and everything perfectly.


Are you looking for a quicker recipe to prepare tasty bacon at home? All you need to do is add slices of bacon in one layer and cover them with a paper towel. Then, layer some more paper sheets on top and heat them for a few minutes. In no time, your crispy bacon will be ready!

Keep Your Microwave Clean

A microwave is an appliance that comes to use almost every day. And like any other daily use essential, we neglect to disinfect it. We assume that since we use and clean it every day, it won’t collect germs and bacteria. Well, that’s a myth!


Giving your oven a deep clean is crucial to ensure it doesn’t become a breeding ground for microbial organisms. So, go clean it now! First, take a bowl of water and squeeze some lemon into it. Then, microwave it for about 5 minutes. Finally, wipe off the appliance, freeing it from all accumulated grime.

Shuck the Corn Easily

Do you want to get some insider chef tips? Well, then let us tell you that many professional chefs across the globe use the microwave to shuck corn quickly and effectively. And, of course, you can also follow the same practice to save your time and efforts.


However, for doing so, first, cut the corn’s stalk end while ensuring that the husk is still intact. Then, heat it in the oven for at least 2-4 minutes, and when it’s ready, give it a little shake. The shuck will come off quickly, letting you have some clean corn.

Scramble Some Eggs Easily

There is no denying that scrambled eggs are one of the most delicious and commonly cooked dishes for breakfast. Its quick and convenient recipe enables you to prepare it anytime. But the mess they leave behind causes a real headache.


So, to avoid such a situation, first, grab a mug and crack a few eggs into it. Then, use a fork to whisk them and season the blend with salt and pepper. After that, heat it for 45 seconds in the oven. Once done, give the mix a stir and microwave it for the next 45 seconds. Finally, after 1.5 mins, your unmessy egg scramble is ready!

Prepare Some Scrumptious S’mores

S’mores are undeniably one of the most delectable snacks to indulge in. But, while they are mostly cooked on a bonfire or barbecue, it’s not the only way to prepare these mouth-watering delicacies. Your microwave can help you prepare this sweet treat too.


Are you wondering how to do so? Well, it’s pretty simple! First, heat the s’mores in the oven for at least 15 seconds or until you see the marshmallows puff up. Once that’s done, you can add some of your favorite crackers to it and enjoy its indulgence.

Enjoy Steamed Veggies

When it comes to steaming your veggies, the appliance that often strikes your mind may be a steamer basket or just a fancy steamer. But do you know with a microwave at home, you don’t have to invest in these fancy things? Yes, even an electronic oven can steam your veggies efficiently.


First, wash the vegetables, chop them into pieces as per your preference, and add them to a microwave-safe bowl. Then, immerse them in a small amount of water and cover them with a plastic wrap. Let it cook on high heat for a few minutes, and your steamed veggies will be ready to serve.

Increase Your Chopping Board’s Durability

As chopping boards come to use every day in the kitchen, you may often think it necessary to invest in a new one. But what if we tell you that using this simple trick can quickly increase the longevity of your chopping board? Sounds intriguing, right!

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So, cut a lemon into halves and rub it on the cutting board. Once done, microwave it for a minute on medium heat. And as you take it out, the board will smell fresh and get rid of all accumulated germs, increasing its robustness.

Prepare Some Fine French Toast

French toast is one of the best choices for a cozy meal. The warmth they contain brings peace and happiness from within, making them particularly perfect for the cold weather. So now, enhance the flavor and essence of your French toasts by preparing them in the microwave.


Start by adding some melted butter to a mug. Then, top it off with some eggs, maple syrup, milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Give these ingredients a fine mix while adding bread crumbs to them. Heat it for about 70 seconds and enjoy its rich taste!

Restore Your Dried Mascara

Mascaras are a must-have in most makeup collections. They can immediately bring life to your lashes and make them look fuller and more voluminous. However, if you use it only once in a while, your mascara will surely dry out.


So, if you’re one of these occasional users, don’t just toss away the dried mascara and replace it with a new one. Instead, you can quickly restore its originality by microwaving it for a few seconds and then using it like it’s freshly bought.

Enliven Your Stale Loaf of Bread

Bread is one of the most useful and versatile food items you can have in your kitchen. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, or dinner, you can easily experiment with new bread recipes and create a delicious dish. However, they are notorious for getting stale pretty quickly.


Before you plan to throw away your dried bread, try this hack. Spray some water on a clean towel and dampen it. Then, wrap the bread loaves in this towel and microwave them for at least 10 seconds. And there you have well-moisturized, fresh-looking bread that you can eat right away!

Warm Up Your Solidified Beauty Products

Most women love buying new beauty products, and as soon there’s a new one on the market, they can’t wait to get their hands on it. But because of this, tons of products keep piling up in the cabinet, leading them to go unused and subsequently solidifying them.

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Some makeup products do not work effectively when they are in their solid-state. They may not only lose their original functionality but also be too hard to apply. So, you can microwave these items for a few seconds to loosen up and use them as usual.

DIY Clouds In The Kitchen

When you have kids at home, you might spend most of your time looking for unique ways to keep them engaged and entertained. So, here’s a special experiment to do with them. Take a bar of Ivory soap and warm it high on a microwaveable plate.


On heating it for at least 2 minutes, you will notice a gradual expansion of the soap. Then, within seconds, you will see that it starts forming a cloud that is a feast to the eyes. It can also serve as an excellent idea for your child’s science project.

Indulge in Deliciously Baked Brownies

Brownies – is there anyone who doesn’t love them? Well, these chocolatey treats can make everyone happy and delighted. But preparing brownies is indeed a cumbersome process. So, if you don’t want to spend a long time making them, here’s an easy recipe for you.


First, take a bowl and brush it up with some melted butter. Next, add some cocoa, sugar, eggs, and flour. Then, beat all these ingredients together and place them in a microwaveable dish. Lastly, heat them for 5 minutes, and your fudgy delicacies are ready for serving.

Poach Some Eggs Easily

If you are hungry and want to cook something in seconds, your best bet would be eggs. You can boil them quickly or simply enjoy some scrambled eggs at ease. But what about poached eggs? Preparing them can be a bit tricky, unlike the other dishes.


But if you have a microwave at home, making some poached eggs is a no-brainer. Take a bowl and pour a cup of water into it. Then, add some vinegar and crack the egg into the mixture. Use a toothpick to prick the egg yolk and cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. Heat it for a minute, and it’s done!

Prepare the All-Time Favorite Corn on the Cob Dish

Corn is one of those food items that are perfect for starters as well as the main course. However, it’s time to take your homemade corn on the cob recipes up a notch by cooking them in your microwave oven.


Grab some fresh corn and clean off all the silk and husk. After this, take a plate and add two tablespoons of water. Now, add two full-sized cobs to the plate and put another dish on top of it. Heat them for the next 5 minutes, and you will have a delicious corn recipe ready!

Make a DIY Proofing Oven

Proofing ovens can make your bread soft, nice, and fluffy, but they also tend to be costly and not used very often. So, an easy trick to gain this result for your bread without emptying your pocket is to use your microwave.


Take a cup of water and heat it for a few minutes. It will make the water steamy, and once that’s done, you can keep the dough inside to let it take the final rise. After a while, your bread will become well-proofed and all ready to be devoured.

Prepare Delicious Pasta Easily

Have you always believed that your microwave and pasta do not make a compatible match? If yes, then think again because this hack will change your mind. And the best thing is that you only need 3 things – a bowl, pasta, and water to cook the dish.


Start by adding the required amount of pasta to a pot. Next, cover it with water by only leaving a few inches gap at the top. Then, heat the bowl for the next 2-3 minutes and let it cook. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite pasta in just a few easy steps!

Remove Stamps from Envelopes with Ease

Back in the day, mail was one of the primary forms of communication. Even though emails have mostly replaced their use today, they still come in handy in some instances. Now, in conventional mail, you need an envelope with a stamp to be delivered to the correct address.


But sometimes, you may accidentally put the wrong stamp on the envelope; while sticking it is easy, removing the stamp isn’t. Thankfully, you can heat the entire envelope in your microwave for at least 20 seconds to quickly loosen the glue and peel off the seal.

Pierce Your Veggies Before Grilling

Do you love grilled vegetables? They’re indeed a healthy and tasty food option, but you can’t deny that sometimes grilling vegetables takes an eternity. This little trick will stop your procrastination if this thought always prevents you from grilling them.

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Speed things up by piercing bell peppers, potatoes, or other vegetables you want to grill using a fork. Then, microwave them for a few minutes and add them to the grill. It will reduce the cooking time and render the utmost softness to the grilled veggies.

Get Creative with Personal Kilns

Are you a creative person who loves creating art? But don’t you have a kiln to explore your pottery skills? Well then, put your home microwave into use. If you’ve always been fascinated by clay pottery, it’s time to bring this baking appliance to the mix.


You can easily set up a clay station at home without enrolling in an expensive course. Cover the clay items you’ve made with some baking parchment and microwave it for a few minutes. It will set and harden the piece, and you will have your perfect homemade kiln.