40 Clever Nail Polish Hacks For Everything But Your Nails

By Navkiran K

Everyone loves to pamper their nails with fun colors and different manicure styles. The options are honestly endless. As a result, there are so many nail polish bottles just sitting on your vanity. Moreover, you may have them stuffed in makeup pouches and forgotten about their existence. There may come a point when you may think of throwing them away after you are bored with their color or think you will never use them again. However, there are so many ways you can utilize them to make your life easier. We’ll discuss several nail polish hacks that will make everyday chores quick and effortless. Besides, you will no longer look for their substitutes. These hacks can save your clothes from fraying, jewelry from turning green, and shirt buttons from falling off. Keep on reading to learn more nail polish hacks that will come in handy around the house.

Threading a needle without a headache

Threading a needle may give you a headache after a few unsuccessful attempts. Moreover, the thread may start to fray and become even harder to insert into the tiny hole of the needle. This is where nail polish will come to the rescue!

Image courtesy: instructables.com

Just dip the frayed end of the thread in clear nail polish and let it dry. Now, threading this string will be much easier, and you can simply cut it before using the needle. We bet this idea never crossed your mind before!

Close a stubborn envelope

There is nothing more frustrating than an envelope that will not stick no matter how much glue you use (or even saliva, we hope not too much). The repeated use of glue may affect the envelope and make it seep into the contents and tear the paper.

Image courtesy: instructables.com

And we do not recommend you to lick the nasty envelope again and again as we mentioned before. Even after licking, the envelope may not stick. Do yourself a favor and use some clear nail polish along the edges. Your envelope will be all secure in no time.

Keep the seam in place

Your favorite garments may suffer because of an open seam. This may mean the end of your favorite clothing item if you don’t try and fix it before it completely falls apart. But, here’s how nail polish can help you save your clothes.

Image courtesy: Janice Quennelle/Pinterest

Just coat the seam where it’s fraying with clear nail polish and let it dry. Use it in small amounts to prevent any additional marks. Your clothes will be safe from frays and tearing in order for you to keep enjoying them.

Save your buttons from falling

So many people have faced this issue where buttons happen to fall off the shirt you want to wear right when you need to rush out of the door in the morning. However, you can use clear nail polish to coat the threads to secure the button.

Image courtesy: naildesigncode.com

Pearl and shell buttons are especially fragile, and they may need some extra help to stay secure on your clothes. You won’t have to stitch your buttons time and time again or be extra careful while wearing your favorite clothes.

Protect your jewelry from tarnishing

Imitation custom jewelry is versatile and comes in so many impressive designs. These pieces can help to tie an outfit together perfectly. But, they do not last long, seeing the metals may turn brown and green after some time.

Image courtesy: Tracy Brookelin/Pinterest

To prevent your precious pieces from tarnishing, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish. The nail polish will save the metal from coming in contact with moisture. This way, you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time without needing to find replacements.

Ropes, laces, and ribbons will no longer unravel

Tying the end of ribbons and laces does not look cute. And it will also shorten the length of the rope, but the loose ends are prone to fraying and unraveling. This will leave the rope and ribbon useless.

Image courtesy: Regina Edwards/Pinterest

You can easily stop these from unraveling by dipping their ends into a bottle of clear nail polish and letting it dry, just like the thread hack we mentioned above. It will lock the loose strands and protect them from unraveling any further from the ends.

Secure a loose screw

There may be a screw in your house that always keeps coming off. You may have tried to screw it back several times, but you end up with the same result. You can set it with nail polish without any hassle.

Image courtesy: instructables.com

Just paint the screw with the nail polish and leave it to dry. Now, re-set the screw after it forms a layer of dry nail paint and has better friction to stay inside the walls without falling repeatedly. Talk about a cheap and easy way to fix an annoying problem!

Prevent labels from smudging

Labels are fun when naming your plants or adding more information to your herb garden. But, these labels may fade away or get smudged due to water and the outdoor environment. You can prevent this from happening with a clear coat of nail polish.

Image courtesy: Normanack/Flickr

After writing what you want on the labels, apply a coat of clear nail paint and let it completely dry before putting it outside. The labels will remain good as new for a long time. You may also try this for other indoor labels in the kitchen as well.

Mark the level of liquids in a container

If you need to remember the liquid level in a container, you need some nail polish to helo you distinguish this fine line. Do not use clear nail polish for this hack, though, as it may not even be visible after some days.

Image courtesy: mamabee.com

Grab a bright nail polish to mark the desired level of liquid with a line of nail polish. This will help you identify how much liquid there is in a bottle without using any guessing games that may affect the proportions.

Seal your nail and stop it from breaking

Both short and long nails are equally prone to breaking and tearing apart. Breaking a long nail may ruin your whole manicure. And, if your nail is too short for clipping, it may cause you pain or make your nail bleed.

Image courtesy: thebudgetfashionista.com

To fix your nails, all you need is a small clipping from an unused teabag. Now, place it on the nail on the part where it’s starting to break. Coat it with clear nail polish, and it will add some strength, causing you less pain.

Fix holes and tears in the window screen

 A hole in the window screen may let insects and other unwanted visitors inside your room. You can use clear nail polish to fix the holes and tears in a window screen without the need to replace them.

Image courtesy: thedelite.com

Push the tears back into the place and coat it with two coats of nail polish to create a strong bond. Let the first coat dry completely before adding the second one, or the nail polish will not solidify properly.

Make your metals rust proof

Metal bottles are long-lasting and safe for the environment. Moreover, some beauty products come in metallic packaging. Sometimes, they may start to develop a small, rusty layer at the bottom and leave marks in the places you store them.

Image courtesy: Regina Edwards/Pinterest

A nail polish coat will prevent the metal from reacting with water. Just apply a layer of nail paint to the bottom of the bottle. This will prevent the nasty metal ring from forming on your counters and help keep them clean.

Prevent your stockings from running

Tights are hard to wear and maintain. Stockings have a thin fabric, and it may cause runs in several places. Moreover, a tiny run may ruin your tights by spreading all over. All you need is clear nail polish to fix this tiny problem.

Image courtesy: ifixit.com

Apply the nail paint to the runs and let the fabric dry. This will tighten the fabric and prevent the run from spreading any further. As a result, you’ll save some money by not buying new stockings every time you find yourself with a new run.

Secure your sunglasses screws in place

Sunglasses can become awfully loose if a single screw is out of place. These screws are so tiny that you may not be able to fix them without the fear of breaking your sunglasses. There’s an easier way to fix them, and yes, nail polish is the answer.

Image courtesy: Kris Dekleine/Pinterest

You just need a drop of clear nail polish to secure the screw back into the glasses. Apply the nail coat on the screw and let it dry. This will secure the screw and prevent it from coming loose, saving you money, so you don’t have to take them to a special store to get them fixed.

Seal splinters from wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is great for cozy décor at home but is susceptible to splintering. Splinters in your furniture may cause injuries. These tiny splinters may even get inside your finger and make you go to the emergency room to get them out in time.

Image courtesy: thekrazycouponlady.com

You can prevent these infection-causing injuries by simply painting over these places with clear nail polish. The liquid will dry and make the wood smoother. This will also prevent wooden furniture from becoming even more damaged in the future.

Clear band-aid

Some people believe that clear nail paint has astringent properties. So, they use nail polish to apply a thin layer over the wound and then apply the regular bandaid. The layer of nail paint will prevent the bandage from falling.

Image courtesy: instructables.com

We are not sure if a doctor will recommend you to use this hack. One may develop an infection in case the wound does not remain clean. This hack may be debatable, but you may need to talk to your doctor first to confirm the efficacy.

Fix your favorite bag

Your bag may develop scratches and lines after some time. You can resolve this issue by painting these areas with nail polish. Just be careful with the amount of nail polish you use and the shade of the color you desire.

Image courtesy: monencogroup.com

You may use clear nail polish or a matching one. Apply the nail paint and add another layer after the first one has dried. Your go-to bag will be free from any lines and scratches now that you used your nifty nail polish.

No longer juggle with your keys

Isn’t it annoying when you’re trying to find the right key, and they all look similar? The easy hack to distinguish them is to color-code them. Instead of their designs, you just need to remember their colors.

Image courtesy: brainstudy.info

Use different nail polish colors for keys that you need to differentiate, and coat their top part in whatever color you want. Let them dry before adding them to your keychain. Each key will be easy to identify now without having to try them all.

Fix your jewelry

Your earrings or rings may lose a stone. Fixing this with glue may make the stone appear cloudy, and your jewelry will no longer look the same as it did before. Just dab some clear nail paint on the earring or ring to fix this.

Image courtesy: omgnailpolish.com

Fix the stone or crystal in place and let it dry. Your earrings will still shine like new. No one will ever find out you broke them in the first place. Besides, the stone will stay secure for the long run, and so will your wallet!

Temporary solution for the windshield crack

A tiny pebble or small impact leaves a crack in your windshield. You can fix this easily with a dab of clear nail polish. A tiny bottle of clear nail polish can come in handy to prevent the crack from spreading.

Image courtesy: Baltimore Life/Twitter

This may not be a permanent solution; however, this will give you some time to prepare for a permanent one. Besides, you will not require a repair if the crack is very tiny. This will just be a precaution to prevent any further damage.

Waterproof matches before camping

If you are going camping or hiking, this hack can save your life. Matches do not work even when they are the slightest bit damp. However, you can keep the matches completely dry with a coat of nail paint.

Image courtesy: foodstorageandsurvival.com

Just give the matches a thin coat of nail polish and let them dry before taking them along for your trip. The nail polish will stop the matches from reacting with air and moisture. You will have dry matches on the go.

Upgrade your salt shaker 

You never know how much salt may come out of the salt shaker. Excessive salt is not good for your health, and you may need to find ways to reduce salt consumption. You can do this with nail polish, believe it or not. 

Image courtesy: Regina Edwards

Paint a few of the holes on the salt shaker and let it dry completely. This will prevent the salt from coming out of these holes, and you will gradually consume less salt every day. This is such a simple yet effective hack.

Secure scratches on glasses

If there is a small scratch on your glasses and it is bothering you, you can use clear nail polish to fix it. Just be careful enough to use a tiny amount to prevent any cloudiness on the lenses, or this hack won’t be worth it.

Image courtesy: bobvila.com

The scratch on your glasses won’t be fixed until you decide to replace them with new ones. This hack will save you a lot of money in the long run, helping to maintain the glass’s aesthetic appeal and integrity.

DIY custom color nail polish

You may have an event and wish to look your best for it head to toe. If you cannot find nail paint that matches the color of your outfit, then you can DIY one at home with some eyeshadows.

Image courtesy: alyssaandcarla.com

Find some eyeshadows that are close to the color of your dress. Now, use something sharp to turn the eyeshadow into powder and add this powder into clear nail polish. Mix the nail paint, and you have your own custom shade.

Remove unsightly warts

You may have some unsightly warts on your skin that are too stubborn to remove. Apply some nail polish on it every day until the wart goes away. This will treat your skin and leave it free from any unwanted scars or textures on your skin.

Image courtesy: thinkpill.in

Note that you will need to consult a doctor to treat the infection that was the original cause of your wart. The treatment will prevent warts from returning and get rid of any infection that may still linger on your skin.

Relief from a mosquito bite

Mosquito bites can get really itchy, and you may not be able to control yourself from itching the surface. It may lead to infections and more skin issues if not taken care of. Some suggest clear nail polish may help.

Image courtesy: injaparasbackyard

You may apply a thin layer of nail polish on the mosquito bite to relieve the burn and itchiness on the surface of your skin. The nail polish will soothe the itchiness and provide a cooling effect. Also, apply a tiny amount to prevent the skin from drying.

The perfect water temperature for your shower

Setting the perfect temperature in your shower can be the most daunting and time-consuming task. It may not be cool enough or hot enough and may take up too much time. Nail polish may be the perfect solution.

Image courtesy: lifehacksforu.com

Just use bright nail paint to create a line in the perfect position of the handle. This will give you an easy fix for adjusting the shower temperature in no time, just the way you like it.

Prevent your car from rusting

Rust is an enemy for your car if you have some scratches on the surface. These small scratches can severely affect your car if not tended to in a timely manner. A small coat of nail paint can prevent these from turning rusty.

Image courtesy of catholic.org

Coat the scratched surface with rust and let it dry. The surface will remain protected from the impact of wind, air, and moisture. This may be a temporary fix, but it works great when you do not wish to pay for more serious repair work.

Fix your old credit card

Your credit card may be old, and as a result, it may not scan properly. This can send you straight to the bank and apply for a new one. You may consider waiting and try this hack instead. What do you have to lose?

Image courtesy of tiphero.com

Paint over the magnetic strip using clear nail polish. This will remove any scratches from the surface. Moreover, your card will be just like the new one, making it scan smoothly on any card reader—no need to get a new one.

Repair old shoe scuffs

Your shoes may develop scratches after some time. Moreover, they may develop cracks in some places. If you do not wish to replace them soon because of this minimal damage, this hack is for those times.

Image courtesy: Tracy Flanigan/Pinterest

Use a clear nail polish in minimal amounts to fill in the cracks and scratches that are present on your shoes. This will add shine and polish to the surface and make sure these cracks do not spread to other areas of the shoe.

Fix your old hangers

We all learn the hard way how annoying it can be to organize a closet, and sometimes it remains unorganized for a long time. On top of it, your hangers may be snagging your clothes. It would help if you grabbed your nifty nail polish.  

Image courtesy: instructables.com

Cover the hangers with some nail polish and let them dry for some time. The nail polish will smooth over the hanger enough for the clothes not to snag anymore. Your closet will be organized at all times, and your clothes will remain in great condition. 

DIY decorative Glasses

Instead of getting new wine glasses, you can use nail polish to jazz them up. After a successful DIY, you will have a set of unique and impressive glasses at your home. You may use different colors or just one.

Image courtesy: ChaChaCakes/Youtube

Moreover, you can paint images on the glass or use polka dots for designs. You may also use the marble method to spruce up the glasses. Painting on the bottom of glasses will also give you a nice look, just like the person who made the glasses above.

Prevent your cell phone screen from cracking further

Did you drop your phone accidentally and find some cracks on the glass? Use clear nail polish to cover the crack over the screen. This will prevent the cracks from developing any further, giving you a little more peace of mind. 

Image courtesy: instructables.com

Eventually, you will need to replace the screen if it develops deeper cracks. However, this hack works well to prevent the damage from spreading to the screen. Use smaller amounts and then build up so that the screen does not get cloudy. 

DIY colorful bobby pins

You can be creative and turn your old and ordinary bobby pins into bright hairpins that will go with more outfits and moods. Use your nail paints to color over the bobby pins and dry them before putting them on. 

Image courtesy: mamabee.com

You can paint them with a single color for a monochrome effect. Apart from this, you may mix a few colors and add glitter topcoats and embellishments over the pins once the colored polish is dry. The options are endless.

Add some sparkle to your life

You may have several things around you that look boring and have no life to them. You may pick the brightest colored nail polish and some glitter to decorate a pen holder, boring containers, or even a plain old white charger. 

Image courtesy: Bruno /Germany /Pixabay 

First, draw some designs on these items and then paint them with nail polish. You may try freehand designs as well and then coat them with some glitter nail polish to add that sparkle and glitter to your everyday items. 

Paint your old phone case

Phone cases start to look dull after some time. You can upgrade these old phone cases by painting them with some fun nail polishes. There are many marble nail paints, glitter nail colors, and holographic dual-tone shades to choose from. 

Image courtesy: thesprucecrafts.com

Just create a design and start painting. You can also paint the phone case in one color and add more glitter and shades on top of it as the person above did. This will create a unique pattern on the phone case that no one else will have. 

Shiny new belt buckle

You may have an old belt buckle in your wardrobe that may need some simple shining. Use nail paint to restore the shine on top of the buckle’s surface in a few easy steps—no need to get expensive polishes. 

Image courtesy: mamabee.com

Clean the surface and remove any abrasive layers from the buckles. Now, add a clean coat of clear nail polish on the surface. Now your buckles will shine like new, and they will not lose shine for a long time. 

Add some glam to the soles of your shoes

Are you bored with your old shoes? You can glam up your old shoes by adding some nail polish to the soles of your shoes. These red bottom shoes may inspire you to add your own twist to the designs. 

Image courtesy: mamabee.com

Just note that that nail polish will come off when you walk. Therefore, you may get several chances to jazz up your shoes in different ways each time. Besides, there are endless possibilities when it comes to colors, patterns, and designs. 

Upgrade your old jewelry

Did you know you could customize your old jewelry? Add some life to your jewelry with bright nail polish or some glitter nail colors. You may even customize earrings, rings, and necklaces to match your outfits before an event.

Image courtesy: mamabee.com

You may experiment with some small pieces and then add nail polish to larger pieces once you learn how to apply the colors together. Moreover, you may apply nail polish on the back of larger stones to give a subtle hint of color.  

Prevent allergies on the skin

Some people have very sensitive skin that may react to metals. This may cause allergy and itching on the skin wherever the metal touches. Use nail polish to coat the back of the metal and let it dry. 

Image courtesy: mamabee.com

The nail polish coating will create a barrier between the skin and the metal of the watch, ring, bracelet, or necklace. Besides, it will prevent the metals from losing their shine, turning dark, and appearing brassy after some wear.