Three Easy-Peasy Hacks To Improve Mental Health

By Divya G

The day-to-day lifestyle thanks to hustle culture often takes a toll on people’s mental health. The pandemic has further fuelled the burden on our mental health. With a few hacks up your sleeves, begin leading a life beyond mental exhaustion.

Image credit: Natalie/Pexels

1. Go Out to Inhale Fresh Air

Even for a brief period, a breath of fresh air can help you tackle challenging situations and prevent an impending anxiety attack. This practice is perfect for combating stress throughout the day. Basking in the sun triggers melatonin in the body. 

Melatonin regulates the circadian rhythm and also promotes better sleep. It helps manage impending stress. Even when you step out during cloudy weather, your brain gets enough oxygen to perform at an advanced level.

2. Eat at Regular Intervals

The business of our lives often leads us to skip meals, but skipping meals makes us unproductive and cranky. Skipping your breakfast is particularly harmful to your mental health.

Image credit: Madison Inouye/Pexels

However, skipping a meal and feeding your appetite with junk food at odd hours isn’t the way to do it. Healthy food will provide sustainable energy to enhance mood and work performance simultaneously.

3. Fit Short Exercises During Day Breaks

Find some ways to get exercise during short breaks throughout the day. Even taking short walks is absolutely beneficial. Meditation and yoga for as few as thirty minutes also help a lot.

Ending Note

Another hack to remain emotionally healthy is to avoid social media. Even though it’s too tempting to leave, occasionally plan a social media detox. You won’t believe how much time you’ll free up in your day to get your stressful tasks done earlier.