Tested Kitchen Hacks: Some Work And Some Are Unnecessary

By Kanyi M

Some of these kitchen hacks are revolutionary, and you’ll wonder why you never thought of that: Others, on the other hand, will make you wonder why you were wasting your time and effort in the first place. But whatever it is, these clever kitchen hacks are guaranteed to make your cooking experience a lot more pleasurable so that you’ll spend less time slaving over a hot stove or in front of a pile of ingredients.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Hack 1: Cutting round fruits like tomatoes in half by sandwiching them between plates

Result: It’s magical. You won’t believe that you can slice a tomato in half so cleanly.

Hack 2: Cool a drink faster by wrapping it with a serviette

Result: Don’t bother. A wrapped bottle chills at the same rate as an unwrapped one. Chill your drink in the freezer if you need a cold drink real quick.

Hack 3: Separate egg whites and yolks by sucking up the yolk with a plastic bottle

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Result: Works like a charm. This is an easy way to separate the egg yolk from egg white, especially the egg yolks deep within the whites.

Hack 4: Hull strawberries using a plastic straw

Result: Works just fine. It’s the easiest way to hull a strawberry, and it’s more effective than using a knife or a strawberry huller.

Hack 5: Use floss to slice through cheese and cakes

Result: It works like a charm. You’ll never have to search for that cheese wire again. Floss is easy to store and clean too.

Hack 6: Make your pizza crispy again by microwaving it next to a glass of water.

This won’t work. If you want crispy pizza all over again, it’s time to order another one.