Popular Life Hacks That Don’t Work

By Goodness M

A lot of information that simplifies people’s lives is often found on the internet. However, not all the life hacks we see on the web are accurate, as most of them don’t work. Therefore, this article seeks to bring to light fake life hacks found on the internet.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Speakers

Some websites claim that you create a perfect speaker system when you place your phone into toilet paper tubes. However, this does not work because the cardboard suppresses the sound instead of amplifying it. Therefore, if you want sound waves to be appropriately distributed, put your phone inside a glass bowl that directs the waves upwards.

2. Extend LifeSpan of Batteries

Photo Credit: reviewed.com

To increase the lifespan of batteries, some websites advise that you place them in the refrigerator to cool them down. The cooler they become, the longer they last. Do not try this because you will damage your batteries. Cool temperatures on batteries lead to condensation, which causes corrosion and damages the batteries. Batteries are better stored at room temperature, void of humidity.

3. Open Locked Door With Tennis Ball

Photo Credit: snops.com

This hack claims that if you exert pressure against the lock using a tennis ball, air that is forced into the lock shifts the pins and unlocks the door. People believed this hack after a stunt was pulled on YouTube. However, this does not work because a lock can withstand any amount of pressure exerted on it.

4. Charge Phone With Onion

According to a hack on the internet, your phone can be charged using an onion that is soaked in Gatorade. However, this is impossible because metals that conduct the flow of electrons are not available. Without a galvanic cell, nothing happens.

5. Remove Stains With Hand Sanitizer

Some websites suggest that a hand sanitizer can remove the stain when a permanent marker stains your clothes. It is recommended that the alcohol in the sanitizer takes out the stain. However, this is not true because once you apply the sanitizer, the ink will spread and go deeper into the fabric.