40 Handy Shampoo Hacks For Around The House

By Navkiran K

Who would have guessed that shampoo could do so much? Yes, you can wash your hair with it, but did you know there are several other life hacks as well. What about using liquid soap for washing dishes and cleaning up the car after an oil change or just to give that area rug in front of your fireplace some extra scrubbing power! We don’t know where we’d be without this time-saving product from way back when someone had these brilliant ideas. Besides, in times where we can’t find anything we need because it’s all tucked away in closets, basements, and under beds, there are some life-saving hacks that you can use around your house that with help you tidy up before you know it. Here are 40 shampoo hacks that will be lifesavers for around the house!

Get rid of any squeaky metal in the house

Sometimes, the most annoying sounds are caused by our own homes. If you hear a squeaky door frame or another loud hinge, try using shampoo to soothe it! The sound of metal rubbing together can be eliminated with this common household item.  

Image courtesy of Belinda Arechiga/YouTube

We know this is a weird tip, but it works! Shampoo is a great way to help reduce the annoying sound of noisy hinges creaking around your house. Just rub it in and wipe away any leftover residue with an old rag!

Scrub greasy grill grates

Did you know that cooking on a grill is one of the easiest and most fun ways to prepare food? It improves the flavor tremendously, giving it that smokey touch, and makes for an easy clean-up if you use some trusty shampoo. 

Image courtesy of Adam’s Polishes/YouTube

The best way to make sure a barbecue tastes excellent every time is by cleaning the leftover grease from previous meals before cooking again. Just clean the grill gates with shampoo, rinse, and that’s it. Who knew we could use shampoo to clean the grease from grills? 

Remove stubborn stains from your clothes

You’ve had a bad day, and everything is going downhill. The stains on your shirt are the last straw, and you can’t take it anymore! You grab that shampoo bottle for one good scrub because you’re at your wit’s end! However, you are shocked at what you see before your eyes! 

Image courtesy of expertreviews.co.uk

You just lightly scrub the fabric back and forth this time around to see what happens instead of your normal stain remover. It turns out all those years of soaking stains in stain removers were actually doing nothing at all. Shampoo could be the answer you’ve been searching for!

Fix your shrunken clothes

If you’ve accidentally shrunk a sweater in the dryer, try this clever trick to get it back to its normal size. Shampoo can save the day when you shrink your favorite sweater in the dryer. First, fill your sink up with warm water.  

Image courtesy of appliancetech.com

Now, gently submerge that shrunken t-shirt into a gentle bath of awesome fragrant shampoo bubbles. Eventually, you will be able to work out the garment by hand once the fabric has finished soaking for about an hour or so!

Make your house plant leaves look shiny

House plants are an excellent way to brighten up your home during the winter, but they can get dusty over time. Luckily, there’s an easy and quick solution: mix some shampoo with water to remove dust from the surface.

Image courtesy of bybrittanygoldwyn.com

You can remove the accumulated dust on your house plants from the mix of shampoo and water. As a result, the leaves will look luscious and also get less dusty over time. This is amongst the easier shampoo hacks that don’t take much effort. 

Deep clean your oven

Who needs to go out and buy oven cleaner when you can just use shampoo? All that’s left for you to do after baking something messy is to grab some strong shampoo from your bathroom and pour it onto a sponge or rag. Wear gloves before scrubbing the oven. 

Image courtesy of Clean My Space/YouTube

Shampoos are made up of strong compounds like acids and hefty surfactants, which help clean off the stubborn grime easily. This hack will clean your oven safely and hassle-free instead of worrying about harsh chemicals and inhaling fumes.

Fix used and expensive eyelashes

It’s easy to make expensive false lashes last longer with this next amazing shampoo hack. After investing $20 in a pair of fancy falsies, you want them to stay looking good and usable for as long as possible, right?  

Image courtesy of ambecl/Reddit

Shampoo can help remove stubborn lash glue that lingers on the fake eyelashes. Gently remove lash glue and mascara from the lashes with some cotton buds soaked in shampoo and water. Let them air dry before storing, and your lashes will be good as new!

Soften stuck up zippers from clothes and bags

What do you do when your favorite bag or outfit zips up but gets stuck? You could replace the zipper. But what if there’s a better option that doesn’t cost as much and can be done with just one easy step? 

Image courtesy of zkay/Reddit

Try loosening it with shampoo instead of throwing away items because they have an old and broken zipper. Try loosening it with shampoo! Apply some shampoo with water to the zips. This is definitely easier than replacing the item instead – plus, it washes off easily, too.

Shiny and fresh sinks 

One of the best things about shampoo is that you can find it everywhere. It’s in your bathroom, at school, and even in hotels when traveling abroad. But the best part about this product is it does so much more than just clean hair! 

Image courtesy of Britnorm114/Reddit

Soap scum and toothpaste residue are two of the most stubborn stains we see every day in our sinks which regular cleaning products might not be able to remove. Fortunately for us, though, a little bit of shampoo will do the trick. 

DIY makeup remover 

Make a DIY makeup remover when you don’t have micellar water. If you’re unknowingly out of makeup remover after doing a full-face, shampoo can come to your rescue. Water just doesn’t cut it when it comes to waterproof mascara. 

Image courtesy of zeberka.com

Soapy water is essential for removing those pesky eyeliners and lip stains! Shampoo softens the products on your face so that they slide right off with water without leaving any residue behind, like remnants of oil or sweat in your pores.

Get rid of stubborn pit stains

This is a no-brainer. If you’re on a hunt for an easier way to get rid of stubborn pit stains from clothes, try using shampoo! Just pour some on the stain and rub it in with your fingers or a brush until there’s nothing left. 

Image courtesy of Warner Brothers

With this method, you will say goodbye to those nasty yellow underarm circles that would make any shirt look like it’s seen better days. Your lighter clothes will remain presentable for more time without any nasty yellow stains that linger. 

Clean smartphone screens 

Clean your mobile phone screen at least once a week to avoid the risk of contracting bacteria and germs, which can cause serious health problems. The next time you realize your phone is dirty, use some of your, you guessed it, shampoo! 

Image courtesy of X-period/YouTube

Try rubbing some shampoo onto smudged screens for an easy way to wipe away stubborn grime that tends to get stuck in our phones all day long! This will also help protect your phone from any moisture and stains that would cause more damage over time. 

Wash your makeup brushes

If your makeup brushes aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, they’re going to get dirty. Dirty fibers can lead to acne and skin infections, which is not something you want! So how often should you clean your brushes to avoid this?  

Image courtesy of florecetuestilo.top

It’s best if done weekly at least, but some people do it more or less than that, depending on their schedule. Cleaning your makeup brushes weekly with a gentle shampoo and scrubbing them well should be enough to remove residual makeup.

Remove paint from brushes

If you’ve been painting a lot lately, your paintbrushes may be starting to look like they need some TLC. Remove paint from brushes and make them good as new with this next hack. There are many ways to clean a paintbrush, but we bet you’ve never heard of this one!

Image courtesy of drawpaintacademy.com

But, some of the tried-and-true methods include using paint thinner or mineral spirits. You can also get creative with it by washing your brushes in shampoo after you’ve finished a project – they will be squeaky clean without any heavy chemicals!

Shave your face with some shampoo foam

If you run out of shaving supplies, use your shampoo to get a close shave by exfoliating the skin. The soothing lather from a regular shampoo will leave you feeling good without razor bumps, cuts, or irritation! Your skin will be left silky smooth!

Image courtesy of macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

Make sure that when using it as soap, especially for the face, wash off all residue with water afterward and be careful not to clog up your blade by rinsing it with warm water as well. Follow this with a good moisturizer.

Clean your pantyhose without any rips

Pantyhose are not intended to be washed in a washing machine. This can cause them to tear, and they will no longer provide the coverage that you need while wearing skirts or dresses around town, which is such a bummer!

Image courtesy of PantyHose Studios/YouTube

Fill up your bathroom sink with warm water and add some gentle shampoo, like baby shampoo. Carefully submerge the pantyhose into the liquid and gently rub the material together. Now, rinse and pat dry using towels. Let it air-dry afterward. 

Buff shoes to remove scratches

If your favorite leather shoes are looking a little scuffed, try this quick fix. The best time to clean up your shoes is when they are getting visibly dirty, but not so much that you need new ones.  

Image courtesy of experthometips.com

Use shampoo as a shoe buffer by dipping a washcloth in it and rubbing them onto the surface of leather shoes. The soap will remove any scratches on the surface while also taking care of other dirt or stains.

Treat large and hard-to-remove stains

Before tossing the shirt into the laundry, use a strong clarifying shampoo on odorous stains to prep them. Treat those disgusting stains before throwing them in the load! We bet you didn’t know about this trick that will revive your clothes.  

Image courtesy of people.com

It can help in getting out tough to remove odors from your clothes as well. It’s so simple too: just throw some good old-fashioned shampoo onto that stain and literally scrub it with a toothbrush until all traces are faint, leaving only a small stain behind before finishing it off in the washing machine! 

Have fun blowing bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a fun, classic pastime for both kids and adults alike. If you’re looking to have some bubble-free playtime during playtime or just want something more exciting than your usual bath time routine, try using shampoo as an alternative! 

Image courtesy of andreapuskar.wordpress.com

First of all, get yourself some of that sudsy stuff- it’s perfect for creating tons of tiny little soap balls. Next, fill up a container with water, add about one cup of shampoo to make enough soapy mix, and add it to your bathwater. 

Add freshness to the drawers and closets

If you don’t want to walk around smelling like a clothes horse, make your drawers and closets smell better! The confined space doesn’t allow for fresh air to circulate often, so it can get really musty. Open up your drawers and closets to freshen them up.  

Image courtesy of Beth Hanson/Housewife Harmony

Use a bar of soap or shampoo! It will act as a freshener for clothes and add a nice fragrance. You may use any airy fragrance like pine, lavender, or something that makes your clothes come alive for the days ahead. 

Prevent your goggles from fogging

It’s a pain when foggy goggles ruin your visibility, and it’s even worse if you’re wearing swim gear that can’t be removed. Next time, to avoid this problem, rub some shampoo on the surface of your goggles with a cloth before swimming.  

Image courtesy of divetrainingmagazine.com

This will repel water droplets from sticking. Then rinse out after finishing in order to get rid of any residue on the inside. You’ll have a clearer vision and will be able to spend more time swimming underwater without getting frustrated. 

Prevent shoe bites from your new shoes

If you just bought a new pair of leather shoes, there are two good ways to make them wearable without breaking your feet or getting blisters. You can either rub the inside with shampoo and then use that as a lubricant. 

Image courtesy of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure/Warner Bros.

This will also help with putting on socks until they fit comfortably enough not to bother your skin anymore. Another option is using shoe trees in between wearing times, so it stretches out some more before going back into wear mode again.

Remove insects and plant eaters 

It’s summertime, so you’re probably planting some new flowers and vegetables in your garden. You’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t get eaten by rabbits or deer, which means removing any pests around the plants first. 

Image courtesy of betterbe.co

An easy way to keep your garden pest-free is by using a potent shampoo. Fill up an empty water bottle with some of the liquid and spray near plants you don’t want pests eating from. This will deter animals like deer or rabbits. You can also break up a shampoo bar and sprinkle it around the plants.

Make your shoes smell fresh and nice

We have a genius hack for how to keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh. You probably wear your favorite pair of shoes all the time, causing them to smell less than fresh. This trick will ensure that they always smell nice.

Image courtesy of onegoodthingbyjillee.com

So, when you take off your kicks at the end of the day, put a bar of scented shampoo soap in their place. Then next time you choose these as part of an outfit – they’ll be fresh, just like new again. 

Reduce itchiness after a bug bite 

Insect bites are one of the unfortunate consequences of warm weather. For unlucky ones who get bitten by an insect, take a quick break and use this hack. If you find yourself suffering from an insect bite, grab some shampoo. 

Image courtesy of boston.com

It might be worth a try to coat your hands with the liquid. Rub the mix of shampoo and water onto the affected areas for relief! The bubbles will coat those parts and take away any itchiness that may have been bothering you before.

Temporary patches for your drywall

Sometimes, when you hang up pictures on the wall, it can be difficult to get it exactly the way you want, and little mistakes usually lead to unwanted holes in your walls. Luckily, there’s a quick fix for that- shampoo soap bars! 

Image courtesy of Dov Harrington/Flickr

These small bar soaps are great temporary patches while you plan what color paint or hue will best fill those pesky spots until they’re fixed permanently. Eventually, you will need to fix these holes with real plaster since bar soap is a temporary fix. 

Kill nasty fleas

Prevent fleas and other nasty critters from ruining your pet’s life. When a home is infested with pesky insects, not only can the pests be bothersome, but also they may carry dangerous diseases that could spread to humans or pets in the house!  

Image courtesy of homehacks.co

Fortunately, shampoo has been known for centuries as an effective homemade insect trap. Place one bowl of water mixed with some shampoo near where you’ve seen activity; when any bugs come close enough, it’ll create suds that will attract then suffocate them.

Enjoy pedicure at home

Everyone enjoys a good pedicure and manicure to remove dead skin from the feet and freshen up the nails. However, these may add up and get too expensive. Using shampoo for your at-home mani and pedi may be a solution to save some bucks.  

Image courtesy of thrifyfun.co

Just add some shampoo or shampoo bar to warm water along with rose petals. Now, soak or hands your feet into this for fifteen minutes before using a foot scrub. Your feet will feel clean, and nails will get softer to file them into the desired shape. 

DIY liquid soap at home 

Do you know the feeling when you use a bar of soap and are left with this weird oily film all over your hands? Well, it turns out there is an easy fix to make liquid soapy goodness. Make a DIY liquid soap if you have an extra bar of shampoo. 

Image courtesy: Mareefe /Pixabay 

All you gotta do is mix up the bar in some boiling water for a little bit. Just make sure to mix really well. Then, allow it to cool off before using! You can’t say no to those soft-soaped hands, now can you?

Create marks on your fabrics for ease

Imagine that you are a flamboyant fashion designer, and your latest creation is up for review! You’ve just finished sewing the finishing touches on your masterpiece. It’s time to finalize the design details by adding markings in order to create different alterations.

Image courtesy of sewmyplace.com

To avoid any confusion down the line, use shampoo or soap bars as markers so they’ll wash away without leaving behind residue when you finish the stitching on this beautiful work of art. This is better than using permanent markers and pens. 

Add some lubrication to the screws

Add some lubrication to the screws. If you’re having a challenging time getting the screws into wood, this hack will make your job easier. You will not have to use too much force or fear the wood from breaking. 

Image courtesy of Bunnings Warehouse/Youtube

For those tough-to-fit jobs, add a little shampoo before you start twisting and turning. It will make using your screwdriver easier with less resistance from the wood fibers! This will also save your time while working and let you work more efficiently. 

Safeguard your expensive furniture from pets

Keep the furniture safe with some simple tips. Dog owners know that puppies are adorable, but they can be a nuisance when it comes to chewing on your expensive pieces of furniture, and you have more to worry about than just a cute dog at home!  

Image courtesy of carterse/Flickr

If this is something you’re dealing with in your house as well, then make sure to invest time rubbing your most expensive pieces of furniture down with some shampoo. This will make it less appealing to the puppy, make them stop chewing it!

Protect glass window panes from paint

A fresh coat of paint is a beautiful thing. With all the painting that needs to be done on just about every surface in your house, it’s inevitable for there to be some stray splatter and an occasional smudge or two.  

Image courtesy of harbourdoor.com

The most sensitive areas are often glass window panes because they’re so fragile—and next time you have them up high enough off the ground not to get painted, then make sure you wipe down those windows before you splatter paint on them!

Clean your nails and freshen up the manicure

Clean your nails with shampoo. It can be tough to keep dirt out of the cracks and crevices under our fingernails when working outside in the garden. But, it’s even tougher to get that goop off once you’ve already put on a fresh manicure!  

Image courtesy of musely.com

If you use some shampoo beforehand, then no worries – just wash afterward to prevent any unsightly stains or odors from ruining your perfect manicured look. This will also make your hands smell nice and fresh all day.  It sounds like a win-win!

Identify if your tire has a leak

You may be in need of a set pair anyway, so it’s not worth risking the safety and well-being of yourself or others on the road. But, if your tire keeps losing air pressure, there’s a good chance you could have a leak.  

Image courtesy of musclecarszone.com

Just apply shampoo to the tire and check for bubbles. Wherever there are bubbles, there is likely an object stuck or some kind of hole somewhere nearby. You may need to get that leak fixed ASAP. The shampoo will only find it for you!

Prevent the door hinges from squeaking

Do you ever have problems with your door hinges squeaking? It’s a major inconvenience, and without WD-40 on hand, it can be frustrating; however, if that problem is solved by applying shampoo instead of just oil from the kitchen cabinet–even better! 

Image courtesy of IG/Flickr

The annoying creaking sound from the door and cabinet hinges will go away right after you treat them with the liquid from the shampoo, then let that dry. You do not always need expensive solutions to fix such issues at home. 

Take off tight rings with ease

While some people are able to wear tight-fitting rings every day, your fingers can change size based on a number of factors. Using soap or hand lotion may not work. If you find that the ring is stuck, try this hack. 

Image courtesy of thenatureofthecosmos.com

Rub some shampoo around in between each individual finger; this should loosen up the material enough. This will make the tight ring slip right off your finger without causing any pain. Make sure to dry your rings afterward. 

Pick up broken glass pieces safely

Pick up broken glass pieces safely with a bar of solid shampoo soap. Sometimes, we carry more than we can handle and drop dishes, leading to shattered glasses that are waiting for you in the most unlikely places, like under the couch. 

Image courtesy of thekitchn.com

Wet a bar of this non-liquid shampoo soap, so it’s moist enough to pick up all those tiny little shards without cutting yourself on them first. Glide this soap bar to catch the smallest glass pieces and throw them away. 

Quick and easy pin cushion

A pin cushion is a must-have for any seamstress who wants to do her job well. When you’re sewing, your pins must be easy to grab and hard enough not to bend or break easily when pushed through fabric. 

Image courtesy of thriftyfun.com

So if you want one of the best tools in your kit, follow a DIY tutorial on how to make an old shampoo bar into a reliable craft supply holder! You just need wrapping paper and a bar of soap to do this. 

DIY body wash when you’re in a pinch

It’s not the best option for everyday use, but what if you are out of your typical bathing supplies? When you’re in a pinch, DIY body wash is always an option. If you don’t have any on hand, you can use shampoo instead.

Image courtesy of RossHelen/Shutterstock

It’s very similar to soap and works great when all of the other products are gone! Of course, if you’re out of both options, you may use bar soap, and do not forget to use lotion to add moisture back into the skin.