35 Home Organization Ideas To Help Establish Order In All The Chaos

By Daniella C

When it comes to decoration and renovation, we never know whether to hire an architect, an interior designer, or do everything ourselves. If you choose the third option, do not despair. It may seem like a difficult task at first, mainly because we have to choose all the elements, keeping in mind that you must live with your choices in the end.

We believe in trusting the creation and organization process. In addition, the main point of a renovation or revamping your house is to try to use the materials that are already in the home, just with some mortifications, such as a different color or design, so that all is not lost.

To help you throughout this confusing process, we compiled 35 ideas dealing with renovation and organization so you will be inspired rather than daunted to revamp your home.

Not an easy choice

Wood has several uses, so knowing how to use it can be a great differential, as we can build several pieces with it. This person, for example, decided to create a nail polish display. This is a fantastic idea, especially for those who have their own business.

Image courtesy of bcep2015.nl

In addition to helping the customer choose the nail polish more quickly, it also evokes a feeling of a rustic and cozy space where anyone would want to stay for hours. In addition, it is effortless to clean. Simply remove the nail polish and clean one shelf at a time.

A new vision

Sometimes, we don’t need to renovate our house. We’re tired of the old decor and only want to do a few small projects. A tip for this is to start noticing the small details, such as the position of the sofa or armchair. Feng Shui goes a long way.

Image courtesy of kareliyanews.ru

This person, for example, decided to change her wardrobe so that she could escape the traditional, making the room more cheerful and bright. You don’t even need to buy new hangers. Just paint the old ones in any color you wish.

Space optimization

If you have a small bedroom and don’t have a place to store all your clothes, don’t worry, because a perfect solution for this situation is to put drawers under the bed. These beds have become very popular over the years, so you have several models to choose from.

Image courtesy of bandbsnestinteriors.com

This definitely makes it easy to find one that fits perfectly into the theme of the room. It’s important to remember that if you choose a bed like this, always leave the space in front of the drawers accessible so you can pull them out without any obstructions.

Daily read, no mess

In addition to milk being one of the most essential foods in our diet, especially in the growth phase, it is also present in our daily lives, from breakfast to dinner. So, we usually always have a bottle of it in the fridge.

Image courtesy of storage.saroha.net

A great tip to reuse empty milk cartons is to make a book holder, which in addition to being very useful, also prevents us from throwing books, magazines, and newspapers in any random corner of the house. You can customize it any way you wish.

Never lose your pens again

Who doesn’t like stationery supplies? And, what’s better than going to a store and buying all kinds of pencils, pens, and erasers? That’s making your own pen and pencil holder. After buying this stuff, many of us tend to dump it on the first table we see and lose everything right away.

Image courtesy of computerquiz.info

The best part is that to make these beautiful pen holders, you don’t have to spend money buying the raw material. Just add the cans as they run out. In addition, it is possible to customize them according to your taste.

Make your own crate

It’s always pretty rad when we decide to create our own home decor items. Mainly because they will be unique objects that only we will have, so it is worth investing a little time and imagination to decorate the environment in which we live in.

Imave courtesy of HorizonDesignStudios / Etsy

This person, for example, created his own beer crate using easy-to-find materials, such as wood. In addition, to make this type of utensil, it is not necessary to have excellent knowledge about the tools because you will only use the most basic ones.

Versatile panel

The person who came up with this great idea deserves an award. The kitchen utensils are hanging on the panel in the kitchen that is actually meant to hold maintenance materials, such as drills, hammers, and screwdrivers. This panel is ideal for those who love to cook and don’t have much space to store all their cooking supplies.

Image courtesy of stroika2100.ru

However, the most interesting part is that this panel can be used in other rooms of the house, such as the garden to store gardening tools and hold plants, or even in the bathroom to hold bath and face towels, for example.

Create something new from the old

Wood already has 1000 uses, but we can invent 1000 more. For example, this beautiful keyring can be constructed from scraps of wood. The person who came up with the idea was certainly very creative, as he had the ability to reuse material he already had at home.

Image courtesy of jessicapaster.com

This belies the old thinking we have, that we just need new materials to renovate. This is not true, because we can reuse the old, just a good renovation. Which, in addition to being much more ecological, is much cheaper, too.

New jewelry box

Hardly anyone doesn’t like jewelry, which leads us to always buy a little more than we should, and the best way to keep them safe is in the jewelry box. However, it can be challenging to find the one piece we want because they are always a little tangled up.

Image courtesy of a Fashionably Baked/Pinterest

An excellent way to avoid this type of problem is to nail some hooks to the wall because it is easier to store the jewelry, as they do not run the risk of knotting up. You can also see each piece clearer, making it easier to choose.

Easy And practical organizer

One thing is for sure: either you love jeans, or you hate them, mainly because we are not always lucky enough to find pants that fit our bodies. But when we finally find do, we use it nonstop, which wears it out faster.

Image courtesy of homedecorators.me

The best part is that as your pants wear out, you can add pockets to the organizer, making it bigger and bigger. In addition, this type of organizer is ideal for traveling. If you make one that is smaller and compact, you can take it anywhere.

Plans of the day

Straw bags are one of the most versatile items there is, as you can use them in different environments, such as the kitchen and bathroom. And a great way to use it is to make a shelf or even an organizer, as you see in the photo below.

Image courtesy of windyourwatch.com

Each bag was intended for a function. The first holds the mail, and the second holds the things that still need to be done. In addition, it is possible to add as many bags as necessary and assign a function to each one.

Jewelry holder your way

Rustic artifacts are super trendy nowadays, as they bring an old charm to our homes. This makeup holder, for example, is a great idea because it’s unique and an item almost no one has. In addition to being recycled, it’s not made of harmful materials.

Image courtesy of toolboxdivas.com

The only problem is that it is undoubtedly complicated to make if you are not accustomed to handling wood. But there is always a first time, right? In addition, you can add as many compartments as you need and decorate the small jewelry box however you wish.

A very necessary closet

We all have those small, random items that we throw on the first table we see when we get home, which often makes us lose them right away. However, a great way to solve this problem is to buy a mini closet since they’re ideal for storing small items.

Image courtesy of formalguy.com

An interesting point is that because it has several drawers, it is possible to allocate each of them to a different item. In addition, because it is small, it does not take up much space, and the best part is that it’s possible to decorate it to match the environment.

The thousand uses of soda cans

Soda cans can also be of great use. This person, for example, took a few of them and made labels to put on the shelves. It is certainly not very easy to handle this type of material since the metal from the cans can cut someone easily.

Image courtesy of athydirectory.com

However, if you need longer-lasting labels, this idea should be taken into account, as they certainly last longer than plastic or paper ones. In addition, the cans can also be used for storage or even as a small planter.

Drawer no more

When we move to a new place, we usually find that we have more belongings than space, which leaves us with two options: try to organize everything as best we can or let go of some items. And most of the time, we feel it the most in the kitchen.

Image courtesy of elizabethandcovintage.com

If this is your case, a great idea is to relocate the cutlery. Instead of putting them in drawers, it is better to buy or make some kind of holder with recycled materials, such as a milk bottle. This way, you can arrange the cutlery on the countertop or shelves, leaving drawer space.

Alternative sofa

The pallet has great importance in storing products, mainly because it facilitates the transport and storage of goods. However, have you ever stopped to think that this raw material can also have other uses? This person, for example, decided to use the pallet to build a sofa.

Image courtesy of decoracaoearte.com.br

It may not look very comfortable, but we’re sure it’s cozy with the pillows. In addition, the person who made it went a little further. He even created a space to prop up his feet. He used the rest of the leftover pallet to make a mini garden. The whole set was impeccable!

Versatile shelf

This shelf is ideal for those who like to host guests because it allows you to arrange the dishes and cutlery on the shelf and their guests serve themselves as they feel hungry. That way, the table doesn’t take up much space, and there’s no need to arrange the entire set of dishes.

Image courtesy of 5.x5a.org

In addition, it makes the environment feel cozier. The shelf is versatile. You can display photos, paintings, or even a mini garden. Apart from how to make this type of shelf, you don’t need to buy anything new. You can use a simple piece of wood.

No more mess at the entrance

It is very common to keep our shoes at the house’s entrance, especially those we use the most. Sometimes, we don’t have space in our closets or simply find it more practical to leave them near the door. The problem is when you start to accumulate a lot of shoes, everything gets messy.

Image courtesy of theweatheredfox.com

If this is your case, a great way to avoid this type of problem is to nail shelves to the wall. That way, it doesn’t take up much space and always leaves the passage free. In addition, it’s much easier to clean because you don’t have to move shoes all the time.

A new closet form

Cabinets with partitions are extremely necessary in most people’s lives as it helps us to organize our belongings more efficiently. If the cabinet doesn’t have doors, it’s even better, as we will be forced to keep it tidy so that the mess is not exposed.

Image courtesy of techfect.com

As there are several types of open shelving in different shapes and sizes, there is always one that will marry splendidly with any aesthetic. And even if you don’t have enough stuff to fill all the squares, it’s okay because they look beautiful even when they’re empty.

Optimizing the fridge

When we go to the market, we seldom think about whether all our purchases will fit in the fridge or not, and when we get home, we realize that a lot of things will have to be left outside. A good way to avoid this type of problem is to separate the products into containers and baskets.

Image courtesy of @alphafoodie / Instagram

We are able to maximize the amount of product that we compartmentalize in the space in the fridge. In addition, it won’t become disarrayed because all the products are in containers, and it’s much simpler when cleaning because you just take the baskets and jars out and clean the shelves.

Non-traditional drawers

Wooden crates have several uses, especially in the commercial world, as they serve to transport a wide variety of products. However, with a little creativity, you can turn them into beautiful statement pieces. A great way to use crates, for example, is for drawers.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Abbott/Pinterest

A strong point of the crates is that they are light and can be transported to any room in the house and also serve as a decoration item, as it is a more rustic element. In addition, you can construct them in different sizes, always aiming to enhance the space.

Rustic touch

Plants at home are always a great decoration option, but we can’t always find a space for them in our home. A great idea is to install shelves to support them. It will make it easier to take care of the plants, and you can add other items for decoration.

Image courtesy of The DIY Doghouse/Pinterest

This type of decoration looks very rustic, which only makes the environment feel cozier. A good idea to make this type of shelf is to use leftover panels of wood you might have lying around. Even if they are old, it will make them look like an antique.

The designer is everything

Do you ever feel like you have so much laundry you can’t pick it up? Or, sometimes, you want to move a big load across the house, but you don’t want to throw out your back. Don’t go buying a fancy rolling laundry basket.

Image courtesy of bertecmedical.com

All you need is a barrel roller and four wheels. You can easily pick up these simple items for cheap at any handy shop. Use a power drill to attach the wheels with screws, and you’re good to start rollin’!

How to store toilet paper more efficiently

As small as our bathroom is, one thing is for sure: toilet paper is the most important item in it, and it can’t be overlooked. A great way to stock up is to buy a toilet paper-thin vase or planter to store the rolls.

Image courtesy of ozhome.co

This piece doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you don’t have to leave the entire box of toilet paper in the bathroom. In addition, there are several models of vases, so it is always possible to choose one that best adapts to the decoration of the environment.


Cardboard is a very versatile material, which allows us to use our imagination to create the piece we want. This person, for example, took some cardboard he already had at home and turned it into organizers. The best part is that you can customize them according to your taste.

Image courtesy of diycozyhome.com

The most interesting thing is that no one will notice they are cardboard boxes since they look realistic and elegant. In addition, it is possible to create other products with this same material, such as pencil holders, picture holders, and even drawers.


A great tip for those who have a small house or apartment is instead of leaving the decor items on the floor, try hanging them on the wall or, instead of installing a closet, for example, install a shelf, so there is more space for the essentials like a sofa and coffee table.

Image courtesy of diy.nxtbooks.info

By the way, this tip also works with artifacts, like the paint brushes above. However, the most remarkable thing about this idea is that it uses easy-to-find materials, such as cups and easy-to-handle tools. This is also a perfect idea if you are trying to reorganize your workshop or space.

Plastic bottle organizers

Plastic bottles are part of our daily lives, whether we like them or not. Most beverages, such as water or soft drinks, come in a plastic bottle. If you have a few at home, don’t throw them away because you can make interesting organizers out of them.

Image courtesy of massghsb.com

This person, for example, used two large plastic bottles to make a pasta holder and even used another one as a lid. They also used a big plastic bottle to store plastic bags. We have to say that they look beautiful, too!

Your own decor item

Straw bags are versatile, mainly because there are several models of them, which allows us to choose the one that best matches our home. Apart from that, they become incredible compartments to store most of the objects we need without looking like a storage container.

Image courtesy of Lacey Haskell / Pinterest

This person, for example, also customized the bag by putting several pompoms around it, which made the item even more unique. Apart from that, since the bag is very light, it can be taken to different places in the house.

Don’t judge by the cover

If you have an old closet and you feel like throwing it away, don’t worry. There is always a way to improve it. Just renovate it, with a new paint job and new labels for the drawers. It may seem that this alone will not work, but it will definitely make all the difference.

Image courtesy of designbytheyard.com

This person, for example, managed to renovate his old furniture and created a much more elegant environment with it. Don’t throw away the old pieces. Even though they look old, they can still perform their function as if they’re new.

No more mess in the closet

The kitchen is a tricky subject because we usually have more stuff than space. If this is the case, try to implement this idea: instead of organizing food products on shelves, compartmentalize them into cardboard or even plastic boxes.

Image courtesy of craftbnb.com

They’re much more convenient to clean because you don’t have to empty the entire shelf. Just take one box at a time, and clean one by one, without having to clutter the entire kitchen. But the best part is that you can customize the boxes so that they adapt to the environment where they will be placed.

Be creative

A straw bag is a super versatile and useful item because they are easy to handle, locate, and have several uses, You can use it as a decoration item, laundry basket, shoe basket, blanket basket, or even trash can, among other functions.

Image courtesy of modernhome.tk

A great idea is also to leave it in the living room or common areas for storing blankets, especially on cold days so you don’t have to go to your room for a blanket. In addition, the basket ends up functioning as a decoration item, but it actually has a primary use.

Wooden frame

When we’re newly married and move into a new place, we always try to do everything we can to make the house to our liking. And when we have some special items that have great meaning, we like to give them a special spotlight for everyone to admire.

Image courtesy of smarthomestyle.xyz

For those who don’t have much space, a great idea is to nail it to the wall. In addition to attracting people’s attention more easily, it looks like a painting. When cleaning, it is simple because you can remove the items carefully and place them back.

Beachy weather

It’s almost impossible for someone not to like the beach, especially in the summer, and some people like this environment so much that they want to bring some of it into the house. A great idea to do this is to take straw bags and hang them on the wall to turn them into shelves.

Image courtesy of pidgeonenglish.com

In addition to creating a very relaxed atmosphere, this DIY project is something most people can make using very simple tools. In this case, that person decided to put it in the bathroom, but this idea looks beautiful in any room in the house.

A practical and fast way to organize your books

Even if you don’t like to read, we’re sure you have some books at home. Sometimes, we collect them over the years without even realizing. One of the biggest problems people have with books is managing how to store them.

Image courtesy of urdesign.us

It’s a perfect idea to install only shelves on the wall instead of a standing bookcase. Shelves don’t take up much space and can be nailed almost anywhere. In addition, if you arrange the books in an ideal way, they will not fall, even if they don’t have support on the sides.

Don’t throw it away, recycle

Making shelves with random items is like DIY therapy because we can choose the shape, material, and color. These shelves made of cans, for example, are easy to find and can support a relatively large amount of weight.

Image courtesy of hometalk.com

The best part is that we are helping the environment because we are reusing something that would otherwise go to waste. A great detail is that this type of material can also be used to make a small vegetable garden, and the end result is super charming and rustic.