Personalize Your Walls: Create Simple DIY Picture Frames To Enhance Decor

By Martin B

Engaging in DIY picture frame crafting lets you infuse a personal essence into your home decor, all while spotlighting your imaginative flair. In this piece, we’ll present a simple guide to creating picture frames that will elevate your interior design.

Source: @angelekamp/Unsplash

For this simple hack, you’ll need wooden boards or molding strips, a saw, sandpaper, wood glue or nails, picture frame hangers, backing board or cardboard, and glass or acrylic sheet for protection. You can also get paint, stain, or finish, but that’s optional.

Here is the step-by-step procedure:

Measure and Cut: Establish the picture frame’s dimensions according to the artwork or photograph you plan to exhibit. Employ a saw to precisely cut the wooden boards or molding strips to the designated lengths. Remember to cut the pieces at 45-degree angles to create the corners of the frame.

Sand and Smooth: Following the cutting process, employ sandpaper to refine the wooden pieces’ edges and surfaces. This action will yield a polished texture and guarantee the flawless integration of the frame components.

Source: Jean Levasseur/Popular Science

Assemble the Frame: Apply wood glue to the angled edges of the pieces or use nails to secure them together. Make sure the corners align perfectly to create a neat and sturdy frame structure. Allow the glue to dry if you’re using it as an adhesive.

Finish or Paint (Optional): You can leave the wooden frame with its natural appearance for a rustic feel, or you can choose to paint, stain, or finish it to match your decor. This step adds a layer of customization to the frame’s aesthetic.

Insert the Photo or Artwork: Place a glass or acrylic sheet on top of the frame to protect your photo or artwork. Then, gently secure the photo onto a backing board or cardboard using tape or adhesive. Position the assembly within the frame.

Secure Backing: Affix a backing board or a piece of cardboard to the rear of the frame in order to secure all elements in position. This also provides protection and prevents dust from getting inside the frame.

Source: @chanceanderson/Unsplash

Attach Hangers: Depending on the size and weight of your frame, attach picture frame hangers to the back. These will allow you to hang the frame on the wall securely.