Three Hacks To Trigger The Innovative Side Of The Brain

By Divya G

Innovation is the secret to leveling up your business. But it’s too easy to get trapped with the cells of stereotypes. Try these psychology-backed tricks to wake up your brain’s innovative and creative side.

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1. Spend More Time Reading

Reading and writing fan the flames of creativity. Voracious readers and anyone with a positive outlook on reading have greater creative thinking capacity. Entrepreneurs are usually prone to reading business-related texts, but fiction is valuable for connecting the brain’s creative side to its analytical side. 

2. Concentrate on Lateral Learning

Several entrepreneurs take pride in being specialists in specific niches. Increasing specialized knowledge is always a smart move. But lateral learning is the key to activating creative ideas. Lateral learning involves acquiring knowledge about different topics, including the ones beyond your profession.

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3. Manage All Your Distractions

Innovation and distractions have a peculiar connection in that creative people are more prone to getting diverted. They concentrate on irrelevant information instead of tuning it out. It appears as a disadvantage on the surface. But in reality, creative people retain more information, which helps produce better ideas.  

It’s worth noting, though, that some distractions derail you from the thinking process. An unorganized working space or constant smartphone notifications are enormous distractions. While some distractions help you absorb information, there are definitely some you should avoid.

Wrapping up

The normal human tendency is to keep working on a problem even after hitting a roadblock. Sometimes, though, breaks can be the real key to pushing your thought process into the realm of innovation. Growth happens during the periods of rest after exertion, not during the exertion itself.