35+ Game-Changing Life Hacks Found On Social Media

By Sachin P

Unless you were a social media recluse, you have undoubtedly seen one or more TikTok videos in the last few years. The platform is full of funny and interesting videos, but nothing has been more impactful than the life hacks. Everything from style tips to cooking techniques can be found in those quick clips. For instance, did you know that your Nutella jar contains a small, hidden knife? Go look; we’ll wait.

Whether you’re a regular TikTok user or just getting started, we highly recommend that you get some life hackers on your feed. To help you get started, here are some helpful TikTok users who shared their creative life hacks to use every day that makes life smoother and simpler.

Want something at the back of the shelf?

When you’re short, going to the supermarket can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, the things you need are on a higher shelf or are hiding in the back where you can’t reach. Worry not, as there’s a method you can use to grab something too far for your arms to reach.

Image source: TikTok

Move those rear objects closer by just dragging the inner part of the shelf separator toward you. You can grab your item without making a huge fuss. Now that will be a huge sigh of relief for all those introverts who struggle at the store.

DIY Blush

If you enjoy wearing makeup, you probably have a preference in what you use. Some folks, for instance, prefer working with liquid products. But what happens when only powder blush is available? Not to worry! You can still get some liquid products without running to the store.

Image source: ipsy/TikTok

Just take some liquid primer and mix it with the blush! Voila! By doing this, you can apply your powder blush just like you would if it were liquid. You can thank us later. Now go out there and look like a million bucks!


Perfectly arranged hotel bedspreads are among the first thing we notice when checking in to a hotel. We struggle to get our beds to look half as good, no matter how hard we try. But, thanks to this TikToker, there’s a way to get those crisp corners at home.

Image source: lifeprettyhacks/TikTok

This is all you have to do to have a perfect edge. Fold one corner of the bedspread below the mattress. Tuck in the material. After that, tuck the sheet again below the mattress. That’s Four Seasons-level housekeeping right in your own home!

Wax off those annoying sticker labels

Bringing home a fresh batch of crockery is always fun. However, realizing you have to peel off those labels can be, to put it mildly, frustrating. This person learned a technique from her mom for easily “waxing” off cup labels.

Image source: lexie_byers/TikTok

Have some Scotch or duct tape? Securely adhere some to one end of the sticker. Leave a little at the end that sticks out over the lip of the item. Simply peel it off like you’re removing a Band-Aid! It’s so simple and effective! Why didn’t we think of such an idea?

No more bacon fat clogging the drain

People love bacon; for many, it’s the ultimate guity pleasure food. Unfortunately, when cooking up your ultimate breakfast dish, you might be left with a pan of fat that you don’t know what to do with. After all, grease, can’t be poured straight into the drain.

Image source: im_paige_/TikTok

Instead of ruining your pipes or wasting paper towels trying to mop up the bacon grease, just use some tin foil. Simply place the foil across your drain and pour. You can discard the entire piece of tin foil—with the fat within—after it’s congealed.

Cut crease is the new black

Starting anything can be challenging and downright daunting, and putting on makeup is no different. Why be stressed when TikTok is packed with super tricks to make working with cosmetics a breeze? If you want to perfect the cut crease, you can try this hack.

Image source: ipsy/TikTok

Begin by putting on your eyeshadow as usual, starting with the primary color of your choice. Then, apply some concealer to your lid, and then look up. The outcome? The perfect cut crease eyeshadow to make you the show-stealer at any event!

Repurpose is king

Maintaining order is crucial; keeping things arranged and easy to find will make life simpler and orderly. Being organized doesn’t mean you have to buy fancy tools. If you’re a fan of scented candles, save the empty jar after the candle is burned out.

Image source: homethirty_one/TikTok

Take out the remaining wick and wax to create a handy storage jar. Having issues removing the wax? Then make it soft by adding some boiling water to the container. Bada bing, bada boom! You have a container, perfect for sorting your bathroom essentials.

Popeye approves this hack!

When getting groceries, the worst thing that can happen is this: you open the refrigerator a few days later and find your food in poor condition. Spinach is often the main victim here. It’s really hard to keep those leaves fresh.

Image source: lindsayroggenbuck/TikTok

But you can use this tip to make it last longer. Rinse your spinach. Fold it up with some paper towels before putting it into an airtight back, like a Ziploc bag. The paper towels will absorb any excess water vapor, leaving your leaves fresher for longer.

How to set those lashes

Getting fake lashes on right, especially the step where you need to apply the adhesive, can be pretty tricky. But TikTok is here once again to assist you. Don’t directly apply the adhesive on your lashes. Instead, dab some glue onto the bottom of your makeup brush.

Image source: ipsy/TikTok

Then, rather than trying to dab the glue onto the fake lash, simply drag it across the glue-covered stick. It’s a simple trick that will leave you with lashes to die for. Guess it’s all in the technique, huh? How convenient is that?

Straw them berries!

Nearly everyone enjoys strawberries—unless you’re allergic, that is. But if you’re frustrated with eating around the stems and losing bits of fruit, TikTok may have the solution for you. Instead of grabbing a knife, use a straw to take the top off. Simply poke it through the strawberry’s central tip.

Image source: deanedwardschef/TikTok

As the straw pushes through, it will take the core, and the stem, with it. Then, all you need to do is dispose of the leaves. We recommend composting them because it is the most environmentally-friendly solution. You can reuse the fertilizer in your own garden to grow more strawberries!

Stitch without a hitch

Sewing is a useful skill, but threading a needle sometimes seems to require a different skill set entirely. This is a real problem if your thread is made from material that is quite thick. Next time you’re struggling with your needle and thread, grab some tape.

Image source: atom_heart_mother/TikTok

Make a makeshift aglet by covering the end of the thread with some masking tape. Now, thread it through and take off the tiny piece of tape before sewing. No more worrying about split threads or the needle pricking your finger!

Instant cuppa joe

Some people can’t get going without even just a sip of fresh coffee in the morning. And we can’t blame them. There’s nothing like the strong scent of a fresh cup to wake us up. But when we need that drink fast, the last thing we want to do is struggle with the tamper-proof seal.

Image source: candyrose352/TikTok

This person discovered that you can break the seal with the creamer’s lid. What a simple solution! In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, it is quite commonplace to forget simple things like this exist. So kudos to this individual for finding this out.

Halve tomatoes using half the time

Delicious cherry tomatoes can add just the right bit of flavor to a variety of meals, but it can take a while to cut a batch of cherry tomatoes in half. Fortunately, one TikToker shared their trick to cutting a bunch at once while keeping her hands safe.

Image source: feelgoodfoodie/TikTok

Just get two lids, like the ones from plastic takeout containers. Place the tomatoes gently but firmly between the lids. Once they’ve been safely fastened, cut a horizontal line through the gap in the lids—right through the stacked cherry tomatoes.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

There’s no replacement for the crisp sour flavor of fresh lemon juice. Too bad it’s tough to fully utilize lemons. When trying to get all the precious juice out, chances are there’ll be pulp and seeds that need to be fished out, too.

Image source: jacquibaihn/TikTok

This hack makes it easy to fully squeeze a lemon without any hassle once you’re done. Just poke a hole instead of cutting the fruit. Then, the lemon can be squeezed over a tumbler or bowl using only your hands.


It’s quite fulfilling to cultivate your personal garden. Moreover, who doesn’t love using fresh ingredients in their favorite recipes? Naturally, using fresh herbs requires you to de-stem them, which can be time-consuming. As always, there is a way to save time when doing this.

Image source: white.blank.space/TikTok

Get out your cheese grater and simply push the stems into one of the openings; only the herbs will be left behind. Now, why didn’t we think of this? No more dragging the stem through your fingers or plucking off the leaves one-by-one.

Now that’s cool!

Avocados are tasty, but there’s one major downside: the seed. That big pit in the middle can cause issues if you don’t know how to remove it. But, as with everything, there is a remedy for this. Don’t worry, guys; we’ve got you covered!

Image source: myhealthydish/TikTok

Put the avocado on a cutting board and cut into it twice—one on each side—stopping as you reach the pit. Continue doing so until you have four slices. Now each wedge should just peel away from the pit with ease.

Just like that!

There is a certain allure when a person wears multiple necklaces. When a pair of your favorites don’t line up properly, that can really put a damper on your mood or spoil your outfit. Don’t worry and turn that frown upside down, as there’s hack to fix that!

Image source: mildlifecurious/TikTok

Simply use the necklace’s fastenings. Instead of just closing each individual necklace, connect the clasps to the other chain. If one of them is a cable chain, you can even change the length of the second necklace! Voila! You’re free to make a fashion statement!

Keep your luggage off of the bed

Checking into a hotel room, we are always eager to see a clean and tidy room, but keeping it that way can be tricky. If you’re struggling with that, a flight attendant on TikTok, who frequently stays in hotels, shared a trove of travel tips.

Image source: katkamalani/TikTok

For starters, don’t put your bags on the duvet. Your luggage has traveled with you throughout the airport, airplane, and taxi, picking up all that dirt with it. You can start off your trip right and maintain a tidy room by doing this simple trick.

Perfect tip for the perfect bake

Pan liners are a useful baking tool. They help keep the piles of dishes to a minimum, and can help keep your goodies from getting stuck to the pan. However, you may not know how much liner you require, and end up ripping off too much or too little.

Image source: creativetwine/TikTok

Try wrapping the liner around the edges of the pan before cutting it to make sure you cut out the right amount. Once you’ve created the shape, simply cut it and nestle the liner inside. Voila! No more wasted parchment paper or tin foil.

Organization is key

If there are things (clothes, accessories, electronics, toys, etc) that you don’t need, put them away. But if your storage space is unorganized, doing that simply moves the problem to your closet or attic. To keep things neat while also saving space, all you need are vacuum bags.

Image source: lili.josephine/TikTok

But according to this TikTok user, you don’t even need those. Save your money and make your own space-saving bags. Do you have a vacuum cleaner and a trash bag? Then you have a way to store your winter gear in a neat and compact way.

Broken color palette?

Keeping the items that you frequently use from falling to the ground is challenging, but not usually problematic. Sadly, when it comes to makeup, colliding with the ground can ruin a whole color palette. To fix a damaged palette can be fixed, begin by crushing the product further.

Image source: ipsy/TikTok

Make it as powdery as possible. Then add a bit of alcohol and mix it well. Just reshape the mixture by smoothing it out after that. So, worry not the next time you accidentally knock over your makeup palette. Now, you know what to do.

Look deep within the blender

Even your best beauty blender needs to be tossed out at some point. That’s because it eventually becomes pretty disgusting. However, it might not end up in the garbage as quickly as you might think. Before you throw out your beauty blender, cut it in half.

Image source: seldaasan/TikTok

Despite the fact that the exterior may be beyond repair, sometimes, the interior is nearly brand new. So, take some time to do this. You never know when you might need it. No need to use an unsanitary blender if you don’t have time to run to the store.

Lettuce begin!

Trying to cut iceberg lettuce isn’t a big deal, but when it wants to be, slicing that stalk can be a real pain in your side. You won’t need to be bothered by stubborn stalks again, thanks to this TikTok hack.

Image source: i.am.kristintt/TikTok

Place the lettuce on your cutting board with the stem facing down. Then, slam down the lettuce hard. This’ll break it up just enough to allow you to wiggle out the talk with ease. Making a salad just got easier!

Get a grip!

On a slick surface, using even the best cutting board can be a problem. After all, you don’t want anything sliding when you’re using a sharp knife. This individual was considerate enough to share a tip on TikTok that’ll assist you in keeping your knife cuts even.

Image source: stoveandgarden/TikTok

Moreover, it will keep your fingers protected. All you have to do is set your chopping board down on top of a moist paper towel. This ought should provide some stability and hold it all in place. It’s easy as that, eh? Nice!

This seems to be an eggcellent hack

Boiled eggs are a quick and uncomplicated meal packed with protein. Removing the shell, however, isn’t so simple. Because of that, this TikTok user shared their helpful tip with their fellow egg-loving netizens. First, create a tunnel in the shell.

Image source: zachreanofficial/TikTok

Crack and then peel a tiny part off of the egg where you made the hole. Then, blow into the opening. The egg can be removed easily! Well, we tried this just to see how it pans out, and it blew our minds!

Wrap that chicken

This particular TikTok user had several life hacks to share. They even had a few cooking hints we can’t wait to try out. Most people dread doing the dishes, especially with certain tools that are difficult to clean. A meat pounder, for example, is tough to scrub.

Image source: stoveandgarden/TikTok

So, prior to actually pounding the chicken breast, throw it in a bag. Don’t pountd on the raw, potentially salmonella-covered chicken directly. Who wouldn’t want to save time on washing their cooking utensils, eh? Water is a scarce resource; protect it!

Chop those bell peppers this way

Bell peppers are a great complement to many dishes. Want color and flavor in your dish? This is the stuff! But cutting them up can get messy, and even ruin your plate’s presentation. To keep those seeds in place, try cutting your bell peppers this way…

Image source: wellbymel_/TikTok

Begin by slicing the pepper’s top off and setting it top-side-down on your chopping board. Split the pepper into quadrants while retaining the entire seed core in the middle. Now if this isn’t a super hack, we don’t know what is!

Fold your clothes before hanging them

Seeing your perfectly arranged clothes on the floor can put you in a really bad mood and even ruin your morning. Therefore, it’s essential to refrain from simply hanging your clothes as normal. Clearly, it isn’t keeping your closet as neat as you’d like.

Image source: effectivespaces/TikTok

Next time, fold your clothes over the clothes hanger. This will add stability and prevent them from sliding. As a good measure, you can even loop a few items around the hanger. Now you don’t have to worry about dirty clothes anymore!

Separate those cumbersome egg yolks this way

Many recipes require either egg whites or egg yolks. You usually need to pay a lot of attention to separate them. But, once again, TikTok is here to save the day. All you need is an empty water bottle for this hack!

Image source: davidparody1/TikTok

However, it has to be a bottle you don’t mind using once before throwing it away. All you need to do is create a vacuum by placing the opening near the yolk and squeezing the bottle. The yolk will go in nicely!

No more paint spills

A good paint job can turn a shabby shack into a stately home. However, it’s also an easy way to create a big mess. That mess is created when you try to pour it to another container, from the paint can it is in.

Image source: goodlyearth/TikTok

Since regulated pours aren’t really intended for paint cans, making a pouring lip will help with that problem. Just use a few strips of painter’s tape to make a handy pouring lip. This will prevent future paint-related headaches and messy clean-ups.

Use this trick on face masks

There’s nothing like a personal spa night in the comfort of your home. However, if you’ve ever worn sheet masks, you know that they don’t fit your face neatly in the way that marketers claim. To make a perfectly fitting face mask, you simply need to give it a few snips.

Image source: ipsy/TikTok

That will allow you to settle in with a custom-fitted mask. Cut three slits in these areas: slit between the eyes, below the nose, and from the chin towards your lips. Bring these areas together. This will create the perfect fit that you desire.

Take your keys with you when you run

This one is for the ladies. You know the struggle of not having ample pocket space in clothing, and that remains true with sportswear. So how can you keep your house key with you when you go for a jog?

Image source: ot_lindsey/TikTok

Begin by threading an elastic band through your key, then use the elastic to loop the key around the strap of your sports bra to secure it. No need to carry extra gear or worry about dropping your keys, thanks to this hack!

Having trouble with the mango seed? Try this

Mangoes are just delicious. No wonder they are referred to as the king of fruits. But, like an avocado, getting that seed out is a pain. It won’t be an issue for long, thanks to this TikTok trick! You only need to cut a circle around the fruit’s perimeter.

Image source: TikTok

After doing that, take the two halves in your hands. Gently turn the halves in opposite directions until it splits. The seed will be exposed, and half of the fruit it will be removed. You can finally enjoy the sweet fruit to your heart’s content without fear of ruining it and making a mess.

No more petrified brushes!

It can take a while to paint something, either due to its size or needing multiple coats. But waiting until the following day can become a problem. As you know, even after a few hours, your paintbrush can get too stiff to use for a smooth coat of paint.

Image source: evenandkatelyn/TikTok

If you don’t want to waste water cleaning your brush every time, cover it with some tin foil. Then, place it inside the refrigerator and take it outside when you’re ready to continue painting. The brush should remain soft. What a lifesaver!

Spick and span tupperware

After a while, your Tupperware and other reusable storage containers will probably exhibit signs of deterioration. To get them looking like new, clean the container as you usually would, using hot water and soap. After that, add a couple of pieces of paper towel.

Image source: adikempler/TikTok

Then, shake the whole thing briskly. After about a minute, wash it off for a brand-new, spotless container. Thanks to this hack, gone are the days when you were stuck with stained Tupperware. Now you can show off your sparkling Tupperware to your friends and family!

Pleats all day, every day

A great way to give any space a little flair is to install curtains. However, the curtains won’t provide the same impact if they scrunch up. You can instantly improve the appearance of your drapes if you possess just a few, clean, empty toilet paper rolls.

Image source: rightguysaldireviews/TikTok

You heard that right! You won’t need much for this hack! To make folds when hanging your curtain, use a toilet paper roll in between each fresh hook. Don’t worry; the TP rolls won’t be visible. With this trick, your curtains will effortlessly look more elegant.

Try this and scrunch up a pomegranate

Why are pomegranates so popular all of the sudden? They are a great fruit and have been for millennia! However, getting them open intimidates a lot of folks—we’re included in that group. But, after watching this TikTok, it’s no longer a daunting task.

Image source: foodyclub/TikTok

Instead of attempting to pry each mouthful from the fruit, this user chopped the pomegranate into pieces. In this manner, you can remove the pieces that are edible without difficulty or becoming too filthy. Nothing like a ripe pomegranate on a sunny day!


There are as many hacks and tricks surrounding avocados as there are for cosmetics. To make life twice as easy, we’ve got another avocado hack straight from TikTok. As usual, begin by halving the avocado. The pit ought to be on one side after this first step.

Image source: olia_chicago/TikTok

Start pushing on the avocado’s back to softly slide the seed out, rather than attempting to cut it out using only a knife. This would enable you to smoothly remove the seed, leaving you to enjoy the buttery flesh. Nothing like avocado toast to start your mornings right.

Hold on to your bracelets!

Any look can be improved and given flair with the appropriate accessories. Yet, putting on jewelry can be challenging, particularly with certain items. Bracelets, for example, are extra tricky since you can’t use both hands to get them on. What a headache!

Image source: jonathanblogs/TikTok

If you’re having issues accessing a clasp, you can use a paperclip to secure the bracelet’s chained end while you use your free hand to quickly adjust the clasp. Now you can sport that bling at any event without wasting time and energy wrestling with that darned clasp!

Finally, we can be at peace

We’ve all been there. The relief of finding a bathroom in public can easily turn to frustration when you find out the slide lock isn’t entirely functional. Instead of worrying about intruders or holding out one foot, use a hair tie.

Image source: lifehackgod_/TikTok

Take your scrunchie and loop it twice over the knob on the door side and the gap on the “wall” side. Now you have an extra layer of protection holding the door shut. It won’t lock the door, but it gets the job done in a pinch.

Don’t go too quickly pasta this hack

It’s not difficult to strain pasta, right? All you need to do is place a colander in the sink and pour your cooked pasta into it. This TikToker noted something about straining pasta that makes us want to cook pasta for every meal.

Image source: athomewithshannon/TikTok

You can just nestle the colander over the pot and pour (provided that the pot and the colander have the same dimensions). This clever method eliminates the hassle of moving pasta back and forth! It’s easy as pie and saves you time, too.

Clean as a whistle!

Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to make that daily grind a bit more bearable. Unfortunately, it’s also a good way to start your morning with a mess. It can sometimes be hard, if not impossible, to avoid scattering those finely powdered beans.

Image source: horvictrabattle0/TikTok

Place a filter directly above the grinder to collect it all in one place without dropping a crumb on the table below. It’s a rather practical and adaptable trick. Plus, it makes all the difference in the world since you don’t have to clean anything.

Prop your flowers like this

Flowers can easily contribute to the homey atmosphere that many people enjoy. But pairing flowers with a good vase is where the secret lies. And unless you have that one perfect glass, chances are your flowers won’t stand up right. For this problem, a TikTok user shared a fantastic trick.

Image source: clare_mclaughlin_/TikTok

All you need is some see-through tape for this hack. Place the pieces of tape at the opening—four is ideal. Place all four pieces perpendicular to each other. Now you have a support that blends in with the surroundings and holds the flowers.

Finger-lickin’ good advice

Who doesn’t like chicken? Most people love a little bit of chicken in their meals, but you should know what you’re doing to cook good chicken. Those who cook know that the tendons found in chicken can be a real pain.

Image source: raising_krazies/TikTok

Remedying this might seem complex, or that it needs a fancy gadget. In reality, all you need is a fork! The tendon can be easily pulled away by wedging it between the prongs and sliding your fork downward. It’s as easy as that.

Time to enjoy the perfect mango slice

We covered this in a previous entry. Everybody loves mangoes. Everyone likes the sweet flesh, not the seed or the skin. Removing these properly can be a challenge. But this TikToker came to our rescue, and her solution for this it to use a simple glass!

Image source: j.tumba/TikTok

Since the fruit’s flesh is so delicate, you can easily peel the skin off, without any intimidating knife work, by sliding the edges of the glass between both the fruit and the skin. Yeah, it’s as easy as it sounds!