Motivation Hacks Shared By The World’s Most Successful People

By Goodness M

The world has its fair share of successful people. Their life stories are an inspiration to us. This article will outline motivational hacks that we get from successful people.

Elon Musk

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His resilience in the face of adversity inspires us not to quit when life gets hard. In 2008 his business was faced with financial challenges forcing him to invest all his wealth to save the struggling Tesla. He was also going through a costly divorce. Instead of quitting, Musk stood by his vision and achieved success in the face of failure.

Mellody Hobson

She inspires us not to get overwhelmed when faced with an uphill task but to get the job done. Hobson experienced poverty and hardship while growing up, but this did not deter her from achieving her dreams. Instead, it gave birth to a forceful drive to achieve success through hard work.

Sheryl Sandberg

We learn from her that while we help other people achieve success, we inspire ourselves. With all her accomplishments, the Facebook COO appears like a person who does not need motivation. However, there is a possibility that she gets her inspiration from motivating other people. Sandberg has published books on career development, and her Facebook posts aim to motivate people to be successful.

Jack Ma

The founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group emphasizes that opportunities lie where challenges exist. Growing up in a low-income family gave him the drive to seek opportunities for success. While browsing the internet in 1995, he discovered that Chinese products were not available on the net. He instantly saw this as an opportunity. After failing twice, he managed to build his empire.

Mark Zuckerberg

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The CEO of Facebook got to where he is now because he always asked himself if he was doing the most important thing. His passion for connecting with people started at the tender age of 12 when he created a digital messaging system for his father. At university, he teamed up with his friends to create Facebook as we know it today.