These 8 Household Hacks Will Help Solve Tricky Problems In Your Home

By Goodness M

Taking care of our households requires time and dedication. Therefore, with this in mind, I have compiled ten clever ideas that will save you time and money.

1. Scratched Wooden Furniture

Remove scratches from your wooden furniture by applying a shelled walnut whose oil has scratch removal power. However, to remove big scratches, you must cover the wood with a wet washcloth and, for ten seconds, put the tip of a hot iron on it. Therefore, the wood expansion caused by the steam will remove the scratches.

2. Hard-To-Open Plastic Packaging

Opening clamshell packages for electronics is an uphill task. Therefore, use a rotary can opener to open one side of the shell. To completely cut open the box, slide open a knife between the two layers.

3. Tangled cords and wires

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These can be sorted on a power strip using labeled bread tags or a doubled-up masking tape. Therefore, Quirky Cordies are vital desktop organizers that wrangle loose cords.

4. Cool Drinks Quickly

If you want to chill your drinks fast, wrap your bottles with a wet paper towel before putting them in the freezer. As a result, you will have cold drinks within a short space of time. Also, throw salt in ice water if you want to chill a single beer in less than two minutes.

5. Leftover Food Reheating

To avoid frozen spots in the center of leftover food, cut out a hole in the middle. This ensures that your food is evenly heated in the microwave.

6. Power Strip Overcrowding

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Some bulky adapters usually take up more slots. However, Quirky’s Pivot Power has flexible nodes that swivel to accommodate large adapters. As a result, awkward spaces are navigated efficiently.

7. Slime-encrusted Trash Can

Leakage from a trash bag causes unwanted slime in the trash can. Therefore, ensure that an old newspaper covers the bottom of the can. Also, you can fold a paper bag and place it.

8. Food Spilling On Stove

Once food spills on your stove, wipe it down. However, to prevent future spillages, place the wooden spoon across your boiling pot.