45 Simple Time-Saving Hacks That Help People Get More Done On Their Daily Routines

By Harpreet K

Are you constantly feeling rushed, frustrated, and overwhelmed by your overflowing to-do list? Do you constantly feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? You are not alone! The constant struggle against time is real.

We all know that time is the currency of life. However, we often find ourselves wasting it. But don’t despair—with a few simple, time-saving hacks and tricks, it is possible to make the most of what little time we have each day. 

From how to efficiently carry groceries in one trip to cooking meals quicker, we have compiled creative insights on how you can make every second count! After this, you will be on your way toward unlocking life’s greatest productivity superpower!

1. Volumizing pomade for eyebrows 

Are your eyebrows looking a bit sparse, weak, and unattractive? A volumizing gel pomade could be precisely what you need to elevate your brows! This is a quick solution for busy girls. With just a few applications, this product will lift and hold your eyebrows as well as add color.

Image courtesy: Uoma Beauty

But that’s not all! This gel pomade is also long-lasting and waterproof. So, no matter how much heat or humidity you’re exposed to throughout the day, it won’t budge! Additionally, it dries quickly, so there’s no need to worry about smudging or transfer. 

2. Grooming gloves for furry ones

Looking for a way to save time and keep your furry friend looking oh-so-spiffy? Scroll no further than the grooming glove! Featuring nodules on the fingers and palms, this revolutionary glove pairs petting with pampering – you can give affection to your beloved pup or kitty while expertly maintaining their coat at the same time.

Image courtesy: Amazon

Not only does this nifty tool make it easy to take care of any shedding issues with ease, but your pet will love the extra attention too! It’s a win-win situation: less mess and more cuddles. Now that’s what we call a savvy time management strategy.

3. Pet hair removing roller

We all know that pet hair can be a nightmare to deal with. But with a pet hair removal roller, you can quickly and easily remove pet hair from furniture, curtains, and other fabric surfaces. This time-saving hack is simple and effective and takes only a few minutes.

Image courtesy: Amazon

Simply roll the roller over the surface and watch as pet hair is quickly swept away – saving you time and hassle. There’s no need for vacuuming or laborious brushing since the roller does it all for you! Try it today and start saving valuable time and effort.

4. Reliable breakfast sandwich maker

You can make your morning routine easier with a breakfast sandwich maker. Instead of wasting time struggling to make something complicated, this reliable sandwich maker gives you options. It can cook eggs, vegetables, and meats, and have your toast ready within five minutes!

Image courtesy: Amazon

Plus, since the parts are removable and dishwasher-safe, cleanup is a breeze! With an accompanying recipe book, you’ll have unlimited ideas for your breakfast options. Use this time-saving hack to get out of bed excited as you anticipate the satisfying feeling of enjoying a scrumptious meal with no hassle!

5. Easy, quick dishwasher cleaner

If you wish you had more time in your day to clean your dishwasher, stop worrying—now there’s a solution! All it takes is a simple dishwasher cleaner hack to save you plenty of time. Forget laborious scrubbing and descaling. Just get yourself a quick-acting, powerful dishwasher cleaner and disinfectant.

Image courtesy: Amazon

It will blitz away limescale, rust, grease, and other nasties from your machine, leaving it sparkly and more efficient at cleaning your dishes. Just make sure your dishwasher runs as efficiently as possible, and do something else as it gets clean.

6. Healthy meal kit subscription

Preparing meals daily, especially after a long day, can be frustrating and time-consuming. So, subscribing to a healthy meal kit is the perfect way to save time when prepping meals. With this kit, the ingredients and recipes are conveniently delivered to your door.

Image courtesy: Home chef

You don’t have to worry about sourcing the ingredients, and you enjoy a wide variety of recipes to choose from. Meal kits can also be a great way to save money, as packages often include discounts on meals, free delivery, and more. All in all, subscribing to a healthy meal kit can be a lifesaver.

7. Wine stain remover to the rescue

When it comes to removing pesky wine stains, you need a reliable stain remover. This handy solution is designed specifically to quickly and effectively remove smears without causing any damage or further discoloration and protect your precious linens from staining.

Image courtesy: Amazon

It’s easy to use, too. Simply spritz the stain with the remover, wait about five minutes for it to set, and then blot with a clean cloth or sponge. Its unique formula contains proprietary ingredients that break down the stubborn tannins that cause red wine stains—no scrubbing required! 

8. Handy leaf scoopers 

Don’t let a little leaf problem turn into a big chore! Embrace the intelligent way to tidy your lawn with a pair of handy leaf scoopers that help you clean up and protect your hands from potentially prickly plants. Besides, these trusty gadgets will maximize your leaf bag’s packing space.

Image courtesy: Amazon

No more empty nooks and crannies for pesky weeds to hide in! You may use these gloves to compact the leaves and fit them in a small bag. So, get ready to reduce your clearing time and make short work of your lawn cleanup.

9. Large wool dryer balls

If your laundry routine is wearing you out, we have good news for you because let’s face it–you’ve got much better things you could be doing! Large wool dryer balls are here to ease your weekly wash-and-dry woes. Instead of constantly having to check if your clothes are done in the dryer, use these.

Image courtesy: Celsius

They dry clothes up to 25 times faster! And the best part? Not only are large wool dryer balls seriously game-changing for drying time, but they also add a fluffy softness that keeps garments comfy and looking their best. You can also add some softener to these balls for added benefit.

10. Spray and forget cleaner

Who knew that saving time could be as easy as spraying a cleaner once a week? With Wet & Forget’s revolutionary “spray and forget” solution, our busy lives just got a bit easier. Cleaning the shower can be a hassle since it takes time to wipe and dry.

Image courtesy: Amazon

Not only is this a no scrub and no wipe option, but you also can keep your shower clean and mildew-free without expending too much effort. So, get back those precious minutes in your day by using this product. Moreover, you won’t have to fight with your family about this little chore anymore!

11. Microwave rice maker 

If you’re on the hunt for a quick and easy way to make delicious rice without spending hours laboring over the stove, then a microwave rice maker is the perfect kitchen appliance. Not only does it save time, but it also cooks your rice perfectly every time.

Image courtesy: Pulham / YouTube

The microwave rice maker is essentially an all-in-one cooking vessel with specialized components that work together to ensure fast and even cooking. The base of the container has deep channels inside that contain cold water beneath a layer of uncooked grains, which helps them cook evenly by keeping them submerged in moist heat.

12. Bands for effortless bed-making 

Tired of wrestling with your sheets in the mornings? Who has the time/energy for that? Make your bed-making routine a breeze with bed bands. These simple straps will ensure your sheets are firmly tucked under your mattress so that you can jump into a freshly made bed every night.

Image courtesy: Amazon

With this time-saving trick, you can save yourself what feels like hours of frustration and use that extra time for something far more productive, like catching a snooze for 5 more minutes! Making your bed every day will also seem like less of a chore.

13. Foot filing rasp 

Reclaim your footcare routine by investing in a foot filing rasp! Forget pedicures and laboriously scrubbing away at calluses. Just tell yourself you deserve to kickstart your day as quickly as possible with this easy, time-saving trick that doesn’t require you to go to an expensive salon.

Image courtesy: Amazon

In no time, you will have smooth and baby-soft feet that will leave everybody wondering why you’ve suddenly become a dedicated spa enthusiast! Now you can shorten your morning bathtime since you don’t have to get worked up over the process of removing calluses with this filing rasp.

14. An excellent purple shampoo

Using purple shampoo to remove brassiness from hair is a great time-saving hack. Purple shampoos are specially formulated to neutralize yellow and orange tones that are common in blonde, gray, and silver hair. They also help to maintain your hair color, leaving it looking fresh and bright.

Image courtesy: botoxcapilar.org

Applying purple shampoo to your hair only needs to be done once or twice a week, meaning you can save time by not having to do it every single day. Additionally, purple shampoo can help to reduce damage from heat-styling, minimize split ends and give your hair a healthy shine.

15. Drying hammock 

Pets are adorable and fun until you need to trim their nails or give them a bath! Fortunately, you can forget towel-drying your pet and use this revolutionary new two-in-one hammock instead. Made from soft, absorbent towel material, it immovably holds your pet in one convenient place.

Image courtesy: Amazon

With this simple but ingenious time-saving trick, you can also get those nails done in no time and get five extra minutes to share hugs with your furry friend! Your pet won’t squirm or slip away while you’re cutting their nails, so you can focus on the job correctly. 

16. Boil eggs perfectly 

Sometimes it feels like you could use an extra hour in the day – especially when your mornings are as hectic as a cheetah on a sugar rush. Enter the fantastic world of cooking appliances! Boiling eggs doesn’t have to mean slaving over a pot and timing with perfect precision.

Image courtesy: Amazon

With the right time-saving appliance – like an egg boiler – you can cook for your family skillfully, efficiently, and effortlessly. A few minutes saved here and there can go a long way in making something edible and tasty before you’re out of the house.

17. Perfectly dry clothes with wad preventer 

We’ve all felt the frustration of having our clothes come out of the washing machine still damp. But with a wad preventer for the washing machine, such clothes will no longer be an issue! This time-saving trick is a sure way to get perfectly dry clothes after every wash.

Image courtesy: Amazon

No more waiting for hours while they sit in the dryer. That time can now be spent doing something else! Plus, this trick is simple and affordable. So, don’t worry about wasting money trying to fix your washing machine. Just invest in a wad preventer and kiss your dampness woes goodbye!

18. Microfiber makeup remover

If you’re looking for a way to save time in your routine, why not start with something simple, like using a microfiber makeup remover? It saves time and also outperforms your typical methods used for removing your dirt and makeup.

Image courtesy: Amazon

This little wonder removes every single trace of dirt. Even waterproof formulas don’t stand a chance against this product! And you still get the comfort of knowing that you are taking care of your skin without spending too much time on it. Nothing beats the microfiber makeup remover!

19. Drain cleaning tool 

Are you spending too much time unclogging your drains? If you have long hair, you know how annoying it can be to clear strands from the bathroom. Luckily, this drain cleaning tool could be the answer to all your clogged drain woes! No more using long wires to remove the stuck debris.

Image courtesy: Amazon

Unlike regular plumbing snakes, this device comes with a rotating handle and five replacement snakes, each with a whopping 4,000 micro hooks! Who knew conquering sluggish drains could be this simple and even fun? Use this as often as needed, and keep your drains clean.

20. Stamp eyeliner

Creating a winged liner look that doesn’t look disastrous is hard. Honestly speaking, we even dare say it’s one of the hardest makeup steps to master. Lucky for us and all makeup lovers, there’s now an eyeliner with a triangular stamp and felt tip that enables you to get that look in a single motion.

Image courtesy: Amazon

This product gives a flawless, long-lasting line that won’t smudge or fade. Intensify the look with a few extra strokes of eyeliner, and you will have a gorgeous, quick look that will last all day long. So, get the perfect eyeliner look without the hassle and in half the time with this revolutionary eyeliner stamp.

21. Vegetable chopper

One of the biggest time-saving hacks you can use in the kitchen is to get a vegetable chopper. It is easy to use and allows you to chop vegetables quickly and easily. By investing in one of these babies, you can reduce your meal prep time significantly.

Image courtesy: Mike Fazioli / SPY

In addition to chopping veggies, a vegetable chopper can be used to chop fruit, nuts, and herbs. This makes it an excellent multi-purpose tool ideal for busy kitchens. So, if you’re trying to prepare healthy meals and save time in the kitchen, invest in a vegetable chopper to do the job quickly!

22. Self-tying shoe laces

When it comes to time-saving hacks, an obvious yet overlooked option is buying two pairs of self-tying shoelaces. Self-tying shoelaces are convenient as they help you wear and remove shoes more easily. They are easy to fasten and offer a secure fit every time.

Image courtesy: barbados.desertcart.com

With this hack, you can be out of the door quickly for a jog or shopping, as you don’t have to spend time tying your laces. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your laces coming undone while you are on the move. 

23. Silicone cleansing brush

When you’re looking for a serious time saver in your skincare regimen, look no further than the silicone cleansing brush. Not does it strip away makeup, dirt, and oil with ease, but it also gently exfoliates your skin in just a single wash!

Image courtesy: Swirlster.ndtv.com

It doesn’t get much more time efficient than that! So, if you’ve big plans or events coming up or are short on time, pick up a silicone cleansing brush. With its fast-acting nature and superior cleansing abilities, you’ll never have to think about cutting corners when taking care of your skin!

24. Instant pot duo for quick cooking

Instant pot duo is excellent for saving time when it comes to cooking. It is a pressure cooker that uses pressurized steam to cook food quickly and evenly while retaining nutrients and flavor. It has the ability to cook up to 70% faster than traditional methods and offers one-pot meal solutions.

Image courtesy: Amazon

This appliance will help you get dinner on the table in just a little time. Whether you’re looking to make a quick stew, soup, or chili, you can have it ready in minutes with the Instant Pot Duo. The control panel also has pre-programmed functions, such as sauté, slow cook, and steam.

25. Nourishing hair oil blend

With busy schedules, taking time out to pamper ourselves has become a rarity. But nourishing your hair is necessary for its health and beauty. Getting a hair oil blend curated explicitly for your hair type can be a huge time saver for you since it’ll quickly nourish and hydrate your hair.

Image courtesy: kinkytresses.com

Besides, the oil will provide the desired softness and shine. Additionally, it will help protect your hair from harsh environments and damage and provide it with essential oils and vitamins. Use this oil before showering to nourish the roots, and use it as a serum after hair wash. 

26. Hair rinse treatment

Hair rinse treatments are quick and easy to do and can provide fast and long-lasting results. Plus, they are incredibly affordable, so they fit any budget. Whether you have long hair, short hair, curly hair, or straight hair, a hair rinse treatment can help you get your desired look with minimal effort.

Image courtesy: byrdie.com

Plus, it keeps your hair looking and feeling healthy, hydrated, and shiny and reduces breakage from tangles and knots. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your hair the TLC it needs, try a good hair rinse treatment today!

27. Remove cloth wrinkles 

Want to save time while getting dressed? Look no further than wrinkle-release spray. A quick spritz of this spray instantly releases wrinkles from your clothes, leaving them looking neat and tidy. Instead of ironing and steaming, a wrinkle-release spray is a great way to save time in your morning routine.

Image courtesy: putthison.com

Not to mention, it’s portable, so you needn’t worry about wrinkled clothes when you travel. Get the wrinkle-free look you want with a simple spritz. Moreover, your clothes will smell like they have been washed using a nice-smelling detergent. All in all, it’s an excellent product that you won’t regret buying.

28. Cooked meat subscription 

If you’re short on time but still want to ensure you have a nutritious diet, consider getting a cooked meat subscription. This is the perfect time-saver for those who are constantly on the go. With this subscription, you get delicious, pre-cooked meat delivered right to your door.

Image courtesy: Smokedmeatsunday.com

It’s an easy way to make sure you get enough protein without taking up too much of your valuable time. Plus, you can be sure that the meat is good quality. So, get your cooked meat subscription today, and enjoy the benefits of a tasty, nutritious meal hassle-free!

29. A Squatty Potty 

Slashing precious minutes from your morning routine can be tough. But with the help of the squatty potty, you can save valuable minutes in the morning. This toilet stool allows you to use the restroom with the proper squatting position, which helps you to relieve yourself faster and easier.

Image courtesy: Amazon

With the help of a squatty potty, you can take advantage of the time you would have wasted staying on the toilet otherwise. Plus, this time-saving hack is also better for your health as squatting helps your bladder and bowels function correctly. It may sound strange, but it works!

30. Easy ice cream sundae

If you love indulging in a quick and delicious ice cream sundae, there’s one time-saving hack you should know about: the chiseled-edge ice cream scoop. Not only does this unique edge make scooping ice cream a breeze, but it also saves you precious time during serving.

Image courtesy: Amazon

This stainless-steel ice cream scoop works to serve the perfect scoop of ice cream effortlessly every time. It is also dishwasher-safe, so cleaning it is super easy. By investing in this utensil, you’ll save time and enjoy the sweet treat more!

31. Quick-drying top coat 

Wet nails can be annoying if you need to rush out the door. So, save time and money by foregoing expensive trips to the salon and trying out a quick-drying top coat for your nails instead. With this hack, you can have professional-level manicures in the comfort of your home.

Image courtesy: Lily Alig / insider

Quick-drying top coat options come in many shapes, colors, and finishes, so find one that fits your needs and get to work. You’ll be happy you saved time and money from the salon and even happier with the results. Moreover, your polish will last longer with a strengthening, quick-drying top coat. 

32. Mold and mildew-removing gel

One hack to save time at home is to get a mold and mildew-removing gel for fast cleaning. This gel is designed to quickly and effectively remove mold and mildew from any surface. You can use it to clean shower and bathtub surfaces, tile, and other hard-to-clean surfaces.

Image courtesy: buzzfeed.com

This product will save you time and energy, as it requires minimal scrubbing and will leave your surfaces looking clean and fresh. You won’t have to hire professional cleaners or use numerous complicated products or appliances just so to get your space clean.

33. In-shower lotion

In-shower lotions are a great way to save time in the shower! These lotions are specially formulated so that you can condition your body as you shower. Simply apply a small amount of the product to your skin, then rinse off with water.

Image courtesy: Amazon

The result is a moisturized, nourished body that feels soft and smooth. Plus, the time you save by not applying a separate conditioner post-shower is invaluable. In addition, many shower lotions also offer other benefits like a boost of hydration and protection from the sun and pollutants.

34. Fast pasta cooker 

Investing in the right kitchen tools can help you save time and energy while cooking a delicious meal. One such time-saving appliance is the fast pasta cooker. It is designed to evenly cook pasta quickly and ideally without having to check on it every few minutes.

Image courtesy: Amazon

It also keeps the pasta hot and ready to serve so that you can enjoy your meal hot. Frankly, this tool is a game-changer and can be a great help for busy days. Add some chicken and vegetables along with pasta sauce to make the tastiest pasta. 

35. Silicone paw cleaner

Ensure your pets have clean and healthy paws with this silicone paw cleaner. This valuable tool will make scrubbing your pet’s foot less time-consuming and frustrating. Its gentle bristles massage the pads, and its ergonomic design is ideal for scrubbing off dirt and mud.

Image courtesy: Amazon

The paw cleaner helps to remove dirt, mud, and other debris that can lead to infection in your pet. It is also perfect for cleaning between the toes and paw pads, which can sometimes be difficult. This will help to improve your pet’s overall health and hygiene.

36. Electric hair-drying brush

Electric hair-drying brushes have become increasingly popular as time-saving tools. They are designed to dry your hair quickly and efficiently, with minimal heat and no damage. It gives you all the service a blow-dryer would but without any unwanted frizz.

Image courtesy: popsugar.com

Electric hair-drying brushes are also easier to use since they have a rotating barrel that evenly distributes heat across your strands. Plus, it takes less time and effort to dry your hair with these brushes. Use it on wet hair to give it a blow-dryer look in minutes.

37. Positive and uplifting morning journal 

Starting your morning with positive, uplifting journaling is a great way to create an impactful day. This practice is an integral part of self-care and can help set the tone for the rest of the day. Take a few minutes each morning to write down positive affirmations or express gratitude.

Image courtesy: neil.blog

Though it can feel time-consuming, getting this two-minute journal with easy prompts makes it so much easier. By reflecting on your life, you can take the time to recognize your blessings, make important decisions, and focus on what truly matters, which in turn, makes you happier and more productive.

38. Drink chiller 

Having a quick drink chiller device is a great time saver. With it, you can have a refreshing glass of a cold beverage in a few seconds. This device is easy to use and convenient. It is also economical as it saves electricity and is excellent for small amounts of drinks.

Image courtesy: insider.com

You don’t have to wait for your drink to cool down in the fridge or a cooler anymore, as this device cools them down almost instantly. It is also compact and portable and can be easily brought along to parties or trips. So, get a drink chiller device today and save precious time.

39. Migraine relieving oil 

If you suffer from headaches and migraines, have you ever considered trying a natural remedy? Essential oils are a great, time-saving option to help alleviate your pain. A blend of lavender, spearmint, and peppermint specifically is an excellent go-to solution.

Image courtesy: Katy Herman

All you have to do is apply the blend on your temples, forehead, and the back of your neck, for quick relief. The combination of these three essential oils provides therapeutic benefits since peppermint oil has cooling properties that reduce the effects of a migraine. 

40. Electric corkscrew

Tired of struggling to open wine bottles with a traditional corkscrew? An electric corkscrew is a great time-saver that can do the job for you quickly and easily. With just the push of a button, you can have a fresh bottle of wine in no time.

Image courtesy: thespruceeats.com  

This nifty device will make your drinking experience hassle-free and enjoyable. Plus, it will help you avoid those embarrassing moments when you can’t get the bottle to open, no matter how hard you try! So, forget about dealing with a stinky corkscrew and get this today.

41. Tapered curling wand

Do you constantly feel like you don’t have enough time to get ready in the mornings? If so, you’re not alone. Finding ways to save time and look your best can be a challenge. However, one great way to do this is to get a tapered curling wand.

Image courtesy: Buzzfeed.com

This tool will help you create beautiful curls in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. It’s the perfect appliance to use to create beachy and loose waves. With a few hair products, you will be ready to take on the day in no time.

42. Under-sink water filtration 

Having an under-sink water filtration system installed is an invaluable life hack. Not only will it provide you with clean, filtered drinking water, but it will also eliminate the need to frequently buy and replace water jugs, which takes up a lot of time and money.

Image courtesy: gumtree.com

By getting a filtered system installed in your home, you can reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get clean and safe water for your family. There are various options available, so find a system that works best for you and your family’s needs.

43. Buy bag-carrying handles

Investing in bag-carrying handles is a great way to save time and energy when it comes to carrying groceries. Not only are they lightweight and easy to use, but they can also help you carry all of your shopping in one go instead of taking multiple trips back and forth from the store.

Image courtesy: Amazon

Plus, using a handle for your bags means you don’t have to strain yourself with awkwardly balanced or heavy bags, making the whole experience easier and more manageable. These handles will significantly reduce the time you spend on grocery runs.

44.  Heavy-duty cleaning wipes

Cleaning up after a long day can be a real hassle. Nobody has time to spend scrubbing, rinsing, and scrubbing again after getting home. Fortunately, with the help of heavy-duty cleaning wipes, you can get the job done in no time! These wipes are perfect for tackling tough jobs and cleaning multiple surfaces at once.

Image courtesy: Amazon

They leave surfaces clean and sparkling in a fraction of the time. With these wipes, you don’t have to worry about spraying, scrubbing, and rinsing since all you have to do is grab a wipe and go. So, save time and energy by investing in a tub of extra-large, heavy-duty cleaning wipes. 

45.  Pocket-sized cutter tool

It is always a great idea to keep a pocket-sized cutter tool handy at home or at work, as it can be a real time saver! It helps open packages like plastic bags and does other small tasks that tend to take up precious time.

Image courtesy: sliceproducts.com

It is a small, lightweight tool that can easily be carried in your pocket and used in various ways. It can be used to cut tape, open plastic bags, slice through cardboard boxes, and even cut twine. It’s also excellent for cutting flowers, small branches, and strings.