Secure More Deals With These Savvy Sale Hacks

By Kanyi M

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Salespeople, the game has changed. It’s now easier than ever to close deals and earn more money with these five secrets of successful sales.

1. Make use of visuals

The human brain is hardwired to recognize patterns, so a picture is worth a thousand words. When our brain sees something visualized, it makes those ideas easier to digest and remember. Graphs, charts, diagrams, and other visual forms of information can help salespeople convey information more effectively.

2. Try to close each deal 5 times

Most salespeople only try to close a deal once. By the time they realize it’s not happening, they have wasted valuable time, and their chances of closing the deal are gone. Aim for 5 “NOs” before you give up.

3. Timing is everything

When you are ready to close a deal, make sure your prospect is also in the right mood and has time to talk about your offer at that moment. If you meet during off-hours, chances are you may have to wait for another day before your prospect is ready to buy. Get in when your prospect is in the mood to buy.

4. It’s always about the prospect

When trying to close a deal, put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and think about what they might be thinking and feeling. Many salespeople make the mistake of talking too much or focusing on their products/ services at the expense of their prospects’ interests. Learn what their problems are first, then show how you can solve those problems by selling them what they want instead of selling what you want to sell them. Doing this will go a long way towards closing more deals and earning more money.

5. You rock at sales

You have to be confident in your ability to do the job. The only way any of these tips will work is if you believe in yourself. Self-doubt is a major killer of salespeople’s efforts. If you don’t believe in yourself and your product or service, why should someone else?

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