Simple Living: 4 Life Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Victor O

Life hacks are man’s way of doing things faster and better, which is part of evolving. There are several life hacks most people don’t know they need. We have curated them for you to use in your daily life. Read up and start living an easier life.

1. Finding a lost dog

Image credit: @jagheterjohann / Pexels

A dog is a man’s best friend, and losing a dog can cause severe emotional pain. Interestingly, they have a heightened sense of smell. And it’s infinitely better than a human’s. Place pieces of your clothing where the dog was last seen and a bowl of water for the dog.

The dog can pick the scent of the clothing and trace it back. Check back for your dog, or hang around for it to come back.

2. Slinky method

It’s frustrating when you try to feed your bird, and a squirrel comes by and steals the food. This method can be pretty helpful in deterring squirrels. Hook a metal spring around the pole of your bird feeder and then attach it to the top.

Gravity will do the rest. It pulls any squirrel that tries to venture up the slinky-adorned pole.

3. Packing hanged clothes while moving out

No one has to deal with the stress of removing all your hanging cloth when you want to move out. A simple method to transport all the clothes you hang is using a drawstring trash bag. Place clothing items clothes in a bag and tighten the drawstrings around the hooks.

4. Keep your plant alive while you are away

Image credit: @anniespratt / Unsplash

Going for a trip, and you don’t have anyone to help take care of your plant? A simple trick you might need. Get empty bottles and fill them with water. Carefully turn the bottle over and push the neck into the soil of your plant. The bottle will leak water and keep your plant in its best shape.